Subject: Boy From The Shed – Chapter 82 Thank you for taking time to look at my story “Boy From The Shed” This is my first story with sexual content, it is all loving and gentle. If intergenerational themes are not for you, then you may not like this story. This is a work of fiction. If you do like it I would love to hear from you, you can email me at: sparky.story@protonmail or comment on the website https://theboyfromtheshed.wordpress/ Please help support , they provide us with a wonderful resource and they rely on donations to keep the site running fty/donate.html Please check out the website for the story, it has all the chapters on it in a more content rich environment, it also has character lists and images of things and places we see in the story to give more context. New chapters will also be released earlier on the website before they are posted anywhere else. The aim is to give readers a more dynamic experience, also content involving non-gay relationships from the story will be available on the website. You can also take part in votes on the website that affect the story!! Character list on website has been updated and expanded!! My website also has links to other stories like this one, https://theboyfromtheshed.wordpress/ Please give it a look! There is much more story to come!! Sparky Boy From The Shed – Chapter 82 By Sparky The boys were late coming home as they had another activity club meeting, like the last one it ended with them all having fun in the changing room and them all looking forward to the camp this weekend. Bradley handed them all letters for their parents with the final details for the camp and instructions on what to bring to school on Friday as they would be riding the minibus to the farm after school instead of going home. During the day Leo had text Brandy and told him about Nathan moving in, Brandy text back saying Nathan could bunk in his room till he had his own house. Leo helped Nathan after work collect some of his belongings from his mums house and got him moved into Brandy, Ben and Benji’s room. With help from Jack space was found in the machinery barn for Nathan to store his diving equipment, Jack assured Nathan he would use some of the timber lying around the farm to build a room inside the barn to keep the equipment in so it would stay clean. After school the boys were excited to come home as they already knew from Brandy that Nathan had joined the family, Jacob was also excited to find out what his last present was. Leo and Mike took Jacob down the garden past the pool house and showed him the shed from the old house, “We kept this to remind us all of how we first met… it’s now a play house for you to use” Leo said with his arm around Jacob, Jacob opened the door and saw it had been decked out with chairs and bean bags, it had lights and a small fridge, Mike and Leo followed him in and all three hugged, “This shed brought you into our lives and we are so glad it did” Mike said kissing Jacob’s head, “Me too” Jacob said with tears in his eyes, After talking for a bit and some more cuddles Jacob went to get his brothers to show them his shed. That night Nathan went to sleep cuddled by Ben and Benji as Brandy slept next to them. He still wondered as he feel asleep if he was dreaming and would wake up to find himself still alone. When he woke in the morning he was relieved to find two cute boys cuddled up to him and Brandy with his arm over Benji. During the rest of the week Nathan spent time with Martin and Leo learning how the business works and helping out. At night he slept with Brandy, Benji and Ben. They all slept cuddled up and shared the occasional blowjob, but mostly they just slept as they could all sense that Nathan was still getting used to his new life and didn’t want to overwhelm him. They all knew that the camp this weekend would see them involved in a lot of fun sex, so they were happy to wait till then. Also during the week a log cabin kit house was ordered, the 44m� 2 bedroom home was single story like the garden office, but came with double skinned walls and insulation. It could easily be built by those on the farm using equipment. Jack having been given the dimensions had already set concrete pads for the cabin to sit on. It was decided to place the cabin along the road to the cottages, that meant they didn’t need to add any new driveways. Mike had brought home a couple hundred used hospital blankets that had be sterilised, they had frayed edges but were still very usable. The feed barn had been cleaned and prepared for the campers, Susan and Karen had bought the extra food needed to feed the activity club boys over the weekend