Subject: Confessing to Father Fred (adult – youth) Part 2 Disclaimer: The following contains explicit scenes of male sex and a variety of consensual activities. This story may not be copied or posted to any other websites without explicit permission from the author. If any of this content is offensive to you or illegal to access in your geography, please do not fty//gay/adult-youth/doctor-tom/ *** feedback always welcome to ail *** The massive wooden door of the church creaked shut behind me, and the air was stale as I walked between the rows of wooden benches. It would be another hour before everyone else would be here, and the place seemed so empty. Father Fred had met with my parents earlier in the week and had agreed that I would be the church assistant before and during Sunday mass. My parents were so proud of me, so proud that someone like Father Fred had chosen me, of all the kids at the church, to be their assistant. My shoes echoed as I walked down the middle of the hall. I was a little chilly, not used to being here at this time of the morning. My parents had insisted I dress smartly in my dress shirt and nice ironed pants, but I had a feeling that I would end up taking them off by the end of the day. “Young Master Benji, how are you on this fine Sunday morning?” Father Fred said, greeting me. “Hi Father Fred, a little cold actually.” He was already in his robes; I was starting to wonder if he wore them everywhere! “Ah well, we’ll soon see to that. Come back into my office, Benji, and let’s speak about your duties today. ” I followed him out to the side of the hall, to a small hallway that led to a back exit and his special office. Not even a week ago, I confessed my feelings about him and his brother and sucked his cock. I wondered what he had planned for me, and I was kind of excited about it. “Have you told Father George about me yet? I mean, about what happened? ” “Yes, I have. You might need to use your talents to persuade him when he arrives, as he has had a hard time believing it, but he will be here shortly. Are you willing to serve him in the same way you served me? ” “Yes, father. Definitely. ” Once in his office, Father Fred turned and parted his long gown. He was wearing a white vest and a pair of dark-coloured shorts underneath. I watched, a little stunned, as he pulled his manhood out to show me once again. I gulped. I wasn’t used to an adult just taking it out like that. I was still in awe at how big a full-grown man was. Last time I saw it, it was dark and hidden when I sucked him, but now I could see the whole thing. At thirteen, I knew I still had to grow, but his full-sized cock made my mouth water. He only looked half hard as it jutted straight out, already 5 inches. His thick, long cock had a vein that went all the way back. He was standing there, looking back at me, and I knew what he wanted me to do. I went over, got on my knees in front of him, and looked straight up. He stood over me, his cock just inches away. “Open your mouth, my child. But do not close it until my say so. ” I did as he asked. He moved forward, placing the head of his cock inside my mouth, resting it on my tongue. The room was much brighter this time than the confessional, so I could make out each of the little bumps and ridges on his cock. His balls seemed huge compared to mine, especially up close like this. They swayed as he moved himself in and then out again. I could feel every imperfection on his knob, as he pushed it across my rough tongue, the friction between us, connecting us. As he rubbed himself on my tongue, he still hadn’t told me to close my mouth. He seemed to want to just look down and watch himself go in and out of my mouth. I could feel the sponginess press against my tongue over and over as he grew to his full hardness. He was getting into a rhythm with it when I suddenly heard the door to the office open behind me. I was a little shocked at being caught in this position, but it only turned out to be Father George. “I see you two got started without me!” Father George afyon escort laughed. “I just wanted to make sure it wasn’t all a dream. ” Fred said, fully pulling his penis from my mouth. Here, George, why don’t you have a go? ” I watched George as he walked around in front of me, while Fred tucked himself away. I stayed on my knees, gulping away some of Father Fred’s dick taste from my mouth to get ready for the next man. George was still in his street clothes. Standing right in front of me, I watched as he unbuttoned and unzipped his fly, fishing out his penis from inside. Like Fred, he too was circumcised, but his was still sort of different. Fred’s cock was thick and girthy, with a rough rounded end to his cock, while George’s looked a little longer and thinner, with his knob sheer and smooth like a missile. “Here ya go, Benji. I hear you’ve been wanting this?” George said, inserting his penis into my mouth. I smiled up at George as he pushed it into me for the first time. This was about as close to heaven as I could possibly imagine. My two favourite men using my mouth. A wave of satisfaction washed over me, knowing that I was doing a good service for these two men who I had lusted over so many times. I couldn’t help but close my eyes and feel his cock inside me and taste it. Even though they were brothers, their dicks were dick somehow. I wondered whether all dicks were different from each other. George pushed his cock