My First Time (Spacing Corrected)_(9)



I knew that people had sex from mid high school days, but didn’t experience it until a few years later. My mother had told me the basics, so I knew I could get pregnant, but the processes of accomplishing it were fairly vague. I entered a strict Church related college right after graduation from high school, so my education about sex was still some ways off.

During the second semester of my sophomore year, I met Dean. Actually, he was dating another girl while I was dating his roommate. Since his roommate didn’t have a car, Dean usually drove when we double dated. It was only a few weeks until I realized I was dating the wrong boy. I sensed that Dean felt the same way, but both of us respected the commitments to our partners. However; over the course of a month, Dean broke up with his girl friend for reasons that had nothing to do with me. Then when my boy friend began cheating on me when I was out of town, I broke off with him. Shortly after, I accepted a date with Dean.

Within a month we were engaged! Even though Dean had a reputation of being terribly shy, it wasn’t long before I realized I was going to have my hands full with him. He was respectful, but in his shy and inhibited way he made it clear that he wanted to know more about girls in general, and me in particular. Naturally, we cuddled and kissed as you would expect of a newly engaged couple, but before long he began running his hands up and down my back, and I could feel him exploring the outline of my bra. He paid special attention to the clasp, almost as if he were trying to learn how to unhook it through my blouse and slip.

We didn’t progress past a lot of kissing and general feeling of each other’s non-sexual body. Occasionally, Dean would accidentally bump my breast. I didn’t protest, because he wasn’t terribly aggressive about it, and besides, I kind of liked it! He asked to take me home about four hundred miles away to meet his family after school was out. Afterwards, I was coming back to my parent’s home on a bus while he spent the summer working for a farm supply business.

During the nine-hour drive to his home, the reality that we were going to be separated for three months began settling into my thoughts. Naturally I sat close beside him on the drive, and he had his arm around me most of the time. Presently, I became aware that he was becoming more aggressive about bumping my right breast. Before long he had his hand resting on the side of my breast doing little circles and massaging it gently. I didn’t protest, but cuddled closer to him offering my non-verbal assent. We talked of our separation, expressing our undying love as you might expect of young lovers.

I was to be at his parent’s home for a little less than a week before I returned home. Dean drove me all over his boyhood stomping grounds, taking me to the schools he attended and showing me the places where he had lived. In addition, he took me into all the farm buildings, sharing the places where he played as a child, and where he hid. One of the places I enjoyed was the huge barn and the hayloft. Dean showed me where he built caves and rooms in the bales of straw. We spent some time cuddling and kissing in one of the rooms he built to show me where he played as a child.

All too soon, it was the night before I was to leave. His parents went to bed early, probably to let us have the living room alone on my last night. We were sitting on the divan, and of course we began kissing and cuddling. Before long, we were lying side by side, stretched out together. We were locked in a passionate embrace, pressing together as if we were trying to exclude our clothes from inhibiting the feeling of our bodies together.

Dean said something about how nice it would be when we could love each other all the way, and how much he was looking forward to being able to sleep with me. I sighed, telling him how much I was looking forward to the same thing. We started talking about what it would be like, when Dean surprised me by asking if I would like to feel him. I agreed and seconds later, I heard the snap of his jeans pop open, and the zipper slide down. He took my hand and guided it beneath his shorts.

I had never seen an adult penis, certainly not an erect one, so had no idea what to expect. The first sensation was feeling the tip. What a puzzle, at first it was silky smooth and soft, but immediately below the surface it felt like a rock. I felt the tip, touching the ridge just below the cone shaped tip, then down to the loose skin on the main shaft. I was astounded at how big it felt. I wasn’t able to close my hand around its circumference! I continued feeling down the length of the thing, amazed at how long it was. Dean shifted his hips slightly providing me a little more room for my hand in its downward exploration trip.

I felt his pubic hair, then the place where the monster joined his body. Dean took my hand, guiding it further down to where the soft silky sac holding his balls was located. He told me to be very careful because his balls were quite tender. I had known that from having seen boys get hit on the playground at school so tried to be especially careful. It was obvious that he enjoyed the feeling of my hand a great deal. I was aware that his breathing was becoming rapid, and his body was about as rigid as his thing. After feeling his most intimate parts for several minutes, I sensed that I probably better stop, or there would be no stopping.