and stored it in the main house where most of it would be cooked in the big kitchen. The excitement had grown during the week and by Friday everyone was super excited and impatient for the camp to begin. At school on Friday Bradley struggled to keep his boys focused on work, Miss Mary was having the same issues in her class too. Timmy, Toby and Tommy were amusing their teacher with how excited they were, she thought it was cute seeing them so happy and let them draw pictures of the activities they would be doing. The three boys drew only the official activities leaving out the naughty ones. With everything at the farm ready Leo drove Mike’s car to the school to help bring the boys home, even with two trips in the minibus the car was still needed. Leo parked next to the minibus in the schools car park and waited for Bradley to bring the boys out. Leo would be driving the minibus back to the farm with the first load of boys then coming back to let Bradley take the second load with the remaining boys coming in Mike’s car with Leo. Leo heard the school bell ring and a few minute later saw 14 boys running towards him with Bradley in tow. He was soon being hugged by Jason, Max, Benji and Timmy while Bradley helped the rest of their classmates load their bags into the minibus. “Can we go swimming when we get home?” Jason asked excitedly, “Once you all have your bags in the barn you can… Nathan is waiting for you and will keep an eye on you and your friends while I come back and pick up the others” Leo said ruffling Jason’s hair. “Here’s the keys” Bradley said to Leo coming over to him, “Are all the bags in the bus?” Leo asked, “Yep… we just got to get the boys strapped in!” Bradley said smiling, Leo got the boys all seated and made sure they put their seat belts on, Bradley went back to his classroom to wait with the other boys for Leo to return. He knew it would be about 25 minutes till Leo got back. The drive to the farm took ten minutes and was quite noisy, the boys talked, laughed and shouted excitedly all the way there. Once at the farm Leo parked outside the barn where Nathan and Jack were waiting. Before the boys started to get out Leo told them to take their bags with them so he could go get the others, the boys were led into the barn to put their bags down and were soon climbing all over the hay bales and having fun. Leo drove back to the school to get the others. Nathan played with the boys for a few minutes before rounding them all up so he could take them to the swimming pool to burn off some energy, they were so excited there was not much point trying to get the boys to set up their sleeping areas. On the way to the pool a few of Timmy’s classmates spoke to him, “We can get naked in the pool right… Nathan is ok with it?” Eric asked, “Yeah… we could be naked now and it would be fine!” Timmy giggled, “What about… you know… willy stuff?” Eric asked further, “That’s fine too… Nathan likes willy stuff” Timmy said giggling, As they walked Timmy stopped and took his shirt off, Toby and Tommy stopped too and giggled while they took their tops off too. Timmy then dropped his trousers and underwear, kicking off his shoes at the same time. Toby and Tommy copied Timmy as Eric watched them giggling. Nathan had seen them and stopped too, he waited till they were ready to keep walking. When more boys started to copy Timmy Nathan shook his head and laughed at them. Soon the fourteen boys were naked, some already with little boners, they elazığ escort carried their clothes and shoes with them as they continued to the pool house. Jack was laughing from were he stood at the barn watching them, while Susan and Karen chuckled when the boys appeared in the back garden as they walked to the pool. From the kitchen the mums could see the boys were already enjoying themselves and their freedom. The mums followed the boys to the pool, taking baby Luke with them and while the boys splashed and played in the water they folded the boys clothes up and put them into neat piles. Nathan watched them from the side of the pool and chatted with Susan and Karen. “Five minutes and they were already naked!” Nathan joked, “I thought they may have stripped off in the bus on the way here!” Karen laughed back. After folding the last of the clothes and placing them on the shoes of the boy they belonged to, the mums sat down and watched the boys play. Benji eventually got out the pool and went to his mum for a cuddle, the other boys watched and giggled as Benji had a boner as he got out of the pool, but they also noticed that neither of the mums made any comment about it. This amazed them as none of them could imagine ever letting