Subject: Ben Storm Chapter 14 gay/adult-youth Ben Storm �St. Willie Your author lives in a land where many languages are used, the words and phrases are slightly different in this non-ageist, fictional tale of men and boys. I ask your patience with the English as you enjoy a story about innocence and love facing the machinations of greed. Your patience is requested along with an email containing your comments. SmokinHenry@protonmail Forwarding a donation to Nifty is more than acceptable as fty/donate.html xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Loneliness, a relatively easy term to describe but yet one of the worst feelings to live with. Show me a man, women or child that have not experience that feeling and I will show you a lair. For most it a short term feeling but for some its a feeling that they need to live by for days, weeks, months or even years. A feeling that makes you feel pain deep inside of you that drives you to tears silently at night with your face burred in your pillow, that makes you live life as a robot day in and day out. One can be surrounded by millions, but without one loving you for who you are, the feeling of loneliness creeps like a thief in the night and hitting you over the head with a 4-pound hammer. Chapter 14 Pete entered the room and saw the two of them sleeping, he placed the food on the coffee table, together with the donuts and made a beeline for the box, seeing that it was open and empty he frowned. He turned around just in time to see Steve’s fist meeting his face. All went dark for him and he fell to the ground. Ben locked the door immediately. When Pete woke, he was sitting in the wooden chair “What the fuck is going on?” He tried to move but was tied down. “You tell us.” Steve answered “Who did you phone?” “I phoned Cody why?” Pete looked confused and his jaw pained. “No you didn’t. I was on the phone with him.” Steve said knowing his lying, “So who did you phone?” “I will tell you.” Ben said with Pete’s phone in hand “You phoned Masters.” “You need my fingerprint to unlock it.” Pete said with a smile. “Yes, I did, and you were out cold, so I used it.” Ben said smiling now at Pete. “So what if I did?” Pete looked at them as if they were nothing. Steve saw the anger in Ben’s eyes, is he going to be loose cannon on this, and that is the last thing they can have now. Time is a luxury at the moment, who ever Pete phoned will come barging threw the door at any moment. “I am tired of your bullshit.” Ben stood in front of Pete, his angry eyes a mere 6 inches away of Pete’s eyes. “Either you talk or I will talk about William Root, you remember him?” Pete face drained of all blood, his skin going to transparent white. He looked into Ben’s eyes before he lowered his head. He could not believe that Ben knew about William Root, the one name that send shivers down his spine, and Ben knew the story. He took a few seconds rethinking his situation, but there was none. If he do not cooperate he will lose everything, not only for Ben. “I will cooperate.” Pete said not looking up “I Will do everything what you ask, answer all your question and tell you everything I know.” Steve looked at Ben and back at Pete, he realized that the man was in a corner and gave up. He could not help as to wonder what William Root is all about, but now is not the time to find out about that, Ben is the reason they are here. “How do we know you will tell the truth to us?” Steve asked in a controlled voice, and with eye gestures, he asked Ben to backdown and stand back. “Masters is on his way, and if you don’t get out of here within 5 minutes, he will take Ben by force and he will never be found in this country again.” Pete said truthfully and the silence told him they were in shock as he still looked down to his feet, “They would have taken him to my vacation home abroad, just paid half a million over to him at the bakery, used their office computer to do that.” Steve immediately jumped into action, ordered Ben to grab what he could as he was busy untying Pete from the chair. He figured that Pete would not be of any threat to Ben anymore and he needed to know what the man knew in order to get his new, unknown, plan in order. “You will come with us without any problems from your side?” Steve asked as he lifted Pete to his feet. “Yes, I promise.” Pete looked at Ben, “My phone, leave it here, Masters is tracking it via an app, just take the external memory card from it.” Steve decided that the 7 flights of stairs will be safer to use as he didn’t want to run into Masters and whoever they were. They found the black SUV easy and within a minutes they were on their way. They drove for a few blocks before they spotted Masters driving past them in the direction of the hotel. They were not seen as Masters was deep in conversation with the 3 big men with him in the car. Steve did not want Pete to know the location of the safe house, so he chose to drive to a mall in the opposite direction and parked in the undercover area. He