deeper into my mouth and moaned. “He’s good, isn’t he?” Father Fred asked. George moaned softly above me. He fed more into my mouth, much more than Fred did. His was a lot longer too, I could feel it go all the way into my throat. “I’ve never felt anything like it, Fred. His mouth is so small and tight, yet I can go inside as deep as I like. ” George demonstrated by delving his 8-inch cock deep into my mouth again. I swelled with pride at being able to take it so well. ” His mouth is like a bottomless hole of pleasure. Oh lord. ” George gasped. “Now you can see why I asked for him to be our little assistant! We just need to work out how he can help us. ” When I heard him say that, I knew exactly how I could help them. I’d jerked off many nights thinking about exactly this. I carefully pulled Father Georges’ penis out of my mouth, kissing the tip before fully letting go. “Fathers, I have an idea. Well, it is kind of a fantasy of mine actually. ” “What is it, my child?” “Well, what if I were to hide inside the podium while you each delivered your sermons? I could serve each of you while you read from the Bible. No one would know I was there, and I would have my mouth on you the whole time, pleasuring you. ” Father George and Father Fred just looked at each other, sort of stunned. Did I say something wrong? I wasn’t even in the confessional any more. Had I stepped too far? “See what I mean, George?” Father Fred finally said, chuckling. “That sounds great to me, Benji,” George admitted. “But do you think we can fit you in there without you being seen?” “I actually think he could, George.” Fred suggested “If we use the large wooden stand and ensure our robes cover up the sides, then there should be enough room. He’d be able to squeeze down at our feet, and we’d be able to set up a small chair for him to sit on. How does that sound, Benji? ” “Oh yes, please, fathers. Spending the morning serving each of you sounds magical. ” With that decided, we got ready for when everyone else arrived. I helped move some of the stuff on the altar around while Father Fred and Father George finished up what they were going to read for the day. It was only about 5 minutes till start time by the time we finished, and I got inside the bigger podium. There was just enough space for me and a small stool for me to sit on, which put my head right at their crotch height. It was a snug fit, as when Father Fred first came out and stood there, his penis was already pushed flush against my cheek when he was in position. I heard Fred outside, greeting people as they came in. I knew my role agrı escort though, as I carefully and silently went about moving his robes to uncover his shorts. I silently and slowly pulled out his now soft penis and looked at it. Of the two, Father Fred’s one reminded me most of my own. At least he did when he was fully soft like this. It was still much bigger than mine, as he was an adult, but the shape of it, the length of it lying down across his round balls, looked very much like a larger version of my own. I carefully lifted the long part of his penis and slipped it into my mouth. It felt different now he was soft. I felt Father Fred’s hand pat me gently on the head, reassuringly, when he felt me start, knowing I was there. The noise outside started to grow louder as more people filled the large room. I placed my lips around the rim of his cock, just taking in the tip, not wanting him to get too excited too quickly. His low, manly voice became like a murmur to me down there as I settled into my position. I slowly rocked my head back and forth, back just till I tugged on his cock a little, then back in again till my nose nudged against his belly. I could feel his cock thickening in my mouth, and used a hand to cradle his balls in my palm. Eventually, it all went quiet. Assuming everyone was now seated, I got more into it, focusing more on sucking. I couldn’t make out the passages he was reading, but I made sure to do my hardest sucks when he completed a sentence, so that it wouldn’t interrupt his speech. He was rocking back against me too, his thighs slowly moving in and out. His cock was hard as a rock now, packing my mouth full. I could taste some of his precum, the end of his cock occasionally squirting some of his salty man juice out to help me suck him, like a sample of what was to come. The pauses in his sentences were becoming longer as he neared his climax. He didn’t have me wait long. When he got to the end of a final passage, he stopped reading. The people outside probably thought he was stopping to let the meaning of the passage set in, but I knew better. I heard a repressed moan from above and his cum flew from his cock, flooding my mouth and coating my teeth. I could taste his essence. His manly essence. His manhood throbbed between my lips. When his cock stopped twitching, he started talking again as I felt the last drizzles being delivered down my throat. I cleaned him, keeping his penis in my mouth, my tongue roaming his shaft, searching for any remains. I removed his penis from my mouth after only finding my own spit for the last few minutes and his penis had wilted once more. I held his balls, tilting them up slightly, and placed a firm kiss on each one; as if to thank him for their kind offering. The timing was perfect, as there was a commotion outside. It seemed Father Fred’s part was done. He moved away, leaving me vulnerable for