their mums see their erect willies. Timmy, Toby and Tommy got out too and went to Susan to see baby Luke. The last time Toby and Tommy saw Susan she was pregnant. Eric came over too and joined his friend Benji as the boys fussed over baby Luke, he stood between Susan and Nathan who was sat next to her, slowly he moved closer to Nathan and was soon worming his way into Nathan’s lap. Nathan kinda froze as this new boy took ownership of his lap. “I think he likes you” Susan mouthed to Nathan smiling while Eric looked at baby Luke. Eric after a minute sat back and leaned against Nathan’s chest, the teen had kept his arms at his sides, not really knowing what to do about this boy in his lap, it was clear from his face he was feeling nervous having the blonde little naked 9 year old in his lap. Benji thought this was silly and took hold of Nathan’s arms and wrapped them around Eric, he knew his friend liked Nathan they had already talked about him in the pool. Nathan had without realising it let Eric ride around on his back as they played in the barn earlier, that simple playful act had made an impression on the young boy who desperately sought affection. Eric sank deeper into Nathan’s body as he felt the teens arms around him, everyone could see the smile on his little face. Nathan tried to relax and soon found himself enjoying the company of the little boy. It was all still so new to him, he was allowing himself to do things he had never let himself do before. He could never have allowed a naked boy to sit in his lap before, the fear of getting into trouble would have stopped him. But here with all the boys being naked and being accompanied by Susan and Karen he felt less afraid, he could see the approval on the mums faces as they smiled at him and Eric. He also wondered why little Eric was being so cuddly towards him. Soon his thoughts were interrupted by the sounds of more noisy and excited boys running into the pool house, these ones had arrived dressed but were soon getting naked. Jacob ran over to say hi to his mum and baby brother, as he did he was pulling his clothes off. Brandy showed up and headed straight for Benji picking him up and sitting down with little Benji in his lap next to Karen. Karen smiled at Brandy knowing the teen still hadn’t quite accepted his feelings for Benji even though it was now quite obvious to everyone else in the family. She had known Brandy for a few years and was happy for him and her son to be boyfriends when they were ready. She knew Brandy would look after Benji well and always keep him safe. She also knew the age gap between them was only 5 years and as they got older it would seem less pronounced and more acceptable to society. Soon Susan, Karen and Nathan were joined by Leo, Bradley and Jack, they sat down on the garden sofas and relaxed watching the boys play in the pool. It was not lost on the newly arrived adults that Nathan had a little friend in his lap. The sounds of boys playing and having fun became deafening in the pool house and Susan and Karen headed back up to the house to finish preparations for Jacob’s birthday party after folding up the clothes of the boys who had just arrived. All the boys were now in the pool apart from Eric who remained cuddled up in Nathan’s lap, Bradley moved and sat next to Nathan, “Hey Eric… you ok?” Bradley asked wondering if the boy felt homesick or nervous around the other boys, “Yeah” Eric replied smiling, “You not going to play with the others?” Bradley asked softly, “No… I wanna stay here with Nathan” Eric replied trying to snuggle deeper into Nathan. “You like Nathan huh?” Bradley said smiling, “Yeah… he’s nice” Eric said blushing a little, “He is nice… as long as your ok you stay with him… ok?” Bradley said warmly, “Ok” Eric replied smiling happily, Bradley knew he would have to talk to Nathan about Eric later, he knew about Eric’s past and felt Nathan needed to know too. But for now he was glad to see Eric looking happy. At 5pm Leo and Bradley called the boys out of the pool and handed them towels to dry off with, “We’re going up to the house to have Jacob’s birthday dinner!” Leo announced as the boys got out, “So get dry and then we can head up to the house!” Bradley added, The boys quickly dried off sharing towels before they started running up to the house following the brothers, Bradley had meant for them to get dressed again but they were running out the door naked before he could stop them. “They can put the t-shirts on to head back to the barn later” Leo chuckled to Bradley, “What t-shirts?” Bradley asked, “That’s a surprise!!” Leo laughed, “Ok so what about their school clothes?” asked