Subject: I Woke Up 67 I Woke Up 67 by M.P. Arsent Copyright to this story remain strictly that of the author. No other publication or use of this story is allowed without the consent of the author. This story contains male on male sexual content both implied and explicit. If this offends you please do not continue. All characters and implied situations are strictly those of the author and are not based on any real life events or characters. If you are under 18 years of age please exit this story now. I welcome all responses to my stories. Please make sure that you list the name of the story in the email line. If your email is to alert me of misspelled words or improper punctuation or grammar save your time because it will be deleted. I hope you enjoy my vivid imagination. Please let me know what you think at ail and don’t forget to donate to Nifty as they do an amazing job. Gordon made to go for the room but I grabbed him. “We don’t need to be getting in their way. Let them do what they have to.” One of the nurses saw the paniced look on Gordons face and then looked to the room. “Oh no it’s not your friend. We had to move him to a ward to make room for that patient.” No sooner had she said this than Aiden and his mother came around the corner and Aiden could see the look on Gordons face as well. Aiden grasped the wheeels on his chair and fairly laid rubber trying to get to Gordon. Gordon fairly collapsed into Aidens arms when he saw him. “I knew this was going to happen the second they moved me last night. Breath babe,breath. I’m fine.” There was little doubt in my mind that the two of them were ready to get intimate with each other. “Goodness! I knew they liked each other but not to that extent.” “I think Mrs Harris that you will find it goes even beyond that.” Aiden heard me say that even as he was trying to get Gordon under control. He gave me a questioning look. I simply nodded and Aiden got a rather happy look on his face as he held Gordon even closer. Gordon fianlly got his act together and he and Aiden moved off down the hall to talk. “Mrs Harris, I’d like to offer you a ride home tomorrow if I may.” “Well I would certainly appreciate it Dennis,but I can’t ask you to do that.” “You didn’t ask, I offered. Mr Harris wasn’t exactly being reserved the other day. I think the whole floor must have heard him. I’m a bit concerned that you may have more trouble than you think waiting for you when you get home. I want to be there to help if need be. It certainly won’t help Aidens recovery to be worrying about you.” “No it certainly won’t. Very well. I’ve made erdemli escort arrangements to get Aiden back to campus in the morning. I know you all are in the same dorm so at what time will you be available to leave?” “I should be done with classes and back to the dorm no later than 1:45. We can leave directly after that if that is satisfactory?” “That sounds very satisfactory and thank you very much.” “I shall see you tomorrow then as I have things waiting for me back on campus.” “Very well Dennis. I’ll see you tomorrow if not sooner.” I made my way back to campus and found Karl. “Ok lover what shall we be up to today?” “I didn’t have anything in particular in mind love. How about we just take ourselves a quiet walk about campus? I’m sure there are things we haven’t seen yet.” “I’m sure there are love. I know I haven’t seen the inside of the library yet.” So our first stop was the library. What can you say about a library? It was nicely enough appointed and there were a few computer stations set up as well. We just strolled around and talked about meaningless stuff for a while and finally got engaged in a game of touch football for a good hour or so. We grabbed lunch at the student union and caught a movie at the on campus movie theatre. The whole time I could see that something was on Karls mind. “I’ve known you long enough to know there’s something on your mind love. Spit it out.” “Just the way our lives always seem to be in turmoil Den. First it was Dirk then it was Kyle Grant and now it’s Larry. Does it ever stop?” “I’m sure it will love. I doubt like hell that Larry will do anything while we are still at school. Isn’t Anderson another couple of hours away? That would be like 9 hours each way for him to get home. Hardly worth it for the time he would be able to spend there.” “So you’re saying we can relax until Thanksgiving break?” “I would think so love,maybe as far as Christmas break. Unless he has some friends who didn’t leave for school?” “He has friends but I don’t think any of them are stupid enough to try something for him. I could be wrong.” “How about siblings?” “Yeah he has a brother about Bobbies age I think,but I don’t think Larry has that much influence over Joey. I”ll call Bobbie later and give him a heads up though.” “We’ve still got most of the afternoon love. What say we hit the gym for a while?” If I was going to compete next year I needed to start getting back into shape and build my stamina. “Yeah why not. Maybe I can burn off some of this worry.” We got to the gym and changed and tarsus escort headed for the workout room. We worked our way around the weight machine and then hit the staionary bikes for a bit. “You