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Subject: Student Conference Student Conference Professor Rocky Campbell picked up his student and headed to the National Conference on Business Education. As the chief Professor in General Business at his University, he’d taken his most promising students in his second year class to the event every year. He’d even chaired the conference a few years back. This year Rocky was looking forward to just being part of the event without worrying about schedules or speakers or banquets. Ray, his Czech exchange student, hopped in Rocky’s Miata and the two hit the highway early Saturday afternoon. After some small talk, conversation paused and Ray took advantage of being alone with his teacher for the first time and started really looking at Professor Campbell. Campbell was in his late fifties, and in class Ray had noticed that the man seemed genuinely interested in his students – more than most of his other Instructors. Rocky had structured the class so students worked in small groups that had free rein to structure their assignments in unique ways. Rocky stood six feet tall and had a solid frame. Ray had seen the older man in the college weight room now and then, and noticed he followed an almost daily routine of stretching and exercising. The man’s broad shoulders, commanding voice, and friendly demeanour made him a favourite with Ray and his classmates. Ray had been thrilled when Rocky had offered to take him to the conference. As the two men drove down the highway, Ray confessed that he’d never checked into a hotel before, and Rocky told him that he’d take care of everything. The ride down was easy, with the sun shining and the roads not too busy. Soon the two parked the car and walked with their bags to the Reception desk in the hotel. The lobby was abuzz with people checking in, and Ray stayed close to his professor’s side. As he waited to check in, Rocky was thinking about his exchange student. The 21 year old man was eager and seemed motivated to pursue his dream of becoming a businessman. As they’d driven down, Rocky had noted that the youth was well-dressed and groomed, and super polite. Over the course of the semester, Rocky had learned that Ray lived with his divorced mom and spent a lot of his free time in the small town’s gym. He continued his routine at college, following the exercises he had learned when he played competitive soccer. The young man’s brown hair was always trimmed and his well proportioned frame made everything he wore look good. Ray stood about 5′ 9″ tall and he was swarthy with the thick build of many of his countrymen. Ray would sometimes stay after class to chat with the professor and the two men had become more than teacher and student. They genuinely liked each other. As his professor went to speak with the desk clerk, Ray scanned the huge space in the lobby, and spied the restroom sign. Not wanting to interrupt Rocky, Ray hurried to relieve himself. While he urinated, Ray’s thoughts drifted back to his professor. Thinking about the older man, the younger man’s dick plumped up as he shook off the last few drops. Professor Campbell always acted like his mentor – or even more like a friend. Ray wondered if the two might have a chance to see each other naked during the conference. Since no one else was in the restroom, Ray took the time to stroke his dick to full hardness. He considered ducking into a stall to stroke one out, but remembered Rocky was at the desk, so the young man tucked his semi hard dick into his trousers, washed his hands, and returned to the lobby. Meanwhile, at the desk, Rocky wasn’t surprised to learn that the conference had sold out, and the hotel was completely booked. Rocky asked for the two rooms he had booked and the clerk found his reservation. Then she looked confused and called for her supervisor. The two stood back from the counter and had a brief conversation and then the supervisor came to the front desk. “I’m Angela, the afternoon Desk Supervisor, sir. I’m sorry, Professor, but our reservation system crashed and messed up all the bookings.” Rocky asked, “So what does that mean?” The Supervisor replied, “We have your room reserved – an upgrade to a jacuzzi suite with a king sized bed,” and Rocky prompted, “And…” to which she answered, “That was the last room we had in the entire hotel.” Professor Campbell demanded, “Then get me a couple of rooms in another hotel!!” Angela explained that the whole town was sold out of rooms. She explained that several hotels had been calling since noon to ask about room availability. Rocky checked his watch, and noticed the cocktail reception would begin in 15 minutes. He said, “OK, we’ll take the room, but we need to get to the Conference Reception right now. Please get a bellman to take our bags up. Can I please have two keys?” The professor turned to explain the deal to Ray, but the young man was nowhere to be found. Rocky signed the hotel’s registration card, looked up and saw Ray coming from the direction of the lobby washrooms. The bellman came and took the men’s bags and Rocky turned to Ray and said, “Let’s get registered for the conference,” so the men walked to the Registration desk in the