Subject: Down on the Farm – Chapter Five This is a story about two best friends, separated when they were six years old when one family moved from Arkansas to Washington state for work. Now ten years later, circumstances have reunited the boys back in Arkansas for the summer. The boys are very different that they were ten years ago and those differences manifest themselves in some uncomfortable ways. But as the summer goes by, they realize that maybe they aren’t so different after all and are growing closer. New ideas, new activities and a new face add to the confusion for Jimmy. WARNING: This story is for adult men. It contains a graphic and fictional depiction of sex between adult and youth males. If sexual activity between consenting males is illegal where you are, or you find this material offensive or if you are under legal age, do not go any further and do not read this story. 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He must have been dreaming about yesterday from the telltale smile on his sleeping face. I wanted to roll over and kiss him but I didn’t want to wake him and end his dream. Okay, Earth to Jimmy. Yesterday was about nothing more than two good friends screwing around and exploring their sexuality. Yeah, I like Paul, a lot, but as a friend, not a lover. Getting and giving my first blowjob was a milestone in my life, as was my first kiss. I’m glad it was with Paul. But it could have just as easily been with someone else. Would it have meant as much to me? Maybe not, but I would still remember it for as long as I live. Just then, Paul woke up. He turned to look at me and wished me a good morning. “Morning, Jimmy. Have a good sleep?” “I sleep like a log all night. How about you?” I asked, wondering if he had any second thoughts about what we did. ” Slept good but had a crazy dream.” This must have been the one that made him smile. “I was at the lake and Suzie was going down on me giving me a blowjob. She swung around and she was naked and had a huge cock hanging between her legs. She made me suck her cock as she was sucking mine. Then you were there and I was afraid you’d be jealous that she and I were together. I looked over at you and saw you and Chris sucking each other. I felt better then so I went back to sucking Suzie’s cock. Weird, huh?” “I’ll say. What do you suppose it means?” “How the hell should I know. I have strange dreams sometimes and I can never figure out what they mean,” he told me. “Maybe it means you’d rather I was screwing around with Chris rather than you?” I proposed, hoping that wasn’t true. “Nope, that’s not it. I’m glad we did what we did yesterday and I’m glad it was with you. Don’t try to over think it. I probably shouldn’t have said anything.” “We promised to be honest with each other, remember?” “You right. Let’s get dressed and get some breakfast, I’m starved.” Paul said as he got out of bed. I felt he wasn’t being totally honest with me about his feelings. But he was already up and dressed before I could keep the conversation going. We ate and headed out to get chores finished this morning so we’d have the afternoon to pick fresh produce for the trip to town tomorrow. Paul wasn’t very talkative while we did chores, not like usual. I knew something was definitely wrong between us. Lunch was quiet and quick. We got the bushels baskets out of the barn and went to the garden. “Paul, what’s eating at you this morning? You’ve barely said two words to me.” I asked him “Nothing, just not in a talkative mood I guess,” he replied. “I thought you would enjoy a break from my nonstop yammering,” he tried to joke with me. “I enjoy your yammering, as you call it. I enjoy you, period. Is this about yesterday? Remember, we being honest with each other,” I reminded him. “Just got me to thinking, that’s all. I wondering if I’m gay because of the shit we’ve been doing,” he replied quietly. “You may be the gayest mother fucker on the planet, but I’m as straight as they come,” trying to lighten the conversation. “He says with my cock in his mouth.” “Look, I don’t know what we are. We might be gay, or we might be bi. Or we might just be two really good friends with raging hormones who are close enough and open enough to experiment and help each other out,” I tried to reason with him. “Remember how much we enjoyed each other before I moved away. We were always together and having fun. There was no sex then but we didn’t want to be away from each other. Same now, only with the added benefit of enjoying some sex fun as well.” “I suppose you’re right. I was happy to see you again when you first arrived and it was because you were back. I had no sexual desire for you, just wanted to be together like old times.” “Exactly! Like you said earlier this morning, let’s not over think this. Let’s just enjoy what we have while we have it,” I agreed with him. “Come here and give me tongue,” Paul laughingly teased as he stuck out his tongue and wiggled it side to side. “Fuck you, you gay bastard, we have work to do,” I shot back with a smile. “Ok, that will be later,” he grinned. He’s back to his old self. Was he serious though about ‘later’? No, of course not. After his concern about being gay I’m sure he was just kidding about fucking. Or was he? The rest of the afternoon went quickly as we picked and chatted, chatting about nothing really, just two good friends making small talk. After supper we went back to the barn to check on Carolyn and her calf, both of who were doing just fine. As were stood at the edge of her stall, Paul sighed loudly and then began talking. “You know, I was really getting tired of this farm until you showed up. You kind of energized me and got me to enjoying it all. But I’m afraid once you leave at the end of the summer it will all get boring again, going to school and then coming home to wok the rest of each day trying to squeeze out a living, being nickled and dimed to death,” he