Subject: Bustin’ Justin-Ch 4 Bustin’ Justin – Chapter 4 by TheRealCOG if they did, then “stick it up your ass” wouldn’t be considered an insult. “Hhhhrrrrrrrrrrrr, Uncle Erikkkkkkk,” rasped Justin. “It h-hurts just a l-little. But p-please please please h-hit that G-spot.” The nephew smiled up at his older relative and when he was kissed it had this cool effect where the pain wasn’t as bad up his rear. Erik made out with Justin passionately, moaning against the tween’s mouth. One, kissing was awesome, especially with his dick buried inside another boy’s ass. And two, it kept his nephew from bringing up girls or straight stuff and Erik didn’t want this moment spoiled. The teen fucked slowly, his boner teasing the love button again, which made the younger boy whimper and quiver below him. Undiluted pleasure coursed through the Erik’s body as he settled into a comfortable rhythm. His rod was harder than it had ever been, gripped in that tight, velvety perfect of Justin’s virgin hole. Panting raggedly, Erik whispered in his nephew’s ear, “You like it, baby?” “Nnnn… Uh-huh…” “You want it harder? Want me to do it faster?” “M-Makes it feel b-better?” asked Justin. Forming words was difficult at the best of times. His dad was always on his case about speaking in just vowels, whatever that meant. But so many new areas in his body had been awakened that it was near impossible to speak. Like that time him and Ryan had taken a hit off his friend’s big brother’s spliff. “It’ll send you to paradise, baby,” groaned Uncle Erik. “Then d-do it. Please, Uncle Erik.” “Ask for it, baby.” “F-Faster. Hard-er.” “Welcome to paradise, you gorgeous thing.” Justin was frenched hard by his uncle while also being pounded in the ass and having his wang jacked. Uncle Erik WAS taking care of his needs. All the nephew had to do was lie back and enjoy himself. What a ride it was for Erik! The teen’s body was ablaze with pleasure as he pounded Justin with everything he had in him. Of course, Erik didn’t have much by way of muscles, but he had plenty of enthusiasm. And his nephew was utterly pliant and inviting, eager to be fucked. As far as the losing of his virginity went, Erik couldn’t imagine anything better. It was simply perfect. The two were building toward the ultimate act and the final few thrusts sent them both over the edge! Justin made a squealing/grunting noise and shot his thin squirts of come over Erik’s hand, shuddering all over in a sexy way. The teen responded with his own full-body-quaking orgasm, pumping his seed deep into the moaning boy. In the aftermath, Erik panted heavily as stars danced in his vision. “So awesome…” Justin let loose a moan (couldn’t be helped!), but Uncle Erik took care of that too, sealing their lips and mashing them together. Dude was the Vajayjay Master. King of the Cooch. The Slash Sensei. The nephew couldn’t believe how wrong he was about his uncle. How could he have treated this stud to women like he was some four-eyed dweeb-atron? “No one’s m-more awesome than you, U-Uncle Erik,” said Justin softly. Erik smiled, feeling a rush of affection for the formerly-insufferable nephew. There were a lot of things he wanted to say and some he probably should say, but none of it seemed worth the effort of finding words for. So he just made out with Justin some more. They did it again once more that evening, this time the pair standing on the floor, with Justin bent over and leaning on the bottom bunk as he was ridden hard by Erik. Then they fell into a deep, exhausted slumber, cuddled up together because they were too tired to move. Erik was sure this summer would go down in the history books as the best one ever. ~ ~ ~ For Justin it was like the Olden Days! Well, not so old, he was only 12 and Uncle Erik was 13, but he got his best buddy and playmate (and now lover) back. Learning how to fuck with his uncle definitely made this the Newen Days! Sure, they did the stuff they used to do together. Swimming. Fishing. Tree climbing. But they’d also added bigger dude stuff as well. Lighting illegal fireworks. Sneaking the truck out for a midnight joyride. Even playing with Justin’s numchucks. And the fucking! They fucked everywhere. In Uncle’s şişli