Subject: Welcome to Gayberry – 81 Welcome to Gayberry � 81 Feel free to address any comments on this story to hoo. This is a work of fiction and is based on no real persons, living or dead. If you enjoy this or any of the wonderful stories here, I hope you will consider a donation to the Nifty Archive to keep the site going. It is a treasure!!! fty/ 81 “Oh, I’m so sorry…I didn’t know…I didn’t mean to…” The voice was from the door which they had failed to close. It was the voice of young Kurt. “I’m so sorry” the boy said, is eyes still wide at what he had seen. “I didn’t mean to spy. The door was open and I just barely pushed it and I saw…what I saw. I’m so sorry. I just couldn’t look away.” Randy jumped off the bed, his big cock now soft and swinging as he went to the boy and enfolded him in his strong arms. “Kurt, buddy, it’s all right” Randy said, holding the boy. “You didn’t do anything wrong. Nothing at all. There’s nothing to apologize for and there’s nothing for you to feel embarrassed about. If there’s any apology to be offered it’s on us. We should’ve closed that door before we started doing those things. But it didn’t start out that way.” “That’s true, Kurt,” the doctor said. “We started out removing chastity devices from Kevin and his dad and things got out of control. Please don’t be upset.” “I’m okay” Kurt said. “I just wouldn’t want you to ever think I’d be spying on anyone. I respect people’s privacy.” “We know you do, son” Randy said, again hugging the boy and kissing his cheek. “Don’t think no more about it. Do you know these naked folks? I guess if you don’t, I better do some introducin’.” “We met David and Kevin when they came upstairs where we were painting” Kurt said. “Is this his father?” “Yes, Kurt, I’m Dale Mason, Kevin’s father and I’m afraid I was the one making the mess.” They all laughed, even Kurt. “I actually just came up here because we’re all done in the bunkhouse and the bedrooms. The older guys are finishing up some ceilings but they told us to go ahead and head for the pool. They’re about to start the fire for the barbecue. I brought a couple of swimsuits for Kevin in case he’d like to swim with us.” “You brought swimsuits?” the sheriff asked. “That is unusual for this group.” “Well, most of us have been swimming naked all weekend but when we heard that the Masons were coming, Rafe and I went to the house and got swimsuits for all of us. We didn’t know whether our guests would be comfortable with being naked around strangers. So we have plenty of swimsuits for everyone.” “I don’t know about my dad but I’d sure like to go skinny dipping” Kevin said. “The only time we got to swim was when we’d sneak down to the pond at night after everyone else on the ranch was asleep. Dad and Alex and I would skinny dip and it was great fun. So I’d love to skinny dip.” “I’m actually a little shy about being naked but I’m getting better about it now” Kurt said. “I used to keep my towel around me till I got in the water but I actually will leave my towel on the chair and walk to the edge of the pool. I’m just a little bit shy.” “You’ve done so much better with that, Kurt and we’re proud of you” the doctor said, giving the handsome blonde boy a hug. “Why don’t you two run along and we’ll get some clothes on and be right behind you” Randy said. “Do I need to put clothes on or can I just go naked?” Kevin asked. “Ask our host” his father told him. Kevin looked at the doctor who smiled and told him to take off. “A beautiful boy like you should never be required to cover one inch of that body” the doctor said as he hugged the young lad. “I can’t believe I’m getting to go naked!” Kevin said. “Do you want to take your jeans off too and go with me?” Dale asked Kurt. “You’re really a good looking guy.” Kurt hesitated before he smiled at Kevin and agreed. He was wearing only sneakers and his pants. He took off the shoes and hesitated. “Son, you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do” the doctor said. “I really want to do this” Kurt said as he dropped his boxer briefs onto the floor. Kurt was a very handsome blonde boy who had gained muscles recently while working at the clinic and the ranch. His very light blonde bush had thickened and he had the beginnings of a blonde treasure trail. “That boy is growing up before my eyes” the doctor said. “He’s a fucking stunning boy!” Dale said with David quickly agreeing. “Before we go downstairs, I guess we’d probably better get dressed” Randy said. “I ain’t one to be nosy, but I got to ask about them marks on yours and Kevin’s behinds. If you ain’t comfortable tellin me, don’t worry but I am curious.” “Oh, I assumed you had seen Alex’s brand yesterday and knew about them” Dale said. “It’s the brand the prophet stamps on his cattle and all of his livestock. It was one of the worst nights of my life when I and these two young boys got branded. It was terrible pain and awfully humiliating. It’s still humiliating to this day to think I couldn’t at least stop the boys from being branded. I’ll never forget the feeling. It was the first time in my life I would gladly have killed another human being. Even after my wife was murdered I didn’t feel such rage.” “Why would the prophet have you branded?” the doctor asked. “It wasn’t the prophet” Dale said quietly. “It was that cunt he’s fucking married to. Sheriff Joe and his men did the actual branding but she stood there and smiled while he did it. I guess I bear some blame too though.” “How in the world could you blame yourself for something so terrible, buddy?” Randy asked. “The prophet’s wife, who insisted on being called `the prophetess’ had been flashing her tits and her puss at me every time she got a chance. It’s well known that the prophet is a very jealous man who flies into a rage if another man dares to even look at his cunty wife. I thought she just enjoyed flirting to make him mad so I was always real careful to avert my eyes at all times so I never gave him a reason to get upset at me. Then one day the prophet and Sheriff Joe had gone into town. I don’t know what their trip was for but I was ordered up to the big house. Now before that, the woman had flirted but nothing obvious. I always thought she just enjoyed being the center of attention and liked to keep her husband on his toes. But that day I went to the big house and called out from the foyer and got no answer. I called out again and she yelled from upstairs for me to come up there. See, I knew the house because the couple that were the owners when I was hired treated my boy and me like family. They even gave us bedrooms in the big house and we ate dinner with them every night. They were a lovely couple approaching their seventies, whose only son had been killed in a car crash. But she called me upstairs and I headed up. It didn’t feel right but I didn’t know what the hell else to do but to climb those stairs. When I got to the top, I still didn’t see her so I called out. She told me to come in the room she was. When I walked in, she was in a bathtub filled with suds. I immediately apologized and started to leave. But she ordered me to come in. I told her I’d rather not but she ordered me to come in. She said if I left, she’d tell her husband I had tried to rape her so I went in, still looking at the floor. She told me to raise my eyes. I refused but she made it clear that if I didn’t do exactly as she said, she’d tell her husband I tried to rape her. I know now I should have run the fuck out of there and grabbed my boy and got the hell out but I didn’t know what was going on. She climbed out of the tub and told me to come and towel her off. I declined but she made me do it by threatening me again. Once she was dried off, she threw the towel on the floor and told me to look at her. She was standing there, just inches from me completely naked. I again tried to look away but she wasn’t having it. Then she reached out and grabbed my crotch. She started feeling of my cock and then she began unzipping my pants. I stepped away and she slapped me and threatened me again. She took one of her titties in each hand and held them out to me, telling me to lick on them. I stepped back and she slapped me again and called me a faggot. She went into a rant about how there were no real men left in the fucking world and all the men on the planet were faggots. It was beyond crazy. Then she said something about even a faggot can fuck a pussy once his dick’s hard. She then grabbed my hand and put it on her pussy. I’ll never forget. It was the hairiest pussy you can imagine. I just saw the sheriff’s bush and the doctor’s and I’m telling you, she was as hairy down there as either of you are. Then she started rubbing it up against my hand, telling me how much she wanted my hard dick inside of her. I had no idea what to do so I ran. I took off, taking those goddamned stairs two and three at a time and ran all the way back to the little house we had been moved into after they kicked us out of the big house. I thought about leaving but Alex was still at school. I began to pack, determined to leave as soon as he got home. I made another mistake when I didn’t get the car keys, get off the property, pick my son up at school and get the fuck away as fast and far as I could. But I was in shock and sick and worried. I thought about reaching out to my dad but we had not been on great terms when I decided to move away so I didn’t. I had options but I didn’t exercise them. When Kevin got home from school, I had our bags packed. We went out to get in the car and Sheriff Joe was standing by the car. I didn’t own a car and had always been given the use of one of the cars owned by the ranch. Sheriff Joe took the keys away and said I would no longer be allowed to drive the ranch vehicles. He took the bags I had packed with all out clothes and gave me two pairs of the long undergarments for each of us. He said we were expected to wear those at all times and instructed us on showering while wearing the garments then changing with absolutely no one else seeing us naked. He also said I was confined to the ranch property and should start homeschooling Kevin. Kevin and Alex were friends so my boy didn’t understand why he wasn’t allowed to go to school but I told him it would be okay and this was just temporary. So we were stranded on that ranch, always an armed guard in view from the time we woke up till the time we went to bed. Sheriff Joe came back that night and told me I would no longer be receiving a salary but would continue to do my job. He said we would be fed by the kitchen in the big house. We were forbidden entering the big house and told our meals would be brought to us. We were prisoners. By this time, the prophet had installed high fences with barbed wire and security cameras everywhere. It was only a few days before Sheriff Joe brought Alex to our cabin. He said simply that the boy had been banned from the big house. Even the boy didn’t know why his mother and her husband had thrown him out. Alex recalled an argument they had earlier in the day. He said they argued constantly but it had been a bad one