Bradley, “Susan said she will wash them all tomorrow… Mike got her some net laundry bags from the hospital so they don’t get mixed up” Leo explained. “So that’s why Susan and Karen put them in neat piles” Bradley replied, “Yep… it makes it easier for them to sort out tomorrow” Leo told him smiling. “How very organised” joked Bradley. “Indeed… lets head up to the house… Nathan bring Eric with you” Leo said looking over seeing Nathan still sat with Eric. “Ok” Nathan said standing up with Eric in his arms. The little boy clung on to Nathan and it was clear he was not going to let go, Leo put the towels into a washing basket and carried them up to the house to put in the tumble drier. Bradley and Nathan walked with him, Eric securely in Nathan’s arms still. As they entered the house they could hear music playing in the lounge and could see Susan, Karen and Jack working away in the kitchen, the breakfast table had been laid out buffet style with all manner of foods with a big birthday cake in the middle. In the lounge Brandy was playing a musical statue game with the boys, every time he stopped the music the boys had to freeze, the last one moving still lost and had to sit down. This kept the boys occupied till the last of the food was ready. As Leo, Bradley and Nathan joined the boys with Eric still in Nathan arms, they could see that Gabby had also joined the party via video link on the iPad which had been placed on the fire place. “Lets go meet gabby” Leo said to Nathan, “Ok..sure” Nathan replied as Leo led him over to the fire place, They stood in front of the iPad and saw Gabby smiling at them with Mikey in the background playing on Gabby’s Xbox, “Hi Gabby… how’s it going?” Leo said smiling, “Good… I was doing some school work but got distracted by naked boys!” Gabby laughed, “Bet you wished you had stayed a few more weeks!” Leo chuckled, “As long as I get to join a camp at some point I’ll be ok!… so who’s the fit guy with the cute boy?” Gabby giggled, “Well the very fit guy is Nathan… we have been friends for a few years” Leo said putting his arm around Nathan’s shoulders, “And his little friend is Eric” Leo added tickling Eric’s ribs softly making him squeal, “Well it’s nice to elvankent escort meet y’all” Gabby said grinning at them, “Nice to meet you too” Nathan said smiling, “You gonna say hi?” Nathan said to Eric, Eric turned his head and looked at the iPad, “Hi” he said quickly before snuggling back up to Nathan. “He seems very attached” Gabby chuckled, “He is” Leo said ruffling Eric’s hair softly, “Like this one” Gabby chuckled as Mikey climbed into his lap, “Their all naked!” Mikey giggled seeing Eric and the other boys in the background, “So are we” Gabby chuckled tickling Mikey’s naked body, Mikey shrieked a little till Gabby stopped tickling and cuddled him, it was clear how much Mikey loved Gabby, his face said it all. “Did you have a nice time with your uncles?” Leo asked Mikey, “Yeah… but I can’t wait to goes on vacation with yous too” Mikey said sweetly, “You just wanna meet all those naked boys!” Gabby teased Mikey, “Maybe…” Mikey replied grinning, “Such a naughty boy” Gabby continued to tease as he started to play with his little brothers willy, “Your naughty too!” Mikey giggled as his willy became hard, “Your both naughty!” laughed Leo making them all giggle, including Eric who was now watching the iPad too. Nathan could feel Eric’s willy starting to bone up, he moved Eric around a little so his dick wouldn’t get trapped pointing down. Eric looked up at Nathan’s face and Nathan smiled back down at him. They both knew Eric was hard, but Eric felt safe and accepted in Nathan’s arms. “Suckies!” Mikey said to Gabby who was still playing with his little brothers boner, “Ok… say goodbye to England” Gabby said grinning, “Bye bye” Mikey said before jumping off Gabby’s lap and laying down on Gabby’s bed, “Got to go… Mikey needs some attention… see you later!” Gabby said smiling, “Ok have fun!” Leo laughed, Gabby got up leaving the camera on and went over to Mikey and started to give his little brother suckies, Nathan just stared at the Ipad watching as did Eric, “Come on… you’ll see plenty of that later… lets go get some food” Leo said to Nathan and Eric. “Ok” Nathan chuckled realising he was starting to bone up too. He quickly willed his boner to go down, as he had practised over many years of seeing boys change while teaching them to scuba dive. They walked to the breakfast table and found many of the boys already loading up paper plates with food and taking them to the lounge to find somewhere to sit and eat. “Gonna put you down while we get our food… you can sit with me to eat… ok?” Nathan said to Eric, “Ok” Eric said giving Nathan a little kiss on the cheek, Nathan smiled at him and put him down, they loaded up plates and went to the lounge to find somewhere to sit together. Mike and Tina got home from work and found the house full of naked boys sitting around and eating party food. “That didn’t take long” Mike joked to the adults in the kitchen, “The first group didn’t make it to the pool from the barn” Susan laughed, “They stripped off just before reaching the house!” Jack added laughing, Ben and Jason heard Mike’s voice and came to the kitchen to hug Tina, she knelt down and hugged her son and her little boyfriend. “You having fun?” she asked them both, “Loads of fun!” Jason said excitedly, “We’ve been swimming already!” Ben added grinning, “I can see that” Tina said stroking their still damp hair, “Go finish eating while we get changed” Tina said patting their naked butts, Tina went home to change out of her uniform while Mike went upstairs to change, once they were both back the 11 candles on Jacob’s birthday cake were lit and Leo carried the cake into the lounge where the boys were, everyone sang happy birthday and Jacob blew the candles out. The cake was returned to the table and cut up, Leo asked the boys not to make a mess, remembering what happened with Timmy and Tanner’s birthday cakes at the old house. The boys behaved and ate the cake, even if John ate his off Timmy’s tummy and willy while the little boy giggled. Leo and Mike left the room and came back with a cardboard box, “We’re gonna go over to the barn soon so you can sort out your beds… but it is getting cold out so we have t-shirts for you to put on to keep you warm” Leo said as he and Mike started handing out boy sized t-shirts with the activity club logo on them. “The t-shirts are yours and you can take them home after the camp” Leo added. The boys put on their t-shirts, although Timmy had to be cleaned first by Karen, once they were ready Leo, Mike, Jack, Bradley and Nathan led the boys back to the barn. The light was starting to fade outside and it was getting colder, although it was still fairly warm. Jack had earlier setup and lit a barrel wood stove with charcoal in it to warm the barn a little, he had also setup a few lambing lights, they gave off a red glow and lots of heat, but wouldn’t be a fire risk towards the hay in the barn. Even with all the precautions Jack was going to stay awake all night to make sure everyone remained safe and warm. To him it was just like they had to do during the lambing season when they had lots of sheep. The boys took blankets from the boxes they were in and found themselves places in the hay stack to sleep. Jack had arranged the bales into small cubicles that could sleep 3 or 4 boys, more if they really cuddled up. Blankets were laid out on the hay and more set aside to cover themselves with. The boys got their bags and placed them in their little hay rooms as well, once they were all done they sat on bales around the fire while Bradley told them what they would be doing for the rest of the weekend. He also explained where the toilet was and that there was drinks and snacks in the barn for them too. He asked them not to leave the barn during the night without telling an adult first. By now it was dark out and only the lights in the barn allowed them to see, the smell of the fire and the hay made the large space seem warm and comforting, it was clear that the boys wanted to go and play in their beds, quite a few had boners as little hands roamed each others bodies as they sat on the bales. “Ok boys… off to bed and have fun!” Bradley said chuckling, The boys jumped up and ran off to their little beds in the hay, Timmy, John, Josh, Toby and Tommy dived into their hay bed giggling and already hard. The three younger boys were soon on their backs while John and Josh sucked on them and played with their little boners. Jacob and Jason shared a bed with Mark and Ralph, they too were quickly sucking each others boners. Tanner and Max where joined by Tyger and Paul, both from Max’s class. Tyger’s rather large willy impressed them all. Benji and Brandy were joined by Scott and Kirill both from Bradley’s class, they had played a little in the pool earlier and decided to sleep together. Kirill was born in Ukraine, he spoke good English with a slight accent which made him sound very cute. Steven had 3 boys from his brothers class who wanted to sleep with him, they had the teen on his back in their bed and were licking and kissing him all over, it was clear that these boys were still very hungry. Charley, Robin and Cole were eating up Steven, making the teen man like