Subject: ‘Redd’ & he Wolf. (4) This is a fictional story that follows the ‘Red Riding Hood’ tale. It’s an alternate idea for thw story. The main character is not a girl but a Ginger kid named ‘Redd’. Still sent to visit his grandma. He is sent by his single father to take grandma her food and medz. There is some wolf fun in this story too. So there is some animal aex in this story. So of this bothers you, please move on. The rest follows the original tale.. Somewhat.. Hope you like this sexy version…. ‘Redd’ & the Wolf. (4) ….. Redd was laying there on his bed. Face to the pillow and his butt up as he offered his father his ass to Fuck. Its something he wanted. Something he had been wishing to experience. But just didn’t expect him to be possibly getting his wish granted by his handsome dad. But it didn’t matter who it was. He wanted it. Do his big strong handsome dad was more than adequate a man to Fuck him first “Give it to me daddy” he huffed again “Give me that dick daddy” And his father grinned at the boys needy call. He then moved up and behind the boy that lay on his bed. Looking as the soft pale buttocks before him. His hand reached for his sons butt. Touching and then squeezing at the plump cheeks. He then licked at his lips as he pulled them apart. Seeing his sons boy hole. The ripe and fresh rosebud he was being offered. There were small ampunts of hair on and around the kids hole. Pale ginger hairs that told of the boys coming of age. “Very nice hole” his father stated “Looks like it will be a tight fit” “Yess ” Redd then huffed “Be the first daddy. Be my first dick” Redd was desperate now to have a dick in his virgin hole. Never had he had anything ankara rus escort more than his finger in it before. So it was as fresh for a fuck as any hole could be. So dad leaned down first. He gazed at the creamy white butt. Then he pulled up a wad of spit and spat it out to the hole before him. Redd groaned as he felt the wet goo in his ass. It was quickly cool from the air around his butt. Then his father brought his fingers down to the spit covered hole. He again licked at his lips as he was about to be the first man to give his son what he so desires. And it excited him as well. So he place his finger at the kids hole. He started to rub the saliva all over it. Then around the pucker itself “Lets see how tight this really is” he huffed And then he pushed a finger into Redd. His son moaned deeply as he felt the digit go in. It was now the biggest item that had ever gone into him, and it felt wonderful. “Hmmf fuck Yess daddy” he cooed “That feels soo good” “More daddy. Give me more” And the man did. Once he first penetrate the boys ass. Feeling the butt hole wrap around his finger. Gripping at it and seemingly trying to suck on it. It made him want to give the kid more. ‘He really wants this’ his head chirped. ‘He really wants me to fuck him’. So he pulled up and out for a moment. His finger covered in ass lube. The boys butt was drooling in wait for something to slide into him. “Wow. Your butt really wants it” he huffed So his dad smiled as he knew the kid was ready for sex. He then grabbed at the pillows on the boys bed. He told Redd to push them under his midsection. “It will angle you better fir penetration Redd” he said “Yes father” çankaya escort Redd answered “Anything you want” So Redd lifted his butt and puahed the pillows under his lap. Then he lay down on them. He felt his back arch slightly as he pressed himself to them. His butt was now pushed out for his dad’s use. Up and angled for a good fuck. Then his father climbed up behind him. His larger body moved on and over Redd’s butt. Redd could feel his dad behind him now. Then his father started to rub his hard doxk against Redds hole. It felt so big to the kid. But he still wanted it noq. He still wanted dick in his ass. “Do it daddy” he huffed “Just give it to mee” So his father did. He pushed his cock at the small hole. The small and tight hole. His cock pressed at the hole as he pushed. Feeling the hole resist his actions. “Damn boy. This is tight” he stated “You need to loosen up” Redd groaned as he felt the head trying to gain access to his butt. And his father did push. Push hard as he drove his member into his son. Such a taboo and sin to take ones own flesh and blood. But desire for sexual satisfaction was far to great for him. And his sons butt felt soo good. “Ughnn..Ohh goodness” his father groaned “Feels ever soo good” “Wow. Daddy. Ohh. hurts” Redd cried Redd knew it would hurt. But was unexpecting it to be quite thia painful. It felt as fire on his hole. His fathers member prying his virgin butt opened. Then pushing inch after inch into him. “God. Ohh God” he cried out His father only groaned. Moving his dick into hias son. Then pulling from him. Then once again pushing back down. Slowly he took the boy. Slowly so as not to hurt ankara escort him too much. He knew it was painful as well. The vice like tightness on his own dick causing him slight pain. As if his sons hole may just bite down on his dick and slice a piece from it. But it was that tightness that seemed to keep him pushing down on Redd. Giving him what they both now wanted. He would get his needed release of pleasure. Pleasure that he hadn’t had in ages it seemed. And Redd would have what he wanted. His first male experience. “Ughnn..soo tight boy” he moaned “Tighter than any vagina I have ever touches” “Yet it pulls at me. Urging me to go on” Redd just groaned again as his father sliced back down again. And again pain registered. Deeper his father pushed now. Wanting that incredible tightness to grip all of his dick. “Incredible tightness” he groaned “Take me boy. Take this cock” Reed just cried out at each hard thrust his father gave him. Begging for release from the not sure he actually wanted it to end. Fir he had wanted it. Deep down he had wanted this. “Ughn, ughn, ughn” his father grunted And the hard pounding continued for several more minutes. And just when Redd thought he could take no more, his father blew. Feeling his dad’s hands tighten their grip.then he made a garbled groan. His big manly body tensed up and then his member startes to ouksate in Redds butt. Twitching and jerking at the bkys body before huffing and puffing down to a stop. “Ohh God” the man then sighed. “That was soo needed” “Thats a good boy Redd” “Daddy needed this” The patted his sons bottom as he pulled out. Then he stepped back to look at Redd. He looked at the boys used butt. He smiled. “May do this again” he finally said Then he walked out if Redds room. Redd groaned there in his bed. His body sore from the taking by his dad. His butt pulsed and then he felt it start to leak. His dad’s cum was drooling from him. “Ughnn” he geoaned once more….. More to cum

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