hallway next to the banquet area. As they walked over to sign in and get their packages, Campbell said, “We’ll go to the room later – it’s essential that we get to the reception or you’ll miss the networking that goes on. Hang with me and I’ll introduce you to some colleagues of mine.” Ray smiled and nodded and kept pace with his mentor. Ray asked, “Does it always take that long to check into a hotel? Sorry for disappearing like that – I couldn’t wait to piss. I think I could still drown a racehorse – we had too many coffees on the way down.” Professor Campbell said, “Dammit, now that you mention it, I have to take a leak as well.” Ray pointed to the washroom sign across the hall, and Rocky said, “Let’s go.” Ray followed his mentor. Entering the men’s room, Rocky saw that the hotel still had `old school’ fixtures that gave it its charm, with one long trough along the far wall where men could urinate. Both men started undoing their zippers as they approached, and they pulled out their slightly plump dicks. The men focused on getting the streams started and then both relaxed. Each looked across and glimpsed each other’s dicks, noting the force with which both their urine streams hit the trough – and how thick each seemed to be. The Prof laughed, saying, “Damn — looks like we both needed relief.” The older man looked over again, and noted the size of his student’s uncut dick. Ray watched his mentor milk out the last of the pee, and then shake his dick. The young man figured he’d better finish quickly before he got any harder. Both men tucked their dicks away and went to the sinks. As they washed up, Ray asked about how this reception would work. The young man’s prof explained the Reception had an `open bar’ – where there’d be no charge for drinks. The idea was for delegates to walk around the room, meeting colleagues and friends, while relaxing and enjoying the free alcohol. As the two men entered the reception room, Ray started for the nearest line up to get a drink, but then followed Rocky as he strode to the second bar inside the room where the line was much shorter. Both ordered light beer, and then Professor Campbell introduced his student to a prof from the other university in the province. The new Professor then signalled some of his own students, who came over and everyone introduced themselves. Ray was glad that everyone had name-tags, because he knew he’d never remember their names. As he met more people – and enjoyed another beer – Ray started to feel way more comfortable. The two men moved around the room, and, between conversations, shared perceptions with each other. Ray appreciated how his mentor gave him insights into folks’ characters and reputations. Ray saw someone he had gone to school with, excused himself, and split from his mentor. Joining his old friend, the two students grabbed new drinks and reminisced about the old times. When the lights flashed, signalling the next phase of the reception, Professor Campbell arrived by Ray’s side and the two sat at a nearby table for the hors d’oeuvres. As they settled, Ray commented, “Boy – the organizers sure know how to treat a fellow right. I met so many interesting people!” Rocky nodded and said, “That’s the best thing about these conferences – meeting fellow people interested in the same stuff as you are. When sessions start tomorrow, you’ll know people already.” As the men chatted, servers circulated with trays of finger food. As those were delivered, another team of waiters deposited bottles of white and red wine to each table. Rocky turned to his protege and asked, “Are you a red or a white lover,” to which Ray replied, “I’m sort of red and white curious,” and both men’s eyes locked as they laughed together. Rocky poured each of them a glass of the white wine, and asked Ray to select some appies for them to try. Ray stood so he could access the platter and started to fill a tray for the two of them to share. As he reached, Rocky noticed the way the younger man’s trousers mezitli escort fit his young body – especially his butt – and felt a lump in his boxer briefs. Ray sat down with the tray and commented: “I didn’t know what a lot of these things were, so I grabbed two of everything on the tray,” and smiled up at his prof. Rocky lifted his glass up and Ray matched him, then they clinked glasses and toasted, “To new adventures.” After the men’s first few bites, others joined their table, introducing themselves. Everyone conversed easily with their table mates and enjoyed the casual banter. As they enjoyed the food and continued meeting new people, Ray and Rocky also appreciated the wine on the table. When the white was empty, Rocky opened the red. Enjoying the dryer wine, the two decided it was time to move around again. Glasses in hand, the men circulated, meeting new folks. The crowd had started to thin out and Rocky introduced Ray to some of the organizers who were sitting at a table. After meeting the team, both men sat side by side at a different table and caught their breath. Rocky sighed, “It sure has been a good night!” and then turned to his student, “Well, Ray, how did you enjoy the icebreaker?” Ray turned to his prof and exclaimed, “You said it would be great, but