crazy. Ben and his friend Dax had decided to sleep with Leo and Mike, the two boys were busy in their bed helping Leo and Mike get naked. Tyler wanted to sleep with Bradley as normal, but they were joined by Wayne and Hunter the last of the boys from Bradley’s class. They were soon involved in some extra-curricular activities. Nathan as expected was joined by Eric, Bradley had managed to speak to Nathan about Eric so he would understand the boy better. Nathan stripped off naked as did Eric and they cuddled up under the blankets together. The rest of the boys got in their beds and started to enjoy each other, soon the barn was filled with happy moans and groans as the boys, teens and men had fun together. Timmy having been sucked for a little while became super horny and got on all fours and offered his butt to John, “Stick it in” growled the little boy, John quickly got their lube from his eryaman escort bag and applied some to his aching boner and Timmy’s little boy-hole while the other three boys watched closely, “Do you two wanna do that?” Josh said to Toby and Tommy, The two younger boys looked at each other and grinned, they then nodded yes to Josh. Josh took the lube and Toby got on all fours like Timmy was, Josh took his time lubing up Toby’s boy-hole gently working two fingers inside him and tickling his magic button. Tommy watched till Josh got him to take over fingering Toby’s boy-hole. Tommy grinned the entire time as the anticipation of what was to come excited him a lot. While Tommy worked his fingers in his friends butt, Josh gently lubed up his little boner making him even more excited. Josh helped Tommy line up his little dick to Toby’s boy-hole and gently guided him in. Toby easily took Tommy’s dick and before long Tommy was humping quicker than a rabbit as his natural instincts took over. With Toby and Tommy busy with each other Josh moved behind John whose was slowly humping Timmy. He took the lube and smothered his willy before hugging John from behind and gently slipping in. John moaned out loud from having his dick in Timmy and having Josh’s dick in his butt. The boys found a rhythm and started making three way love to each other. Steven and his boys were enjoying themselves too, Steven had pulled 9 year old Robin to straddle his head and was sucking the the horny little boy while Charley and Cole took turns sucking his teen dick. Little Cole was soon ready for more and while Charley sucked on Steven’s dick, Cole lubed his little boner up with the lube Steven had with him and started to hump Charley like they had done a few times before. Steven had to concentrate hard not to blow his load too soon, the three little boys were driving him wild as they all enjoyed each others bodies. Tyler was sat on top of Bradley riding his lovers dick, they were going nice and slow enjoying the moment as Wayne and Hunter were sucking each other in a 69 next to them. Bradley stroked Tyler’s dick as his little lover rode his boner, this was a well practised thing between them and Bradley only took over the love making when Tyler got tired. After a while Bradley laid Tyler on his back and took over, “I love you so much” Bradley said softly, “I love you too” Tyler said reaching up and stroking Bradley’s face, Soon Wayne and Hunter had their tingles and cuddled up either side of Tyler as Bradley made love to him. They planted kisses on Tyler’s face and stroked his body and penis with their hands, the sight of this was too much for Bradley and he withdrew his dick from Tyler’s boy-hole just before he came, he shot his load over Tyler, Wayne and Hunter after warning them he was going to cum. The boys giggled as they smeared Bradley’s cum all over their chests and boy-bits. Soon their little boners were back after they had rubbed cum into them and Bradley went down on each one of them and sucked them to another orgasm. After they were all spent Bradley wiped them clean with a towel and they cuddled up under the blankets and went to sleep. John moaned loudly as he shot his watery cum inside Timmy, he held still as Josh picked up the paced and raced to finish too. Once Josh came he gently pulled out of John and sat back grinning, he saw that Tommy was lying on his back panting after having his tingles. He moved over to Toby, “Did you get your tingles?” he asked the smiling boy, “No” Toby replied, “You wanna lay back and I’ll suck you off?” Josh suggested grinning, “Yes please” Toby grinned back. Toby quickly lay back and Josh started to suck his little boner as Toby held his hands to Josh’s head, Josh could feel Toby trying to hump his mouth, so he let the boy do what came naturally and helped