was sure Masters could not find them here. Steve turned to Pete who was sitting behind Ben. “So tell us now what you know.” Steve did not raise his voice as Pete was clearly not in the state of mind to lie anymore. “When I went to the bakery I phoned.” Pete started but was cut short by Steve. “No, from the beginning.” Steve said. “Okay, sorry.” Pete said looking at Ben. “Ben I am sorry but just remember I love you.” “No you don’t, just carry on please.” Ben said looking away from Pete, he felt scared in what he is about to hear. “Sorry again.” Pete started, “I fell in love with Ben since I met him. When I heard my brother will get custody over Ben, I tried everything to get Ben before he does. She, Ben’s mother, used the love we had for Ben to play us against each other. He caught me out the same day she went to his work and told his supervisor that he like boys and that she will go and open a case at the police, which she never did. John was put on paid leave till the matter was sorted. John phoned me and told me to go to his house as he needs someone to talk to, he was a broken man and needed help.” He was cut short by Ben. “So it was you that killed John?” Ben said with sadness in his voice. “No, uşak escort I did not.” Pete answered, “When I arrived at John’s house, I found her there as well. The two of them was in a heated argument over money and other things, but mostly about you. Then I joined in the argument, taking my brother’s side. He did not like it much calling me out for betraying him and Ben. Then he grabbed his chest and fell to the ground. I looked for his pills but could not find them, but it was clear that he died before he hit the ground. There was nothing we could do to save him.” “But you even told me that you thought she killed him.” Ben looked at him. “I needed you to believe it.” Pete looked at the pain in Ben’s eyes, “I wanted you to run away with me that day when we cleaned out John’s house, that’s why we cleared everything out the house that could tie her on being there. Then, at the door when I told Ben that he must go home and keep his mother busy was because I had no other option. She was sitting outside in a car with a man. She knew what I was planning, so when Ben entered the house, she followed him and the man followed me to my home. That how I met Masters. He warned me to stay away from Ben or he would put an end to me. That was the reason why I never came to see you.” “So Masters threatened you?” Steve asked looking at Ben sitting and watching Pete’s every move. “Yes and he proved it as well.” Pete continued, “He kept sending photos of Cody at school, malls and even at home in his bed. I started my own investigation into Masters and it was not that hard either, within a week the investigator I hired gave me a report on him.” Pete stopped to look at Ben, “Ben sorry, but you will found out sooner or later.” “What will I find out?” Ben asked sitting closer, knees on the seat and head on the back of the seat. “Steve, will it be okay?” Pete asked before he continued, Ben looked at Steve as well and he just nodded his head. “Masters is running a few prostitution houses, 5 in total, he was freaky to say the least. These houses had both male and female prostitutes from all ages. Your moms house was where men was taken when they wanted an audience of a young boy. But you were getting older and the men wanted you to be part of the sex acts, not only watching, they were busy grooming you for just that. Then John appeared on the scene and at first, they let it go, because he made sure that that you started liking men in a sexual way, they did not count that he would fall in love with you as he did.” “So they knew what me and John was doing and they wanted it so I can sleep with other men?” Ben looked confused. “Yes, that’s why she started pushing you to be with clients. John did not like that and that is when he started with the custody thing, and it was pricey to say the least. He never knew that Masters was behind everything.” Pete fell silent for a bit before continuing “Masters is not his real name either, its Wilfred Stone and even his educational credentials are fake.” Ben interrupted him with a wave of his hand. “Wilfred Stone, that my grandfather’s name.” Ben looked even more puzzled than ever, “My granny said he died after they got divorced, she refused to speak about him.” “Well he is still alive and kicking.” Pete knew he had to tell the boy more so he can make sense of it all. “See Ben, he was a wanted man, had a few cases of rape against him, that’s why your granny divorced him while he was on the run. Officially, he died just before you were born. But now we know he only faked his death and he took a fake identity.” Pete could see that Ben starting to make sense. “The day that Steve picked you up I was with Masters. I confronted him with the facts and demanded to have you and told him if he refused, I will hand over all information to the cops. When I saw the two of you leaving and the way she