Subject: Brotherly Games, Chapter 5 Hey there! Please do not forget to make a donation to Nifty for the amazing platform they provide for both readers and writers. If you wish to contact me, you may do so by E-mail: [email protected] Or follow me on Instagram: @Despanien I would also like to thank Max Potter for the taking of his time to check my chapters as I am not a native speaker. You can read his stories on: fty//authors.htmlmaxpotter Brotherly Games Chapter 5 It was fucking freezing outside. It was Thursday afternoon, and we were the 1st of November. I was on my way to the pharmacy, but because we were the 1st of November (Public Holiday) I had to go to one of the few opened and it wasn’t the nearest to say the least! George was still sleeping when I left the house, but I figured out he would need to treat his sprained ankle when he woke up. I felt guilty about his fall since I kind of provoked it. Yeah, ok, I know this is ridiculous, but that’s who I am. I was used to mollycoddling my brother, so I could get some affection back from him (even though I didn’t until very recently). And, you know, my parents were always busy so I felt that it was my duty to take care of him the way our parents should. “That will be 28,7� please.” The pharmacist announced to me while handing me the bag. “Have a good day, Sir” She told me after I paid. On the way back to the house I called Jean-Baptiste to check on him. We chatted a bit and I told him what happened after he left the party, even though I might have omitted some unimportant details, such as giving George a hand job. He told me he would meet his girlfriend today and that they would probably break up, so I suggested he come at my place right after to hang out and get his mind busy on something else. � After coming back home I tossed the pharmacy bag on the kitchen bar and started thinking about cooking. It was only 3.30pm but I was starving. I knew what I needed, a good comforting hangover meal. Deal! I grabbed my headphones and played some loud music as I prepared two onions to chop. As I was chopping onions, what was bound to happen happened, I started crying like a baby. Suddenly, I felt a hand on my stomach and literally jumped from surprise. “I don’t like when you cry, Baby Henri!” George sneered as he hugged me from behind. Fuck, I nearly avoided a heart attack, and I had a knife for goodness sake! Reckless brat. “Really?” I asked, rhetorically. “I’m pretty sure I remember you being thrilled whenever I cried when we were kids. That’s mostly why I stopped.” I pointed out, probably sounding a little bitter about it. “Yes, I am a monster! Bad George!” My brother declared with a fake sad voice. I rolled my eyes and sighed. He was such an asshole. “What are you preparing?” He inquired while his hands were slipping under my sweatshirt to browse my bare skin abs. “Uh… Goat cheese Bolognese lasagnes.” I murmured, slowly losing control, as every time my brother touched me and whispered in my ears. “Fuck, you’re a keeper Henri!” He declared with a chuckle. I smiled like an idiot, that’s exactly the kind of thinking I wanted him to have whenever I cooked for him, but I wouldn’t have thought that he would openly admit it. “I’ll have a shower upstairs, I fucking stink!” He then exclaimed before breaking up the embrace and walking out of the kitchen. I gulped painfully and closed my eyes for a second. I had to resist him, he was just toying with me, from his own confession he sought to “break my heart in little pieces”. He was manipulative, and he hated my fucking guts since as long as I could remember. I had to protect myself, I had to draw a goddamn red line somewhere! The hand job was an accident, an unfortunate accident that wasn’t bound to happen ever again. I finished cooking and baked the lasagnes in the oven. I poured myself a glass of water and took it to the living room. George just finished showering and he was turning his PS4 on, wearing nothing but a towel. “Uh… it will be ready in 45 minutes.” I announced shyly as I sat by his side, avoiding looking at him. “Yeah, well your meal is already served anyway.” George declared with a shit eating smirk. I shot him a quizzical look and in a swift move he untied his towel, revealing his semi-erected cock. He grabbed my neck and tried to pull my face to his crotch. “George, no… I… we shouldn’t… it’s…” I stuttered, trying my very best to resist my inner urge to completely surrender to lust. “Why not? Don’t you think it’s a little too late to deny that you want it?” My brother answered. “It’s not that… I just… no we can’t…” I tried to explain clumsily, unable to find the right words or to make sense of what I was saying. “You know what? I always hated that about you!” He said, losing patience. “You’re never doing what you want! You’re always trying to please mom and dad, or your stupid boyfriend, or me for that matter. Grow some fucking balls Henri, and make a choice of your own for once!” He snapped. Wow, that really hurts. Everything he said was true, but I was not ready to hear it. “Why are you so fucking mean to me!?” I exclaimed angrily. “I’m not mean, I’m merely stating the truth!” He retorted with an irritated tone. I quickly stood up from the couch and gave him a death stare. “You’re always doing your best to make my life miserable, as if it were my fault mom and dad never loved you!” istanbul travesti I shouted back. George’s