just a moment. We exchanged glances as Father Fred moved away, his brother quickly moving in to take his place and to hide me away again. With Georges’ robes returning me to my hidden place, I looked up at the bulge in front of me. One down, one to go. Repeating from last time, I uncovered his dresses, finding his penis hidden deep within his clothing. His cock exposed; I took a moment to look at Father George’s one. His penis was definitely longer, and his head was more pointed like an arrow. His balls had a little fuzz on them too, but I think he was due for a shave as they both seemed to be mostly smooth down there. George had a different smell down there too. I liked both their masculine scents, I think Fred had been wearing some sort of cologne, but George’s was different. His was more earthly and sweaty. The smell of a natural man’s cock. Running my hand along the length of his cock, I realised time was ticking by. I took George’s penis, which was rapidly growing, and slurped it into my mouth. His one was saltier, and he leaned in more, pushing more of his penis towards the back of my throat. Where Fred just rocked his legs back akdere escort and forth a bit, it seemed George liked more control. He held my head gently with his hand, rubbing my scalp with a slight pressure, as if to sooth me. I wanted to serve George, but with his cock being a bit longer, it was a bit more difficult. I heard him start talking while his pole was embedded in my mouth, nudging further into my throat. I clenched my fists, allowing him all the way in, until I felt my lower lip nudge into his big musky sack. His hand really gripped me hard then, but I think it was a good sign. His cock was warm, almost hot as I could feel it in my throat. He glided it in and out as he spoke outside above me. I just held on as he pleasured himself at his own pace. I felt my own dick getting hard. I loved my new role. Pleasing these two men was what I had wanted for so long. I was so hard it almost hurt, as I felt George delivering his own load. With his length, I could feel his cock all the way along, squeezing his cum down into my mouth. With each squirt, I could feel his hand gripping my head. I knew I had done a good job and couldn’t wait to see how I could help them next. I could feel him soften inside me, eventually pulling his penis out. Like Fred, I took the opportunity to kiss each of Georges’ now emptied balls in gratitude. There was suddenly further commotion outside. It seemed their talking was done for now, and I figured the younger attendees were heading for Sunday school, and the parents were going elsewhere. I wondered for a moment whether I would be going to Sunday school or helping the fathers with something else. “You can come out now,” Father George suddenly said, stepping back. The hall was now mostly empty again, with the last few people leaving through the main entrance. “How did you enjoy that, Benji?” Father Fred asked. “Oh yes Fathers. That was amazing. Do I have to go to Sunday school now? ” “Oh no, you will be spending some more time with Father George and I in my office. Come along now. ” I obediently followed the two men back to their office. I was nervous again. What else did they have in store for me? They quickly closed the door behind them once inside, turning back to face me. I glanced down at their now cloth covered crotches. I could still taste them. “Did I do a good job fathers?” “You did well, Benji.” Father Fred answered. “But it is about time you revealed yourself to us.” “Revealed Father Fred? I don’t understand. ” “Your clothes. ” Father George spoke. “You have seen and served ours, so now it is your turn to bare all of yourself to us. Take everything off, and let’s see one of God’s beautiful creatures. At that moment, I was humbled. I knew that they were kind enough to show themselves to me, but the thought of showing my nudity to them had never crossed my mind! At thirteen, I wasn’t in the habit of stripping for people, and I was pretty modest even in the changing rooms at school! I couldn’t even remember the last time I had got fully naked and showed everything to someone. At my age, it just wasn’t something I was in the habit of doing! I felt a weight in my stomach but did as they asked. I hoped they liked me. I took my clothes off for them one at a time, leaving my underwear till last. They watched me as every item dropped to the floor until just my red briefs remained. I was already hard and they hadn’t even seen it yet! “You are a fine young man, Benji,” George stated. “Now let’s see you down there.” I blushed and pushed my underwear down, exposing my hard teen cock. If I wasn’t cold before, I was now! A cool breeze blew around places that hadn’t felt a cool breeze in a very long time. I just hope they liked what they saw. I was still hairless down there, my 4 inches standing up to attention to say hello. I heard them murmur and whisper to one another. They looked at me up and down, pointing between my legs. Father George looked back at me, giving me an encouraging smile. “Do you like my body?” I asked tentatively. “Turn around, child,” Father Fred asked. I waddled around, showing them my bare butt. More murmurs. “Spread your cheeks for us, Benji.” I swallowed and spread, showing them my most private place, then heard them gasp from behind me. *** feedback always welcome to ail ***

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