Subject: In the Valley of the Boys 2 IN THE VALLEY OF THE BOYS By Encolpius AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is set in an alternative reality where the US has split apart. There are now 5 major nations in what was once the US amd this story is set in Deseret, a Mormon dominated county that includes most of the desert southwest as well as the Rocky Mountain west. I grafefully acknowledge the assistance of an editor and test reader who definitely made this a better story. Feedback is appreciated. Compliments, comments, complaints ail Please remember to Nifty. Every little bit helps! TWO Getting a citation for illegal assembly after our boy orgy was the last straw. I devided to run for judge. John Sorenson and I went way back, to the beginning of Coyote Creek. Even at the tail end of the US of A, this was kind of a gay-friendly valley. I inherited a spread near the little town of Byers, basically an asphalt crossroads with some dirt tracks masquerading as streets. I was queer and knew it. I had split my time between here and Denver, making money and living my life. Back then, the Coyote Creek Ski Resort was a fairly expensive male only (and sex-friendly) small resort that attracted a number of our original founders. When the Theocracy took over, I decided that making myself scarce in this remote valley was best. The first years, that’s was what it was. Just guys like me, at first a dozen, then a few hundred, and then the government paid attention. They wanted to make being gay a capital crime, like it was in the Convention, which covered the old Confederate States of America. They didn’t though. They had an out. Instead, it was the Exile. Now we are 80,000 plus with more coming, a few every week. I had my friend Carl Stevenson over. He’s in his mid 60’s, gray curly hair with a goatee, and you wouldn’t have any trouble knowing he is queer. We were sharing a boy, Nathan. He’s a dark-haired 15-year-old beauty caught in bed with a bishop 2 years ago. I don’t know if the bishop was exiled or not, I doubt it, but Nathan became one of the baker’s dozen I have guardianship over. We have him tied down on a Lucifer’s chair, buck naked, arms and legs restrained. The other boys can watch. They’re all queer too. One thing you can say about boys: once they start being sexual, sex is what’s on their minds. Fuck, before that even. He’s strapped down and blindfolded, a teenage boy, lean and rangy. His dick twitches a little in anticipation but he’s not really hard. There is a shock of short curly hair in a triangle above his cut cock and full rich balls. Both his legs and pits are hairy, but his lean, flat torso is smooth. “Those balls full of cum, boy?” Carl whispers into Nathan’s ear “You gonna shoot it down my throat?” “Yeah” “Yeah?” Carl asks, taunting him a little ‘Yeah” We warm the mineral oil a bit and it feels good to him as we pour it on his smooth and velvety skin. I begin to rub it into his torso from behind, feeling his muscles and bones beneath. I give way to Carl, who massages Nathan’s shoulders, releasing the tension. I kayseri escort go around and start rubbing the oil into his tanned and hairy legs. The boys behind me shift uncomfortably. I am spoiling their view. It’s a soft murmur of complaint but I tend to my mission. Carl’s boys and my boys are together, watching. The youngest is Carl’s little George, a nine year old, in the lap of my oldest, 22-year-old Gavin. Gavin is Asian and although short, he’s powerfully built and muscular, the perfect specimen of young manhood. Both of the boys are getting turned on. I wonder which boys will pair off. Or not pair. Maybe it will turn into an orgy. We work his torso but leave his crotch untouched. Still, just from the touch and the warm oil, the kid is sporting an erection. He sighs as we knead his upper body. His cock sticks out and up. The body of boy in his mid-teens, fresh and delicious, erect and ready, is a beautiful thing. It is beyond erotic. Knowing that his dick is there for the touching, for the having, has me hard too. I strip down and Carl follows suit. Two men. Both hard. Both horny. We want to devour Nathan as badly as he wants to be devoured. The other boys begin to either pull their shorts down or stick their hands down into them, playing with their cocks which range from small and underdeveloped to fully grown and angry. Carl takes the boy’s hard cock first and Nathan lets out a satisfied sigh. He is dying from the teasing of it. I stroke my member, watching as Carl pleasures Nathan with his hand and the other boys pleasure themselves, or reach over to stroke a neighbor. The room is filled with male sexual energy. I take over, rubbing his hard pole, a rod of steel encased in velvet skin, slick from the oil. I cup his spongy balls, thick and full of cum to pump out. The boy has a load waiting for us, I know. He moans as I stroke him. His body tenses and relaxes. He is lost in a sensory deprivation, concentrating on the pleasure as I touch his boyhood pride. Carl strokes me as I stroke Nathan. I look over and see Gavin reach down and squeeze young George, his hand cupped over the kid’s small tackle, as George rests his head against Gavin’s powerful shoulder, smiling. You can begin to smell the collective musk of a dozen pubescent boys. It is a rich and earthy smell. It makes my dick twitch. I stroke Nathan. He is powerless. He is a receptacle of pleasure. Will we do more? Suck him? Fuck him? No. He exists — his beautiful body exists, his hard dick exists – only to serve up the heat in the room, to get the boys hard. The older ones get hot and the little ones feed off it. I stroke him. Gently, worshipfully, lightly. A good slow variable rhythm. Milking out his pleasure. Driving him crazy. He moans as I do. Carl understands the game. He takes over, the boy’s hard cock in his hand, as I take over on his. But I am not content to stroke my old friend. I sink to my knees and take him down in my mouth. All way down. I can suck a dick, man. I’m not a user of little boys. I’ve sucked a keçiören escort many a hard big dick. I take him balls deep, working him good as he massages, teases and