face changed, he wasn’t angry anymore, he was deeply shocked. I was dumbfounded by what I just said, as if these words left someone else’s mouth. George shook his head and snorted in disbelief. He stood up and walked out of the living room without saying a word. I was dazed, I wanted to run after him, to beg for his forgiveness. Yet I knew no words strong enough to erase what I had just said. My brother was indubitably the person I loved the most in this whole fucked up world, one of the few people that never gave him shit for any reason. I wanted to be his safe space, his all-time ally against all odds. My phone suddenly rang, getting me out of my stunned state. It was Jean-Baptiste, he had just broken up with his girlfriend and was heading to my place at the moment. I was on autopilot, I just wanted to sleep through it all. My best friend arrived shortly after his phone call and I mechanically walked to the door to open. “Hey you.” He greeted me with a low voice. I took him in my arms and started crying like a baby. “I’m so sorry!” I lied. I mean, I wasn’t really lying, of course I was sad for him; he was my best friend and I loved him. But really, I was mostly sorry about myself right now. Jean-Baptiste must have been really taken aback, especially since I rarely display my emotions publicly. “Bloody hell, you look even more sad than I am!” Jean-Baptiste pointed out with a faint smile. I chuckled while tears ran down my cheeks. “I made some lasagnes.” I announced as I held him in my arms, refusing to let go. “Oh man, you’re really the best!” My best friend exclaimed before I eventually broke the embrace. I was a mess really. But I needed that hug, probably more than J-B did. We ate the lasagnes while Jean-Baptiste told me everything I needed to know about his breakup with Nad�ge. As any good friend would do, I sporadically concurred that she was a fucking bitch, even though she really wasn’t, and otherwise just listened and nodded to whatever he was saying. Gosh, these lasagnes were something else! “So, where’s the cripple?” Jean-Baptiste eventually asked with a mocking smile after he finished eating. “In his room.” I answered with a low sad voice. “What’s wrong?” J-B immediately asked. Fuck, he was psychic or what? “Nothing, it’s just… well we argued and I kind of feel like shit now.” I truthfully confessed. “What did he do this time?” My best friend asked with a sigh. “Nothing really, we were arguing about something silly, and I told him really nasty shit.” I painfully admitted, staring at my empty plate. “Really? What did you tell him?” He inquired. “Probably not anything terrible knowing you.” He chuckled. “I told him it wasn’t my fault our parents didn’t love him.” I explained, looking at Jean-Baptiste dead in the eye with a serious tone. He gasped and looked back at me dumbfounded, scrutinizing me and probably expecting me to announce I was just kidding. “You’re really not helping right now.” I commented on his overly expressive reaction with a defeated tone. “Uh… I’m sorry, it’s just that…” Jean-Baptiste stuttered. “It’s so savage. And nothing like you actually!” “I’m a piece of shit.” I declared fatefully. J-B rolled his eyes and chuckled. “You are a fucking drama queen that’s what you are!” He corrected with a smile. “Siblings fight all the time. Ok, you were inconsiderate, I get it. But don’t try to pretend he never was inconsiderate to you either, on so many occasions in the past. And he never apologised for it!” He explained calmly. “And yet you always forgave him no matter what. You just have to apologise; he knows you love him and…” Jean-Baptiste suddenly interrupted himself. His smile dropped and he seemed to have an illumination. “You love him.” He declared with a dazed expression. “He is the one you love.” He specified, looking at me dead in the eye with a confused expression. “Of course I love him, he is my brother!” I played dumb, knowing what he really meant. I was a nervous wreck. I felt busted and my face must have been bright red. “Oh my god, everything makes so much sense now!” He exclaimed before bursting in a nervous laughter. I watched Jean-Baptiste, expecting him to reject me and walk away, to call me a disgusting pervert and to storm out of the house. I was bracing myself for it, I gulped painfully and watched my best friend slip through my fingers. “So that’s why he’s been so different with you recently.” Jean-Baptiste said, mostly to himself. He turned his face and smiled at me. “And I thought my love life was a mess!” He joked. “So… I mean… uh… you’re not mad?” I shyly inquired. “Henri, you’re my best friend. You’re like a brother to me!” He stated. “I mean, a brother with whom you don’t fuck, obviously.” He specified teasingly. “Oh, shut up!” I shot back before bursting into laughers. “Oh man, what a life we lead!” Jean-Baptiste lamented while drying tears of laughers. “Well, I really should go now, before my parents freak out!” He then announced. “Are you sure you don’t want to stay here?” I asked with a hopeful expression. “I’m so sorry, you came here to talk about your breakup, and we ended talking about my fucked-up life.” I apologised. “Hey, Henri, I’m glad I know what the fuck is happening to you because I was actually getting worried.” kadıköy travesti He told me with a faint smile. Jean-Baptiste stood up and gathered his stuff before putting back his coat. I walked him to the door, and