Dean asked if I would like to see it, but I said I didn’t want too just now. He zipped and buckled up, then kissed me gently telling me how much he loved me and was going to miss me. Dean had let me touch him, so I decided it was only fair to offer to reciprocate. I was keenly aware of how much he wanted to feel my breasts, and after all, his parents were in the bedroom just a few feet away, so I was sure things couldn’t get too far out of hand. I asked if he would like to feel my breast. His response was predictably immediate and positive. I unbuttoned my blouse and took his hand, guiding it under my bra.

It was obvious that it was not going to work very well with my bra fastened because there simply wasn’t enough room for my breast and his hand at the same time. I sat up for a moment and unhooked my bra. In an instant, his hand was on my breast, probing, feeling, rubbing and rolling my nipple between his fingers. The feeling was so exquisite that I could scarcely contain my feelings. His touch sent tingly feelings throughout my body, down to my tummy and into my bottom. It was so heavenly that I willed it to go on forever.

He stroked and massaged for several minutes, and finally pulled his hand back. By now, I was in such a state of arousal that I hardly believed it myself when I asked if he wanted to feel the rest of me. Predictably, he agreed without hesitation, and began stroking my bare tummy under my blouse. I was wearing slacks with a zipper down the side, so while he was playing with my tummy, I unbuttoned the band and slid the zipper down. Dean heard the zipper go down, and instantly moved his hand down toward my bottom.

I felt the tingly feeling in my tummy as he worked his hand down, down, down. Just as he encountered my hair, he stopped.

“You have hair!” I couldn’t resist the giggle that rose up.

“What did you expect?”

“Well, I just thought that since girls didn’t have a beard, they wouldn’t have hair any place else either.”

I began to realize just how innocent and inexperienced he really was. He quickly recovered from his discovery, and continued his exploration. Shortly, I felt his probing fingers reach the upper most part of my vaginal opening.
“Be really careful, you’re inside me,” I whispered.

He was careful, gently probing his fingers into my dripping opening. Since he was coming from above, and my slacks and panties considerably restricted his arm, he couldn’t get a very direct approach to me. His fingers just penetrated the opening and only slightly into me. Even so, the feeling was unlike anything I ever experienced. I ground my bottom into the divan, trying to adjust his fingers to where they felt the best. He obviously didn’t know what to do, so he just ran his fingers up and down my slit. The feeling was so intense that I finally had to stop him for fear that I would want to just keep going and g-o-i-n-g! I could tell that it was with the utmost reluctance that he pulled his hands out of my panties.

We reluctantly agreed that it was time to go to bed. My room was on the second floor, next to Dean’s room. He came into my bedroom, and held me in his arms for a long time. This would be the last time we would kiss good night for at least three months. I could see the unasked question on his face. Right at that moment, if he had asked to sleep with me, I’m not sure what the answer might have been. After several minutes, he quietly went out and softly closed the door.

The next morning I got up and quietly opened my door. Dean’s door was open to allow a breeze to circulate through the bedrooms. I peeked in to see him dressed and making the bed. I stepped into the room, wearing my pajamas. In an instant he embraced me, and without hesitation, slid his hands under my pajama tops and up my back. For several minutes, he ran his hands over my back. He paid special attention to the place where my bra would hook if I were wearing one.

“Unless you want to go a whole lot further, you better go get dressed.” I kissed him and heeded his advice.

The next two months were filled escort bayan with daily letters back and forth. In those days, we never considered a telephone call due to the expense relative to our meager incomes. Dean worked six days a week, ten to twelve hours, and I worked a second shift job doing computer key punch work. One weekend, my sister and her family were visiting from Texas. I was helping with dinner preparations one Saturday night around July 4. I heard a car drive in, but since we were expecting the entire family I didn’t pay any attention. One of my sisters said there was someone at the door for me. I couldn’t imagine who could be at the door, but went anyway. There was Dean! He hadn’t told me he was coming, just decided on the spur of the moment to drive down for the weekend.

It was a great time, getting reacquainted. We spent every spare moment together, but with family around all the time we had no privacy at all. I could tell that Dean longed to get his hands on me, and at the level of my feelings, I was kind of glad that we were somewhat restricted in our time alone.