pleasures my boy. “Oh yeah” Nathan groans. The best part of pleasuring a boy is the intensity of what he feels. You’ll never be 15 again. Why not milk the shit out of the sensation of being 15? Nathan is enjoying his sexuality right now, the hand of a man on his member, stroking it. The loss of control. The expectation and uncertainty of what comes next He can’t see but he can hear. There is moaning now, softly, from the boys watching as they get busy with each other. He feels our hot breath on his shoulder. He is alive in his cock. His balls, his beautiful teenage balls, are tight up against his body. Carl takes over as I get down to suck my friend while he pleasures my boy. Carl is hard and twitching himself, turned on, Nathan whimpers. He is close. I am working Carl’s dick, taking him down, but I want to see the conclusion. I stand up and watch, stroking myself. Nathan is tense, his boyish muscles all tight and straining. He squirms. It is uncomfortable. It is intense. It is beyond enduring. He cums like a geyser. Big huge load, hitting him on the face, on the chest, coating his smooth torso. The kid finally exhales. I unrestrain him and he grins. He is happy and at peace with the world, in a post-orgasmic bliss. It is wonderful and powerful. He wants to blow me but I back away. I have other plans. But then he moves on to Carl, who is more than willing to face fuck the kid. I want Gavin. My beautiful little Asian man. For more than a dozen years, he has been mine. I have been with him at every stage starting early in the Exile, when he was a hairless little thing and one of the very first pre-pubescent boys to get caught up in their campaign to root out homosexuality. But Gavin is gay without a doubt. He has grown from a hairless litttle slender boy to the perfect specimen of muscular young manhood, if unusually short. His chest is perfect, his abs perfect, his shoulders broad and perfect, his thighs perfect. His dick isn’t huge by any means and that is perfect. I want that perfect dick in my ass. I once used to fuck him but now he fucks me. He does it to me missionary, pushing his hard veiny cock into my ass. Several of my older boys and Carl’s are around me, feeding me their teenage cocks to suck, waiting to drench me in their spunk. I feel the fullness of Gavin in me and it feels amazing. One of the boys reaches down to stroke my quivering cock as I get fucked. Gavin is hot from the show and it isn’t a tender fuck as I turn from one hard young cock in my mouth to another, hoping I can drink all their cum. Take it all down. They are willing to give it as the fap themselves, waiting to impale my mouth with their pride and joy. “Ohhhhhh” I hear Gavin moan. “Give me that load” I call out. “Give me some cum” The first of the boys, who has a bit of a hair trigger, unloads on my face and neck and hairy chest. ankara kendi evi olan escort I suck one boy, Carl’s, with abandon as Gavin plunders my ass. When he cums, I swallow it down. Then the boy stroking me comes and feeds me his cock, capped by a circlet of hair. I take over stroking myself as Gavin pounds my ass. I no longer can think. The pleasure of it is too great. It is too much. I want it all That’s when I came, my cum mingling with what was on me. Gavin pounded me hard. Hard, fast, vicious until he got his satisfaction, givng me his fat hot load up my ass, cream pie. —————————– Carl and I share a bowl in the gazebo in the cool of the night, mid summer, looking out at the Rocky Mountains. I ask him what he thinks about my running for Judge. He shakes his head. I can tell he is against it. “Why do you want to?” he asked. “You’re rich. What, two thousand acres? A greenhouse full of hybrid herb, alchohol, hot and cold running boys. All you have to do is stay right here and enjoy life” “Because the whole situation here is fucked up. Me and you, we can get by and basically do what we want without a whole lot of fear. Of the law, at least. But down in town, that place is a boiling cauldron. Overcrowded and not enough work to go around. No bars. No place to blow off steam. And the queers that run the place are ashamed of being queer and want to kiss the ass of the hypocrites in Salt Lake City. We can do better” Carl shook his head. “John Sorenson and Tim Kimball aren’t going to give up power easily. And you need both positions, too. Judge and Mayor.” Sorenson was the judge I was running against but his long time partner, Tom Kimball, was the mayor. “Yeah” I said “They’ll go after you Tarant. They’ll start out by painting you as a child molestor that abuses and exploits boys” I shook my head. “That’ll matter to the church members. How many is that, even if you include the Catholics and Evangelicals? 20%? 25%? The rest don’t care” “That’s what they’ll start with. They’ll get dirtier and meaner and more dangerous from there” he said I suppose I knew he was right. They weren’t going down without a fight. And he was definitely right about needing someone to run for Mayor. Judge is the more important position, to be sure, but the Mayoralty is important too. I asked Carl if he would run. “Fuck no. Not a chance” he said “You afraid?” “Of Sorenson and Kimball? A little bit” he said “Look, Tarant, I hate them as much as you do. I grew up in Salt Lake. My father was in the Quorum. And they pitched me over just like you. And actually, that reminds me, to be judge, you have to be ordained at least at some level of the Aaronic Priesthood.” “I was a priest. And I did my mission as an Elder. I was in good standing until I figured out I was gay” I said “Only the judge has to be. Not the Mayor. That can be any citizen” I nodded. I had forgotten that detail. Sorenson and Kimball had run unopposed for a long time or with nominal opposition. Then it dawned on me. “Citizen?” “Yeah” Carl said. “Citizen. You’d be better off getting a voluntary and not an exile” That definitely limited the choices. “I’ll give you a contribution, though. I don’t give a fuck” And I knew he didn’t. Like me, he had land and a secure income. The money was good but I knew I needed to find me a mayor,

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