was going on, I thought it was to hide Ben from me.” “So he was willing to hand Ben over to you, no hesitance from his side?” Steve asked. “He had no option to.” Pete answered and looked at Ben, who was listening careful what Pete told them. “So in short, you were trying to take me and Masters was stopping you, then you found out he was a wanted man and he said you can take me, but Steve took me instead. How did you know that we will end up at the resort is what I am wondering.” Ben asked, putting his thoughts in words helped him to make sense of it all. “Then I want to know as well, when you heard the truth that Steve wanted to help me, why did you not speak up? That for me would made more sense.” “Let me answer the second question first,” Pete started, “I still wanted you for myself, I love you Ben, you are all I want in a boy. I know now that my actions caused more problems than helping you. You and Steve belong with each other, Steve has no other agendas except as to help you, something I did not have.” Pete looked into Ben’s eyes and wished the boy will forgive him. “And the first question?” Ben asked making as if the words of Pete did not matter, but it did. “Yes, I want to know as well… How did you end up at the resort?” It bothered Steve since the day he met Pete. “Sorry Ben, but I loved you, still do but I know you would rather be with Steve than with me.” Pete started and took a few seconds before continuing, “After you left with Ben I confronted her, she phoned Masters and he said he will come back to me with answers. Late that night he phoned me and said chances were good that Steve would go to his family home in Blove resort. I immediately started making plans to get there and when I phoned them, they said there was a cancellation, so I arrived there just before the two of you did. Cody knew nothing about it.” “So after you knew what the plan was you phoned Masters?” Steve asked and Ben turned in his seat and looked forward. “No, I only phoned him this morning after we arrived here.” Pete said and the silence he received told him to continue. “I had other plans. I would have asked if Ben could have slept over last night. I would have convinced him to come with me and Cody, convinced Ben that only I love him. That was till those fake cops, as you call them, arrived. I had no idea who they were and draw the conclusion that Masters send them. van escort When I phoned him this morning, he told me he had not send them and didn’t know who they were and said that he was on his way.” Steve looked over at Ben, who was in deep thought wondering what he must be making of all of this. He touched Ben’s hand, who on his turn turned around and faced Pete again. “You say you love me, what about everything John left me, did that not play a role?” Ben looked him straight in the eyes. “Your estate, yes it played a big role but not the way you think.” Pete said looking Ben in the eyes. “I needed you with me before Masters or anyone else could find out about it, imagine how they would have drained every cent in it without you even knowing it, Masters knows people that knows people, and it would not have been long. I am set for life as it stands now and you as well… if they found out, me and you would have been living in a box under a bridge soon enough.” “So you were not after the money at all?” Ben asked, his eyes not leaving Pete’s. “No Ben, I swear never was I after your money or your shares, for me it was trying to protect it from people that would not have think twice to get their hands on it.” Pete said truthfully. “Is that all you know?” Steve asked looking at Ben still looking at Pete in deep thought. “That’s all I know.” Pete said. Steve started the SUV and paid for the parking as the exited the parking area, he asked Ben to punch in the address of the safe house in the navigator and soon a lady’s voice with a British accent was guiding them towards the house. Nobody said nothing, each in their own thoughts but keeping an eye out as they did not want to meet Masters on the road. The house was situated about a hour’s drive outside the city on a hill top overlooking the ocean, more a cottage than a house. Steve opened the garage doors and drove into it and only got from the vehicle when the door closed behind them. To Steve surprise the house was very much clean, he was expecting dust and no electricity or water, but it was all there. Ben read the brochures that were on the table at the front door. The house will be auction on it in 3 days’ time. They looked around a bit as to make sure that they were alone, which they were. They sat down on the luxury couches. “Ben you alright?” Steve asked. Ben moved closer to him, putting his head against his shoulder. “Yes love, I am and…” Ben stopped in mid sentence. “And?” Steve asked. “Steve don’t hate me now but I forgive Pete for what he has done.” Steve looked at Ben, so did Pete. “Pete I am sorry I lead you on when I said I love you as well, but I loved you as a friend, not the same as I