with her throwing things and the prophet screaming at her. He said he knew it was something about Alex’s father, Miriam’s first husband but he couldn’t remember much else. Then, that evening, Alex was in the bathtub. The prophet is a stickler for cleanliness. Everyone in the house was required to take at least two baths or showers every day. But Alex said he was in the bathtub just relaxing in the suds and kind of playing with his little boy pecker when the prophet came storming into his bathroom and ordered him to get out of the tub. He wouldn’t let him have a towel and he told the boy to get his dick hard. Alex had no idea what was going on but he was scared of the man and did what he was instructed to do. Well, you guys have seen Alex and he got hard. The prophet called Joe and had him bring the boy to our little cabin and said he’d be living with us. The only thing I could figure out was Miriam had made some comment about how large her ex-husband’s cock was or how her son had a big dick like his father, Warren got jealous and kicked the kid out of the house. But he came to stay with us. It turned out to be a blessing except for the food situation. The house sent down very little food and they didn’t increase the portions after Alex came. Sheriff Joe came to get us the following night and took us up to the front yard of the big house. The prophet and Miriam made a big show of burning all of Alex’s clothes and toys and books, pretty much everything the boy had and then sending us back to our cabin. Alex also had only two pairs of the undergarments to wear and never was sent back to school. It was about a month later when Sheriff Joe said he caught the boys masturbating in the barn and they came and put the chastity devices on us. Miriam was there with the prophet smirking the whole time. I’ve always blamed myself for all of this but Abe said something today while we were driving over here from Raleigh. Thankfully, Kevin took a nap so he didn’t have to relive all of this. But Abe told me not to be too harsh on myself. He said if I had fucked Miriam when she wanted it, her claims would have just kept escalating until, at some point we were discovered and Warren would probably have had us all killed and no trace would ever have been found. In retrospect, I think he may have been right. It makes me feel a little better.” “So Abe knows all of this?” Randy asked. “Every bit” Dale said. “He wanted the whole story and he got it. He had already been talking extensively with investigators in Arizona. He says these are very dangerous people and I couldn’t agree more. If Warren feels his kingdom is threatened, he will do anything, absolutely any fucking thing to protect it. “I’m glad you and your boy are here with us” the doctor said as they all got dressed. “I don’t know what your plans are for the future are or if you have even thought that far ahead, but I’d like a chance for us to just discuss things before you set anything in stone.” “That will be my pleasure, doctor” Dale said. “Thank you for making us feel so welcome here. I can feel myself already beginning to heal and I can see the same with my precious son.” When they got to the foot of the stairs, they were met by Abe, who asked to talk with them. The doctor led them into a small but elegant library and closed the door. “It is a real blessing that you guys have been pretty much secluded up here today with no news reports” Abe said. “Things at the lake have been a real shitstorm.” “Oh my God!” Dale said. “Is Alex all right? If anything happens to that kid, my son will…” “Oh no!” Abe said. “Forgive me for beginning our conversation like that. I do know better. Alex is fine, Dopie, Billy Paul, Arnold Junior, Arnold, William, Felton and the governor are all fine. The Singleton place is probably the most secure property in the country right now and your young boys still have no idea anything has happened. Felton, William, and Arnold have been briefed regularly, as has the governor. They are as concerned about you as you are about them. There was a very close call earlier though. William and Arnold had gone over to Felton’s place to use the phone. Just after they got back into the boat, the house exploded. Totally destroyed but William and Arnold escaped unharmed just in the nick of time. Based on stranger sightings in the area, we believe there were three of the prophet’s people, or Sheriff Joes’ people in the area. We have looked at any and all videos and have interviewed almost everyone in the county. After the blast, some of the governor’s security guys shot and killed one guy we have now confirmed was one of the prophet’s men. So we believe there are two men left in the area. We have road blocks everywhere so it will be hard for them to leave. Meanwhile, I have suggested very strongly that they all stay at the lake for at least another day. I will also suggest that everyone here call whomever they need to call and make arrangements to stay here. We don’t believe that the sheriff and David were followed here or that the Masons and I were followed but we cannot be certain. Principal Whaley and I just spoke and he will arrange for the boys to be excused from school tomorrow and he will arrange lesson makeup with the doctor. I know this may be inconvenient but we want to be safe instead of sorry. There is to be a press conference at 4:30. I have sent a couple of my men to Gayberry as I’d like to hold the presser in front of the court house. I have not been able to reach your deputy at the court house or at home. Do you think there may be foul play there?” “My deputy has been relieved of his duties pending resolution of a rape charge against him” the sheriff said. “Former Deputy Arney Littleflute is now himself a prisoner in my jail. I plan to ask David here to take the position as acting deputy for the time being, if he is willing.” “Well, of course, sheriff,” the boy said, stunned. “I’ll do anything to help out.” “That’s great” Abe said. “My suggestion is that we all go in the living room here to watch the news release from Raleigh in forty five minutes, then the sheriff, the acting deputy and I can take off for the court house. Will that work?” “Of course it will” the doctor said. “I’m glad I did a rush order for all the bed linens for the place. Should we say nothing until the news break from Raleigh?” “I think that is best” Abe said. “We need to just act as normally as possible.” “Then I better get that fire started” the doctor said. “I know what an excellent cook you are” Abe told the doctor. “I also know that we have created a huge imposition on you so I arranged to have a barbecue dinner with all the sides catered. The food will be here right after the news flash. And I ordered banana pudding too, although it won’t be as good as yours.” “Thank you, Abe,” the doctor said. “But I have one of mine in the refrigerator. You behave yourself and I’ll send it home with you.” Abe gave the doctor one of his rare smiles and a kiss on the cheek. The others started out for the pool where everyone had finished work and were enjoying the sunshine and the beautiful, sparkling blue water. David pulled Randy aside. “Sheriff, I’m really honored that you think highly enough of me to ask me to be acting deputy” the boy said. “I certainly never expected that. But I’d like to ask you something. That young blonde boy who happened in while we were upstairs playing…” “Yes, that was Kurt” the sheriff said. “He seems so sweet and he’s so incredibly handsome” David said. And I noticed he was cut. He can’t possibly be the one whose daddy cut him at that church. Please tell me it isn’t. Not a sweet boy like that.” “I’d like to tell you that it isn’t but it is” the sheriff said. “He’s one of the sweetest, kindest boys I’ve ever known. Here he comes now.” Kurt walked up, accompanied by Rafe and Kevin. Kurt and Rafe had towels wrapped around their waists, but Kevin was naked. “Aren’t you guys going to swim with us?” Kurt asked. “We’d love nothing better but I don’t think we have time” David said. “Oh yes we most certainly do, deputy” the sheriff said. “Now you better ditch them clothes or I’ll strip you down and throw you in that swimming pool.” David and Randy began throwing off their clothes and joined the others in the pool, filled with naked men and boys. The water felt wonderful. It was the perfect temperature. It was a large pool so it didn’t feel at all crowded. There was a diving board with a deep diving well, which some of the boys were enjoying. It wasn’t long before Kurt and David swam up to them. The sheriff opened his arms and Kurt swam into them, just as Kevin did to David. “Kurt, I swear you get more handsome every time I see you” the sheriff said. “And I don’t feel like I get to see near enough of you.” “We’ve been busy and so have you” the boy said. “But Rafe and I are really looking forward to next weekend if the trip’s still on” Kurt said. “Of course the trip’s still on!” the sheriff said. “William and I are looking forward to it and I think Johnny is as excited about hosting us as we are about going. It’ll be fun to get away from here for a couple of days.” “I really am excited about it” Kurt said. “I never saw any chance of going to college but now I’m thinking with the right scholarships and all I might be able to swing it.” “Don’t give that another thought, Kurt” the sheriff said. “If it’s something you want to do and you’re willing to work hard and get the grades, you don’t have to worry about the other stuff at all.” “But sheriff, I feel really bad” Kurt said. “You’ve got your own son to put through school. I just couldn’t impose like that.” “Not another word about that, Kurt” the sheriff said, touching the boys lips. The boy opened his lips and sucked the sheriff’s finger in for just a second. “You know that I have come to feel about you like a son” the sheriff said. “I couldn’t love you anymore if I’d a squirted you out of my pecker.” “And I feel about you like the dad I never had” Kurt said. “I think Dopie’s probably the luckiest boy in the world.” “If you really feel that way, would you consider bein’ my son?” the sheriff asked. “I mean like havin’ me adopt you? And takin’ my name if you want to. You don’t have to but if you wanted to.” “Sheriff, if you’re serious I may have a heart attack” the boy said, hugging him tightly. “I love you and I admire and respect you. You’re everything I could want as a father.” “Then I’ll have Arnold get started on the paperwork as soon as they get back from the lake” Randy said. “But only if you’re sure.” “Sheriff, I’ve never been surer of anything in my life. Should we keep it a secret?” “Probably best just for now until we make sure we don’t run into any snags with the paperwork” the sheriff said. “Once it’s a sure thing, we can even have a big party and announce it to everybody we know if you want to.” “Sheriff, you’ve made me the happiest boy anywhere” Kurt said as Kevin tried to get him to go to the diving board. “Go ahead, son, and do some diving” the sheriff said. “By the way, I really like calling you son and knowing mersin escort that it’ll soon be