lamented. “Maybe you need a new approach. My dad was always good at thinking outside the box and I’ve gotten pretty good at it as well. Let’s see if we can brainstorm on ways to make the farm more profitable,” I suggested. “My folks wouldn’t go along with anything different. As much as you like to think change, they abhor change. Doesn’t matter what we come up with, they wouldn’t go a long with it,” as the calf came over and licked Paul’s hand over the stall wall. “She has really taken a liking to you. As you sure you’re not the father?” I teased. “I’m big, but not that big. You’ll find out,” He grinned but then turned somber again. There he goes again with the reference to fucking. I have a feeling this will be in my near future, one way or another. “Maybe you should breed more cattle?” I asked him. He gave me a quizzical look and then looked back at the calf. “Not you personally, you know what I mean. You dad grows hay and sells it as the main source of income for the farm. Very labor intensive at harvest and the crop is not always guaranteed, depending on the weather for the year. And upkeep on the haying equipment can be expensive. But if you expanded into raising more cattle for sale it make bring in more profits after a few years?” “I’ve often thought about that but I know dad would never go a long. He changes his socks and underwear regularly but that’s about all he ever wants to change.” Paul turned and walked outside to look up at the sky. There was a haze around the moon prompting him to predict rain for tomorrow. Next morning we were awoke by the sounds of thunder off in the distance. Paul was right. We were in for a stormy wet day. Paul folks covered the load of produce in the truck and headed to town. We grabbed a quick breakfast and went to get the chores done before the rain started. We were caught outside when it did start and we got soaked. We finished what we could and then headed for the house. We stripped our wet clothes off on the back porch so we didn’t make a mess of the house. We both had a chill and decided a nice warm sponge bath was called for. Paul got a couple of buckets of hot water and I got the soap and towels. We were so cold from the rain we were shivering by the time we got into the tub to wash up. I’m not sure what felt better, the hot water or Paul’s hands spreading it on my body with a hand towel. Then I did the same for him. Again, Paul’s hands soaping my back were making me horny now that I had warmed up. I let out a soft moan, trying to give him a signal to keep going. But he stopped as soon as my back was soaped. “Standing here I’ve been thinking. I have an idea if you’re game,” Paul said to me as he stood behind me. I was half excited about what his idea might be but also half-nervous at the same time. He was behind me and had just finished soaping my back. The house was ours for the next few hours at least. My ass began to pucker involuntarily at the thought of what was going to happen. “You know I’m game for anything you suggest. I haven’t turned you down yet, have I?” “No, you haven’t. But this is a little different.” I was about to bend over, brace myself against the back wall and present my ass to him for the taking. “Remember what we were taking about in the barn?” he asked. The innuendo, ‘I’m big, but not that big. You’ll find out’ comment. I remember but we weren’t really talking about it. He just made the comment and moved on. Now my ass is going to find out just how big he feels. “Would you be willing to . . .” he started. “Hell, yes, of course I would,” I yelled out cutting him off. “Great. Let’s get finished here and get down to the kitchen table so we can get started. I’m really pumped about this.” On the kitchen table? Man, is he getting kinky or what. Hey, whatever. Last time he played with my ass I was spread eagle over some hay bales. We finished washing up and dried off. Paul went bounding downstairs, two steps at a time. Shit, is he cranked up for this or what? I hurried long behind him and went directly to the kitchen while Paul went into the den to get something. Maybe a pillow or a blanket so lying on the table would be more comfortable? He came back to the kitchen and slapped down a large pad of paper and some pencils. Totally bewildered I asked him what he was doing. “You said you’d help me, about our talk in the barn. You know, raising cattle instead of just relying on hay to support the farm. Why, what did you think I wanted?” “Of course. But if we’re getting down to business I thought we’d get dressed first,” trying to cover my disappointment that it wasn’t my virginity that he was interested in. “Guess I just got too carried away. I’m really anxious to get some ideas on paper and see if this could actually work for us. We can get dressed if you really want to.” “I’m good. Just the first brainstorming session I’ve ever had while naked, that’s all.” We laughed and Paul started writing down some ideas. Then we put some cost figures together, comparing income from cows versus hay. It would take a couple of years to grow a herd large enough to generate the income to offset the loss of hay feed to the cattle and loss of hay fields for the cows. We had to see where the bursa escort decline in hay and the increase in cows intersected. It looked like it would be almost five years. Paul was looking at the figures and slammed his pencil down. “Too long, too damn long to make it profitable. This will never work even if I could convince dad to go along with it.” “Let’s think outside the box like my dad does at work.” I had told Paul about the expression they use at my dad’s work when they hit a problem, ‘Roger that’. “So let’s see if we can ‘Jimmy’ the figures some how.” I suggested. “Figures don’t lie, Jimmy. Not much we can do to change them,” Paul sounded defeated. “Figures don’t lie, but maybe we can have them tell a different story. You said you dad always has some hay left