Drawn West

By Jim002


Copyright 2017 by ook



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Fourteen After I”d sucked Pa for a little while, he reached down and pulled me up on my feet. He cleared off part of the table. Then he had me bend over the kitchen table.

“Hand me the butter, will you?” Pa asked Rafe.

“You goin ta fuck him here?” Joe asked Pa.

Rafe gave Pa butter. I watched as Joe and Rafe stroked themselves.

“Why not?” Pa asked.

I moaned as two of Pa”s greased fingers slipped inside me. Rafe and Joe were both dripping pecker drool.

“How do you two stay so hard?” I asked them.

They both laughed.

“Watchin a pa cornhole his son always gets me hard,” Joe said, grinning.

“You make ma pecker hard,” Rafe said. “Nobody never wanted it much as you, sweetheart.”

I groaned as Pa pushed inside me. Once he was fully buried, he leaned over me. He wrapped his arms around me.

“You like this?” he whispered in my ear. “I”m deep inside you, son. Can you feel it?”

“Oh, yes. Pa!”

“You like being treated–used by your father, as though you were his woman?”

Rafe obviously heard, despite Pa”s low voice. Both of us groaned at Pa”s words.

“I do, Pa. I want to take care of your needs.”

“You do, son. Do you know I only had sex with your mother six times?”

“Six?” all of us said, at the same time.

“Yes. And the last time, I practically had to rape her.”

“So you”ve had more sex with me…”

“Oh, yes! You”re like me. We both want as much sex as possible.”

“Ever man wants that,” Rafe said.

Joe nodded his head.

“Sex with a woman is fer babies. Sex with a man is fer fun,” Joe said.

Rafe nodded his head in agreement. I guessed it must be true.

“That”s how your mother felt. Once she was pregnant, sex stopped completely. She only wanted one child.”

Pa pulled out and then slid back inside me. He ground his crotch against me rear, getting as far into me as he could. He began to fuck me. Rafe and Joe stood on the opposite side of the table, stroking themselves. I reached for their peckers and they moved closer. I managed to get the ends of both of them in my hands.

“Now I only need one in my mouth,” I said.

All three men laughed.

“I told you not to be greedy!” Pa said.

“He kin make four men happy,” Joe said to Pa.

“I know,” Pa said. “I”m glad my boy wants so much sex. I know you want him to have sex with your brother. I want that, too.”

“Ya do?” Joe asked.

“Yes, but I want to watch,” Pa added.

Joe nodded his head.

“Watchin Tom and me got Pa”s pecker hard, again,” Joe said.

Pa nodded his head.

All of a sudden, there was a pounding on the door.

“Shit!” Pa said.

We were all naked! Pa pulled out of me, and we all frantically dressed.

“Maybe it”s the ladies with more food,” Pa said.

“Don”t sound like no lady poundin,” Rafe said.

I had to agree with him.

There was more pounding. By that time, we all had pants on, except Rafe. He was having trouble.

“Who is it?” Rafe yelled, as he tried to put his erection down one leg of his pants.

“Stop lookin at it!” Rafe said to me. “Yer keepin it hard!”

Pa laughed.

“It”s Tom!” the voice outside called.

“Is you alone?” Rafe called.


We were all relieved. Joe looked very happy. He went to the door and flung it open.

“Come on in, brother!” Joe said.

Tom walked into the house.

“How”d you know we was here?” Rafe asked, as he buttoned up his pants.

“Flora came into the saloon dragging Annabelle.”

I laughed. No one else did, but Tom grinned at me. I was reminded how handsome he was. I looked at his crotch. Tom burst out laughing.

“Yup, it”s still there, Daryl.”

I was embarrassed, but then wondered why I should be. We”d had sex more than once and he knew I enjoyed it.

“Said they was celebrating,” Tom continued. “Bought a round of drinks for ever one. Even Annabelle sipped some wine.”

I was glad they were happy. We”d made them happy and they”d made the people in the saloon happy. Was happiness contagious, like the pox? I hoped so.

Joe hugged his brother.

“I”s so glad you”s here,” Joe said.

Tom smiled.