travesti room. In the woods. In the shed. In the hammock. In the shower. In the laundry room. Basically anywhere when no one was watching. Since Uncle Erik was the sensei, he had to always top. It was Justin’s job to learn and relearn how to get fucked and he’d gotten so good at it that he just knew he’d be a pro with the ladies when starting middle school. Erik, meanwhile, was so happy it was freaking people out. He smiled. He laughed. He joked around with his big brothers and sisters. He went outside and swam without being forced to. The whole family noticed, of course, but everyone knew teenage boys were a mystery wrapped in a conundrum dipped in testosterone. The uncle couldn’t believe how LUCKY he was. He got laid all the time now. All he had to do was make sure no one was around and then say, “Suck me, nephew,” and Justin was on his knees slurping away. And the tween was GRATEFUL because it “built up his tongue muscles.” And when the teen wanted to fuck, Justin dropped his shorts and bent over. Erik was, in fact, lying in bed recovering from the latest round of busting Justin’s sweet ass open. He’d pulled his nephew into their room after a morning swim and made him squeal and moan. The teen grinned from ear to ear thinking of it. Afterwards, Justin had said he was starving and since lunch was being served out on the deck, he went to get some chow. Erik had promised to join him soon, but he just wanted to bask in the bliss of the afterglow a little longer. Justin was so hungry he could eat a horse. Maybe after lunch he would see about swallowing another load from Uncle Erik, because another thing he’d learned was that come was chockful of protein. “It’s good you got over that stupid homophobia BS,” Aunt Veronica said as they picked food off the buffet table. The Andrews laid out quite a spread. “My what?” Justin asked as he piled three hot dogs onto his plate, almost giggling as they made him think of his uncle’s wienie. “You know, your bitchy attitude towards Erik which showed up right after he came out. I was hoping you’d get over it and I’m glad you did – otherwise I was going to smother you.” “Uh-huh…” Squirting mustard on his hot dogs had Justin thinking cummy thoughts about Erik and a toothy smile played on his face. “Wait… Came out of what?” “The closet? Are you even listening?” Veronica asked. “Why was Uncle Erik in a closet? Did Uncle Richard lock him in there as a prank?” Veronica stared at him for a second in that way teachers always looked at Justin when the answer he’d given to a pop quiz was nowhere in the ballpark of correct. “The gay closet,” his aunt finally said. Justin frowned. “There’s a gay closet?” “Oh for… GAY! As in Erik being gay.” Justin laughed. “Uncle Erik isn’t gay!” His relatives liked to play jokes on him and because he fell for them so often they kept doing it. But sometimes they went too far and even he realized they were simply trying to trick him. “He’s like the straightest guy I know.” Veronica laughed and he thought that meant his aunt was admitting she was kidding. Instead, she said, “Wow, you really don’t have much going on upstairs, do you?” “Whoa, nothing’s going on upstairs!” Justin snapped, thinking she’d somehow figured out Erik was teaching him about girl stuff in their little upstairs bedroom. “I swear!” Veronica sighed. “Yeah, I can tell. Anyway, it’s cool you and my little brother are getting along again. Just because he’s gay shouldn’t mean you two can’t be the dynamic duo you always were.” His aunt walked off before Justin had a chance to say anything else. But, of course, she had to be pulling his leg… There was no way that… Like, if Erik really was gay… No, that… That didn’t make sense. Did it? SERIOUSLY, WHAT THE HELL?! Justin marched upstairs and barged into his uncle’s room. He found the teen still naked in bed, with the sheet covering his midsection. “Dude! Your sister says you’re gay!” Erik stared in horror, because that was the feeling welling up inside him. His chickens had come home to roost. The piper was here for payment. The devil wanted his due. Or, put another way, his nightmare was beylikdüzü travesti coming true. “Um…” He tried to kick his brain into gear. Surely there was a