I didn’t know how easy it would be to meet people. Tomorrow I won’t feel like I am here all alone – I’ll be able to feel at home, greet people and find out what sessions they are planning to attend. All this thanks to you and your help.” The young man’s eyes glistened in the soft light. Rocky felt the youth’s leg pressing against his own, and gave a little shove back, and in a softer tone, he asked, “How did you like the wine?” Ray answered, “I’d tried wine before at family gatherings, and didn’t like it, but these wines were yummy.” Rocky leaned over to whisper in his charge’s ear, putting his hand on the young man’s thigh he leaned over. “There’s one last thing we could do…. Look around at the tables. See? There aren’t many people left.” With that he sat back, but left his hand in place. Ray scanned the room and saw only 30 or so delegates were left in the room. “Wow, he said, “I never noticed how the crowd thinned out… ” Rocky leaned in, and whispered in the younger man’s ear, “See all the wine no one has drunk? Maybe we can sneak a bottle back to our room.” Ray’s eyes opened wide – his mentor was suggesting something he would never even have thought of doing. As he stood up, the young man scanned the tables until he saw a bottle of white that looked like no one had opened. Lifting it off the deserted table, Ray returned to where his professor was sitting. Rocky had been watching his student and was leaning back in his chair with a soft smile on his face. As Ray sat down beside his mentor, he placed the bottle by his mentor’s side, and as he raised his hand from the neck of the glass bottle, his fingers grazed those of his mentor’s. As he sat down, the younger man pressed his leg against the older man’s – a little firmer this time. Rocky swirled the last of the red wine in his glass, poured the last of the wine remaining on the table, and swirled it in the glass, savouring the aroma. He glanced over at Ray and noticed him copying his every move. The men clinked glasses, and downed the contents, and Rocky smiled. “Let’s go get settled in, Ray. Do you still have your key?” Ray patted his shirt pocket, smiled and said, “Sure.” and got up from the table. “Are our rooms on the same floor, Sir?” Returning the smile, Rocky said, “Let’s go find out.” He then picked up the bottle, and gestured to the elevators saying “Let’s go!” The two men headed out into the hallway and the elevator was there, waiting for them. They got in and Ray pushed the button for the 6th floor. When the doors opened, at a nod from his prof, the student pulled out his room key and headed to the left. He walked down and slid the card into the room and opened the door, entering. He saw both their bags sitting on the fold out luggage racks. Then his eyes scanned the room and he saw the king sized bed and the jacuzzi in the corner. Wide eyed, Ray turned to his mentor and asked, “Dammit, Rocky! Do students always get rooms like this at conferences?” Rocky smiled, double-locked the door, and kicked off his shoes. “I’ll explain, Ray. But I think I’ll have a glass or two of water while we chat – could you get some ice for us? The machines are down at the end of the hall.” “Well, sure, Rocky,” answered Ray as he took his room key and the ice bucket and left the room. As his young friend was fetching the ice, Rocky ran the tap to cool off the water, and slipped off his jacket and shirt. After hanging the jacket up, he undid his trousers and hung them on the same hanger. Then he opened his suitcase, and slipped on some roomy sweat pants and a t-shirt. Rocky noticed the easy chairs and a loveseat by a small round table by the window, and decided to try out a chair. It was way softer than the banquet chairs, so he stretched out his feet and changed the TV station to easy listening country music. Ray returned with the ice and took the tub to the sink. He dropped cubes in a couple of glasses and filled them with water. Turning, he saw his prof relaxing in the big chair in his casual clothes. Ray lifted a glass and Rocky said, “Make yourself at home, Ray. When you’re done, could you bring a glass of water over here?” Ray kicked off his shoes, took off his sweater and dress shirt, throwing them over the back of a chair, and slid his pants off. He grabbed his gym bag and slipped on casual shorts and a form-fitting t-shirt. The young man picked up both glasses and walked to the conversation area, handing one of the crystal glasses to his mentor. Then Ray settled down on the loveseat across from Rocky. Both men sipped the cool fluid and agreed that it was a good choice – the wine could wait until later. Both men drained their glasses, so Rocky got up and took Ray’s glass, refilled it, and brought it to the young man who was now relaxed and smiling. Rocky set his own glass down on the table, sat in his chair and said, “About the room… I guess we’re sharing. The conference sold out, and the whole town is full of delegates. Because the hotel knew my name – I have been coming to these conferences for years – they upgraded me to a jacuzzi suite.” Ray looked around, impressed, and smiled broadly. As the men sipped the cool water, Ray started admiring his professor’s body. As a mature man, Rocky