he pulled me for a hug. “Take good care of you Henri! I love you buddy!” He told me before kissing my forehead. I smiled tenderly at him and he walked out of the house. Mechanically, I went upstairs. I walked to George’s bedroom door and stayed there for a moment. I tried to gather my courage, to find the right words to apologise, but I couldn’t. Talking with my best friend somehow cleared up my mind and made me realise that I blamed George for seducing me. I blamed him for taking me down a path I was dying to take anyway, how fucking stupid was that, and how fucking hypocritical too. I was still very much lost when it came to what I was willing to do with George. I was about to knock but decided otherwise. I sighed and defeatedly went to my bedroom instead. I had some homework to do and the sooner I was done with it the better. When I left my bedroom, it was already 8pm. Downstairs, I heard the television was on in the living room and I gulped, dreading to face my brother. I was getting hungry, so I went straight to the kitchen. There, I noticed that the pharmacy bag I had put on the counter earlier was still there. Hesitantly, I took it with me and headed to the living room. George was on the couch, watching television while playing with his phone. He must have heard me walking in the room, but totally ignored my presence. There was no way I would go back to being ignored by my own brother ever again, I thought. I put myself in front of him and knelt. He gave me a death stare but still didn’t say anything. I took the splint out of the bag and lifted my brother’s foot from the floor. I thought he would say something, and he certainly seemed like he was seriously considering murdering me, but he didn’t do anything. Gently, I took his sock off his foot. I searched for the anti-inflammatory lotion in the bag and applied some on the palm of my hand before massaging his sore ankle. George wasn’t even looking at me anymore. I kept massaging his ankle until the lotion was fully absorbed by his skin and then I pulled his sock back on his foot. I dutifully strapped the splint to his ankle and delicately put his foot back on the floor. I stood up and started walking back to the kitchen. Gosh, I was starving! “Thanks” George mumbled as I was walking away. I stopped for a moment and smiled like an idiot. I know, I was so fucking desperate for affection I relished on a “thanks” mumbled in a barely audible voice. Please don’t judge me. I turned on the oven and heated the lasagnes while preparing some lettuce and vinaigrette. When everything was ready, I dressed up the plates for my brother and I and took it to the living room on a tray. I put the tray on the coffee table and sat next to George. He shot a sidelong glance at me and sighed. The silence treatment was killing me, to be honest, but I sensed it would go better if I kept my mouth shut. My brother probably didn’t want to hear my annoying voice right now, I thought. George ate a bite of lasagnes and almost instantly moaned. Well, I’m a keeper, he said so earlier after all! I watched him devour and shyly smiled at him. He was so bloody handsome! George grabbed the television remote and browsed through Netflix for a few minutes before starting a horror movie. I was always shit scared watching horror movies, George knew it, without saying a single word he was trying to get me to leave. My brother wasn’t an idiot, he was actually a pretty clever guy. However, throughout our lives, he consistently underestimated how far I was willing to go for him to fucking love me back! I braced myself for a few sleepless nights and apprehendingly started watching the movie along with my brother. I quickly finished eating my lasagnes, before the movie took away my appetite. The scary scenes eventually came, and I was terrorised, to say the least. Sporadically I would loudly gasp, or a high pitch scream would escape my mouth. Yeah, that must have been annoying, but I truly couldn’t help it. George, though, was having a great time. Each of my dramatic reactions was followed by a mocking chuckle from him. At least his mood brightened up a little, I guess. One could have wondered which one was more entertaining to watch for my brother, between the movie and me. After a particularly shocking scene, I stood up and was about to go back upstairs to my bedroom, but George grabbed my wrist and stopped me. “Come on, it’s almost finished.” My brother encouraged me with a mocking tone. I hesitated, I didn’t want to leave, especially since George explicitly asked me to stay, but deep down I was a real fucking chicken. He pulled gently on my wrist to encourage me to sit back on the couch and I obliged. He then raised his right arm and gestured to me to snuggle against him. I boyishly smiled at him and rested my head on his shoulder. My warm body was pressed against his, he rested his right hand on my stomach, and I could hear his heartbeat in my left ear. I was on cloud nine, not even paying attention to the movie anymore. George never, ever hugged me before. Somehow, this felt far more intimate than when I gave him a hand job. My heart was racing at first, but soon enough I was relaxing. bakırköy travesti And, god knows why, ten minutes later I was sleeping. When I woke up, my head was resting on my brother’s lap and I was curled up against him. George had his left hand in my hair, gently caressing them, and his