We didn’t see each other again for nearly six weeks. One evening I got a call from Dean. His roommate from college was being married in northern Kansas. It was about half way between where we were living. He was planning to drive down if I could catch a ride up with some of the other kids from school. I took Friday night off from work, and caught a ride with friends. We arrived late Friday evening. Dean was already at the home of mutual friends who lived close to the church. Our friends made room for me on their couch, and Dean was to be put up at another friend’s home. They assumed we would probably come in late, so made arrangements for us to get in without them having to come to the door. We drove to a country road, and started necking. Our passion was at a fever pitch, and little time was wasted getting into a serious clinch. We cuddled for a couple of hours, but didn’t do much but kiss and cuddle. We were both tired from the trip, and didn’t want to come in too late.

The wedding was early the next evening, and was all over by half past eight. Dean & I left as soon as it was politely possible. We quickly drove to a deserted stretch of road. It was obvious that it was used only by farmers during the day, and rarely if ever saw traffic at night. Dean stopped the car and took me in his arms. The side of the road had been mowed just a week or so before, and appeared to be fairly smooth. Dean got a blanket out of the trunk and spread it on the ground. We sat down and instantly fell into a passionate clinch. I had on a nice dress, and was worried about getting it wrinkled. Dean was wearing a suit and tie, and when I expressed my concern about getting our clothes wrinkled, he said the easiest way to keep that from happening was to take them off!

I was stunned, but a second later he had removed his tie, and in another instant his suit pants were laying on the front seat of the car. I was wearing a nice skirt and blouse with a full slip, so decided that taking my blouse and skirt off while leaving my slip on wasn’t too risky. In a few moments they were laying on his slacks. At first we cuddled and kissed, but our level of passion combined with the forced separation seemed to move us along.

We were laying side by side in a tight clinch when Dean rolled on top of me and got between my legs. By now my slip was up around my waist, but I still had my support girdle on so felt fairly well protected. He settled down on me and began rubbing his penis against my pubic bone. The feeling was fantastic, and apparently he felt the same. After a while he pulled back a bit and I could feel him positioning the tip against my bottom. I was amused because he kept putting it at the top of my opening, and every time I moved it down to the proper location he moved it back up.

“Why do you keep moving it up there?” I asked.

“I just wanted to practice where it should go,” he responded breathlessly.

“Well, that’s where I’ve been putting it,” I whispered.

“Way down there?” he asked incredulously.

“Why do you think it goes up here?” I responded.

“Well, I’ve seen my nieces running around without their clothes on, and that’s where it looks like your thing is,” he commented lamely.

“Well, where I am putting it is exactly where it should go,” I replied as I laughed silently

After convincing him that it was where it belonged, he positioned himself against me and began thrusting against me. The tight girdle prevented much sensation, but feeling his weight on me and the thrusting over me was quite pleasant. We played around for a couple of hours before deciding that we better get back before we caused too much speculation as to where we were.

The next day was Sunday, and we were somewhat obligated to go to church with our hosts. We joined our friends at church then had lunch with them. I longed to be alone with Dean for a while again, but circumstance prevented that opportunity. We were able to have about five minutes of privacy out of sight of our friends to say goodbye, then again were faced with separation.

About three weeks before school started in the fall, Dean had finished his work at the farm supply store and called a local company where he had worked the prior year. They were glad to have him, and offered him a second shift job which fit right in with my second shift job. He got off work about an hour before I did which made it possible for us to meet before I went home. I was still living with my parents about twenty miles from where Dean was staying at the school dorm and car-pooled with a friend of the family. Dean would meet me at the car pool and take me home. We usually stopped on a country road to neck and talk in the early morning hours.

While Dean was working out of town, he had purchased a couple of books about married love. He read one of them and gave me the other one to read. After a couple of weeks, we traded books. I was fascinated by the books, but not nearly as much as Dean. He really got into the books. I could see him experimenting with different techniques of foreplay as we kissed and cuddled.

One hot sultry Sunday afternoon, we decided to take a blanket outside and work on wedding plans. We went into the apple orchard, which was thick with grass and trees. Dean found a clear grassy area and spread the blanket. For about an hour, we talked about the wedding making specific plans. After a while, we began kissing and cuddling. Before long, our passion was at a fever pitch. Dean was pressing his hips against me with an intense pressure. He said he wished the wedding were next week so we could love each other all the way. I kissed him and murmured my agreement.