feeling any better Karl?” “Yeah a little.” “Come spot me. I told the coach I was going to be ready for the team come next year. I’ve got to start working on that if I intend to be there.” We made our way to the apparatus room and there was nobody there so we had the run of the place. I started out on the pummel horse and did a full routine there. From there I went to the vault and did a simple somersault vault,just to get the feel of it once again. I decided to end it with a work out on the parrallel bars. “You’re looking real good there love. Getting your old flare back I think.” “Yeah maybe but I hurt in places I forgot I had places right now. This is going to take a lot of work.” “Anything worth doing does love. Want to hit the hot tub?” “Oh yeah.” We went back to the locker room and changed into bathing suits and made our way to the hot tub,which was empty of people when we got there. We soaked for a good 15 minutes and then hit the showers. Once we got changed we headed back towards the dorm and hit the cafeteria for and early dinner. We went up to my roomafter eating and there was no big red star on the easel. We had no sooner gotten inside when my phone rang. The caller id didn’t register but I could tell it was a phone number from home so I answer. “What kind of shit storm have you stirred up now?” “Dirk?” “Yeah it’s me.” “Give me a hint of what the hell you’re talking about.” “I got a call from Larry Brown of all people. He wanted to enlist me in some kinda payback scheme he is cooking up and you’re the guest of honor.” “I’m putting you on speaker Dirk as Karl is here with me.” “Why am I not surprised?” “Just what the hell is he trying to set up?” “He didn’t give me any specifics,but he wants it done soon while he is still at school so he can’t be blamed.” “Dirk I really appreciate the call. Now will you do something else for me?” “What do you need?” “Write it all down while it is fresh in your mind. You know who my lawyers are. Keep a copy for yourself and send them one or just drop it off at their offices. I’ll email them a heads up when we’re done here. Otherwise, how are you holding up?” “I’m getting by and things are starting to happen just like you said they might. I’m not making many friends cause I’m being a bit hardnosed about it,just so I can find out who my real friends are. Ace hasn’t shown his face akdeniz escort around me since the funeral,but most of the other guys are still around.” “To bad about Ace. You need anything I can help with give me a call and if you should hear anymore from Larry,document it and get a copy to my lawyers please.” “You got it. How’s college treating you guys?” “You know how it is. Every situation has it’s own set of problems. We’re working our way around them. Other than those wanting a better deal how is it going for you?” “I can’t complain. Dad did prepare me somewhat for what goes on around here. EVeryonce in a while I hit a bump,but I’m figuring it out.” “Good to hear. You take care,and thanks for the heads up.” “You be careful. Larry isn’t anybody to be trifled with.” “So I am finding out. Later Dirk.” “Later.” I hung up the phone and looked at Karl and the worry I saw there was evident. “Breath Karl. Everybody has been warned already and that is all we can do for now.” “There’s got to something more we can do Den. Private security?” “Not Private security so to speak,but.” I pulled out my phone and hit one of the speed dial settings. “What can I do for the college boy?” “Hey Dana sorry to bother you. Here’s the situation. Basically somebody is pissed at me for his own stupidity.” I laid out the whole story for him,including Dirks phone call. “I’d just like a little closer watch kept on my place and Karls if it isn’t to out of line.” “I’ll make more swings past it for you and I’ll mention it to the Captain of the watch as well. It’s the least we can do for you Dennis.” “Thanks Dana. I think Karl and I will both sleep a little better knowing you are keeping a watch.” “No problem Dennis. Otherwise how is college going?” “We’re getting by. Thanks for doing this Dana and let the rest of the precinct know I appreicate it as well.” “Will do. Have a good night.” We hung up and I sat down a fired up the computer and laid it all out and emailed it to the lawyers. “And that love is all that can be done until something happens.” ‘Yeah it’s the waiting that’s going to be a killer. You don’t hink he’d make the trip here from Anderson to work some miscjhief do you?” “You’d know better than me love.” “Yeah I suppose,and now that I thnk about it I wouldn’t put it past him.” “Wonderful. So we keep our eyes open and be careful. That means double checking the cars before we take off for anywhere and I’m thinking no unplanned trips without we both know where the other is going.” “Or going alone if we can help it. Do you remember waht kind of car Larry has?” “Yeah and I remember the plates to. I suppose we ought to get those to the campus cops.” “That and everything we know and what we might suspect from previous behaviour.” “They are nott going to like us.” “I think having something happen to students on campus is even less desireable.”

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