true.” The boy swam away and David asked what he was so happy about. Randy advised him he had finally suggested he adopt the boy and Kurt had accepted. “That’s wonderful, Sheriff. “I hope I’ll be able to somehow father a boy one of these days. Since I don’t care about pussy, it could be tough but I’ll admit I envy you getting to raise these boys.” “Things tend to work out if we really want them” the sheriff said as Robert and Tyler’s fathers swam up, along with Dale Mason. “I see you fellows have met Dale but I ain’t sure you’ve met my new acting deputy, David.” They exchanged handshakes, looking puzzled at the news but not asking questions about Deputy Arney. “Sheriff, I was hoping to get a chance to apologize to you and this is the perfect time” Dale said. “Whatever for?” the sheriff asked. “You’ve certainly done nothing to offend me.” “Well, I was awfully abrupt and bordered on being accusatory when you told me you had put some boys in chastity.” Dale said. “I’m afraid I had just assumed they were those horrible metal contraptions the prophet had put on me, my son, and Alex Yates. I just met these gentlemen who sing your praises to the heavens about what you’ve done for their boys. They even brought the boys over and showed me their devices. Those are in no way cruel or dangerous and these gentlemen say it’s given their boys focus like nothing ever had worked before.” “Actually, I was hoping to talk to you about your boys” the sheriff said to Tyler and Robert’s fathers “After I saw them devices Dale and his son were in, I began to wonder if I had been too harsh. I’d like to turn the keys for their devices over to you to control. It will be up to you to decide when to let your sons out of chastity.” “Absolutely not, sheriff” Tyler’s father said. “We have no business making that decision. Our boys were going down the wrong road till you stepped in. We know that as parents, we were too soft on our boys. Every father should have an outside eye like yours to guide them. Rob and I have discussed this at some length Th9ose cages will come off only when you think they should. We’d like to be there for that and help to welcome them back to the world of hardons. The two of us have been friends since high school and sharing a frat house were the best days of our lives. We can’t tell you how happy we are that our sons are developing that kind of close relationship.” “Indeed they were on the wrong path” Robert’s father said. “Even after we married the boys’ mothers, we continued to have our get togethers � the occasional football weekend or fishing trip, but we let that slip away. We got too involved in our work and too scared people might make some nasty remark or the other if we were seen together in public too often. Fuck them. We have reinvigorated our friendship and our sexual relationship and neither of us could be happier. Our wives aren’t too happy about it but we’ve both told them they could leave if they chose to do that. Robert and Tyler have made it clear they would choose to live with their dads. We’ve come clean to our boys about our relationship and they’re both just as happy as can be.” “Well, if you’re sure that’s what you want, we’ll continue but we’d like to maybe schedule a sitdown with the boys and you and the doctor after the next grades come out” the sheriff said. “That’s great and, just so you know, we’ve already talked this weekend with Corey and Coley’s dads and they feel exactly the same way” Tyler’s dad said. “They are thrilled with their boys’ behavior and give you all the credit.” “We will schedule a meeting after the next report card comes, gentlemen” the sheriff said. The men resumed their conversation as Doc swam up, accompanied by Principal Whaley. “Sheriff, it seems like forever since we’ve seen you” the principal said. “Marv hated to miss this but he came over and worked with the group yesterday. He’s with our boys today so that I could come.” “I couldn’t agree more that it’s been too long since we got our boys altogether” the sheriff said. “Especially after you were so generous in hosting us the last time the governor came to town. We really should do that regularly. We were looking at forming an explorer group for the boys but we all got so busy we never have gotten there.” “I understand” Ben said. “There just aren’t enough hours in the day. Marv and I are happy and the boys have never been happier. Mark is so happy staying with you guys and his grades are excellent. Marv says that he and Mark are closer than when they lived in the same house. He says they actually spend more time together now too. Mark and Jimmy stop in at the field house several times a day just to check in and chat. ” Greg and Gerome Bentley swam up and they had a brief chat. Randy told them the investigation had been kicked into high gear in looking for accomplices in cutting the teen boys. He said he expected to have a list of all the boys and their fathers by the end of the evening and enlisted their help in locating the boys once the list was complete. “Have you cut that son of a bitch preacher yet?” Gerome Bentley asked. “Not yet, but you’ll be pleased to hear the son of a bitch is on that altar table with a piece of duct tape on his mouth, his wrists and ankles chained to the floor and his foreskin nailed to that fucking table.” They all erupted in laughter upon hearing that. “Does that have anything to do with your new badass muscle boy deputy?” Gerome Bentley asked. “That’s a very strong possibility” the sheriff responded “He’s one of the sweetest boys I ever met but he don’t play when it comes to dealin’ with assholes. He just met Kurt and saw what a lovely kid he is. I ain’t sure I can keep the boy from rippin’ Kurt’s paw’s nut sack clean off of him.” “Let him do it, sheriff” Greg said. “The asshole deserves it. Let him just tear that sack right off his body!”” “Just a head’s up, guys, the doctor’s going to be inviting all of us into the living room in a few for a scheduled news report on some breaking news” the sheriff told them. “Just make sure you get your dicks soft by then” the sheriff said. “I seen you all gawkin’ at the bubble butt on my new deputy. I believe the bubble butt on that white boy might just give the Bentley brothers a little bit of competition!” “Fuck you, sheriff” Greg Bentley said as they all laughed. “That’s one helluva upgrade from that scrawny little dumbfuck who was your deputy!” As they swam away for fresh beers, Hiram House, Pepe’s father and the new head of the construction company Randy had taken over, swam up. The two men greeted each other with hugs. Hiram was tan from working in the sun and was more hairy than the sheriff recalled. “Doc tells me you’ve been working like Trojans all weekend” the sheriff said to the man who was now the adoptive father of four handsome Honduran boys. “We got a lot done” Hiram said. “These Alabama boys have been a blessing. They can get more work done than two normal crews. I can’t thank you enough for introducing them to me. The development at Governor’s Bend is really shaping up. The roads are almost grated. We have a paving crew coming in for four days starting in the morning. After that, we will start some actual foundations. It’s going to be a beautiful development.” “I better inform the gas station boys that they need to be on standby. I hear tell them pavin’ crew boys is a bunch of horny fuckers. We want them to know about Gayberry hospitality. I’d love an onsite tour if I can catch a couple of minutes” the sheriff said. “Any time you’d like” Hiram said. “Where is Rolando?” the sheriff asked. “I heard he was here working.” “He’s been here with me all weekend” Hiram said. “He has turned out to be a joy. He’s a good student and his English is improving by the day. The doctor’s tutoring has helped so much. It’s just amazing. Pepe was a little bit jealous he couldn’t be here to help but he is getting to spend more time with his brothers. I am a blessed man. There’s Rolando now. He’s about to go off the diving board.” Randy looked up to see a handsome dark boy who had his hands above his head as he bounced on the diving board. He displayed a thick thatch of black hair under his arms. He already had some chest hair, a treasure trail and a wild, thick patch of jet black pubic hair almost concealing a beautiful uncut cock which flopped up and down as he bounced on the board. “Jeez, what a sexy boy!” the sheriff said. “I need to make it a point to get to know that kid.” “Your really should” Hiram said. “I think you will like him. He’s a sweet boy and also a very sexy boy. He is not afraid of anything sexually. I’m twice his age but he is teaching me things he learned living in that fucking orphanage. You should get to know him. I don’t think there’s anything the boy likes better than having a dick in his hole. Now that he’s seen your thick meat, I’m sure he will be bugging me for a time that you two can get together for some sexy fun.” Hiram swam away and Randy figured it was time for him to get out of the pool and dry off. As he was drying off, the Alabama boys walked up. All three of them were undressing. Randy said he had wondered where they had been as he was told by the doctor they’d been there all weekend working. “We had another little project the doctor needed to have done this morning” Eric said. “We’ve been here all weekend though and even stayed in the bunkhouse. Jock and Buddy have been great.” “I don’t know if you’ve met them, sheriff, but Jock is the guy who’s been the doctor’s ranch foreman for years” Benjie added. “They’re best friends. Jock is headed down to Mississippi to take care of his sick father and his place and Buddy is going with him. They’re a couple of really nice guys and we’ll miss them both. Just wish we’d got to know them sooner. The doctor’s been looking for a replacement but I don’t think he’s had much luck yet.” “You guys are all three looking great” the sheriff said, squeezing Aaron’s bicep. “You’re all more muscular than ever and you all look really good.” “Thanks, sheriff,” Aaron said. “We’ve never had a better boss that Mr. Hiram. He treats us and all the boys over at Bedford like we’re family. And we love playing with his sons. Rolando is coming along really well with learning English and he’s fit right into that family. The two youngest boys they just adopted are great too and Peep loves being a big brother. We’re pretty excited because the house we’re building for ourselves over at Governor’s Bend will be one of the first foundations poured. We never thought we’d have a chance to own a place like that. We’re grateful to you giving us a place to live at your house and we’ll sure Miss Eliza and the meals Mrs. Bedford and your Aunt Flea cook for us.” “What are you doing back in town, sheriff?” Eric asked. “I thought you and William had your boys over at the Singleton lake place for the weekend.” “We did, along with our friend Arnold and his son” the sheriff explained. “But I had to come back early to get Mrs. Bedford and Aunt Flea to church. That goddamned choir director and preacher insisted that Mrs. Bedford play the fuckin’ organ so I didn’t feel like I had much choice but to come back early. They’re all still at the lake.” “We heard there was some excitement over there but we ain’t heard specifics yet” Benjie said. “Do you know anything about it?” “Only a little I’ve heard” Randy said. “But Abe announced we’ll all go in the house and watch a special news announcement on the television set in a few minutes. That’s why I’m drying off. You better hit that pool to cool down before you have to get right back out.” The three muscular boys were all completely naked now, totally unself-conscious about their bare, thick meat, swinging in the afternoon breeze. Benjie scratched his nuts before he dove into the deep end of the pool, followed by the other two. “Damn, those three guys have asses that look as good as their muscles and their faces” Abe said softly to Randy as he walked up to him as the sheriff put his boxers on.”You better cover up that big dick, sheriff. That motherfucker needs its own zip code.” “You must be feelin’ a little horny, Abe” the sheriff said. “I’da thought the Alabama boys were a little old for your tastes, my friend.” “Our tastes evolve from day to day” Abe said with a smile. “And I’m feeling extremely horny, Randy. For fuck’s sake, just take a look around here. This place is like a goddamned buffet just loaded with good-looking man and boy meat. My dick’s been a full hard since we drove up.” “Seriously, Abe, you have to be draggin'” the sheriff said. “Have you slept at all in the past twenty four hours?” “Not much but I’m okay. I swear it” Abe said. “You know I can’t let anything happen to my governor, physically or politically. Thank God for Howard Vague. He’s a godsend and a genius. I’ve had him hidden away up in the attic of the ranch house with phones and calculators and spreadsheets. We had no idea of how rich and powerful this Jeff guy was. He has tentacles everywhere and we’ve been tracing money exchanges to find out how deep it goes. Governor North just had a very tense phone conversation with Governor Fanning out in Arizona. Turns out Warren Jeff was one of his biggest campaign donors. My governor had to play hardball and threaten to expose those donations unless Governor Fanning disavows any connections with the prophet and returns all campaign donations from the asshole.” “When you say the governor had those conversations, I know that it was you actually on the phone” the sheriff said. “We know that but no one else can” Abe said with a wry smile. “Abe, you know I will always have your back and the governor’s” the sheriff said. “No matter what I think, you’re both good for this state and willing to do whatever it takes to make it a better place.” “I know you do, Randy, and we feel the same way” Abe said. “I hope you know that we will always have your backs.” “I do worry a little about you, Abe, and I’d feel a whole lot better if you’d take just a little bit of shut down time and have a few winks and maybe something nice on that pretty dick I hear you have in your pants.” “I’ll admit hearing about the exploits in the master bedroom today got me pretty hot and horny” Abe admitted. “The doctor said it was a lot of fun and very exciting.” “It was and I hope you will find some time to relax and enjoy yourself” Randy said. “Actually the principal invited me to come by his place to spend a little time with Walt and Jeffy” Abe said. “You know I’d love nothing better and he said no matter what the hour. We’re actually thinking about closing schools tomorrow. The thought of one of these two prophet hoodlums getting into our schools could be a nightmare and a risk we’re not willing to take.” “Just know that I support you” Randy said. “Why don’t you ride down to the courthouse with David and me once this TV thing is over? I’m seriously considering hiring him as my new deputy if he’ll take the job.” “What happened to the idiot you’ve had as your deputy?” Abe asked. “It’s a long story and I’ll fill you in on the way to town” Randy said. “David seems like a sharp guy and I know the doctor is sold on him” Abe said. “He said he was a wonder with young Kevin. That boy and his father have been through some unbelievable trauma. There are things that the dad can’t even bring himself to think about, let alone talk about. It will take some time. I hope he will develop a relationship with the doctor. It would be good for both of them,.” “I hope that can happen too, Abe and I couldn’t agree more.” Randy said as Abe headed into the house. On the way in, he ran into Sonny, Rafe, Kurt and Phillip, who were wrapped in towels and headed in to watch the broadcast. All the boys gave him a hug. “Phillip, are you feeling all right?” Randy asked. “You’ve been awfully quiet this weekend. Is there anything you need to talk about with someone?” “I’m okay. Just had some things on my mind I’m trying to work out. I’m going to have a talk with these guys later and if I can’t get it worked out, I promise I’ll come to you. Thanks,” the boy replied. “If it’s something about your paw, you know you can visit him if you like” the sheriff said. “I’ll even go with you and I’m sure I can arrange a time for you with your maw when no one else is around.” “Thanks sheriff, but it isn’t them at all” the boy said. “I’ve pretty much put them out of my mind. I hardly think about them at all. I’d rather not see either of them again anytime soon and I don’t think that’s likely to change.” “Okay, son” the sheriff said, giving the handsome boy, clad only in a towel, another hug. As he entered the house, a nod from Abe got his attention and the sheriff followed him upstairs and then to another stairway to a large attic room. The room was sparsely furnished with three large desks and a slew of machines and telephones. There were three men along with Howard Vague with papers and spreadsheets everywhere. Abe introduced Randy to the three men whom he introduced as accountants from Raleigh, all of whom had been brought in to work under Howard’s supervision to work on tracking down information on the prophet. “None of these guys have slept since the events of last night” Abe said. “We immediately sent these guys down to work with Howard because these are the best we have and you know how highly we think of Howard. They are working to track down every dollar the prophet, his wife, and Sheriff Joe and his people have spent for the past several years. It’s an amazing trail and it’s revealing some pretty scary information. We have boots on the ground in Arizona and things were pretty blocked out there until a short time ago when the governor agreed to dump the prophet and Sheriff Joe and turn over everything that doesn’t incriminate the governor. It’s a tricky dance and the attorney general is still fighting but we think we can either get him on board or force his resignation.” Howard motioned Randy over to a corner of the room away from the others. “Randy, I’m supposed to man the glory hole at Folly’s all day tomorrow” Howard said quietly. “You know what I mean, I told Peanut and Arney that I’d uh, you know, take care of things all day. There is a road crew coming in to pave the roads at Governor’s Bend for the next four days and I was looking forward to it but I just will not be able to get away from here for a while. Would you please get word to Peanut and tell him I’m sorry but I just can’t leave here. I can’t call because these other guys will overhear and that would prove embarrassing. The guys Abe sent in from Raleigh are very sharp and very good but they’re just a little green and we can’t afford to miss anything on this. It’s very important that no details are missed.” “I understand, Howard” the sheriff said, patting him on the back. “You just stay at it. This is important work. I will take care of everything there.” “Thank you so much, sheriff,” he said as he went back to work. When Abe and the sheriff started back downstairs, Abe asked what Howard had been whispering about. “You know what a strange bird Howard is” Randy said. “The man is a fuckin’ genius but he’s very secretive and shy about some things. Since Homer left for the marines, there’s been a problem covering the glory hole down at Folly’s service station. The men of Gayberry count on that glory hole to relieve their stress since so many of the women refuse to give their husbands what they should. Well, Howard really loves doin’ that and he’s very good at it. He’ll sit there and suck dicks all day long in his little jacket and his bow tie and never complain and never talk out of school. He just loves suckin’ dicks. Well, he needed me to tell Peanut that he can’t make it till things settle down here. Peanut don’t like suckin’ either but I been sendin’ my former deputy down there to fill in. I guess he probably won’t be available now cause I pretty much got to fire him. Looks like Peanut will be doin’ a lot of cocksuckin’ for now and he don’t enjoy it in the least. But that’s how it’s got to be. Folly provides him a nice room in the back of the gas station as part of his salary so he’ll just have to deal with it.” “I’d really like to see that operation sometimes” Abe said. “It makes me really hard to think about men and boys just walkin in, taking their cocks out and putting them through a hole and getting sucked on. Goddamn, I’d love to watch that shit! So any guy can go in there and get it sucked for no charge?” “That’s the way it works and it’s been workin’ for years. Sometimes the guys tip a quarter or a half dollar but it ain’t necessary. Homer always did it because he just loved suckin’ dick and Howard’s the same way. When you get a little time, I’d be glad to take you for a visit” Randy said. “You can get it sucked or you can just watch. Everbody knows and nobody talks about what goes on there. Most of the men in this town has been goin’ there for satisfaction since they first started getting hairs down there. It’s a tradition we have to find a way to continue.” When they got back down to the enormous den area, it had filled up with men and boys, most of whom were dressed in nothing but a towel around their midsection. Several of them just had their towels around their necks and were letting things just hang out for all to see. It was a friendly, jovial bunch which seemed to have bonded through work on this weekend. It made Randy smile to see it. He wished his friends William and Andrew and his new friend Felton could have been there to share it with him. He saw that Robert and Tyler’s fathers had taken big, comfortable leather chairs and their boys were both sitting on their laps. From time to time, they would pull their boys back against their bare chests and nuzzle them affectionately. Near them were the Bentley brothers, sitting on a sofa with Corey and Coley’s fathers, their handsome sons sitting Indian style on the floor at their feet. The doctor and the boys who lived with them at the Bedford home were passing out beverages and snacks and everyone was talking about how good the barbecue smelled as escort mersin the restaurant had just delivered it. When it seemed everyone had come inside from the pool area, Randy greeted them. “I