We talked about the books and some of the things we had read. He asked if I had seen the pictures of an erect penis. I nodded, and asked him if he had looked at the pictures of the girls in the books. He too agreed, saying that he had read every page of both books. He was squirming around, and I could see that he was trying to adjust his penis. When I asked him what he was doing, he said that when it was hard for a long time he needed to move it around to keep it from hurting. I said that it looked awfully big. With that, he pulled his belt open just a little so I could see the tip of his thing. I was astounded! It reached almost up to his navel, and looked absolutely huge. The tip was purple with little bumps and I could see the little slit in the end. I couldn’t imagine how it could ever fit into me. I wasn’t able to use a tampon without pain, so how it could fit inside me was a mystery. I could see the hungry look in his eyes so asked the question he had been waiting to hear.

“Would you like to see my breast?”

Dean looked startled, but instantly agreed. I opened a couple of the top buttons of my blouse, and lifted my left breast over the top of my bra. He stared at it for a few seconds in silence.
“It’s so pretty,” he whispered almost reverently.

He touched and played with it for several seconds, then began sucking on my nipple. The feeling was heavenly. Moments later, he took my hand and tugged it to his penis. He had opened his belt and slid his shorts down a little way. He put my hand on him and asked me to rub him. I stroked him up and down, feeling him writhe in pleasure. Suddenly I felt him stiffen, and then his penis began to pulse and twitch. I felt hot liquid squirting on my hand as he held his breath and pressed his bottom into me. Seconds later, he fell back and struggled to get his handkerchief out. Quickly he cleaned up the sticky white stuff off my hand and the blanket.

“That felt so good,” he whispered, “Did you like doing it?”

I nodded, and asked if he liked sucking on my breast. He assured me that he thought it was great. I was a little surprised at how quickly his passion subsided once he came. It was almost as if he felt guilty about what we did. He asked if I was mad at him, and seemed greatly relieved when I assured him that it was OK.

A few days later, Dean met me when I got off work. I hopped into his car and we headed in the general direction of home. Predictably, he pulled over on a deserted stretch of road and parked. We kissed and cuddled for a few minutes then he sat back as if pondering some significant problem.

“Let me show you what I got,” he suggested.

“What is it?” I asked in confusion.

“It’s a rubber,” he responded. “I had to stop for gas and kocaeli escort bayan when I went to the restroom they had a rubber machine, so I bought one for us to look at.” He tore the package open and handed the rubber to me. Its slick soft feeling fascinated me.

“Would you like to see how it to put it on?”

I didn’t respond immediately, not knowing what to say. I was curious, but was afraid that if he put the rubber on, he would want to do it, and I wasn’t ready for that. While I was trying to decide what to say, he unbuckled his belt, and slid the zipper down. I thought he would just pull his penis out and put the rubber on, but before I could protest, he raised his hips and slid his jeans and shorts down to his knees. There he sat in the moonlight with it sticking straight up in the air. I sat there with my mouth open, scared to death that he was going to try to do it right then and there. He took the rubber, rolled it on, then took my hand and put it on his penis.

I encircled him without the interference of clothes and close quarters. Again, I was amazed at how hard the main shaft was while the tip was so velvety soft. I ran my hand up and down, squeezing, stroking and exploring. Dean rocked his hips back totally exposing his gorgeous penis and fascinating bag holding his balls. I continued stroking and feeling his manhood while trying to decide how I would get out of doing it tonight. Suddenly it hit me. His passion had significantly declined after he came last Sunday, perhaps the best way was to make him come.

I began pumping him up and down, awkwardly at first, but soon got into the right motion. He kissed me with mounting passion, and held me tight. In a few seconds, I sensed him tensing his body and thrusting his hips into my pumping hand. I felt a pulsing sensation then heard a kind of groan as he let his breath out. He grasped my hand and held it tight for a long time, relaxing his grip only when I felt his thing begin to shrink. In a minute or two, it was only about half the previous size. The rubber was hanging loosely with a bag of liquid in the end.

Dean pulled it off and handed it to me to look at. I was amazed at the amount of liquid in the rubber! After a while, I handed it back to him, wondering what he would do with it. He casually tossed it out the window, then turned and kissed me again. He was still sitting there with his pants nearly on the floor. I was fascinated at how this formidable thing of a few minutes ago was rather sedate and harmless looking. I couldn’t help but touch it once again, fascinated at how soft and smooth it not felt. Dean made a comment that puzzled me.

“It sure is a relief not to hurt all the time we are together.”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“Uh, well, when I am with you and get really hard for a long time, it aches something terrible, but when I come, it relieves the ache.”