Joe looked at me, like he was trying to tell me something without word. I saw him look at Tom”s crotch, and then tilt his head towards it. I hoped I understood right. I walked over to Tom and put my hand on his crotch. Tom grinned at me. I was relieved. I began feeling his pecker through his trousers. Tom took off his coat and hat and handed them to Joe. Tom stiffened as I squeezed his lump.

“Wish the ladies wanted me like you do, Daryl,” Tom said to me.

“How many people do you need to like you as much as Daryl?” Pa asked.

Joe barked out a laugh.

“Don”t rightly know,” Tom said, with a surprised expression. “Ah guessin I outa be happy someone does, specially someone with such a talent.”

“You mean his drawin?” Rafe asked.

“I mean his cocksuckin,” Tom said. I was shocked and didn”t realize I”d stopped until Tom put his hand on mine and began moving it on his crotch. By that time, he was very stiff.

“Joey said you want your lips aroun that ever day,” Tom said to me, grinning. “That true, boy?”

“It is, Tom. I want to be under you, too. I want you to take your pleasure from both ends of me.”

I saw something out of the corner of my eyes. I looked away from Tom and saw Pa and Joe had their peckers out and were stroking them. I looked back at Tom. He had a sultry expression on his face. I reached out and felt his cheek. He smiled at me.

“I don”t know that these men want you doin that,” Tom said to me.

“I”m his father and I want it,” Pa said.

“You mean it?”

“I do. I”d like to draw the three of you, that is you, Joe, and Daryl, while you both have your peckers in him.”

I grinned at Pa.

“Damnation!” Tom said.

“Are you going to stay for dinner?” Pa asked Tom.

“Ifin I”m welcome.”

“You are,” Pa said. “You are always welcome here.”

Joe”s grin got even bigger, then.

“Then I better put my horse in the barn,” Tom said. Tom got up and left the house, istanbul travesti followed by a gust of cold air.

“I better check on the food,” Pa said. He got up and walked to the kitchen. We all followed him.

“Mebbee Brother Tom should spend the night,” Joe said to Pa.

Pa checked the bread in the oven. It wasn”t ready.

“That”s fine, but where would he sleep?” Pa asked.

“I”ll sleep on the floor, here by the fire,” Joe said. “You mind sharin the bed with Brother Tom?” he asked Rafe.

“Don”t make much differnce, him er you,” Rafe said, shrugging, as we left the kitchen.

Tom came back. The room was colder.

“Wind”s pickin up. So”s the snow,” he said.

“Do you want to spend the night with us?” I asked Tom. “You don”t want to ride back to town in the cold and darkness.”

He seemed surprised.

“Ahm welcome?” he asked Pa.

“Of course. It will give Daryl more time with your pecker,” Pa said.

We all laughed.

“Why don”t we sit? I”ll pour drinks,” Pa said. “Who wants what?”

Pa had brandy and the rest of us had whiskey. I wasn”t sure I would drink mine, but it was tasting better and better to me.

“It ain”t rot gut,” Rafe said, when I mentioned that.

Maybe I just hated cheap whiskey.

“Got big news,” Tom said to us.

“What is it?” Pa asked.

“Harry got drunk and told us he”s movin to Deadwood. Happy Christmas.”

“What?” I asked, shocked. All of us were shocked. Tom nodded his head.

“That”s how it hit us. The girls was crying. Most of em, anyway.”

“But why?” Rafe asked.

“The Gem burned down twice this year. Swearengen rebuilt it twice, bigger and better. But he”s out a lot and now he”s a chargin more than a lot of folks can afford. Harry thinks there”s money to be had in a place those folks can go. And he can get more folks in with Daryl”s pictures,” Tom said.

“You”re moving?” I asked. I was depressed. Until that moment, I didn”t realize how important Tom was to me. It was odd, because the thought of Harry leaving didn”t bother me, especially since he was going to keep selling my pictures. We would sell even more, what with Deadwood being so much bigger.

“Mebbee. Mebbe not.”

Tom winked at me and I grinned. Was it up to me? Could I make Tom decide to stay with us?

“Don”t go,” Joe said.

“Please don”t go,” I said.

I smiled when I saw that Tom was hard. He looked mostly at me.