can’t tell you how grateful I am for the work you all have done at this ranch this weekend” the sheriff said. “I am amazed at what you have done and Gayberry will now have a refuge for boys who need guidance and a place to live where they are loved and respected. It is so good to see all of you and I hope you have all enjoyed being here as much as the men I’ve heard from. Most of you have met Mr. Abraham Levin, the top aide to Governor Northam. He and the governor have been friends to this town like no one in Raleigh has ever been. They came to our aid when the Colony burned and, without them, we would have numerous homeless in our midst, instead of people who have been taken care of in every way and are even now looking at home ownership in a beautiful new development. I am told that construction on the streets in Governor’s Bend will begin early tomorrow as the crews are coming into town this evening. But for now, Mr. Levin is in Gayberry for a very different reason. There has been a little news about what happened out at Lake Lure last evening. Most of you know the area. It’s the site of one of the largest and cleanest lakes in our state and many of us have homes or cabins on the lake. A couple of my friends and I were actually spending the weekend there with our sons when things began to develop so we became involved in those things. I’m sure everything will come out in the open at some point but for now, the news has been managed carefully for the sake of safety. First of all I’d like to thank Mr. Levin and his team for moving in quickly to keep my friends and our sons safe. I can never thank him enough for that, as all of you who are fathers know. I will now turn the floor over to Mr. Abe Levin.” Abe stood in front of the group and began. “First of all let me say that the governor and I treasure the time we get to spend in this town. It is such a beautiful and friendly place and many of you and your boys have become very dear to us. I can’t think of any other place in this state or in this country where there is unabashed affection between fathers and their sons and male friend s and their buddies. The governor and I discovered this when we were here earlier this year for the Founders Day events and we have found the camaraderie just amazing. At that point, we were hosted by your principal, Ben Whaley, and we have since developed close relationships with so many of you. We look forward to developing even closer relationships. We treasure our friends in Gayberry and we want you to know that every single one of you has friends in Raleigh. First of all, I’d like to introduce a father and son that many of you have already met.” He nodded to Dale and Kevin Mason, who came to stand on each side of him. “These gentlemen are Dale Mason and his son Kevin” Abe explained. “Until the very wee hours of this morning, neither of these guys had ever set foot in our fair state. But events that happened on a private airfield up at Lake Lure put them in imminent danger. Dale and Kevin were held prison on a very large ranch in Arizona owned by an extremely wealthy man named Warren Jeff, who is also known as the prophet. They were also holding prisoner the son of a Lure Lake Water Patrol officer, Felton Yates, whose mother is the wife of the prophet. Dale was hired to run the ranch by its previous owners, a childless couple whom we believe to have been murdered by the prophet. The evidence is slim for now but we believe the facts will bear this out. Dale and Kevin were held in a small cabin on the ranch with no access to transportation and very little food. The boys were not allowed to attend school. They were not even allowed to wear clothes other than special undergarments which were supplied by the prophet. That will explain their unusual tan lines and they are both looking forward to some time in the sun to get rid of those.” Everyone laughed lightly at that remark, including Dale and Kevin. “These two were mistreated in numerous ways which I will leave to them to discuss with you in as much or as little detail as they wish. Suffice it to say that their lives were very uncomfortable and the danger was very real for three years for these two and to Mr. Yates’ son. We are very glad to have Dale and Kevin safely here with us and we hope they might choose to hang around these parts for as long as they like.” Dale and Kevin went back to their seats with their arms around each other’s waists. Kevin was greeted by Kurt and Rafe, both of whom stood to give the boy a hug as they joined the others on the floor. “You will be seeing what will be announced as a spontaneous interruption of programming in a few minutes” Abe said. “It is not, in fact spontaneous and has been carefully prepared and edited for what should become obvious purposes. It is my hope you will keep some of the remarks you hear to yourselves as there is obvious danger if the wrong information gets into the hands of the wrong people. But before this news is broadcast live, there is footage I’d like for you to see which will help explain the situation we have encountered.” The doctor walked to a place on the wall and hit a button with each of his hands. Suddenly large shades descended from cornices over the floor to ceiling windows. As the shades lowered, the room became dark. No one except the doctor and Abe knew the shades were there and most of the men and boys let out oohs and ahs as the room became almost pitch black. Then a projector from the rear of the room began to show grainy footage. Randy realize it was footage from the air field which he had no idea even existed. The video was a bit dark at first but lightened up as it went on. There was no sound but it clearly showed the prophet’s plane landing on the strip and the prophet, his wife and Sheriff Joe leaving the plane and talking with Felton and Alex. It appeared there was some arguing but at some point, it showed the three Arizonans returning to the plane, leaving Felton and his son standing outside the plane. Shortly thereafter, it showed the plane taking off, following the flashing red lights into the dark sky. As the video continued, it showed one red light appeared to fall off the plane, disappearing into the dark waters. Then came a huge fireball and the explosion, the horrifying ball of flames slowly dropping into the murky waters and then nothing but blackness. “Thank you, doctor,” Abe said as the doctor raised the shades and the room becoming bright again. “What you just saw was the small plane, piloted by the prophet landing at a private airfield near Lake Lure. You saw the prophet, his wife and Sheriff Joe leaving the plane and having a discussion with Felton and his son, Alex. The prophet, his wife and Sheriff Joe then returned to the plane and took off, their plane shortly thereafter exploding and dropping into the water. Those are the things we know so far. A search of the lake continues as it has for hours with few results. They have located some floating debris in the way of cushions from the plane’s seats and some articles of clothing which are believed to have come from suitcases on board the plane. There have been no discoveries of bodies or body parts at this point. It is possible there will never be recoveries of that sort as they may have been destroyed in the fiery explosion. We are, therefore, presuming the prophet, his wife Miriam, and Sheriff Joe perished in the explosion and crash. We have no evidence of foul play, although we continue to search and we will follow all leads and new evidence as it is discovered. And now that you have watched the video, it is time for the live news broadcast.” Everyone in the room appeared in shock, especially Dale and Kevin, as the large television was turned up so they could hear. An attractive young woman sitting at a news desk introduced herself and began the report. “We are interrupting our regular programming for a special breaking news bulletin” she said. “As you have seen earlier on our station, there was a plane crash last night a little before midnight at Lake Lure. The pilot and presumed passengers have now been identified as Warren Jeff, his wife, Miriam Jeff and Sheriff Joe Arpad of Arizona. It is reported that the three had traveled in Mr. Jeff’s private plane to retrieve Mrs. Jeff’s son who had been visiting with his father, however it is not thought the boy was on the plane when it went down. The son, who is unnamed because he is a minor, is the son of Lake Lure Water Patrol Officer, Felton Yates, who was previously an officer on the Mount Airy Police Department Force. Officer Yates has been interviewed by NCBI agents but information on those interviews has not yet been released. There has been a late breaking report that the home of Mr. Yates was destroyed in an explosion some time earlier today but no pictures or video footage of that explosion are yet available. No one has been reported injured in that explosion at this time but reports indicate the two story dwelling was completely destroyed. The whereabouts of Mr. Yates and his son are unknown but they are believed to have left the area. No remains have been found, although the search for survivors continues in the Lake Lure area. The governor will be releasing a statement in the next few hours but has not commented as he is presently out of the state. When we have more news, we will break into our regular programming at any time. Thank you for watching our station.” That was it. Abe turned off the television. The room was quiet, everyone still shocked that something so disastrous could have happened in their back yard. “I’ll be glad to take any questions you have, although I should say I am due for a press conference in downtown Gayberry in less than an hour” Abe said. “I have a question” Benjie spoke up to ask. “Do we know where Mr. Walker and Mr. Arnold and their boys are? We expected them to be here to help out but they ain’t been around all weekend.” “I can answer that one” the sheriff said, standing before the crowd. “As many of you know, William has been appointed by the governor as head of the anti-corruption task force. He is being assisted by Arnold Winkler, a local attorney who has now been hired to serve the state as a liaison for William and magistrate of the court. We three had taken our boys to Fred Singleton’s place at the lake for a short weekend getaway. These terrible events occurred while we were there. We ran into Mr. Yates and became involved in this investigation. William and Arnold are on site assisting with the investigation into this incident and our boys are with them, including my son Dopie. They are under guard by state officials who also assist in security for the governor of the state and Mr. Levin. While I have the floor, I think I should inform you that my longtime deputy and friend, Arney Littleflute has been suspended and is facing termination. I know some of you were at church this morning and heard the rumors. Unfortunately, the rumors you heard appear to be true. Many of you who were in the pool earlier have met David Self, who will serve as our acting Deputy. David