Over the next several weeks, Dean would surprise me from time to time by stopping by after work, most often on Friday nights. We kind of fell into a regular pattern, driving to a deserted road close to a country airport. We spent a lot of the time making plans for the wedding about two months hence. Inevitably, we would end up discussing the sex books we were reading, comparing notes, exchanging information, and clarifying questions about each other. We were becoming more at ease with our upcoming marriage and ourselves.

He never did bring another rubber, but one evening he gave me a package from a drug store. His uncle, a doctor, had given him a prescription for birth control cream in a tube, along with an applicator. He had purchased it for me and wanted to look at it together. We opened the package, played with the applicator, and put some of the cream on our fingers and smelled it. It had a pleasant clean fresh smell. I wrapped it up and told him I would take it home and put it in my wedding night bag.

Most evenings, I would help him “not to hurt.” After the first few times, he got so he didn’t come in the first few seconds, so we could play for extended periods of time. He would kiss and caress me, letting his hands roam fairly freely over my upper body. Inevitably, they began to drift downward, until one evening, we crawled into the back seat for more room. Dean had succeeded in removing my blouse and bra, and was played with my bare breasts in earnest. Shortly, he worked his hands under my skirt, and began steadily upward.

I was wearing a long-line girdle, so his progress was seriously impeded. He made some comment about me wearing a suit of armor. I responded that most armor I knew of would come off. Without hesitation, he reached up and pulled it off. I still had my panties on, but their flimsy fabric offered little protection to his probing hands. Moments later, I felt them begin a downward journey as well. I lifted my hips in silent assent to his actions. Moments later, I felt his fingers probing, probing, then find the target. He slipped a finger in and began stroking slowly, up and down, up and down my slit. The feeling was incredible! I could feel my inhibitions melting away, and for a brief moment, I wanted him to jump on top of me and put his penis in me!
I was so startled at my feeling that I kind of jumped.

“Stop, please stop now,” I asked breathlessly
“Why, don’t you like it?” he asked with a note of hurt in his voice.

“I like it so much I’m afraid I can’t stop, but I just don’t want to go any further right now, please don’t make me,” I pleaded with tears in my eyes.

He complied with my wishes, so I decided to reward him for his actions by helping him not to hurt. After we got dressed again, we talked for a while longer then he took me home. I couldn’t help but think that the wedding better come up fast if I ever hoped to be a virgin on my wedding night!

The next time we had a chance to be together alone, I was wearing slacks. We had been driving and talking about our books, and before long I could see his erection. We headed for our favorite place, and parked. It was a moonless night, so we were doing everything by feel. Since he couldn’t run his hands under my skirt, he simply unfastened my slacks and pulled them off. After some kissing and cuddling, he slid my panties off. By that time, he was naked, and I had only my blouse and bra on. That only lasted for about another ten minutes, until I was completely naked.

I hesitated for a while then pushed him back when he tried to embrace me.

“What’s wrong,” Dean asked.

“We’re not married yet but here we are completely naked!” I replied.

“No we’re not, I still have my socks on!”

We laughed about his comment for several seconds, which broke the tension. I melted into his strong arms, feeling myself kind of soar. We played around for quite a while, feeling each other, exploring our naked bodies, but not able to see much of each other because of the darkness.

After a while, I began stroking his penis, but for some reason, he didn’t come. Finally, he pressed my hand away saying that he was so dry that my hand was starting to irritate the tip.

“We need some hand lotion or something to make it slick,” I commented.

“Hey, I know how to make it slick,” he responded as he rolled on top of me.

“Dean, stop, stop, I don’t want to do it yet, I want to wait until we are married.”

“I’m not going to put it all the way in, I’m just going to slide it in far enough to get it slick.”

“OK, but you got to promise me you will stop when I tell you or I won’t even let you touch me.”

“OK, I promise,” he assured me as he lowered himself into position. I guided his thing toward my opening, tensing up as I felt it touch my hair. He pressed gently forward until I felt the tip engage my swollen lips. I’m not sure just what caused the sudden pain, or if it was my imagination, because he had hardly touched me when the pain caused me to stop him. True to his promise he pulled back, but I could tell how truly reluctant he was. Never the less, it did accomplish getting him slick, and when I again began stroking his penis, he came almost at once. After playing around for another half-hour or so, we reluctantly dressed and drove home.

Over the next couple of weeks, we explored each other in greater and greater detail, but never really saw each other due to the dim light. Dean began probing my virginity, pressing his finger into my vagina, exploring, feeling, and experimenting. Even having a single finger inside me hurt. We began to believe that something was wrong with me such that we could never make love with each other. In retrospect, it escapes me why I didn’t just make an appointment with a doctor to determine what was wrong.