“Maybe it was just the drink talking,” Pa said.

“No. He”s talked about it before. He asked Swearengen if he could do that, build a saloon for the poorer fellas. There ain”t no point in pretendin Al don”t own that town. He got word today from him that if he got a cut of Harry”s business, he was welcome.”

Pa shook his head. I wondered how Harry could make enough money if Al Swearengen was getting part of it, but I had to remember Deadwood was not only bigger, it was closer to the miners who didn”t live in town.

“He closin his place, here?” Rafe asked.

“He”s sellin it to Ben Davis.”

I looked at Joe. He looked very happy.

“What is Ben Davis going to do with two saloons so close to each other?” Pa asked.

“Close one,” Tom said. “Get all the business.”

Pa nodded.

Tom finished his drink. Pa got up and brought the bottle over.

“We have plenty,” Pa said.

Tom poured another glass and swallowed it in one gulp. He leaned back in his chair and sighed.

“Ben wants you to work for him,” Tom said to me. “Same terms as Harry.”

I nodded my head.

“You willin? Told Ben I”d asks ya.”

I looked at Pa, who nodded.


Tom ran a finger over the bulge in his trousers.

“Ben told me to tell ya he has something hard for you to play with,” Tom said, grinning.

“You”ll like his pecker and his milk,” Joe said to me.

“It better not be donkey milk,” Pa said.

We laughed at that.

“I want ta watch ya fuck yer son,” Tom said to Pa.

“His pa was fuckin him on the kitchen table when you knocked,” Joe said. Tom”s eyes narrowed and he groped himself as he looked at me. “We was all tryin ta get our pants on. Almost fell over, muhself.”

Tom laughed and slapped his leg.

Joe moved his chair next to Tom. He reached over and squeezed his brother”s pecker. Tom spread his legs and grinned at me.

“This is what I like about mansex. It ain”t about babies or sweet talkin a girl, tellin her how wonderful she is. It”s just about gettin a hardon and havin a pal�or a brother work the stiffness outa it,” Tom said, grinning at Joe.

“That”s very true,” Pa said. “How many men need to be convinced to have sex?”

“That be truth,” Rafe said.

Tom nodded his head.

“You liked havin Daryl and me suckin you,” Joe said to Tom.

“That I did! May be why I”m here. Best time I had in a long while. Best part was I could see ma pecker was makin all of us happy.”

Joe grinned at me.

“Yer pecker always made me happy,” Joe said.

Tom grinned at Joe.

“We”re planning to build more rooms here,” Pa said to Tom. “We can offer you a job and a place to live, if you don”t want to go to Deadwood.”

Tom sighed.

“Harry is goin ta get hisself shot,” Tom said. “Won”t be the first man Swearengen killed, or the tenth. Told him that. First time he crosses Big Al�or Big Al thinks he been crossed, Harry”ll be dead.”

“Please don”t go, Tom,” I said.

Tom grinned.

“What job?” Tom asked Pa.

“Work on the house.” Pa looked like he was thinking. “And you could carry Daryl”s drawings to Deadwood and collect the money.”

“That”s a good idea!” I said. “They have to get there somehow.”

“Before, I thought Harry would take the pictures to Deadwood, but now, that doesn”t seem likely,” Pa said. “I don”t want Daryl riding to Deadwood all the time.” I could see Tom was thinking about it. “He has no experience defending himself.”

“And his drawins are worth money,” Joe added. “You knows that.”

“True,” Tom said.

“There will be work on the farm,” Rafe said. “The more hands we have, the more we can sell.”

I was glad that Pa nodded his head in agreement.

“We can”t just hire any man to work here, Tom,” Pa said. “Not the way we want to live.”

“Ain”t it the truth!” Rafe said.

“Farmin. Hmm. Joey used ta milk me when I milked the cow,” Tom said, while Joe continued rubbing his brother”s crotch.

I laughed.

“We have to get a cow,” I said to Pa.

They all laughed.

“I want it to be the way it was with you and Joe, growing up,” I kadıköy travesti said. “He could find you in the fields and give you a suck, whenever he felt like it.”

Joe smiled at me. He seemed really happy. This was what he wanted, Tom joining us. I wanted it almost as much.