at the end of the season he sells off at a discount. How about instead of selling all of that extra hay, you trade some with the cattle farmers for a cow or two. Won’t give you a herd right away but it will speed up the process by a least a year or two, maybe more.” “You’re a fucking genius!” Paul shouted out. I’d rather be a fucked genius but there was still hope for that yet. “Let’s rework the figures a couple of different ways and see how it works out.” We wrote up several different scenarios, considering a bad hay crop, a bountiful crop, buying cows outright or trading hay. Trying to figure all the variables. We were pleased with the work we had done. We heard his folks driving in the driveway, earlier than expected. We scrambled to get all our papers and run upstairs to get dressed. “Lets wait until after supper to bring up our idea. Dad is always more agreeable on a full stomach” Paul advised me. We got to the kitchen as his mom was standing in front of the oven. “I’m glad you boys didn’t start supper yet. Your father and I have a surprise for you. We made more money today than we have ever made selling produce. Even sold out early. You boys are doing such a great job selecting and harvesting that we were able to charge a premium today. So as a reward, your father suggested we buy some pizza for supper,” pointing to the oven. “You’re kidding me? The last time we had take out was when Roosevelt was President, Teddy not Franklin,” Paul laughed at his own absurd comment. “Thought you might like it,” his dad said and patted him on the shoulder. “We can’t believe how well the two of you work together and what a change has taken place in you, Paul.” “Guess little city boy here is learning me as much as I is learning him,” Paul said falling back into this redneck slang. We all laughed and sat down to eat the pizza. I’ve had pizza from a lot of different places but this was the best tasting pizza I’ve ever eaten. Surely not the best pizza but the best tasting because of the thought behind it. After we finished eating and cleaned up, Paul asked his folks to come sit in the living room so we could all talk. Paul was smiling but it still gave his folks some concern wondering what was so big that the conversation had to be held in the living room. When they were seated, Paul brought out his papers and started his pitch. Once he had laid it out, he handed his father the papers we had worked out with the different scenarios. “I know you’re not big on change and this is a major change, trying to make the farm more dependant on cows that produce and hay, but I think, we think, this will be a sound investment that will ensure the farm can prosper and grow and stay in the family.” Paul’s mother was the first to speak up, just blurting out, “Oh, thank god. I thought you were going to tell me you and Jimmy wanted to get married to something.” Then she covered her mouth and turned red in the face. “Oh damn, I didn’t mean to say that out loud.” But I think she did. I think she said that to blunt the reaction of Vince to our proposal. “Son of a bitch!” Vince shouted out. “You sneaky son of a bitch,” and sat there shaking his head. We were in trouble. Paul was going to be back in blue cut off bib overalls, I was going to be put on the next plane East and everything was going to remain as it has always been on the Monroe Farm. “Your mother and I have noticed how much you’ve changed since Jimmy has been here this summer. You’re not the little redneck boy slogging around the farm, doing the chores that need doing and not much else. With the new you, we were afraid you’d want to leave the farm and relocate like Jimmy has done. We were trying to think of something that would keep you here with us. We didn’t want to prevent you from leaving but were hoping there was something that would make you want to stay. Last time Chris was out he mentioned how you seemed to take a shine to Carolyn and the new calf. He suggested we should look into starting a small herd and raising beef cows. We was more than willing to help get it going.” Paul looked at me and then at his folks. He jumped up and ran across the room to hug them both, his eyes tearing up as he did. His dad spoke again, “You don’t have any real background in raising beef so I wasn’t sure if it would be a good idea. But this plan you have put together is a very comprehensive business plan, showing everything from the bad years to the great years. For a boy, excuse me, a man of your age this is very impressive.” “Jimmy helped me big time with this. He was the one who suggested we think outside the box to make it happen.” “Just like his father, that’s for sure,” Vince said looking at me and winking. “Now, Sally, what was it you said about these two getting married?” he laughed. “Nothing. It’s just that they spend more time together than a husband and wife,” she joked. “No time to get married, mom, I have a cattle empire to run,” Paul rebutted. “And I’m leaving at the end of the summer so it wouldn’t be right to desert my wife, er, husband, hell, significant other,” I threw in bringing laughter from all sides of the room. “I’m going to call Chris and ask him to make an appointment with us to come by and get his input on this,” Vince told us. “Sounds good, dad. I can’t wait to tell him about our plans. We’ll have a lot of work to make sure we get this right. I hope he has a lot of spare time,” Paul grinned. Fine thing. I went from getting married to being abandoned for another guy. Raising cattle was my idea now Chris is going to come in and take over, leaving me out I the cold. Fuck! There goes my stupid jealousy again. Chris may not even like the idea or have any spare time to spend with Paul. Maybe I can continue to have him all to myself. And then what, run off and leave at the end of the summer? I really have to get my head straight and just enjoy what I have now and not worry about what’s coming