As we talked about it, and read more about what the books said regarding the first time, we began to understand that I probably had an unusually tough hymen. One of the suggestions in the books was that I should stretch it with my fingers over a period of time, which was supposed to gradually enlarge the opening. As I helped Dean not to hurt, he reciprocated by playing with my virginity, gently probing and stretching. It wasn’t altogether unpleasant, but for some reason it didn’t seem as if we were making very good progress.

One Sunday evening as we were driving home, we stopped on a deserted road and began to play around. After about an hour, I was dripping wet, but unsatisfied. I had made Dean come, and his passion had somewhat subdued. I was nearly dressed, and had already put my panties on when kocaeli escort Dean began playing with my thighs once again. He slid his fingers under the leg band of my panties and began probing. I felt his finger penetrate and then I felt more pressure than normal. Slowly, slowly he pressed until I felt myself spreading open further and further. When I asked him what he was doing, he told me that he had two fingers inside me.

“Do you want to try it?” he asked breathlessly.

“Oh yes, let’s see if it will go in,” I replied without hesitation, “but be sure you don’t come, I am not very far from my fertile time.”

Dean almost ripped my panties in his haste to get them off me.

“I think I can hold off now that you have made me come,” he replied. “I usually can’t come this soon anyway.”

An instant later he had shed his pants and shorts, and was between my legs. I tried to get ready, but he was almost like a stampede. He settled himself over me and began moving into position. He probed a couple of times, totally missing the target. Finally, I reached down and grasped his throbbing penis and steered it to the right place.

“Be careful, and promise you will stop if I say so.”

“I will,” he promised sincerely. “Are you ready?”

In response, I tugged his penis until it touched me. I continued to hold the intruder in my hand, and as I felt the invasion begin I began to squeeze it tighter and tighter.

“Are you OK?” he asked.
“Uh, huh, just be careful,” I replied with a trembling voice.

He pressed a little harder and I began to feel as if I were being torn apart. I squeezed him as hard as I could and at the same time began pushing back. I didn’t tell him to stop, because I wanted to know if it would go in. Dean didn’t jam it into me; he just held steady pressure, asking every few seconds if I was OK. I didn’t tell him how much it was hurting, I just nodded my head and continued to squeeze him as hard as I could. Suddenly, just when I thought I couldn’t stand another second of the stretching, I felt something give away and he slid in about another inch or two. At the same instant, I felt something warm and wet running down my bottom. My first reaction was that he had come inside me and I might get pregnant. It didn’t dawn on me that if he had come, it wouldn’t be running down the outside. I told him to take it out quick! I could tell that he was most reluctant, but he did pull out.

“Are you OK?” he asked.

“Did you come in me?” I asked.

“No, you were squeezing me so hard that even if I tried, I couldn’t have come,” he assured me. “Why did you think I came?”

“I’m all wet and I can feel something running across my bottom. Turn on the light,” I urged.

We were shocked to see a quantity of blood all over his seat and on my bottom. Dean grabbed his handkerchief and pressed it against me. After a few minutes, I stopped bleeding, and we began wiping the blood off the seat. After we determined that I wasn’t mortally wounded, we got dressed and drove home. It was late, so I took a hot bath and got ready for bed. The warm water helped to ease the pain, and a couple of aspirins let me get to sleep with visions of having had him inside me if only a little way.

The next day, I thought I was going to die! I was so sore that I could hardly move. I didn’t dare let on that anything was wrong because I didn’t want my mother to know what we had done. Finally it was time to go to work, so I didn’t have to be quite so careful. That eight hours lasted for a week! My job required that I sit at a data entry machine, and every movement was pure agony. Finally the night was over and I was able to soak in a hot tub for about an hour, which provided some relief.

By the time I saw Dean again, I was feeling nearly normal once more. The wedding was just over a month away, so we began looking for an apartment. We found one close enough to school so that one of us could walk. The landlady said we could move a few things in, even though the rent wouldn’t start until we were married. The following Saturday, we invited our friends over for dinner in the apartment. We spent most of the day shopping for the bare necessities. We were as poor as the proverbial church mouse, so we really cut things close.