him get his tingles. Next to them John was sucking on Timmy’s boner and making the little boy squeal with delight, before long Toby and Timmy groaned and gasped as they got their tingles, as they enjoyed to afterglow of their little orgasms John and Josh got the blankets arranged and all 5 boys snuggled up in their little love pit. Before long they were all fast asleep and very happy. Nathan and Eric had laid together for a little while as they talked, Nathan already knew that Eric lived with his older brother as their parents had died last year in a car crash. Nathan avoided talking about that but asked about how Eric’s life was now. He found that Eric’s brother was rarely home and always out at night. He said people would come to the house asking for his brother all the time and even during the night. He knew not to answer the door and sometimes the people would be very persistent. When his brother was home they would give him money and he would give them little bags with stuff in. Nathan guessed that Eric’s brother was probably a drug dealer, he was saddened by Eric’s story and wondered what he could do to help him, Bradley had not mentioned anything about drugs so he probably didn’t know. Nathan knew he would tell Bradley in the morning what Eric had told him. After having a deep talk the conversation moved to happier things including what goes on in the activity club, “So you like having your willy sucked?” Nathan chuckled after Eric had told him about Mark and Ralph giving him tingles at school, “Yes… I really like it!” Eric giggled, “You want me to give you tingles?” Nathan said as he gently stroked Eric’s chest, “Yes” Eric said grinning and nodding his head, Nathan sat up and moved between Eric’s legs and starting at Eric’s head he kissed and licked his way down Eric’s little body, the little boy giggled and cooed as Nathan got to know every part of Eric’s little body, he got down to Eric’s boy-boner and licked it all over, Eric lifted his legs exposing his little boy-hole to Nathan, “You want me to lick you here as well” Nathan said as he touched Eric’s little wrinkled butt hole, “Yes… it felt good when Ralph did it” Eric giggled. Nathan smiled and went back down and gently licked over Eric’s little hole before gently working his tongue into it, Eric thrashed around and moaned like crazy as Nathan teased his boy-hole. “You really do like it” Nathan said stopping for a moment and chuckling, “It’s so good!” Eric moaned, Nathan moved around to the side of Eric and after wetting his index finger he gently pushed it into Eric’s slicked up boy-hole, he could see the look of pleasure and excitement on Eric’s face, he was happy to be bringing so much pleasure to the little boys body. He bent down and started to suck Eric’s little boner as he tickled the boys magic button and before long Eric’s body tensed up and he squealed as he had his boy-gasm. Nathan laid down next to Eric and watched the boy bask in his little orgasm, once the sleepy boy came back too he climbed onto Nathan’s smooth chest and cuddled up, Eric’s legs draped either side of Nathan body and his head on Nathan chest. Nathan’s boner rested against Eric’s butt, Nathan reached down and gently rubbed his dick, Eric looked up and grinned at Nathan, “Just don’t stick it in… your too big” he giggled, “I wont I promise… I would never hurt you” Nathan said lovingly, “Just rub it on the outside ok?” Eric grinned, Nathan lifted his head enough to kiss Eric’s head, “I’m gonna make a mess” Nathan warned grinning, “I know… I’ve seen Bradley do it” giggled Eric, So with one arm cuddling Eric and his other wanking his dick and rubbing it between Eric’s butt cheeks, Nathan brought himself quickly to orgasm and shot his teen cum over Eric’s back and bum. It was by far the best orgasm he had ever had and had to rest for five minutes before cleaning Eric up with his t-shirt. Once Eric was clean Nathan pulled the blankets over them and cuddle his new little friend tight as they both feel asleep, both feeling happier than they ever had before. The rest of the barn became quiet as they finished their fun and had their tingles and orgasms, as Jack sat in his chair he heard the sounds of sleeping boys and men, with the odd snore here and there, he kept watch over them all dutifully all night, getting up regularly to make sure the were all covered up and warm. Apart from a few boys during the night needing a pee and Jack taking them to the toilet, the night passed peacefully. Chapter 83 soon! Read it first or check out my other stories ess/ Thanks for reading and I hope you liked it. Sparky

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