next. Chris came Sunday morning to talk to us. He had been involved with a large-scale cattle operation in Utah and would be a valuable source of information. I heard his truck in the driveway as Paul and I were doing chores. Chris went directly to the house to say hi to Paul’s folks and have a coffee. “Come on, Jimmy, Chris is here. Let’s get in the house and see what he has to say about our idea,” Paul beckoned to me. “You go ahead, I’ll finish up here. It will only take about a half and hour. Then I’ll be in.” I was sure Chris and Paul would be chatting and going on like two old ladies at a quilting party. I wasn’t looking forward to being the third wheel. “We can finish it later. You’ve got to be in on this, after all it was your idea.” “Not really. From listening to you dad, sounds like he was the idea first and I’m sure Chris will have a bunch of ideas as well. I’m just going to finish up. You go ahead and get started.” I went back to cleaning Carolyn’s stall and then I had to set up the evening feed for all the animals. “I have to go take a piss and wash my hands. If you’re not in there in ten minutes, you’re in deep shit,” Paul warned me. “Deep shit is fine, as long as it’s not cow shit,” I joked trying to make myself feel better. Paul went into the house and I continued my chores. It wasn’t two minutes later and Chris came into the barn. “Hey Jimmy, your presence is requested in the house, like right now!” Chris yelled out to me. “I’m just finishing up, you guys get started and I’ll be along.” “No way, I was sent to get you and that’s what I’m going to do,” as he grabbed my arm and dragged me towards the door. I felt a little annoyed at Chris manhandling me that way but at the same time I felt a tingle from his hand firmly gripping the bare flesh on my forearm. Maybe I should resist and keep Chris here in the barn away from Paul. Or keep him here all to myself? Where the hell does my mind come up with these twisted ideas? Chris has no interest in me, nor should I have any interest in him. We went straight into the living room where Sally had set out cookies and a pitcher of lemonade. Paul and his father were sitting around the coffee table with the papers Paul and I had written up. “Better late to the party than not show up at all,” Paul said looking at me. “I couldn’t get you to come in but I knew Chris would. Good job, Chris.” We sat down and Paul started right away going on about what he and I had come up with. “Whoa, slow down Paul. Give Chris a chance to look it over and then you can start a discussion,” his dad pulled him up. Chris looked over all the papers and then looked up at Paul. “You came up with this all by yourself?” “Hell no, I’m good but not that good. Most of this was Jimmy’s idea.” “Not true. We both put our heads together and this is a rough draft. I’m sure it’s going to need some tweaking, if not some major changes,” I deflected back to Paul. “Both of you have pretty good heads. These figures are spot on,” Chris commented looking back and forth between Paul and I. I wasn’t sure if there was any sexual innuendo in the ‘head’ comment but I’m sure it’s just me concentrating more on Chris than our plan. “Are you behind this plan they have?” Chris asked Vince. “It’s a sound plan to make the farm more profitable and give Paul a future here if he wants it.” “With what you have laid out, it’s going to take five or six years in reality to turn a decent profit. I would like to make a suggestion, if I may,” Chris offered. “Of course. That’s why we asked you here. You have more experience with cattle than any of us,” Paul commented. “This is just food for thought but if you could raise come capital you could buy enough cattle now to start making a profit in two years easy. The market is down right now so you can purchase some quality stock at a good price.” “Sounds simple enough but where are we going to get enough money to buy cattle outright?” Paul asked. “Well . . . I have some money saved up and could put in $20,000. With the farm as collateral, this business plan you have would convince any banker to lend you another $20,000. That would be plenty to make you the cattle baron of three counties,” Chris laughed. “Dad, could we use the farm as collateral?” “There is no mortgage and the equity would more than cover that amount. But I don’t know if I like the idea of taking money from Chris. He doesn’t really know us all that well,” Vince noted. “I’ve seen you all in action and I don’t have a problem with putting my money into this venture. I could be a partner in the PJC Cattle Company. If I’m invested here then I’ll have to stick around unlike the last three vets you had,” Chris pointed out. “The PJC Cattle Company?” Paul asked with a quizzical look on his face. “Paul, Jimmy and Chris. I just shortened it to make it sound more impressive.” “Hold on everyone. I’m gone at the end of the summer so don’t count me in. I won’t be here to help out at all,” I interrupted. “I like it. That way you’ll always be here in spirit, even after you’ve gone East. Plus you’ll have a reason to come back often to check up on us. Making sure we do good by your name. My farm, Chris’s expertise and your plan, Jimmy. It’s that way or not at all,” Paul demanded Son of a bitch! I felt eyes starting to tear up. I wanted to go over and hug and kiss Jimmy, then jump on Chris and do the same bursa escort bayan to him, and shake Vince’s hand until he squeezed the blood out of my fingers. Vince got up and went to the large desk in the living room and opened the bottom draw. He took out a bottle of homemade corn whiskey and four glasses. “Will you join us, Sally?” “I’m not going to left out of this celebration. But the boys?” his mother asked. “I told you, Sally, there not boys anymore, they’re men now. Men you and I can be damn proud of.” He poured a shot in each of the five glasses and passed them around. “A toast to the PJC Cattle Company and the