“Well, I told muhself I would never farm, again. But runnin a whorehouse ain”t near as much fun as I thought.”

“Cows don”t talk,” Rafe said.

Tom laughed and nodded his head.

Joe pushed his hand inside Tom”s pants. Tom sighed with a grin on his face.

“It”s good to be wanted.”

“Daryl and me both want you, brother,” Joe said.

Tom sighed, again

“I know that. I can see. I seen how he drawed me. Damnation! I almost wanted the man he drawed!”

Tom looked at Rafe.

“Am I welcome?” he asked him.

Rafe nodded his head.

“We could use more hands and we can trust ya. I trust ya. And Daryl can use yer milk. He”s skinny,” Rafe said.

“Well, it sure as heck helped Joey,” Tom said.

Rafe and Joe nodded.

Tom smiled. He looked around the room. He poured himself a drink and swallowed in in one gulp.

“You two ain”t gonna fight over my pecker, are ya?” Tom asked Joe, grinning.

“I don”t want it in my ass no more,” Joe said. “I want ta see it in Daryl”s ass. And yer milk goes in the boy”s mouth, mostly.”

“The way you got your hand round ma pecker, I”s surprised,” Tom said to Joe.

“I still love it. We will both be suckin on it, regular. I loves ya, brother.”

Tom smiled and put his arm around Joe”s shoulders.

“I think the bread is ready,” Pa said. I nodded my head. I smelled that way. He got up and walked to the kitchen. Rafe followed him and I followed Rafe. With all the talk about Tom, I didn”t want Rafe to feel left out. I took his hand and held it, as we watched Pa take the bread out of the over.

“I love you, Rafe,” I said. Rafe looked very happy. He bent down and pushed his tongue into my mouth. I moaned as we kissed. I felt for his pecker and I wasn”t surprised to find it was stiff. I pushed my hand inside his pants and felt it. He groaned and stood up.

“You still want that big thang?” Rafe asked, grinning.

“I do! Pa, why do I want so many peckers?”

Pa laughed, as he took the bread out of the stove. He placed it on the counter.

“Because I”m lucky,” Pa said. I didn”t understand. I guess he could tell.

“I like sharing you with other men, Daryl. I like watching them have sex with you. Don”t ever be ashamed of making your father happy. Or of making his pecker hard.”

I smiled at Pa.

“I think the food”s hot enough,” Pa said.

I pulled my hand out of Rafe”s pants. Rafe walked over to the stove.

“Why don”t we set the table, while Rafe cuts the meat?” Pa said to me.

“I love Rafe”s meat!” I said.

Pa and Rafe laughed.

Pa wanted to use the big table, not the one in the kitchen. Pa got plates off a shelf and handed them to me. I carried them out of the kitchen. Tom was still in the same chair, but he was naked and smoking a cigar. He held a glass of whiskey in his other hand. One of Tom”s legs was hanging over an arm of the chair. Joe was on his knees, sucking his brother”s cock. Tom blew out a smoke ring and grinned at me.

“That would make a great picture,” I said.

I put the plates down and walked over to Tom. I ran my hands over his manly, hairy body. Tom let his head fall back and sighed.

“Come on Daryl,” Pa said. “We”re going to spend all evening and half the night having sex. But it”s dinner time, now.”

I reluctantly took my hands off Tom.

Joe pulled his mouth off Tom”s pecker. I looked at Tom”s pecker. It was stiff and shiny from Joe”s spit.

“That sure is a beauty,” I said.

“Ain”t it?” Joe asked, grinning.

“Give it a big kiss,” Joe said.

I grinned and bent over to do that. After I kissed it, Joe rubbed it on my face, while I grinned.

I walked back over to the table and helped Pa set it.

“Are you going to fuck Daryl?” Pa asked Tom, who joined us after he put his pants back on.

“Hope so,” Tom said.

Tom moved behind me. He put his hands on my shoulders and rubbed his crotch against my butt. Joe looked so happy, I had to smile. This was exactly what he wanted.

“I”m so happy you”re going to live with us, Tom. And I think Joe is even happier.”

“I is,” Joe said.

