Tom , the Ex Have 4 Way then T-Girl


Tom, the Ex, Four Way the dildos, Mr. Pink and lube were still out from earlier. I had cleaned them but figured that they would be used again so left them out. We were naked in three and I saw Rhonda push Debbie gently into the chair.

When Aaron and I had spit roasted Rhonda, it was all new to her. But Rhonda had told me she had had a lot of girl on girl stuff, so she was confident and led the way.

Once on the chair Rhonda slid between Debbie’s legs and they began to kiss. Debbie wrapped her hands around Rhonda as she started down her neck towards Debbie’s tits. Nipples hard, they were licked and nipped by Rhonda.

“Like it when a women licks your pussy baby?” Rhonda asked.

Debbie looked down and smiled, “Oh yeah, and I love licking pussy too. I’ll show you later.”

I looked at Scott and he was stroking his hard cock. Coincidentally so was I.

Down Rhonda went to Debbie’s stomach, licking and kissing all the way. Debbie was rubbing her nipples and sighing. Rhonda’s hand reached up and caressed Debbie’s breasts as she made her way down to Debbie’s crotch.

Except she went right by it, Debbie taking in a breath. Down Debbie’s left thigh Rhonda went, slowly, kissing then moving farther down. I watched as she grabbed Debbie by the ankles and spread the legs apart. Fuck this was hot!

Down to the knee my ex-wife went, kissing and licking as Debbie played with her hard nipples. To her calf then onto her foot licking and sucking first the big toe then her others.

“Oh geez,” Debbie said.

I wanted to suck Scott’s cock, but I didn’t want to miss any of this.

After a bit on Debbie’s left foot Rhonda pulled Debbie’s legs together then switched to her right foot. Lick, suck, lick, suck, Rhonda spread Debbie’s legs again.

Debbie had her finger on her clit now, running it slowly in tight circles. “Oh, Rhonda baby, please, please come lick me!”

Rhonda looked her in the eyes, I saw them flash and she dropped to her knees. Her hand grabbed the dildo, the big one, Marcus. She spun her mouth around the head then rubbed it up against Debbie’s pussy. After what Rhonda was doing to her, Debbie was wet enough. The big black dildo slid in, deep in. Rhonda leaned forward.

Once there she kissed Debbie’s wet cunt, licking its hot lips slowly. Debbie took in a sharp breathe and Rhonda licked her over and over, up, and down then slid her tongue a bit faster.

I had to slow down whacking my cock, watching the girls had gotten me closer than I thought it would. I had cum and I didn’t want to waste it.

Rhonda, on her knees, lifted her head off of Debbie’s pussy and said, “One of you two going to fuck me or what?” Back down she went, Debbie moaning as the dildo and Rhonda picked up speed.

“Fuck her now Scott or I will,” I said.

Scott looked at me then moved behind Rhonda and got down on one knee. He pulled her back a bit and slid his cock up and down her ass. She pulled Debbie closer, licking and fucking her as Scott slid his hard cock into her cunt.

“Oh shit,” he said.

“Fucking tight, right?” Tom said.

“Oh yeah,” Rhonda said quickly. “Fuck, this is great.” Back on down to Debbie’s wet pussy she went.

It got better. I walked over to Scott, tapped his shoulder, and showed him my cock, my hard cock.

He took it into his mouth still sliding his cock in and out of Rhonda. I wish I had a camera. Here’s Rhonda dildo fucking and licking Debbie’s pussy while Scott is fucking her from behind while sucking my cock. Okay it wasn’t perfect, but it was fucking hot.

We banged away for a few minutes. Then Debbie started to moan. I had heard that moan before, she was getting ready. Bang, bang, bang, the dildo slid inside, and Rhonda licked harder, faster.

Scott was trying to suck my cock while fucking my ex and I’ll give him points for that, but it was getting a bit awkward. I pulled from his mouth and he grabbed Rhonda by the ass and started pounding in earnest.

“Slap her ass, Scott!”

He looked at me with a what the fuck look then slapped Rhonda’s ass. She moaned and pumped her cunt harder and faster onto Scott’s cock. He slapped her again and…

Debbie began cumming. Rhonda went to town on her, licking faster and nibbling her clit while Debbie thrashed upwards, screaming as she came.

Scott sped up, obviously turned on by watching his girlfriend getting licked so well by another woman. I have to admit, it is hot watching these two girls go at it. One being my ex-wife made it even hotter!