men who will be running it,” as he raised his glass. I had never drank whiskey, or any alcohol for that matter. But this was a special occasion and I knew my dad wouldn’t object. It would be impolite not to drink when I was one of the ones being toasted. I gave it my best attempt to sip it gracefully without coughing it up or making a fool of myself. We decided to take a walk around the farm and plan how we could best utilize the fields and the barn. The whiskey had given me a warm feeling and a little bit of a buzz. While Paul and Chris were taking and pointing out different areas, I was walking slightly behind them and staring at their backsides, knowing what Paul’s ass looked like naked, I was trying to visualize Chris’s ass with out cloth covering it. I didn’t notice the drainage ditch we were crossing, yes, the same one I didn’t see when driving the fourwheeler, and fell flat on my face. Paul and Chris came back and got on either side of me and lifted me back on my feet. Paul looked down at the ditch and then at me. “Get your mind out of the gutter and pay attention,” he laughed. If only he knew. My mind was in the gutter, just not the one he was thinking of. I was more careful on the rest of our tour of the farm, but I still walked behind them fantasizing about having their asses all to myself. The rest of the day and all day Monday Paul was wearing a silly grin on his face. When I asked him why, as if I didn’t know, he told me he was just thinking about how pumped up he was about raising cattle. Chris’s name would come up frequently in telling me about his plans. I knew that Chris was going to be an integral part of Paul’s life from now on but it still made me feel left out. Monday evening Paul’s folks told us they were leaving very early on Tuesday to go do the egg deliveries so we would be on our own for breakfast. Tuesday morning I woke to the bed moving as Paul got back into bed. He cuddled up next to me and put one arm over my chest. He kissed me gently on the cheek. “Wake up, sleepy head. It’s a beautiful morning.” I opened my eyes and turned to face him, his grin still plastered on his face. He must be thinking about Chris, my paranoia kicking in again. With my face turned, he moved in close and kissed me on the lips. Take that, Chris, I have him right here and now in our bed, our mouths locked together. “Jimmy, I don’t know how I’ll ever thank you for the changes you’ve brought to my life. Before you got here I was just going through the motions of living, not giving a damn about anything other than going to the watering hole and smoking a joint then jerking off. My life was stuck in neutral. But now I have a plan to remake this farm into something great, I’m moving forward with my life, full speed ahead. And I have the sexiest guy I know lying next to me in bed, my best friend and my lover. I owe you so much.” Suddenly it hit me. Everything is not about me. I’ve been so selfish I couldn’t see how this whole summer was about Paul. His transformation from a country bumpkin into an ambitious young man looking to make a solid future for himself, as well as becoming a caring and affectionate lover. Somehow I had brought this out in him. Instead of worrying about Chris, I should be celebrating Paul’s new outlook on life. As we kissed, Paul reached down and took a hold of my soft cock, massaging it until it started to chub up. “We’re alone this morning and I have an idea of how I can begin to repay you for what you’ve done for me,” he cooed. “No repayment necessary but I like the way you’re thinking,” as I reached for his cock, already stiff and ready. “No, I don’t think you know what I’m thinking. Remember when you stopped on the trail and said you were ready when you gave me my first blowjob?” “I’ll never forget that day, it was one of the most unforgettable days in my life.” “Well, this will be another one for you to remember. I’m ready and I want you to take my virginity. I want your cock deep up inside me,” kissing me again and holding me tight. “Are you sure? You really want me to make love to you that way? You really don’t owe me, I was just trying to help a friend.” “Of course I do. I know why you were helping me and that’s why it’s important for you to be my first at this. You’re a very special friend, my best friend, my lover.” I thought about what he was saying and let my big head think about this first. “Paul, I have to ask you, are we gay?” I asked him as I pulled away a little. “I’m not, at least I don’t think I am. I really like you as a person and the sex is just the icing on the cake. Do you think I’m gay? Do you think you’re gay?” he asked with the mood changing. “I’m so confused I’m not sure if I’m gay, bi or just having fun screwing around. I have no idea what your situation is. I guess friendship first, sex second is a good way to look at it. I know I still get hard thinking about Lindsey from school and what I’d do with her if we were alone.” “Lindsey isn’t here and I am, so let’s quit talking and get fucking,” Paul said, rolling over on top of me and rubbing his stiff cock against mine, bringing it back to life. “Okay, on one condition,” I told him. “You’re setting conditions now? What’s the condition?” “After I fuck you, you have to fuck me. I want you to be my first as well. I don’t care if it makes me gay or not, I want you to do me too,” kissing him and thrusting my hard cock up to him. “Fantastic! I already cleaned out so I’m ready.” Paul rolled back over and eagerly put his legs in the air. “Slow done, horndog, I want this to last a while. Let me go clean out so I’m ready for you.” I returned from the bathroom and Paul was on his back with the biggest smile I had seen on him all summer. I crawled up between his legs and kissed as were rubbed our naked bodies together. He was wrapping his legs around my back, holding me tight. After kissing until our jaws were sore, Paul asked if I was ready. “Are