“Now I may want a woman, now and then,” Tom said. He walked into the kitchen.

I could see that Joe didn”t like that, at all.

“We”ll keep his balls so drained, he won”t be able to do anything with her,” I said to Joe.

Joe laughed. He walked up to me and kissed me. It started out as a peck on the lips, but then Joe pushed his tongue into my mouth and wrapped his arms around me. Pa cleared his throat and we stopped kissing.

Rafe brought out a beautiful turkey and set it on the table. Pa brought out potatoes and carrots. They both went back for more food. A few minutes later, we were ready to eat. Missy was ready, too. She made it very clear she wanted to eat with us.

“I shot a squirrel for her,” Joe said to Pa.

“It”s probably frozen solid by now,” I said.

Joe nodded.

“Go put her in the barn,” Pa said.

“No, Pa! There might be places she could get out,” I said. “She could get lost.”

“That is true. Why don”t you put her in one of the bedrooms?” Pa suggested.

I grabbed a piece of turkey for her. Pa frowned, but it was Christmas for her, too. I took her to the big bedroom and gave her the piece of turkey. Then I shut the door. I sat back down at the table. We dug in and ate quite a bit of the food. I looked at the handsome men at the table. I could hardly believe they all wanted me, but it seemed they did, even Tom. Of course, Tom might be with us because of Joe. They were closer than any two brothers I knew. Tom was sitting next to Joe and Pa was seated next to me. Rafe sat at the head of the table. We didn”t talk much while we ate, except to comment on how good the food was. Tom seemed pleased when he heard that Flora and Annabelle were going to be doing our cooking and cleaning.

“That Flora”s sumpin,” Tom said. “I seen her polish off a whole bottle of whiskey in a evenin. She can outdrink and outshoot half the men in town.”

“How does Annabelle feel about that? She doesn”t seem the type to approve of drinking,” I said.

I saw Pa nodded his head.

“She don”t say nothin. She”d be dead if tweren”t for Flora. Annabelle plum gave up after her family died. Stopped eatin, bakırköy travesti stopped getting out of bed, even.”

“She”s lucky Flora came along,” Pa said.

Tom nodded. “And she knows it.”

“We got pie and cookies for dessert,” Pa said.

No one looked like they wanted anymore food.

“Have any of you seen the well?” I asked. “The one where the Indian was shot.”

“It”s behind the barn,” Rafe said. “Strange place ta put it.”

“I guess they built the house before the well,” Pa said.

“Old one may a run dry,” Joe said.

“That”s true,” Pa said.

“I don”t think we should shoot any thirsty Indians,” I said. I meant it to be funny, but Pa looked angry.

“We won”t be doing, that,” Pa said, looking around at each man at the table. “It”s my property and I must insist.” He shook his head. “Killing someone for drinking water…”

“Calm down,” Tom said. “Most folks think Jake got what was comin to him, specially cause he was braggin about shootin a man in the back. That Injun didn”t do him no harm.”

“Well, good. I have no sympathy for someone like that,” Pa said.

A thought occurred to me.

“I hope the Indians don”t think we are his relatives,” I said. “Or that we think like him.”

Pa frowned.

“Couple of em go to the Golden Bone, regular,” Joe said.

“They”s half-breeds,” Tom said.

“We can tell them, though, right?” I asked. “And then they can tell their relatives.”

Pa nodded his head.

“I suppose we”ll see them at the Golden Bone,” Pa said.

“Used to go on Saturday nights,” Joe said.

“Still do, I think,” Tom said.

“I”ll tell them they are welcome to our water,” Pa said.

Tom looked like he was going to say something, but he didn”t.

“Did you think of something, Tom?” I asked him.

“I don”t know ifin you should treat em like Injuns. They ain”t livin with a tribe. They got a homestead.”

“Oh,” Pa said. “Yes. I can see how that could bother them. Well, I”ll strike up a conversation and see what happens.”

I nodded.

“I gots a feelin they”s like us,” Joe said to Pa.

Tom nodded his head.

“I thought one of em was checkin out ma pecker at one a them donkey shows,” Tom said.

“Now, I don”t think we should share that with any Indians,” I said.

All the men laughed and I grinned.