right hand under my t-shirt laying on my stomach. The movie was over, and George was watching sport on television. I was in a trance, I felt so secure, so safe. The level of welfare I was feeling was indescribable. After a few minutes, my brother noticed that I was awaked and turned off the television. He gently pushed me aside and got up. “Wait!” I exclaimed with a hoarse voice. He raised his eyebrows and looked back at me quizzically. “George I… uh… I am really sorry about what I told you earlier.” I apologised shyly. My brother was staring at me with a stern face, scrutinizing me. “I think I am ready to… well… uh… to…” I stuttered, painfully searching for the right words. “Be mine.” George finished my sentence. I nodded, my face was flushed, and I was not fully processing everything as it was too much to cope with for me. “Say it then.” My brother demanded. I watched him with pleading eyes, but I knew he wasn’t going to let me get away with it. George meant business, I either surrendered to him, or got nothing at all from him. “I am yours.” I confessed to him with a shaky voice. He displayed a shit eating smirk and was back to his mischievous mood. I was exhilarated by my own words, and to prove him I was serious, I kneeled in front of him and began unbuckling his jeans. Taking initiative was nothing like me, but I liked my newly found boldness. George raised my chin with his fingertips to force me to look at him. “No more holding back?” He asked authoritatively. I promptly nodded. “We are playing this game together, Baby Henri.” My brother said with an evil smile. I looked back at him; a bit confused. I still couldn’t get rid of the fear that he was just toying with me in order to better fuck with my head and break my heart. I was in love with him, there was no doubt, but I’m almost certain he wasn’t in love with me. As a matter of fact, I wasn’t even sure he loved me as a brother. I scrutinized him, as if it would give me any answer to my questions and lift my doubts, and he raised his eyebrow interrogatively. “What is it?” He eventually questioned. “Do you love me?” I asked with a shaky voice, dreading the answer. George was dumbfounded for several seconds and then chuckled mockingly. He leaned on me and held my face in his hands. I felt his warm breath on my nose and eyes, I smelled his scent, my eyes millimetres from his, staring at one another. � “Ow, Baby Henri, you never knew how to take it one step at the time did you?” He sneered. I gave him a pleading look, the last thing I needed was mockery right now. I was a nervous wreck. I wanted to shout, I needed answers, not a smartass punchline. “Don’t worry, your big brother is here to guide you. I will take care of your education.” He declared with a patronizing tone. “But for now, just take my cock in that pretty mouth of yours.” He added with a shit eating smirk. Okay, so I guess I wasn’t going to get an answer today. Submissively, I unzipped his fly and hooked his waistband with my fingers before gently pulling the fabric and making it slide down his thigh to his knees. George was staring at me with a lustful expression. I was facing his bulged underwear and I suddenly realised how bad I wanted it. His scent, his fucking scent was driving me crazy. It was so familiar, yet so taboo and unreachable. I kissed the stretched out fabric, first delicately then animalistically. I couldn’t hold it any longer, I roughly pulled his black briefs down. His cock sprung up as I freed it from the tight fabric and it almost hit my face. His cockhead was half revealed by the semi-rolled up foreskin and I distinguished his precum oozing from his urethra. I stuck out my tongue and licked the tip of his cock. I tasted the salty precum and loudly moaned. I was in a fucking trance, totally lost in pleasure. I rolled my tongue around and inside his foreskin before swallowing the cockhead in my velvet mouth. With my right hand, I grabbed the shaft of his dick and maintained it straight up as I dutifully swallowed more of my brother’s manhood. George grunted as his cockhead was pressed against the back of my throat. His hand browsed my hair and gently pressed it down his cock. I wanted to give my brother the best blowjob ever, I wanted him to forget every blowjob he ever received but mine. I looked up at him and he had his eyes closed, I didn’t like that. I wanted him to look at his baby brother on his knees, opening his whore’s mouth to swallow his big bro’s fat cock. Therefore, I backed off and stopped my blowjob. Soon enough, George opened his eyes and shot me a puzzled look. I grinned at him and my eyes were locked in his, as it should be. I leaned and stuck out my tongue before browsing it on his delicate egg-sized balls. With my hand jerking his thick cock, I swallowed his balls and rubbed the tip of my tongue all around the sensitive skin. George was moaning and he sporadically closed his eyes, but each time he reopened them, his beautiful eyes were staring back at me. I went back on his dick and, slowly, I swallowed the whole length until my nose was buried in his trimmed pubes. “Oh fuck.” George whispered with a shaky voice. I was beaming with pride and inwardly smiled at the pleasure I was giving my brother. Suddenly, my phone rang. It was on the coffee table and loudly vibrating on the glass table. The screen showed the name “Tim

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