way to wiggle out of this. He just had to think of it. Really fast. Way faster than that… Nope. Erik was screwed. “Well…” With a huge gulp, he prepared for a thrashing. He’d made fun of Justin’s karate, but that didn’t mean his nephew couldn’t (and most certainly would) kick his ass. “Okay, yeah, um, but let me explain!” “Uuuurrrrrrrrch,” interrupted Justin, imitating the squeal of a car tire. “Hold the phone. Did… What? No – what? You’re GAY?!” “Okay, but I said let me explain-” replied Uncle Erik. “No, just – what?” Justin was extremely confused. “Are you straight or gay?” Uncle Erik held out his hands as if for protection when Justin advanced on him. “Let me preface by saying-” “Stop it with the dictionary words, I don’t understand!” “But-” “Are you or are you not gay?!” “Yes! I’m gay!” Justin stood there dumbfounded. His brain was frazzled even more than when his uncle’s cock was up his ass. Finally, words formed around his mouth. “Y-You’re… But… Y-You’re… Do you know what this means?” “You have to understand, I wasn’t trying to be-” “Do you know what this means?!” “Justin-” The nephew broke into a huge grin. “IT MEANS THIS IS THE GREATEST NEWS EVER!” Erik stared. Justin wasn’t really one to pull pranks – he didn’t have the smarts or the patience for it. So the next most plausible explanation was that he’d had some sort of concussion. Because what he’d just said did not make any sense in any universe. Was it possible Erik had literally fucked his nephew’s brains out? The teen bit his lower lip. “Uh…” Erik wasn’t sure the best thing to do. His Fight or Flight instincts were still telling him he needed to make a beeline for the door. But Justin was in the way. And he himself was naked. Escape really wasn’t on the menu. “Best news ever…?” That was all his usually nimble brain managed to come up with. “Dude! She won’t know what hit her!” Justin sat on the edge of the bed. Weirdly, Uncle Erik shuffled back against the headboard like he expected to be attacked. But Justin was too excited to focus on that right now. “‘Cause of you, I’m gonna make Jasmine Lombardo mine!” “Okay…” his uncle mumbled. “So you know how I been talking and talking about smashing slash?” “Uh-huh,” his uncle mumbled again. “Well, I haven’t been TOTALLY honest. Really there’s only one girl for me… Jasmine Lombardo. Dude, she’s just… she’s not only the hottest girl in our school, but she’s also so… I dunno… I guess smart and sophisticated like you.” “I see,” his uncle mumbled again. “So, I can tell you all this ’cause you’re gay. I heard Jasmine talking to her friends and she LOVES queer guys. Thinks straight boys could learn a thing or two from them.” “She does?” his uncle mumbled again. Then all at once he seemed to relax and spoke with more confidence. “I see.” “Jasmine was saying to her friends all straight guys should learn the ropes from gay guys. If that happened, she said, then maybe boys who’re into her wouldn’t be so gross and stupid.” Erik was getting an idea of what it was like to be how Justin was all the time. His mind simply wouldn’t work. All the facts were in front of him; Justin was fine his uncle being gay, he didn’t mind being tricked into having sex, and he said something about a girl that he liked. “Uh… cool” was what Erik came up with. “You’re totally gonna help me bag Jasmine!” Justin crowed. “I am?” The uncle frowned. “How?” The tween was absolutely gleeful. “By doing more gay sex with me! I’m gonna blow her mind with how sensitive and shit I am!” “Wait… Hold on… Back up…” Erik gaped at him. “We’re going to keep having sex?” Justin knitted his brow. “Um… Yeah… I thought maybe…” Then an unpleasant thought occurred to him. “Unless this was just pity sex.” “Pity sex?” “‘Nother thing Jasmine said was, gay guys were just as picky as straight dudes are with girls. Like, if a gay guy’s interested in a dude it automatically means that dude’s hot. So… like… don’t you think I’m good looking?” “Do I think you’re good looking?” “Geez, istanbul travesti Uncle Erik, why’re you repeating everything I say? You haven’t, like… I mean, my non- braininess hasn’t rubbed off on you or something?” Erik had already discounted any chance this was something Justin had cooked