“Do you know them?” Pa asked Rafe.

“No. Seen em, say howdy. That”s it. They keeps to themself. I figured they”s together.”

“Do you mean they”re lovers?” I asked.

Rafe shrugged. “Mebbe. Mebbe not.”

“They don”t pay much attention to the ladies,” Tom said.

We were all stuffed. No one had dessert. Missy was whining. I got dressed and took her outside, while the others put the food in the kitchen.

The clouds had disappeared. The sky was full of stars, and the moon lit up the place. I decided to go look at the well.

“Come on, Missy,” I said.

I walked behind the house and she followed. I took a leak in the outhouse. It didn”t smell at all, but then I remembered it hadn”t been used for a while. We walked behind the barn and I saw the well. Like the house, it was built of stone. It had a cover on it. I pictured the Indian, thirsty and seeing the well. As he quenched his thirst, he was shot in the back. I felt angry at the man who killed him, but maybe his relatives were killed in an Indian massacre and he saw it as an act of revenge for their deaths. I just didn”t know. But it was sad, very sad to me. I wondered if he and his wife were buried on our land.

“Let”s go back inside, Missy,” I said.

We both ran back to the house. I almost slipped on an icy patch, but didn”t. At the front door, I picked her up and she licked my face.

“I like you, too,” I said. She grinned at me, I was certain.

Pa and Rafe were clearing off the table. Joe and Tom were talking. They all turned and smiled at me.

“There”s our honey,” Pa said.

I smiled. “You see, Missy? They like you, too.”

Pa laughed.

I put Missy down and helped them clean up. Once the table was cleared, Rafe worked the pump while I rinsed the dishes. I was pleased to see Rafe got hard while he was working with me. I stopped twice to feel his meat. After the second time, he stopped and kissed me.

“I love ya, boy.”

I smiled at him.

“You make me glad I lost Roy.”

“Oh, Rafe!”

That was just about the nicest thing he could have said to me. I wrapped my arms around him and we kissed, again. While we kissed, he pushed his hand inside the back of my pants. I moaned as he pushed a finger inside me.

“Yer ma sweetheart.”

“You are mine,” I said, smiling at him.

We finished the dishes just as Pa finished putting the food away.

We walked out of the kitchen. I was surprised to see Tom and Joe were kissing. They were both naked and standing near the fire. I felt a little uneasy seeing them like that. Where they lovers? I don”t know why, but I assumed it was just sex between them. Where did that leave me? I told myself I was being foolish. Even if they left together, I had Pa and Rafe. And I could be very happy with just Pa. Just then, Pa started undressing me. I stood still. I know he liked to undress me. I understood, because I loved undressing him.

“Bend over the table so I can look at your ass,” Pa said.

I did that and rested my cheek on the table. Rafe pulled my cheeks apart. Joe and Tom walked over to us. Pa ran a finger over my hole.

“This is for us all to enjoy,” Pa said, as he pushed his finger into me. “Right, Daryl?”

“Right, Pa.”

“Ah, yeah!” Rafe said.

“Tom, why don”t you fuck my son?” Pa said.

“Bury yer bone,” Joe said.

“I want ta see his pappy cornhole him, first,” Tom said.

“Let me grease your pecker for ya,” Rafe said to Pa.

I turned my head and watched Rafe cover Pa”s pecker with grease. I couldn”t take my eyes off Pa”s pecker. When Rafe let go of it, it bounced on its own and drooled. I wanted it badly. I wondered how it would taste, covered with grease.

“Damnation! Look how much he wants it,” Tom said to Joe.

“Like I wanted Pa”s,” Joe said. “And yoursin.”

Tom moaned. I turned my head to the other side and saw Joe was on his knees, sucking Tom.

Pa rubbed the head of his pecker against my hole, wetting it. Then he pushed slowly inside me. I groaned as he entered me. It hurt, but there had never been anything as satisfying as having Dan inside me. Now that I knew he was my father, it was even better.

“My oh my. Will ya look at that,” Tom said, when Pa was fully inside me, and his body covered mine. “There ain”t nothin makes my pecker harder.”

“Then you need to stay with us,” I said to Tom.

“Told ya I was,” Tom said.




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