is a young water patrol officer who was serving under Felton Yates when all of this occurred. He was also sharing the residence which was reported to have exploded. I hope you all welcome young David to our community.” There was a brief stunned silence at the news about the Deputy Littleflute as most of the men and boys knew him. Then Jock, the ranch foreman spoke up to ask if the governor was in a secure location. “He is indeed” Abe replied. “The governor is in close contact with the governor of Arizona and other officials there as we seek cooperation in this wide-ranging investigation. Are there other questions?” The crowd was silent, still absorbing the disturbing news they had heard in the past few minutes. Abe then turned the floor over to Doc who thanked them again for their hard work and invited them to enjoy the food which had been provided by Abe. “Before you head over to fix your plates, there is one last piece of business” the doctor said. “Abe just received a report that one of the men involved in the explosion at the Yates home was killed as he tried to evade capture. It is believed there are two additional men on the loose in the area. Abe has asked that, if it is at all possible, all of us stay here on the ranch property tonight. We have accommodations, as you know. A number of us have been here all weekend. If you simply are unable to stay, please let me or Abe know immediately and we will provide transportation for you off ranch property. We have plenty of food and plenty of beer. You all deserve a reward for the hard work you’ve done so I hope you will treat this as an occasion for fellowship and enjoy our hospitality.” The men all applauded and then as things got quiet, Principal Whaley stood up. “I have made a unilateral decision to cancel school for all grades tomorrow” Ben announced. “I am probably being overly cautious, and I’m sure there will be a price to pay with some of the cunts on the school board, but we all know how horrible it would be if one of those criminals broke into our school and took our students or teachers or both as hostages. I may get flack from the school board but fuck them all!” There were loud cheers from the group as they all went back out to extend their weekend and enjoy one another. Robert’s dad came up to Randy and hugged him enthusiastically. “I really can’t believe this” Rob said. “It’s like a miracle. Robert and Tyler are actually disturbed that school is canceled tomorrow. They said there was a big, intensive study group scheduled to prepare for the end of grade period American History exam. They’re actually upset! Before you put those devices on them, those boys would have been cheering at a school cancellation day. They’d have slept till after noon and then gone looking for beer. We’re two of the happiest dads in the world. The boys have gone with Tyler’s dad to find the principal to figure out an alternative time for the session. I couldn’t be happier.” “I hope you’ll show the boys how happy you are” Randy said. “You probably don’t know but Dale and his son were put in chastity devices much more extreme than those on your boys. He learned that fingering the boys and massaging their prostates could relieve some of the pressure by milking out some of the cum that was stored. You might want to try that for your sons.” “Sheriff, we are already doing that” he said. “We didn’t let on at first but the truth is that we’ve never slowed down our sexual activity. We just got a lot more cautious once we married and had sons of our own. We’ve confessed all of this to our boys and they couldn’t be happier. We’d all love it if somehow things changed and the boys’ mothers would just go away and let us live together as a family of men. Both our wives are pissed that we chose to do this weekend with our boys instead of going with them to their sorority reunion. Fuck them! We’ve managed a couple of boy trips and we plan more. They’re both jealous of the time we’re spending with our own sons. Fuck them. I can’t wait to call my wife and tell her I’ll be here another night. She’s going to go berserk and I don’t give a fucking rat’s ass! We’ve got our boys back and we couldn’t be happier. And we’ve both cautiously and quietly been transferring all of our assets into our own names and our sons’, removing their mothers from any and all property we own. Eventually things will blow and we want to be sure our boys are taken care of.” He gave the sheriff another hug as David and Abe walked up. “I guess we better be heading out” Abe said. “We don’t want to keep the press waiting. They can be a lot more demanding than this crowd. I felt so supported by this group of men. It is a nice feeling and one I don’t often get in Raleigh.” “I think the difference was that all these guys showed a genuine concern for their friends and their sons and for men they’ve never even met” David said. “They weren’t interested in tripping you up or trying to catch you in lies. They really care about each other. That’s awfully nice.” “I told you it’s a good place to live, kid,” the sheriff said as he ruffled the boy’s hair. “You better be careful, David,” Abe chuckled. “I think the sheriff may be after your cherry and everybody knows he’s packing a monster in those pants.” “It’s a little late to get after my cherry and what you’ve heard about the monster is absolutely true” David said. “It’s a big beautiful monster that knows how to make a boy whimper and beg for more.” Abe looked around with raised eyebrows and they all were laughing as they made it through the crowd saying their goodbyes. As they were almost to the door, Sonny came up along with Rafe. Rafe had his towel on around his waist but the muscular Sonny had his around his neck and his nice, thick cut cock bare, hanging below his thick bush. “Sheriff, are you going to come back and spend the night here tonight?” Sonny asked. “We’re all looking forward to getting to know the new deputy better.” “We’ll have to see how things go, kid,” the sheriff said. “You better be careful with that pretty cut cock of yours or you might have a snappin’ turtle takin’ it off you” the sheriff chuckled. “I’d share it with a turtle or most anybody who wants a taste” he said with a laugh. “Yeah, kid, you talk big but everybody knows you’re a virgin” the sheriff said, playfully grabbing for the boy’s cock as he danced around pretending to avoid his grasp. They finally made it out to the car where one of the men who had delivered the barbecue was standing at the trunk, holding a crowbar. “Whoa, buddy, what the fuck’s going on here?” the sheriff asked. “Sheriff, I’m so glad you’re here!” the boy said. I was walking by the car going to get my truck when I heard somebody pounding on the trunk and trying to get out! I was afraid they might be suffocating so I went and got my crowbar and was about to pop the trunk.” “Oh shit!” David, said, palming his forehead. “When I was driving over here, I ran over a deer. It seemed badly injured so I found a big stick and hit in the head to put it out of its misery. I guess I didn’t hit it hard enough. It must have just been temporarily stunned. I’ll head directly to the vet and get it seen about. Thanks for telling me.” The boy seemed satisfied with the explanation and walked away. “Holy fuck!” Randy said. “How in the shit would we have explained a crazy woman in magic underwear who’s supposed to be dead being found in our trunk? That was some fast thinkin’ and a brilliant story, son! Can this fuckin’ day get any crazier?” “Good, quick thinking, David “Abe said. “Sheriff, I think you found yourself a winner. Kid, if you ever get tired of Gayberry, head on down to Raleigh. I’ll find a place for you.” “Yeah, I bet” Randy chuckled. “This perv would find you a place in his bed. I saw him checking out that bubble butt of yours at the pool!” They all had a good laugh as they headed down to the court house. Then they heard Miriam pounding on the walls of the trunk even more loudly than before. “I should’ve left that bitch at the quarters earlier” the sheriff said. “It just didn’t feel like the right time to bring in another prisoner, especially a woman. Especially after young David had just nailed the preacher’s fuckin’ dick to the altar table.” “What I wouldn’t given to have seen that!” Abe said. “I feel rejuvenated after just a few minutes with you guys. Thanks!” Abe was sitting alone in the back seat and David had noticed the man fidgeting and adjusting his crotch since they left the ranch. “Mr. Levin, are you okay?” David asked innocently. “You don’t seem very comfortable back there.” “Is Abe playing with himself?” the sheriff asked. “He told me a little while ago how horny he was feelin’. I know we ain’t got a ton of time but surely we got enough time for me to pull off on this loggin’ road and you can let me and my new deputy take care of that hardon if you’d like.” “I certainly won’t turn down an offer like that” Abe said. “And it’s not like they can start before I get there.” Randy had pulled the car onto a side road which was rough and rather grown up. He managed to get far enough on the little road that the car couldn’t be seen from the main road. “Get the fuck out of that back seat and let me and my new deputy have a look at that cut meat of yours, Abe” the sheriff said. “Neither one of us has much experience with cut cocks and both of us are kind of curious.” They were all out of the car now as Abe quickly unfastened and unzipped his pants. In a flash, he had removed his trousers and his underwear, folded them, and put them on the trunk of the car. His cut cock was rock hard, standing straight out with an upward angle from one of the thickest patches of jet black pubic hair the sheriff or the new deputy had ever seem. “Goddamn!” Randy said. “That’s some thick fuckin’ hair you got down around that pecker!” “A lot of us Jews are very hairy” Abe said. “Does it bother you?” “Oh hell no!” the sheriff aid. “I think hair on a man is sexy as hell, although I also love the look of David. He shaves his body because he used to do bodybuilding competitions. Take them clothes off, son and let Abe get a good luck at them smooth muscles.” David did as instructed and in no time he was also naked except for his shoes and his socks. “I love hair on a man” David said as he admired Abe’s lithe body. “My daddy was hairy as fuck and I loved it. I’d really like to taste your cock if you don’t mind, sir.” “Have at it, you handsome fucker” Abe said. “I hope you like the taste of spunk cause I’m leaking like a motherfucker. Randy, aren’t you going to get naked too?” “I think I better keep my clothes on in case somebody turns down this road. We might need to make a fast getaway. But I’m getting’ my meat out. I want to see my new deputy suckin’ on that pretty dick of yours. I’m already makin’ some juice myself just watchin’ you two handsome motherfuckers!” “Oh yeah, mersin escort bayan buddy, suck that hard dick” Abe said as he threw back his head and held David’s head in his hands, moving the boy back and forth on his rock hard dick. “That mouth is too fucking good! I don’t want