up to get revenge. One blessed thing about his nephew’s denseness was that he was easy to read. OKAY, SO THIS IS HAPPENING, I’M NOT IN TROUBLE, HE DOESN’T HATE ME AND APPARENTLY WE’RE GOING TO KEEP GOING. NONE OF THIS MAKES ANY SENSE, BUT I GUESS I DON’T NEED IT TO. “You’re a sexy stud,” Erik said, braced for the tween to get obnoxious. Justin grinned. “Yeah, I know, right?” Sort of obnoxious like that. But Erik guessed the boy had earned being a little bit of a punk, since he was being cool with everything. “So, I’m going to keep teaching you about sex so you can get this Jasmine girl, right?” Justin nodded eagerly. “Well, then why aren’t you naked?” the teen asked with a sultry look, testing the waters. Justin instantly peeled off his clothes even though he was still starving after having abandoned his hot dogs at the barbecue. The tubes of meat would just have to wait as he had a more important one to attend to. “Okay, but don’t hold back now,” warned Justin. “I wanna learn EVERYTHING from you, Uncle Erik. Apparently you gay guys know it all since Jasmine says you’re in tune with your bodies. What’m I saying, of course you do, just look at what you taught me about the G-spot.” “Uh. Yeah,” said his uncle. “Lie on the bed and place your hands up against the post.” Justin did as instructed, his rod already standing at attention. The 13-year-old master of sex said, “Girls, uh – girls like romance. But sometimes they want their man to… show his testosterone side…” “Yeaaaahhhh… Hey, so, I know I probably only got my orange belt in sex. But by the end of the summer, you think I’ll have my black belt, sensei?” “Did I say you could talk?!” “Oooohhh… Is that what I should say to her when I’m-?” “Quiet, bitch. In fact, funny you should bring up an orange belt.” Uncle Erik grabbed Justin’s karate outfit and pulled the orange belt out from the loops. The teen tied the boy’s wrists to the bed post. “Yeah, babe, you like a man who can show he’s in charge. And you are so gonna satisfy me, understand?” “That’s cool, Uncle Erik. That talk kinda makes me tingle. Okay, sorry, I’m shutting up.” Justin felt himself being forced upon and he had to admit the ‘tude and little bit of danger was a total turn-on. Jasmine was gonna be impressed with him as a lover! Erik was singularly astonished that his little trick had worked out so well. That his nephew not only was fine with being dicked, he was eager for more, it was like a gift from above. After going at it hard and rough, the two emerged from the house in search of food. And there were jokes about Erik sleeping all day which he happily shrugged off. Because one look at Justin told him they’d definitely be spending a lot more time in bed. ~ ~ ~ So what had started off as the lamest summer vacation in the history of the world turned out to be the hottest, sexiest, funnest one Erik had ever had. What made it even better was Justin’s convoluted logic. The boy explained that had Erik been straight and kept wanting to have dude sex, what they’d been doing would’ve actually been totally gay. Conversely, since his uncle was gay, it was all perfectly normal because Justin was learning from an expert about how to please a girl. The logic got even more convoluted, but it all seemed to work in Erik’s favor. Justin further explained that even when he did get Jasmine he’d still need lessons because everyone knew girls didn’t put out as much and he’d need the practice. The nephew was actually worried his uncle would say no, and he seemed incredibly relieved to find out once he’d bagged his babe that Erik would be willing to continue having dude sex. The end of the family get-together came way too fast for either of their liking, but they concocted a way to still hang out. The answer was the simplest of all – Justin needed a tutor. The family just didn’t have to know what subject Erik was tutoring him in. On top of the erotic fun, they were actually enjoying hanging out again. So the uncle got his nephew back after all. As well as a fuck buddy! Erik grinned all the way on the car ride to the city, counting the minutes until Justin came to the house for his next lesson. THE END

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