did have a bit of a belly, but he wore it well. “But,” his mentor continued, “there are no more rooms anywhere in town – we’re going to have to bunk together. The bed is certainly big enough for two, and the room is well appointed. But, if you are uncomfortable with sharing, I can get some extra blankets and crash on the loveseat.” Ray looked up at his professor. “To be honest, sir, I am feeling a little tired right now that we’ve stopped racing around that reception. I’d be more comfortable if I could stay here with you. Like you said, there’s enough room in that big honking bed for three or four guys. Would it be ok with you if we shared, sir?” Rocky smiled and said, “Sure, Ray, that’d be fine. I wouldn’t say I am `tired,’ but I think I could use a soak in that jacuzzi over there.” Ray smiled back, “Maybe later that’d be nice, but for now, I think I better sober up a bit first.” Rocky picked up the remote and adjusted the lights to a softer shine. As he was doing that, Rocky moved to sit on the loveseat. As the older man sat beside him, he set his glass down on the table and turned to face his student. Ray had leaned back with his feet up on the loveseat, eyes closed. . . . “You still with me, Ray?” Rocky asked softly, watching the younger man’s chest rising and falling. Ray opened his eyes and looked towards his mentor. Barely opening his eyes, Ray smiled, and explained he had been reliving the evening, and the great time he had had. “You know, sir,” Ray said, “I don’t know what I can ever do to thank you for making tonight so fabulous. I’ve never had much of a chance to hang out with a man like you. I guess I’ve missed having an older influence in my life.” The younger man sat up and stared into the middle distance. Softly, he said, “You know my mom had to raise me by herself.” Rocky nodded and the young man continued, “I’ve always wanted a man around who would talk to me, explain stuff to me. Someone who I can ask questions of – no matter how embarrassing – and then get a real and honest answer.” Rocky laid his hand on the younger man’s leg. “I hear you, Ray. If you want to explain, go ahead….” Ray continued, “I don’t know when my dad left. I remember going to my first day of school, and all the kids talking about their family and siblings. I was one of the few who only had a mom. And I know she had to work hard – we never got any support cheques or anything. I did ok in school but had to be home right after class, so my mom knew where I was and that I was safe. I never had time to join clubs or sports outside of Phys Ed. As a result, I had buddies pozcu escort in class, but no real ‘friends.'” Ray sat up straighter, turned to look Rocky in the eye and said, “I’ll tell you one story that illustrates what I mean. I went to an all boys’ school. In grade 6, the boys in phys. ed. were told we had to strip and shower after PE class. Each of us had to buy an `athletic support,’ and most of my classmates laughed like it was no big deal. One lunchtime, when I was walking around the field with my pal, I asked him what an athletic support was.” Jerry just chuckled and told me that’s what grown-ups call `jockstraps.’ You know, you have to wear one when you’re playing hockey. Then Jerry looked at my blank stare as we walked around and around the schoolyard, and then a lightbulb went off. He’d remembered that I didn’t play hockey.” Jerry thought for a bit, then explained, “You know when guys are kicking the soccer ball around, and somebody gets hit in the nuts…?” I told him I knew how THAT hurt. Heck – all guys have had their balls smacked around a time or three. Jerry said when guys play hockey, the hard rubber puck can fly really fast, so players have a jockstrap with a hard plastic cup that protects their `family jewels.’ That’s when I realized I didn’t want my mom buying me an athletic support. Times like that, I really felt the pain of not having a dad to talk to.” Rocky asked, “I hear you. When I was a kid, my dad was basically absent. I knew he worked hard in his company – he even became president. My two older brothers left home to get married. I was the oldest kind in the house and at age 13 realized I was the `man’ of the family.” Ray felt his heart go out to his professor. Rocky took both their glasses and refilled them, and sat beside Ray on the loveseat. After both men had a sip, Rocky said, “We found out later that my dad had a second family with two kids by another woman, as well as a girlfriend in an apartment downtown.” The men were quiet as they sipped their water. Sheepishly, Ray said, “Fuck – I can’t top that story… But I guess guys like us didn’t have great role models…. But I’m glad I was able to have you as a professor and a role model – and now, a friend. I haven’t had many of those at college….” Rocky nodded, and he opened his arms and said, “You know, Ray… you look like you need a hug. Come on….” Ray moved around on the loveseat so his back was to Rocky and leaned backwards into the hug. Both men savoured the feeling of warmth and support. In a softer voice the younger man confided, “I pretty well took care of myself. There were some rough times….” The younger man grew nostalgic, as he explained how the challenges