this to be over yet! Boy, do you like to lick an ass?” “Fuck yeah!” David said. “Especially one as hairy as yours.” Without further comment, David stood up and easily bent Abe over the front of the squad car, baring his hairy butt cheeks. David went back to his knees, spreading the man’s hairy ass and dove into his hairy crack, his tongue darting at the pinkness of his hole. “Motherfucker! Abe exclaimed. “What a motherfucking tongue you’ve got on you. Lick that motherfucking hairy hole! Goddamn! I’m in fucking heaven! Your tongue’s got my hole on fire! Lick that son of a bitch! Oh fuck! I’ve never felt this good! Boy, do you want to poke that hard dick of yours inside me?” “Fuck yes, I’d like that if you want it!” David said. “I need a dick inside of me after that ass-licking! My hole’s never needed fucking like it does right now. Get on up here and stick that beautiful hard dick of yours in me. You don’t have to be gentle with me. Slap my hairy ass and fuck the living dogshit out of me, kid!” David did as instructed and scooted Abe up where his upper body was draped over the windshield of the squad car and his nice, hairy ass fully exposed. David got on his knees on the hood of the car and gave Abe’s ass a couple of hard swats with his open palm. “Fuck yeah, boy, I need that dick in me and I need it bad” Abe was saying repeatedly. Randy had his hard dick out now and leaned over the hood of the car to kiss Abe, who was begging for dick. “Let me play with that hard fucking sheriff meat, buddy!” Abe begged. “I want you to fuck my ass when David finishes. I haven’t felt this kind of need to get fucked in a fucking long time. Just spit on that dick and be ready when David finishes. I need that big hard sheriff meat in my pussy.” “If you want it you got it” Randy said. David now had his hard cock lined up with Abe’s beautiful pink hole and he thrust all the way in one long stroke as Abe gasped out loud. “Oh yeah, fuck me with that beautiful cock, you handsome motherfucker!” Abe begged. “Pound that fucking ass like it’s the last piece of ass you’ll ever fucking get! Oh fuck, yeah, boy, you know how to fuck an ass!” Randy had moved onto the hood of the car, still dressed but unzipped and stroking his thick, hard meat. He managed to get into position to ki8ss Abe while he was having his ass pounded by the young acting deputy. “I could go on like this for fucking days” Abe gasped as his ass was pounded by the muscle boy. “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! I forget how fucking good it is to be fucked!” “I can’t hold out much longer!” David said. “This hole is just too tight! I wish I could fuck it all day but…oooh shit, I can’t hold it!” “Let it go, boy” the sheriff said, now leaning in to kiss David as he pulled his cock out of Abe and shot his steamy load of cream onto his gaping, hairy hole. He shot rope after rope of thick, white cream onto the pink hole he had so recently pounded. When he stopped spurting, he slid his dick back into the man as Abe just gasped. “I need some more” Abe said. “It’s just too good! Randy, I need that big cock of yours inside me and I need it now!” “Are you sure, buddy?” the sheriff asked. “I ain’t got no lube out here cause I weren’t expectin’ this!” “Let David suck on that meat and get it good and slick!” Abe said. “Spit is the best lubricant there is anyway. You want to get that meat ready to fuck me, boy?” Abe asked David. “Fuck yeah, I’ll suck that sheriff cock anytime and anywhere I get a chance. Randy lay back on the windshield of the car, his thighs spread, offering his cock to young David who went at the meat eagerly. He took t he dick into his throat in one stroke and held it all the way in his mouth, squeezing t with his throat muscles just the way his daddy had taught him to do. He made several strokes up and down on the thick meat, coating it with the juices from his own body. “Goddamn! That mouth felt so fuckin’ good!” Randy said loudly. “I ain’t sure no hole can feel that good!” “Wait till you feel your cock inside this ass, sheriff!” David said. “It’s so tight I couldn’t believe it. And he squeezes that cock just like I do with my throat muscles. Fuck him, sheriff! Give him a good pounding! He wants it and he deserves whatever he wants! ” Abe was now holding onto flashing light atop the car. His own hard cock and body were pressed into the windshield of the car as Randy got behind him and lined up his meat with the man’s hungry hole. “You ready for this, buddy!” Randy asked. “Oh fuck yeah!” Abe said. “Give me every bit of that cock and don’t fucking hold back. Fuck the living daylights out of my hole, buddy. I need this in the worst fucking way. Give me that fat dick!” “You want it a little rough and your wish is my command” Randy said as he smiled at David and smacked Abe on his ass cheek. He then put the very tip of his thick, veiny cock up against the hole David had fucked earlier. The cockhead was still covered by his generous foreskin but he smiled at David as he slid it back, revealing the huge, fat, engorged head of his cock in all its glory. He then proceeded to slowly slide his entire cock into the man who was now gasping for air. “Take that cock, buddy!” the sheriff said as his meat hit bottom. “It’s what you wanted. You ready to be fucked now?” “Oh fuck, wait just a fucking minute!” Abe said. “It’s so fucking thick. I just need a minute! Let me get used to it.” Randy held still, his thick meat still impaling the handsome man. Randy felt Abe use his muscles to squeeze his cock and the feeling was indescribable. “Take it a little bit slow at first” Abe said. “That was a shock but it’s feeling better by the second. Easy in and easy out a few times and I’ll get used to it.” Randy did as Abe asked and in no time, he was sliding his dick all the way in and then bringing it out so that only the very tip remained inside. In not time, Abe was begging the sheriff to pound his ass. “Oh fuck yeah!” Abe shouted. “That feels so fucking good! Fuck that asshole, buddy! Fuck it good! I never felt so stuffed with fucking dick! Fuck me hard, good buddy!” “This is some tight manpussy, you good lookin’ motherfucker!” Randy shouted as he pounded away. “I see now why David could fuck it too long. It feels too goddamned good!” David was on his hands and knees on the hood of the car beside the fucking couple, watching hungrily. “Randy, I’d sure like to taste of that cock” the boy said. “You think you two might flip around so I can suck that dick while you keep fucking him?” “Of course we can, buddy!” Randy said as he pulled his thick meat out of Abe’s slick hole and in no time the sheriff was sitting on the windshield with Abe between his legs, facing away and the sheriff was pulling him back, helping him to sit on the thick dick. It slid right in and Abe gasped in pleasure.” “Oh goddamn! That is amazing!” Abe shouted. The handsome aide to the governor was now facing away from the big dicked sheriff who was pounding his hole as David went to his knees on the hood of the car, and began to lick the exposed cockhead of Abe’s cut cock. His cock was hard enough to cut glass and Abe yelled loudly when David took it in his throat all the way and began up and down motions, wetly slurping each stroke. “Damn, that’s a tight hole, buddy” the sheriff gasped, finding it hard to breathe as he pumped his friend’s tight hole. “I ain’t sure I’m gonna last any longer than David! That hole is so fuckin’ tight and I can feel you squeezin’ my cock like a goddamned milkin’ machine! That deputy’s mouth is feelin’ real good on your pretty cut cock, ain’t it! That boy has got some real talent.” Randy then stopped talking and twisted Abe’s neck around and started to kiss him as he fucked him and the handsome young David continue to slurp on his cock noisily. “I hope we’re makin’ you feel welcome in Gayberry, Abe” the sheriff said between, deep, wet passionate kisses. “I ain’t sure them men and boys in Raleigh is takin’ the kind of care of you they should be. You’re pent up and ready to blow like a fuckin’ firecracker. Just let it go and I’m about to shoot a big load in that pretty little ass of yours and you can feed that hungry deputy ever drop of juice you got stored up in them nuts.” “Oh fuck yeah, I’m almost there. Fuck! It feels so good!” “I’m with ya, buddy!” the sheriff said. “Here it comes! I’m shootin my load right in that tight ass!” Those words triggered Age’s cum explosion into David’s mouth as he was being rear-loaded with the sheriff’s um load. The three handsome men barely moved for just under five minutes, David holding his head as still as a statue with Abe’s sensitive cock all the way in his mouth as it began to soften. Randy, still hard, eased his thick meat out of Abe’s hole, some of his cream escaping and pooling on the windshield of the squad car. “Well, would ya look at that!” the sheriff said with a laugh. “I believe that’s the first time I ever seen a cumload smeared on the windshield of the Gayberry patrol car.” They all laughed as Abe now lifted David’s head off his now tumescent cock and kissed him, tasting his own sweet juices on the boy’s tongue. “David, that was perfect” Abe said. “I was surprised. Most uncut men don’t understand how sensitive a circumcised penis is right after ejaculating. It can be excruciatingly painful if there any movement on the cockhead for a couple of minutes after cumming. You said you didn’t know much about circumcised cocks, but you seemed to understand that. You guys with foreskins can just slide them back down and cover your cock heads during that time but us cut guys don’t have that luxury.” “Before yesterday I wouldn’t have known that either” David said. “But Alex, Felton’s son that we cut out of that cock cage, explained to me how sensitive a circumcised guy’s cock head is after he climaxes. Once Alex got his desensitized, he showed me a trick. He pulled my foreskin down over his cockhead. He called it docking and it was about as hot as anything I’ve ever done, his little cock wrapped in my skin. He and Dale’s son, Kevin were just beginning to experiment with docking when they got caught masturbating and put in those chastity cages. They’d not even gotten around to trying sucking each other off.” “That is fucking hot!” Abe said. “I love to have my cock docked and I’d love to try that right now with you and the sheriff.” “Abe, you might want to rethink that” the sheriff said. “I’d shore like to try that too, but you’re due at the court house for your press conference twelve minutes from now.” “I guess docking with you hot motherfuckers will have to take a rain check” Abe said as the three naked men climbed off the roof of the squad car and began looking for their clothes which they had all gotten out of in record time before their little outdoor fuck party. Abe had found his clothes and had them laid out on the hood of the car. He was still naked when Randy pointed out that he was leaking cum from his hairy hole. “Goddamn!”Abe said. “How much of that shit did you load me with? It turns me on to do a press conference while I’m still full of cum from two of the hottest men in Gayberry but I can’t have it running down my leg while I’m talking to reporters.” “No problem, buddy” David said, walking over and wiping the cum off Abe’s hairy leg with the shirt he had been wearing. “Thanks, my friend but aren’t you going to need your shirt?” “I don’t need a shirt to ride in the car to the court house and I bet Randy will loan me one of his when we get there” the muscular boy said. “Randy, you don’t mind me riding back to the court house without a shirt do you?’ “Oh fuck no!” Randy chuckled. “There out to be a law against boys with bodies like yours ever wearin’ shirts in public. You really got one of the nicest sets of nipples I ever seen on anybody, man or woman! I just hope I can keep my mind on the road and my hands on the wheel. Now that’s a real buddy who’ll give you the fuckin’ shirt off his back to clean up cum!” the sheriff said as the guys all enjoyed a laugh. They all enjoyed a nice laugh as they finished dressing and got into the squad car. “I think we can make it right on time if I use the siren and the flashing lights” the sheriff said. “Hold on to your seats cause I’m about to haul some ass!” He had no sooner gotten the words out of his mouth than he hit the gas and headed for downtown Gayberry, siren blaring and lights flashing. They pulled up to the court house and the sheriff noted an unusually large number of cars parked along the street for a Sunday. The downtown area was usually completely dead on a Sunday afternoon. Abe’s men had a small stage with a podium and microphone set up in front of the court house and he headed over to check on things as the sheriff and David went on inside. The sheriff was speechless at the sight that met his eyes. “I hereby pronounce you man and wife” Reverend Smucker was saying as they walked in. “What God has joined together, let no man put asunder.” The group standing at the cell door all had their backs to him and didn’t notice the sheriff had entered the building until they heard his booming voice. “What in the living fuck is going on in my fucking jailhouse?” the sheriff said very loudly. The group now turned around and the sheriff saw the Reverend Smucker standing beside Nellie Walker, dressed in a long white dress and veil. Beside her were the mayor and his fianc�, Patty Hunt. Also in the group were Professor Hand and Bev Smith, the wife of Pastor Smith, who was now working as an assistant to the pastor and choir director. No one said a word as if shocked the sheriff had come in. “I asked what the fuck you people are doing in my jail!” Randy again shouted. “Why they just had a wedding and it was beautiful” a very drunk Otis said, slurring his words and beginning to sob. “I can’t help myself. I always cry at weddings.” “I don’t know who concocted this bullshit but it must be some kind of joke and I ain’t havin’ it” the sheriff said loudly and angrily. “Get out all of you! Get the fuck out of my court house and I mean you better clear the fuck out right now!” “You’re a little late, sheriff” Reverend Smucker, dressed in his long black robe and fancy white stole made of French linen, said arrogantly. “I have married this couple and hope they will have happy lives together.” “I’m the justice of the peace in this town” Randy said. “I didn’t give a license for this woman to marry my deputy which is what I’m assumin’ just happened. Without a duly issued license, ain’t nothin’ that happened here legal.” Deputy Arney was still inside the cell, clad only in a pair of white jockey shorts. Nellie Walker was grinning at Randy like a Cheshire cat. “You are not the only game in this town” the reverend said. “Miss Walker, who is now officially Mrs. Littleflute, came to me accompanied by the mayor and his lovely fianc� right after our church service. She asked if I would marry her and the deputy this afternoon and I, of course, consented to do so without hesitation.” “But they didn’t have a license” Randy said. “I ain’t issued one.” “I drove Miss Walker over to Mount Airy and prevailed upon my friend who is the Justice of the Peace in their town to provide one” the mayor stepped forward and announced. “As mayor of this town, I am not without power and influence in this part of the state regardless of what you might like to think and regardless of what our shifty governor and his little Jew buttboy think, pulling off a press conference here without notifying me. I did this for Miss Walker, whose family has always been one of the foremost families in this town.” “Not to mention that the bride’s elderly uncle has been one of the largest donors to your campaigns” Randy said. “And our lovely assistant Bev and I signed the documents as witnesses” Professor Hand gloated. “It’s all quite official. You will see that the mayor’s daughter and Bev’s daughter are also here, having served as beautiful flower girls.” “And I withdraw the criminal charges against my husband” Nellie said. “Therefore you have no case against him.” “That ain’t the way things work, Miss Nellie or Mrs. Arney or whatever the fuck you want to be called, you peabrained ratfucker!” the sheriff said angrily. “You can recant all you want to but the charge was made and then Arney confessed. You may withdraw your complaint but that has no effect on the criminal charges filed in this court. He confessed. I have to terminate his employment. I made that decision and I stand by it. I tried to get him to shut the fuck up but he had to brag about how hard he’d fucked you whether you like it or not. No, he had to brag about his own fucking virility and he talked himself right into a confession of rape. Since you can recant, I can release him from custody now which I will do right this second. And, Arney, I want you to get the fuck out o f this jail and never darken the door again! I do not want to see you back in this building ever again, you hapless fuckwit!” “All of you clear the fuck out of here right now!” the sheriff said as they all hurriedly headed for the door. “Wait for me, my precious wife” former Deputy Arney said as Randy unlocked the cell door. “Oh no” she said. “You can’t stay at the house. My uncle said it could be bad for our business having someone who was accused of rape living in our home. We have to think about public opinion. You can go back to the rooming house.” “No, I can’t” Arney said. “You told Mrs. Mendelson about what happened and she won’t let me set foot in her house again ever. She even burned all my things. I ain’t even got clothes except this pair of underwear and I borrowed them from Mr. Hunt. I guess I’ll have to stay here in this jail cell.” “No, sorry, Arney, but that won’t work either” Randy said. “I’ve got a prisoner on the way from the lake and I’ll need the cell. Besides, this ain’t no roomin’ house for your personal use.” “What about the back room?” the former deputy asked as he began to cry. “It’s fixed up nice and it ain’t never used. I could stay there at least for a day or two. It’ll be all right. I can get meals at the diner and I’ll be fine.” “Sorry, Arney but that won’t work either” the sheriff said. “I’ve brought David here on as my acting deputy and he’ll need the room in the back. You know I ain’t comfortable leavin’ [prisoners here at night without one of us here. That space is already promised.” They were silent for a moment. “Looks like you’re turned out on the streets” Randy said. “Mr. Mayor, ain’t you got a spare bedroom I could use for a while?” Arney asked. “That wouldn’t be appropriate” the mayor said. “I have a teenage daughter who is a virgin. How would it look for me to have a confessed rapist under my roof? People would talk and it would be disaster for me politically.” “What about you, Reverend? There’s bound to be a spare room in your big old house.” “I’m afraid not, Arney” the pastor said. “We have allowed Bev Smith to move in with us and the house feels a bit full now. I just don’t think it would be a good idea for you to be there. People might start to talk about you and Mrs. Smith living in the parsonage in sin. You must understand.” “Professor Hand, you’re my last hope” Arney said, openly weeping. “I’m afraid not, Arney,” the professor said. “My wife’s health is just on the decline and I’m afraid having someone else in the house would be just too unsettling for her.” His options exhausted, Arney walked out of the cell. “Looks like I’m homeless” Arney wept. “Twenty four hours ago I had everything. A good job, a wonderful place to live with an adoring landlady and a town who loved and respected me. Now I have nothing. I’ll be living on the streets.” Arney sobbed for a couple of minutes. “You know there is one option I can think of” the sheriff said. “Oh, Randy, I knew you’d come through for me!” Arney said, hitting his knees before the sheriff.” Of course I could live at your old house. I could help Mr. Howard oversee them women. I could be a great help.” “Sorry, Arney but that won’t work” the sheriff said. “That place is bustin’ at the seams with folks right now. That won’t work at all. But I may have a solution. Mr. Vague is going to be extremely busy for at least the next week. I know there’s a pavin’ crew comin’ into town early in the mornin’ to do t he pavin’ for the new development. That’s gonna be a bunch of horny motherfuckers in town stayin’ out at the Butter Cup Motel. We might get Folly to take you on at the gas station to help out Peanut with the gas pumpin’ and the cock suckin’.” “Oh no, Randy, that’s the worst idea yet!” Arney sobbed. “I ain’t a homosexual! You know how I hate suckin’ a dick. And Peanut would make me suck all of `em. He claims he has seniority up there and he gets to make all the decisions. Plus if I shared that room with him, he’d want me to stick my pecker in his butthole ever night. You know I don’t like men in no sexual ways at all.” “Have you got a better idea?” the sheriff asked. “I don’t see that you got a whole lot of options here. ” They were silent for several minutes. The group had cleared out after all of them turned down Arney’s requests for living space. The only sounds were those of Mike Hunt slobbering on drunk Otis’s thick cock in the cell. Randy looked at David and both began to laugh. “What’s so funny?” Arney asked. “I don’t see nothin’ funny about this. Randy, I ain’t got no choice but to go and ask Folly if he’ll hire me and I’ll have to do whatever Peanut says. I just ain’t got no choice.” “Okay, Arney, we’ll give you a ride up to the service station as soon as Abe finishes his press conference” Randy said. “You mean the governor’s top man is giving a press conference right in front of our court house” Arney asked excitedly. “That’s right” Randy answered. “Oh my God!” I coulda got some extra deputies and put up all the velvet ropes and escorted him in with my siren going and stood at attention in front of all the cameras and all the poppin’ flashbulbs but…” “Yep, buddy” Randy said. “Them days is over. Gone for good. Because you just had to brag about what a fuckin’ stud you was and how you could tear up a pussy. You just never fuckin’ learned.”

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