Then Rhonda stopped licking and moved away from Scott. The look on his face was priceless polatlı escort as in “What the hell?”

“Spit roast me,” Rhonda said. She climbed on the bed, on her knees, ass at the edge. “Which hole do you want good looking?” Scott looked at me and gave me that hands up in a questioning look. I love young guys.

“Fuck her mouth Scott, she loves sucking cock.”

He looked at me and climbed onto the bed, lying down in front of Rhonda, legs spread. She pushed him farther up the bed and knelt between his legs. She grabbed his cock and rubbed it against her face. I stepped up behind her and grabbed her, pulling her to the edge of the bed. I rubbed my cock up and down her wet cunt and stuck the head in.

Rhonda slid her head up and down Scott’s hard cock in sync with my strokes deep inside her. Girl had rhythm. I had handed her Mr. Pink and I could hear it working over her hard clit. She was breathing deeper now as she was racing to drain Scott of his cum before she came. I sped up and so did she.

Suddenly I felt some tits on my back. It was Debbie and she had come up behind me, slid her hands around my chest and began stroking and pinching my nipples. We kept it up, me now pounding Rhonda’s tight pussy and her sucking the hell out of Scott. I looked at him, he at me and he exploded!

“Ahhhh!” he yelled as his hips bucked up and down, Rhonda sucking his hot cum into her mouth. Scott shook and shook as she drained him until he pushed her away. She leaned forward and laid on top of him, her cum filled mouth now wrapped on his. I was jealous of the two being able to swap hot cum with each other.

When Rhonda climbed onto Scott, my cock was left behind. Debbie saw that and spun me around and dropped to her knees. She hungrily took my aching cock into her mouth. Having been fucking Rhonda I knew my cock tasted like her pussy and that might be why Debbie was so eager to suck me.

“Oh shit!” Rhonda yelled. She had rolled off of Scott and Mr. Pink was bringing her off. She shivered, shook, and moaned loudly as she came.

By now I was ready to blow my wad. Debbie was picking up speed and she had started fast to begin with. Up and down, up, and down up and…

I shot my cum into her mouth, actually off to the side of her face as well as she was on the upstroke when I blew. She squeezed my balls as I continued to cum, milking me for all she was worth, and she was worth a lot. I shot one, three oh fuck, how many I don’t know but it was a load. I pulled away, empty of cum and found the chair.

Debbie was on me, rubbing the cum from her face onto my mouth then following that up with the cum she had caught. It was hot — both the cum and this hot girl sharing it with me. We kissed for a long while, after the cum was gone. Finally, we fell apart, all four of us trying to catch our breath.

It was crazy good, and we weren’t finished.

Rhonda had gotten Debbie off hard, but she was a horny young girl. Rhonda was on the bed, on her back. Debbie grabbed Mr. Pink and the dildo. Lying them next to Rhonda’s waist she climbed on top of Rhonda. Rhonda pulled her close and they began to kiss, hands running up and down naked flesh. Now it was Debbie’s turn to slide down to Rhonda’s crotch. She was right to the point.

She ran her tongue around Rhonda’s pussy lips then slid a wet finger, no two, into her moist cunt. As Debbie licked, she moved her fingers back and forth in a come here motion, finding that sweet spot inside Rhonda. Rhonda’s hands went to her hard again nipples. After a bit of licking Debbie slid the dildo inside Rhonda who took it gratefully.

“Scott, go fuck Rhonda’s face,” I said as I stroked my semi-hard cock. “Don’t worry, she’ll get it hard for you.”

“Oh. Fuck yes, oh, oh. Give me that cock Scott,” Rhonda said. He got up on the bed, on his knees and turned Rhonda’s head to the side, sliding his soon to be hard cock into her mouth.

I knelt behind Debbie, spread her legs, and she willingly obliged. I rubbed the head of my cock on her still wet pussy and then slid it in. She backed up to meet me but still kept a tongue on Rhonda’s cunt.

I fucked Debbie, she licked and fucked Rhonda while she sucked Scott’s cock. Geez, how many ways can four people fuck?

Rhonda started to cum, loud and hard. “Oh, fuck Debbie, oh fuck! That’s it baby, don’t stop, please don’t stop.” Rhonda’s hips bucked up as she screamed again then pushed Debbie away.

Scott had pulled his hard cock from Rhonda’s mouth, grabbed Mr. Pink, and placed it in Debbie’s hand. He grabbed her and stood her up. I had fell out of her cunt pursaklar escort with all the action but as he bent Debbie over in front of him; well, I do love to spit roast a girl, okay even a guy, but right now it was Debbie.