that kept showing up made him tougher and more resilient. Ray talked about joining Scouts and finding out there were thoughtful, caring men. Rocky took over and told Ray about being married, becoming a dad to a boy and a girl, and the fun he had helping his own kids. After he became a cub leader, a local boy’s dad died suddenly. Rocky thought how hard that must have been so he had applied to become a Big Brother. It was fun, but Rocky’s son was 3 years younger than his dad’s “Little Brother” and he tried to share `quality’ time with both boys. There were some challenges when both his son and Rocky’s assigned `little brother’ went to the same events. Ray sat up and turned to face Rocky, asking, “How the heck did you deal with that?” and Rocky explained that life was like riding a roller coaster, explaining, “It’s scary, and exciting, and sometimes you wonder how – or even why – you ever got started on this crazy journey. But you’re on the voyage, so you may as well learn to enjoy it.” “Looking back, I think I realized that my dad was basically a selfish asshole, and I was not going to follow that example. I’ve found I enjoy the company of younger people, so I interact with as many as I can.” As the men spoke, their knees touched and their voices softened, and Ray leaned over and they embraced. A little embarrassed, and the two men broke their embrace, but missed the body contact immediately. Rocky patted his protege on the leg and then lifted his own arm and sniffed. He laughed and commented, “Whew – I stink! I’m gonna shower,” and stood up from the loveseat. He walked to the door of the bathroom, and paused after he pushed his sweatpants down. Rocky turned and looked over his shoulder, asking Ray if he needed to pee before the shower got started. Ray had been surreptitiously checking out his professor’s hairy butt, but snapped out of it so he could say, “Maybe in a bit…, but if I do pee, I won’t flush and scald you.” Rocky saw the younger man’s eyes scanning his naked body and noticed the way the younger man’s arm blocked the bulge in his own loose shorts. Smiling and turning, allowing Ray to see his semi hard dick, Rocky said, “Suit yourself!” and walked to the bathroom. Leaving the door ajar, Rocky turned on the lights, opened the shower door and selected a towel, setting it on the rack. He went to turn on the water, but he heard Ray in the other room. Peeking out the shower door, Rocky saw Ray from the back. The young man was standing naked, his clothes in a heap on the floor, half turned toward the bathroom. Rocky asked, “Everything OK, pal?” Ray’s head swung around, “Uhhhh…. I’m wondering, Rocky…,” and the younger man walked over to the doorway. The professor realized he’d never really seen the young guy naked. Ray had a furry chest, and must have been a regular at the gym. His developed chest and arms were covered with dark brown hair. The professor felt his dick plump up. Ray saw his mentor’s hairy chest, and then his gaze slid down his mentor’s body, settling at his professor’s groin. Seemingly unconsciously, Ray’s hand went below his own waist and he adjusted his growing member. Rocky noticed that Ray never trimmed his pubes. The older man reached down with his other hand to scratch his scrotum, rolling his large testicles. The older man could feel his cock thickening under the young man’s attention. Rocky had not had a boyfriend in a long time; and certainly no one had looked at him like this in a long while. Rocky’s member started curving upwards as the blood pumped in. Ray looked up from seeing his own cock harden, and saw Rocky’s hairy dick hardening in front of him. The youth licked his lips, and then peered up at his professor. Rocky smiled and said, “It’s been a long day. Why don’t you join me in the shower and I can scrub your back. Maybe we can take care of some other things, too.” The older man winked, then turned and entered the large glass walled shower enclosure. Ray saw his mentor turn on the taps and adjust the water. When the older man bent over to grab the soap, Ray saw his hairy ass. Ray grabbed another bar of soap before he stepped in under the spray. Ray noticed there was a rain shower nozzle, one around shoulder height, plus a third on a flexible hose. Rocky was adjusting the different streams of water, and Ray came from behind him, soaping up his hands. The young man coughed softly, and, turning, Rocky softly said, “Nice to see you. Thanks for opening up when we were chatting earlier. I guess I needed someone to talk to as well.” Ray put his soapy hands on his prof’s shoulders and started rubbing them, feeling the tension there start to go away. Rocky soaped up his hands and began washing the younger man’s chest. Ray had always had a weakness for chunky older men. He felt his prof’s pecs, firm and muscular, with prominent nipples. As the warm water cascaded, Ray’s hands traveled down his professor’s sides, pausing to soap up across the older man’s hairy stomach. As Ray passed his hands through his mentor’s grey fur, he felt himself becoming even more aroused. Ray’s hands slid under Rocky’s paunch, his fingertips tracing down the older man’s erection. Rocky’s thumbs took turns flicking the nubs that stood out