We spent about an hour in a grocery store buying canned goods, and a few nonperishable staples. Among the purchases was a jar of Vaseline, although I forget exactly why we decided to buy it. We spent the afternoon recording the serial numbers of the cans, then removed all the labels. It was a tradition in my family to take labels off all the cans, so we decided to surprise them and do it ahead of time. Then, we prepared dinner. Larry & Bobbie arrived at the appointed time. We had a great time, visiting with our friends who were also engaged to be married in a few months.

After they left, we did the dishes and cleaned the apartment. Dean suggested we see how comfortable the bed was, and shortly, were locked in an embrace. After a few minutes, we were totally naked, lying on the bedspread. Although we had been naked together several times, it had always been dark. We were able to see each other naked in a lighted room for the first time. Dean became so aroused that he began whispering that if I didn’t want him inside me I better stop him quick. I began pumping his thing rapidly, and in a few seconds he shot his stuff all over his belly and chest.

After his passion had subsided a bit, we lay together enjoying the warmth of our bodies next to each other. We were kissing passionately, exploring and probing each other, and looking at details we hadn’t been able to see before.
“Do you want to see if it goes in now?” he asked.

I nodded, and in an instant he was between my legs. This time, it seemed a lot more natural. I wasn’t confined by the car seat, and was able to stretch out to full length. Also, I could spread my legs wide open. Even so, when his penis touched me, I was aware that I wasn’t as wet as usual.

“Why don’t you put some Vaseline on it?” I suggested.

Dean leaped from the bed and ran into the bathroom. As he ran back, I had to laugh out loud. He had the jar of Vaseline in one hand, jogging back with his erect penis swaying back and forth. Just as he got to the bed, instead of putting some on his finger and spreading it over his penis, he jammed it right into the Vaseline jar and tossed it aside. In the blink of an eye, he was between my open legs, and moving forward fast. I grabbed his throbbing erection and steered it home. He hesitated just as he made contact, then in a slow steady motion, he slid all the way in! I was aware of a stretching sensation, but it wasn’t painful at all, just a pleasantly full feeling. I could feel his hair mingle with mine, and then felt our bones bump together.
“Oh, it’s in, it’s in!” I exclaimed.

“It feels so good,” whispered Dean. We lay together for a while, savoring the feeling of our entwined bodies. Every time he moved, I could feel the fantastic feeling inside my vagina.
“We’ll be able to do it after all!” I exclaimed.

Dean kissed me tenderly.

“I want to do it with you. I want to come inside you,” he urged.

“Please don’t, we don’t have any birth control, and I don’t want to get pregnant,” I pleaded in response.

Even more reluctantly than the last time Dean pulled out of me. I quickly grasped his purple headed pulsing penis, feeling the mixture of the Vaseline and my juices all over him. I began pumping him and before long he came again. After lying together for about half an hour, we got up, cleaned ourselves up and left.

The second Sunday prior to the wedding, Dean came home with me for dinner. We made final wedding plans, and visited with my parents. My younger sister was there, and for some long forgotten reason, she and I got into some silly argument. I was nervous about the upcoming wedding, I was having my period, and in addition, I let JoAnn get under my skin. Before long, I was crying, and asked Dean to take me for a ride. It was just after dark, so we headed down the road to the east of our farm home. About a mile or two away, Dean pulled into a field driveway and parked. We kissed and cuddled for a while as I dried my tears. I was feeling miserable, and just wanted to be comforted.

“Let’s do it,” I said. Dean looked at me with a long questioning look.

“Are you sure you want to do it?” he inquired incredulously. “What about getting pregnant?”

“I’m having my period, and there isn’t hardly any chance of getting pregnant now,” I assured him.

I pulled my dress up around my waist, and took my panties off. Dean pushed his pants and shorts down around his knees and positioned himself between my legs. I guided him into my slick wet opening. He just slid right in until our bones met. Without hesitation, he began pumping in and out, in and out. It was only a few seconds until he came, pulsing and jerking inside me. I liked it, but was a bit disappointed that fireworks and rockets didn’t go off. It was a pleasant feeling, and I had a sense of comfort. Seconds later, Dean pulled out and sat up.

“Do you realize that we are on the main road to your parent’s place, and your brothers and sisters will be coming by any minute?” Dean exclaimed.

We scrambled to get dressed and move on before we were caught.

Just ten days later, we were married. That night, we made love five times! Each time was better than before, and each time was in a different position. I will forever be grateful that I didn’t have to fight Dean off on our wedding night after breaking my hymen. I couldn’t imagine how painful it could have been!

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