you?” I replied. “I’ve been ready since I hit puberty. I’ve always wanted to try this but never had anyone I wanted to do it with. Until now” He reached under the mattress and got a tube of lube, handing it to me. “Use lots, we’ll need it,” he advised. “Lots of this, lots of patience and lots of loving coming your way.” Sounded corny but it fit the moment. I squeezed some lube on my fingers and then rubbed it on his hole. I gently inserted my index finger, slowly and carefully so as not to nick him with a fingernail. Paul was moaning as I entered him. I could feel his sphincter muscle tighten and relax as I worked my finger in and out, around and around. I swirled it to open him up and get ready for another finger. I pulled out my index finger and then pushed two fingers back in. He tightened up at the extra size going in him so I let him get used to it until he relaxed again. I felt he was ready for the next step. “Are you ready? I asked him. “I’m not totally sure what I’m doing or how to do this.” “Don’t worry, I’ve been through this a lot of times,” came his surprising answer. “I thought you said this was your first time? You’ve done this before? You’re not a virgin?” “I’ve never done it myself but I’ve seen the animals fuck all the time. It’s easy. Just shove your cock in my ass, pump back and forth for thirty seconds until you cum,” Paul laughed. “I may be a bull, smart ass but you’re not an old cow. Hopefully I can last longer than thirty seconds so you better be ready.” He didn’t answer in words, but just pulled my head to him and kissed me with his tongue working mine. He broke the kiss and smiled up at me, nodding his head. I lubed my cock with plenty of lube and brought it to his hole. I rubbed my cock around, not being too anxious to penetrate him. As I passed over his hole, I could feel his muscle twitch in anticipation. Finally ready, I put the tip against him and applied a little pressure. I felt him tighten up at the feel on the invader at this back door. I just held still, not putting anymore pressure but not letting up either. He relaxed and I pushed a little harder, feeling my cock going inside the first layer of his defense. He inhaled quickly and I felt him tighten up again. “Are you okay? You sure you want me to do this?” I asked quietly “I’m fine, just not as easy as it looks when the animals fuck,” he chuckled through clenched teeth. I just stayed still and let him relax again, then pushed passed his second line of defense. Then Paul thrust his hips up and impaled himself on my boner in one mighty shove. He yelled out as we lay there, waiting for the pain to subside. “Oh fucking hell, it hurts!” Paul shouted. “But I love it!” wiggling his butt a little. He was in pain and I was in heaven. I’ve never had anything wrap around my cock like his ass. Warm, tight and smooth, not like our callused hands when we jerked off. Even his mouth on my cock never felt this good. Or maybe it was just the fact that he was giving himself up to me this way. Whatever the reason, I loved it. “Did you fall asleep or are you going to fuck my ass?” Paul mumbled. I slowly moved my cock back almost completely out but not enough to cause him the pain on re-entry when I pushed back in. After a few strokes his hole was getting looser and more relaxed. It was easier to slide in and out but still held me tight like he never wanted my cock to leave him. “Oh yeah, that’s what I’m talking about. Fuck me deep and fuck me good. I want you’re cum up my ass,” Paul was getting louder and moving around more. I quickened my pace, making sure to push in as far as I could go, mushing my balls against his cheeks. Paul started flexing his sphincter muscle, grabbing my cock as I tried to pull back and then opening up as I plunged back in. That was putting me so close. “If you keep that up, you’re going to push me over the edge,” I warned him. “Good! Give me the biggest load of cum you can. Hurry before you make me cum first.” The vision in my head of my cock deep inside his rectum shooting spasm after spasm of white cum up inside him made me go over the edge. I pushed as deep as I could and just gave short thrusts as I felt my cock emptying my balls. Paul knew I was cumming and locked his legs as tightly as he could around my back. I was hoping he would have reached an orgasm as well but he was saving himself for what was coming next.. My climax was so intense I was shaking and fell forward on Paul’s chest. He tried to kiss me but I needed to breathe and couldn’t keep my mouth on his for more than a few seconds. About then my stomach started to rumble. We both laughed and decided it was time to get something to eat. We went down to the kitchen, still naked, and fixed some toast and coffee. We stared at each other as we ate, a smile and look of contentment on our faces. “Damn, you’re good for not knowing what you’re doing,” Paul commented. “Same can be said for you, at least on the bottom. Now we can see how good you are on the top,” I winked at him. We were going to clean up and then go upstairs for round two. I was really nervous about his cock fitting in my virgin ass. But he made mine fit in him so I guess my excitement over loosing my virginity was going to overcome my nervousness. Beside, I trusted Paul and knew he wouldn’t hurt me, at least not too much. I was leaning over to get a coffee cup that was on the other side of the table when Paul came up behind me. He pressed his stiff cock against my crack and wrapped his arms around me. “I escort bursa love the sight of your ass and can’t wait to be one with it. I just hope I can last long enough to let the initial pain subside so you can enjoy it as much as I did.” I just cooed and pushed back, shaking my ass against his cock. I went to stand up and he pushed me back down over the table. He grabbed his cock with one hand and guided it to my pucker. “Hey, don’t even try it dry. We need a lot of lube