loved John. I forgive you for lying to me and betraying your brother as you did. I saw in your eyes you told me the truth this time. But I love Steve and want to be with him.” Ben said kissing Steve softly on the lips. “You’re a big man Ben Storm, more than I can ever be.” Steve said while kissing Ben again. “Thank you, Ben. I was stupid and forgot that you had a say as well.” Pete cried a bit as he was talking to Ben, wanted to hold Ben’s hands but he knew that Ben was Steve’s and no one else. “Steve after all this is done, will you help me to set things straight with Cody and Ben?” “Yes, I will,” Steve answered “But How?” “Let me come back to about that, let’s just get Ben with you permanently first.” Pete was trying to figure out how he will just do that. Steve started to feel hungry and he looked in the fridge, it was empty, so he sends Jo a message to bring a pizza or something with. With all that happened today and what was said he never once thought that Ben would be hungry. Ben fell asleep on the couch and Pete just stood at the window overlooking the ocean, he did not even hear when Steve tried to speak to him, deep was he in his thoughts. Steve could not help as to wonder what the man was thinking, was he scheming again or was it remorse? Whatever it was he was thinking about will soon be known, as soon as Jo will arrive. The sun started setting and Ben woke up, Pete still staring out the window. “Where is your friend?” Ben asked Steve who was standing at the bookcase. “I am myself wondering.” Steve said and on queue the phone rang. “Hi Jo, Fuck mate, where are you?” Steve answered the call. “Sorry but was really busy with a few things, will arrive in a hour or so with a few guests.” Jo answered. “A Few guests?” Steve wondered who it is that Jo is bringing with him. “It all ends tonight my friend but need to go, I have Judge Green with me and he pointing out that I am breaking the law.” He giggled, “I am bringing food with for Ben, you can starve for forgetting to feed him.” Jo ended the call. “They on their way.” Steve said “Bring food and guests, a judge by the sound of it.” “Food I like, but why a judge?” Ben asked. “I don’t know, but knowing Jo he has all under control.” “Steve, Ben, can we talk seriously before they arrive?” Pete asked, he directed them back to the couches. Ben and Steve sat down without a word, Ben could see whatever it is was going to be big and Steve wondered what will happen now, is he going to play one last card? “I must free Cody, return him to his parents.” Pete said, shaking as a leaf, ” Cody is William Root. “What you mean?” Steve asked with a frown. “Yea, what you mean?” Ben asked as well. “Thought you knew what happened to William?” Pete was confused. “No, I don’t know the story.” Ben answered “I only knew the name and that you are scared of the name.” Pete looked at the two of them before starting to laugh. He laughed so much that even Ben and Steve started to join in. “I am tired of looking over my shoulder.” Pete said after he stopped laughing “Ben you out-witted me, I love you so much.” “Sorry, but I had to try something, you left us no choice.” Ben said, “What is it all about?” “What I have told you about Cody, sorry William was all a lie.” Pete said and he started to cry. Ben moved to next of him and hold his hand, Steve started to worry. ” It happened at a time of my life that I had it all, my business was booming and I was just the man, but I wanted a child, a child that I could call my son.” he stopped and cried on Ben’s shoulder. “And?” yalova escort Steve asked. “Well I found what I was looking for.” Pete started again in between his sobs, “I was about to lock up the pharmacy when a blond 2 year old boy walked into the shop, he was lost. I did try and look for his parents but to no avail, so I took him home with me. I wanted to go hand him over to the police but I couldn’t. I thought how bad his parents were in losing a boy and not looking for him, so I kept him. It was hard raising a boy alone, a boy that kept crying, looking for his parents. But after a few months he stopped, think he started forgetting them. Then I hired a nanny and paid her good to keep her mouth shut, which she did. Cody stared to call her mommy and soon the two of them was like mother and child. When he was 5 she was found to be illegal in the country and was deported. I told Cody, sorry William, that she was a druggie and she went away. John helped me with the paperwork after that to get Cody legally with me. John hated me for doing what I did, but we were brothers and there is nothing that could get between us, that was until Ben arrived.” “So Cody knows he is William Root?” Asked Ben. “More importantly, where are his real parents?” Steve asked. “No he does not, he thinks that William Root was a boy before him.” Pete looked at Ben, ” Cody overheard me and John arguing about him, but hearing the name William Root, he overheard that that I basically stole the boy and I told him that I did, almost told him