Scott grabbed her shoulders, I grabbed her ass, and we began to bang her hard, deep, and fast. Mr. Pink was whirring away on that sweet hard clit of Debbie’s. She was moaning, Scott was breathing quickly as was I.

Debbie screamed “Oh fuck, fuck, fuck!” and began to cum hard. We pounded her pussy and mouth faster, she went limp, and we helped her to the floor.

Fuck this! I hadn’t sucked Scott’s cock yet and I wanted to. I dropped to my knees, wrapped my hands on Scott’s ass I pulled his cunt tasting hard cock into my mouth.

Scott grabbed my shoulders and pounded my mouth while I sucked him hard. No time to waste on the head and all the sweet stuff. I went up and down on that cock fast and tight.

Except Rhonda wasn’t having any of it. She pulled me off Scott and said, “Fuck my ass while he fucks my pussy Tom!”

I looked at Scott and him at me. Well lucky for her we had done Debbie that way many times, so it was only a minute or so before Scott was on his back, cock deep inside Rhonda’s pussy as she rode him. I pushed her forward, they began to kiss and my lubed again cock slid up inside her nice, tight ass.

“Oh shit!” she said loudly. Hope she wasn’t in pain, but she did say she wanted it. I started to fuck her ass.

Scott grabbed her by the hair and held her close, his cock rubbing up against mine, separated only by that sweet taint of hers. I started to pick up speed. Okay, for those that don’t know what a taint is, it’s the skin between the pussy and asshole — taint the pussy, taint the asshole. ??

“Oh, fuck oh fuck!” she yelled. “Fill me up!

And we did with two hard cocks, except we didn’t cum. Somehow Rhonda sure did, we could tell as she spasmed between us then went limp. We pulled off and she rolled over onto the bed.

“You okay babe?” I asked, a bit concerned.

“No, I’m fucking great,” she replied.

“Where were we Tom?” Scott asked with a knowing smile.

I pushed him onto the bed, his legs hanging off the edge and went back down on him. I wanted his cum first then I wanted his ass. I cupped his balls, milking them fast. I knew he’d cum, but it would take a while and I was good with that. I love sucking cock, any size, any color circumcised or not.

Up and down, his hard flesh cock in my mouth. What did it taste like? I didn’t know, didn’t care.

After a while he blew his load.

“Oh, fuck yeah, Tom!”

One, two, okay not a lot of cum as Rhonda had drained him dry, but fuck, it was cum and I love it. After he dry fired, I pulled away, turned him onto the bed and grabbed the lube.

“I’m going to fuck your ass, Scott. Want me to?”

“You know I always want you to.”

I slid a pillow under his ass, pulled him close and rubbed my cock head on his asshole.

“Don’t tease me Tom, fuck me!”

I shoved my hard again cock deep into his ass. Holding his ankles, I slid in and out, fast, and deep. I’d take awhile to cum, always did after the first time, but he’d like it.

Rhonda got up on the bed and straddled Scott’s head. With a smile she slid down, her wet pussy onto his face. He grabbed her tight as she began to grind her cunt on his grateful mouth. She looked at me and between quick breaths she smiled, fucking Scott’s face. She blew me a kiss!

I was closer now and just then Debbie jumped on the bed and tugged on Scott’s semi-hard cock. I knew what she wanted and so did she, taking his cock into her mouth. Up and down, she went, Mr. Pink on her clit. What an insatiable girl!

That was it, I began to cum.

“Oh geez, fuck!” I yelled. “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” I shot as much cum as I could then fell away, back into the chair. Rhonda, Scott, and Debbie kept at it, slowly cumming and pulling away. Not sure who did what when but after a few it was quiet, all of us not saying a word.

After a bit Debbie said, “You have to let us know when you’re in town Rhonda.”

“I will,” she replied.

“I hope so,” Debbie said.

Scott looked at me and asked, “Has Rhonda met Lori?”

I shook my head and said “No, but she’s coming over for dinner.”

Scott looked at Rhonda and said, “I’m jealous lady, that’s all I can say.”

“Have fun” Debbie said smiling at each of us.


“So, you fuck and suck all these guys and girls often?” Rhonda asked.

I laughed. “Like I said baby, there are a lot of sincan escort them, these are just a few.” I pulled the skewers from the oven and placed them on the table.

“And you said that you have some in Vegas too?” she asked as she sipped some wine.

“Yeah, some sweet trannies,” I replied.