to make this work,” I warned him. He reached past me with his other hand and pulled the butter dish towards him. He scooped a hand full of butter and spread it on my ass, in my hole and then on his cock. “Grade A, number one lube at your service.” He pushed his finger in me, then a second one. My ass was tight but it seemed to be easier to open up than his was. Maybe have gotten off not too long ago had something to do with it. But no matter, he had me ready in short order. Then came the test, would the real thing fit? He brought his cock up to me and pushed gently but firmly. It hurt like hell. As I banged the table with my fists, I yelled back at Paul, “Waiter, I asked for a cocktail wiener, not a fucking kielbasa!” trying to take my mind off the pain and lighten the mood. Paul played along. “Sorry sir, but with your cravings a cocktail wiener wouldn’t fill you up. This requires my kielbasa to satisfy you,” as he kept pushing. He bottomed out and then started to withdraw. It hurt, oh damn did it hurt. A burning pain, nothing like I’ve ever felt before. When the pain melted away it left behind a pleasure I wouldn’t have ever thought possible from something sticking up my ass. Paul might not have ever done this before but he was doing all the right things to me. Every third or fourth thrust he would hit that special spot in me and I could feel my cock drip a little cum. Not precum, that had been flowing since we came down stairs. But this was actual white, sticky, gooey cum. I didn’t think I’d have any left after filling Paul’s intestines not thirty minutes ago. Paul hit my spot again and I let loose with another load of cum, not as much, but certainly enough to make a mess on the kitchen table. My ass muscles contracted on Paul cock and squeezed him to completion. He left his cock in me until it went limp and slid out on its own. As I stood up I could feel his cum dibbling out of my ass and down my leg. Paul looked at that and the puddle of cum I had deposited on the table and commented, “We’ve got enough cream for another whole pot of coffee.” We went up stairs, got cleaned up and went out to start our chores, late but happy. As we walked to the barn, I looked at Paul and asked him, “Paul, does THIS make us gay then, even if all the other stuff we’ve done didn’t?” “The only thing this makes us is non-virgins as far as I’m concerned.” “Okay, but straight guys don’t fuck other straight guys or get fucked by them either.” “If you had your choice right now between my ass and if she was here, that girl, Lindsey’s pussy, which one would you prefer?” “Lindsey’s pussy. At least I’d have her tits to play with while I was drilling her,” laughing. “So you see, you’re not gay, you’re just a horny teenager wanting to get off with what ever is available, and right now that’s me,” Paul reasoned. “Don’t over think it, just go with the flow.” Paul is right. Thinking of Lindsey is making my worn out cock chub up again. I wonder if her pussy will feel as good as Paul’s ass? Will it be as warm and tight and smooth? It probably will be seeing that she is a virgin too. Or maybe she isn’t? Will she let me fuck her in the ass instead? Would she even let me fuck her at all? She is on the West Coast and I’ll be on the East Coast so I’d have to send her a plane ticket. I’d have to make sure she would be up to fucking before I spend all that money on a ticket. What if she changes her mind once she gets here? “Hey, Earth to Jimmy! You’re over thinking something right now and the only thing that should be on your mind is feeding the animals,” Paul yelled to snap me out of my stupid fantasy thoughts. “You’re just lucky I’m here to fuck your ass for you so you don’t have to have Jed or Stan do it for you,” I teased him. “No way, I wouldn’t let them near me. You’re the only invited guest back there.” That was good to hear, so I should’ve quit while I was ahead, but I’ve never been know to shut my mouth at the right time. “Then how about Chris?” “What about Chris?” Paul threw it back at me “Would you let him in your back door?” not knowing if I wanted to hear the answer or not. “Why the hell would he want to fuck me, Jimmy? You’re being weird.” He didn’t say he wouldn’t let him, just that he didn’t think Chris would want to. “I saw the way he looked at you at the watering hole. I can tell he wants you bad,” I half joked. “He looked at you the same way, buddy, so don’t go pawning him off on me. I’ve got all I need right here,” and punched my shoulder. I know, I was over thinking the whole thing with Chris. Just then Paul let out s scream. He had caught his hand on a nail that was sticking out from the wall and put a long gash in his hand. It immediately started to bleed. “Son of a bitch! I knew that nail was there and have been meaning to pound it in. Serves me right for putting it off,” grabbing his hand to stop the bleeding. “Let’s get you in the house and clean it up and see how bad it is. You may need stitches,” I warned him. “It will be fine. It will stop bleeding in a few minutes. We’re behind on chores and cant’ afford to waste any time. I don’t want to try and explain it to my folks when they get home. “Then let me explain it. ‘We didn’t get our chores done because your son and I were busy fucking each other most of the morning and then this clumsy oaf cut his hand and bleed to death.’ Sound about right? Come on, we’re going in and get it cleaned up and bandaged properly.” Paul followed me into the house and sat at the table while I got the first aid kit. I washed the wound, applied some antiseptic and bandaged it tightly. Paul’s hand was shaking as I worked on it. “Thanks, Jimmy. Once again you’ve saved my ass.” “Only because I want it again sometime,” I smirked at him. “Anytime you want, anytime you want.” Paul wasn’t much help with chores with his hand wrapped up but he did what he could. We just finished up by the time his parents got home. We filled them in on the injury and his mother checked the bandage to make sure he wouldn’t need stitches. The next day was waterhole Wednesday. I wasn’t sure we should go because Paul couldn’t swim with his hand and I wasn’t too keen on swimming alone. Chris showed up mid morning to see if we were going swimming and we explained the issue. “I can help you finish up your chores and then we can go up there. Jimmy and I can swim, if you don’t mind sitting this one out on the shore, Paul?” Chris offered. “I’m fine with that. If nothing else, it’s a chance to get away for an afternoon.” We finished the chores and headed to the watering hole. Chris and I got undressed to go swimming while Paul sat on the grass on the shore. “Hey, you can’t swim but you can get naked like the rest of us. Take those clothes off,” Chris commanded. I looked at Paul and smiled, nodding my head in Chris’s direction to confirm what I told him about Chris having eyes on him. Chris and I jumped in the water, splashing each other and wrestling for a half-hour. We were both chubbed up when we came out of the water and lay on the grass next to Paul, naked as we were. Chris looked over at Paul, “You couldn’t swim with us but the least you can do is stroke one out with us,” as he pointed to his cock and mine now full fledged boners. “Can’t, I’m right handed and this bandage is too bulky to get a firm grip,” Paul said as he raised his right hand all wrapped up “Left handed just doesn’t cut it.”. “Then let me help you.” With that, Chris leaned over and took Paul’s limp cock in his hand and started to massage it. The response was instantaneous. From cooked noodle limp to pound nails hard in ten seconds. Chris smiled up at Paul as he tightened his grip and stroked. “How’s that, does my hand work good enough?” Chris asked. Paul didn’t have to answer. He had his head back and a smile from ear to ear. I was not so happy. My cock was starting to deflate from watching Chris take my place on Paul’s cock. It should have been me doing him but Chris just jumped in without asking. “Come on, Jimmy, join the party,” as Chris motioned me to move over. “No, I’m good. You two enjoy,” I replied trying not to show my anger. “Wait up, Chris,” Paul said as he pulled Chris’s hand off his cock. “I don’t want Jimmy to be left out so we’ll have to do this when my hand is healed.” Suddenly I felt like an asshole. Paul was really enjoying being jerked off and Chris was just being a good friend helping him out. My attitude was going to make Paul miss out and I didn’t want to be the cause of that even if I was jealous. “On second thoughts, I guess I will join in the fun.” I moved over and was expecting Chris to stroke me off as well as Paul. But Paul looked at Chris’s cock and nodded his head in that direction, wanting me to stroke Chris. Not what I had intended but damn, Chris did have a sweet looking cock. Chris had gone back to stroking Paul and Paul nodded to me again. I looked back down and the tip of his cock had a sad look on it, as if to say, ‘Please take me in your hand and stroke me.’ It was even drooling a little. Who am I to refuse such a sweet request from a stiff cock? I knelt down and took him in my hand, moving up and down. Chris put his free hand on my shoulder and rubbed me. It almost seemed like he was going t pull my head down to suck his cock. But I wasn’t in for that. Chris was moaning and encouraging me to stroke him faster and harder, which I was happy to oblige. I was really getting into it when Chris bent over and took Paul cock in his mouth. Paul threw his head back and his arms out straight as Chris swallowed every inch of Paul. I stopped stroking at the sight of this but Chris started whining so I went back to stroking. I know Paul and I could tell he was getting close. Chris must have sensed it as well, bucking his hips to increase my strokes. Chris shot his load all over my hand and his legs while Paul unloaded deep in Chris’ throat. My first threesome, of sorts. I hadn’t gotten off but I was okay with that. I was still a little jealous of Chris sucking Paul. But I had to get used to that. It was going to happen eventually. “Shit, that was awesome,” Chris exclaimed. “It sure was. But Jimmy didn’t get off. We can’t let him go home with blue balls,” Paul spoke up. “I’m okay, I’ll just . . .” But before I could finish my sentence, Chris had rolled over towards me and had my cock in his mouth, sucking me like he was trying to suck a golf ball through a soda straw. His mouth felt different than Paul’s with the remnants of Paul’s cum still in his mouth. I remembered I had some of Chris’s cum on my hand so I put my hand to my mouth a tasted it. I sniffed my fingers and that sweet beautiful smell of cum got me again. Two or three good whiffs and I was unloading in Chris’s mouth, my cum mixing with Paul’s. Chris’s phone rang and he looked at the screen. “Hate to cum and go but I have an emergency call. Thanks for a good time. Wednesdays are now definitely my favorite day of the week.” He dove back in the water to clean off, then grabbed his clothes and ran to his truck, climbing in naked. “Hey aren’t you going to get dressed?” Paul yelled after him. “When I get to the gate. I’ll be dried off by then,” and off he drove. I went in the water to wash up. I came out and Paul was standing on the water’s edge. “Sponge bath with no sponge?” he asked as he looked down at his cum covered cock. “Sure,” and gently splashed water on him and rubbed him clean. We rode back to the farm in silence, not knowing what to say or if we wanted to say anything. Supper was quiet with Vince and Sally doing most of the talking. Paul and I turned in and lay on our own sides of the bed. Paul rolled over and hugged me, gave me a deep kiss and told me he loved me. I told him I loved him too. We cuddled without saying any more and feel asleep in each other’s arms.

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