the truth, but I loved Cody and did not want to lose him. So I told him William Root died.” He was sobbing so hard now that the last bit was a struggle to understand. “And the parents?” Ben asked now. “They were hijacked and the hijackers drove off with their son, dropping him in the streets a few blocks further, in front of my pharmacy, that’s why I could not find them at first.” Pete oddly started feeling better, like a weight was lifting from him now that he spoke the truth. “I kept tabs on them over the years, they had a second son a few years after Cody walked into my store. They were broken people to say the least, and I felt so guilty that I helped them anonymously, paying off their home loan. I wanted to return him on numerous occasions but I knew if I did, I will be sent to jail for the rest of my life. The fear started eating me like cancer. If I see a cop I want to run. Cody picked up on the fear and he knew all too well how to use that fear against me. But he never did tell a soul, or so I thought till you used the name.” “And now what?” Steve asked, “Now, what are you planning to do?” “If you permit I want to tell Cody myself if you don’t mind.'” Pete asked looking no begging towards Steve and Ben. “Well I don’t have a problem with that.” Ben said and Steve nodded his head in agreement. “If you permit, can I phone my lawyer, I will give all I own to Cody, sorry William, and make Vincent the CEO of the company. Together with Steve they will form the trustees of the boys’ estate. Does that sound fair? I know it will not give Cody back the years he lost without his parents, but he is set for life.” Pete asked. The two of them gave Pete a hug, thanking him for what he is willing to do. they felt proud of him in a odd way because he maned up to his ugly selfish ways. Both Steve and Ben trusted the man fully “What you going to do then?” Ben asked but he knew the answer. “Well, I can’t run a company from jail and Cody deserves more than I going to give him, all that I have. After I tell Cody I will hand myself over to the police.” Pete said. “Well, you can take your money and run?” Ben asked feeling sorry for his friend. “Ben, I am tired of being scared and looking over my shoulder, I did a great wrong to a boy I love, almost making it again with you, and I need to set it straight.” Pete said looking out the window again. Steve handed him the phone and Pete went into the bedroom to phone his lawyer. Steve first wanted to listen in what was being said but decided against it, Pete was giving his life away. Ben looked at Steve and lead him to the window. “How can we help him?” Ben asked Steve. “What he has done is worse thing anyone can do to a child, but I feel sorry for him and he is manning up to it now. I will make sure he gets the best legal representation money can buy, but I am more worried now over Cody. His whole life was a lie to him, all because of a man whose lust got the better of him.” Steve answered. Pete came back into the lounge and gave the phone to Steve, who did look what number he dialed, wondering if he did not dial Masters. Pete picked up on it. “You can hit redial, Vincent will answer, who by the way is on his way here as well, together with your friend and a few others.” Pete said looking down at his feet “Just one more favor, after tonight may I go to my home and clear it from anything that ties me to boys, there is very explicit stuff of Ben there as well.” “Sure and we will go with to help you.” Ben answered without even looking at Steve. “I am becoming an expert in that kind of thing lately.” Pete could not help as to chuckle, nor could Steve. “Pete, you always said that you have a vacation home in Russia?” Ben asked, a plan forming in his head. “Yes I have why?” Pete asked. “Well because you lied to me and I always wanted to hide from my mom there, can I have it?” Ben said and Steve picked up on the word play that Ben was doing. “Yes you can have it, I’ll have Vincent draw up the paperwork for that tonight.” Pete said sitting down now, his head working overtime. Steve looked at Pete, and doubt filled him again, Why will he plan a escape wo eagerly, and why does Ben give him the idea? “Yes Pete, after you talk to Cody, I will give it a day before I take him home, enough time to hand yourself over don’t you think?” Steve wanted him to be punished for doing the unthinkable, but Ben would not forgive him. He was between a rock and a hard place. They heard the garage door open and the three of them froze. Steve wished he had hit the redial button now as he was unsure who is going to walk through the door. The door opened and the first to appear was Masters, followed by Ben’s mother. Ben could feel the life drain from him and he collapsed to the ground. Steve grabbed at Ben but was too late, he turned to Pete “You fucking bastard.” Steve said. To Be Continued. Please feel free to contact me with your thoughts, good or bad ail Thank you V. You know why.

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