“You are a slut,” Rhonda said with a laugh. “Sometimes I wish I was, to tell you the truth.”

“Well, ABQ to here is a bit of a trip but you’re welcome to come here anytime. I love seeing you and I’ll make sure you have lots of fun.”

“Well, if it’s anything like today and last night, I’m sure it will be.” Rhonda looked at me and we got quiet for a bit. “So, this Lori is really coming over? And she really has a dick?”

I took the rice from the pot and put it into a dish. The doorbell rang. I smiled.

“Yes, she is and yes she does.” I smiled and continued. “C’mon, let’s go let her in.”

Rhonda laughed “Oh I will, any hole she wants.”

“She’ll want all three of yours if I know her,” I replied. I looked at Rhonda, her eyes widened in disbelief but the smile on her face said more.

I opened the door and Lori stepped in, dressed to the nines. No surprise there as Lori was the type of girl that wanted to show herself off to other women. She wrapped her arms around me, and we kissed deeply as I squeezed her ass. Tongues moving from her mouth to mine, we kissed just a bit longer then stepped apart.

“I missed you baby,” Lori said to me then turned to Rhonda and smiled with a nod. “I’m Lori. Nice to meet you.”

“I’m Rhonda,” she replied with a smile. “I’ve heard a lot about you.”

“All good I hope,” Lori said. “Something smells good. Kalbi skewers.”

“Yeah babe,” I said. “I’ll get things set, why don’t you and Rhonda relax.”

As Lori sat on the couch Rhonda offered to get her a glass of wine and followed me into the kitchen.

“Lori is so nice looking,” Rhonda said as she poured herself and Lori a glass of wine. “I hope we get along.”

“You will,” I said. “Give me ten minutes and I’ll have dinner ready and set up.”

I couldn’t wait to see those two together. After a few I had dinner set and went to get them. They were laughing and smiling, chatting up a storm.

“Rhonda said she’s going to Albuquerque tomorrow,” Lori said. “I love it there, used to live there. Rio Rancho actually.”

“Really” I asked. “I was there about ten years ago.”

“So was I,” she replied. “Too bad we didn’t meet each other sooner.”

“Well, if things work out you two can come visit me anytime you want,” Rhonda said.

“Oh, and you can come here too,” Lori said. “You could stay at my place if you wanted.” Lori looked at me and smiled. I had a flash of Rhonda, Lori and Cyndee going at it. Fuck!

“Time for dinner ladies,” I said.

Dinner was good, good food and good conversation. The two were hitting it off, like Cyndee and Lori did before. It had been awhile since I saw Cyndee. Might have to give her a call.

Once dinner was over, we went back into the living room. After a few minutes of conversation Lori got up and walked over to where Rhonda was sitting. She reached down, stood her up and pulled her close. They looked at each other for a brief second then Lori leaned in for a kiss. They kissed, long and deep, Lori’s hands running all over Rhonda’s body, tits, waist, up and down her bare legs. Rhonda had dressed in a short dress; I had suggested it and it must have been a good suggestion because that’s what Lori was wearing too.

After a couple of minutes Lori leaned in next to Rhonda’s ear and whispered. Not sure what it was but Rhonda and I made contact and I saw her eyes roll a bit as well as close a bit. Lori grabbed Rhonda’s hand and she turned for the bedroom.

“Please come with us Tom, we’ll make it worth your while,” Lori said with a smile.

No shit, I thought, my cock was already hard.

Lori, Rhonda, and I took off our clothes. Lori kept her panties on, and Rhonda was staring at her bulge. Lori noticed, smiled, and turned Rhonda, back to the wall. As she grabbed and caressed Rhonda’s hard nipples I grabbed the lube, Mr. Pink, and the dildo. The big one knowing full well that both ladies could handle it; hell, so could I.

Lori was kissing Rhonda on the neck, placed her hands on her shoulders and slowly pushed her up against the wall. She placed Rhonda’s hands on the wall and said, “If you let go, I’ll stop whatever I’m doing.”

She slid up to Rhonda, kissing again and her hand slid down between Rhonda’s legs. Lori pushed Rhonda’s legs apart then slid a finger inside her. Rhonda took in a deep breath.

“Tom, can I have some alone time with this beautiful girl?” Lori asked.

“Of course, lover.”

Lori was sliding one, no, two fingers in and out of Rhonda’s wet cunt. Looking up at Rhonda, who was looking down at Lori, Lori pulled her fingers out and stuck them in her mouth.

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