from the youth’s hairy chest. At Rocky’s touch, and the incredible buzz from his nipples being flicked, Ray’s pecker leapt to attention. Reaching behind the young man, Rocky turned the stream of water so it was less intense. The steam in the shower enclosure created a gentle fog. Rocky’s hands returned to the young man’s shoulders, and applied gentle pressure. Ray started to bend at his knees, but then changed his mind and leaned in. The younger man kissed his mentor, feeling the older man’s moustache against his top lip. Ray was surprised when he felt Rocky hold his head between his big hands and dart his tongue inside Ray’s mouth. Ray returned the passionate kiss as the older man’s hands slid down Ray’s back, cupping his tight butt and pulling the globes apart. Ray shuddered as he felt the older man’s finger slide up and down his buttcrack, and deftly pressing on his pucker on the way down. As the younger man shuddered with pleasure, Rocky felt his erection stiffen more and felt the precum oozing out of his piss slit. Ray pressed forward and felt Rocky’s hardon pressing against his own. Tongues dueling, the men’s embrace tightened… and this time Rocky sank into a crouch. The older man’s escort bayan trim beard rubbed against Ray’s abdomen. Ray looked down as his mentor looked up and locked eyes with him. Ray watched the older man’s tongue lap out and lick up some precum that had been dripping from his foreskin. Ray moaned and thrust his hips forward and his cockhead slipped into his prof’s warm mouth. The older man rocked back and forth on his heels, sliding the young man’s cockhead back and forth inside his warm, wet mouth. Ray pulled away and out of the talented mouth and he slapped his hard erection against the older man’s whiskered cheeks. Rocky stood up and again the mens’ hardons pressed between their bodies. Rocky reached up and turned the water off, and then opened the door to grab towels…. Ray confessed, “I don’t often seduce teachers, but, damn, Rocky.” Each man looked deep into the other’s eyes. They started towelling off and when Ray bent down to do his legs, Rocky toweled the younger man’s back for him. Ray took his towel and patted his prof’s butt, and dried down his legs. Soon the two men were laughing as they finished drying themselves. Rocky stepped out of the enclosure and dried his feet, and Ray reminded him, “Don’t forget — there’s still a jacuzzi and a bottle of wine with our names on it,” and winked. Rocky said, “Now you’re talking, Ray.” and hung his towel on the rack. The older man stepped into the living room, and went over to the tub, grabbing the all purpose remote as he went. Rocky looked over the tub controls, closed the tub drain, and started filling it. He turned the lights even lower than they had been and called out to Ray, who was coming out of the bathroom, “Say hey, Ray!” Ray looked over and answered, “Hey” back. The younger man was carrying another couple of towels. “Whassup?” Rocky answered, “Why don’t you bring that wine and a couple of glasses over?” Then he turned to check how the big tub was filling and adjusted the temperature a bit. Ray grabbed the wine, slipped it into the ice bucket, and snagged a couple of coffee cups and brought them over to the tub with the towels. The young man was sort of glad that the men had slowed down their sex play. He knew his balls were full and he had to get off, and he had enjoyed the closeness with his prof, but he didn’t want things to get awkward. Rocky turned and said, “Thanks, Ray,” and smiled, “for everything. I confess that got a little bit away from me – from us.” Ray nodded, and asked, “Shall I pour?” When Rocky nodded, the younger man poured a half cup of wine each, and set the vessels on the shelf that surrounded the tub. Rocky shut off the water and turned on the jets. As the tub started bubbling, the men climbed in. Rocky grabbed the remote and asked, “What sort of music would you like to have on, Ray?” Ray replied, “I think I’d rather visit, Rocky – if that’s all right with you….” Rocky turned on easy listening with the volume on low and said, “That sounds like a prime idea.” Ray handed his mentor his cup, and then raised his own in a toast, “To our first `Bear Soup!” Rocky smiled, and the two men clinked coffee cups. Both men sipped the wine, and Ray said, “It tastes different out of this new `glassware’…. Maybe it’s got something to do with drinking it naked in a jacuzzi with my teacher….” Rocky smiled and said, “They say that “Setting” is everything.” Ray slid over on the bench closer to his mentor, in part for the closeness, but also because the jet mechanism was pretty loud, and he wanted to hear what his prof was saying. Ray set down his cup and half turned to Rocky. With one leg folded under him, Ray felt his knee pressing the older man’s thigh. Before he could say anything, Rocky pre-empted him, “What happened in hotel rooms at conferences, stays in hotel rooms.” Ray smiled…. “I was going to say words with a similar sentiment, Rocky.” “It feels good to meet someone who has gone through struggles like I have, who I can talk to about my struggles and challenges. You never seem to judge me, or tell me what I did was wrong or anything…” Rocky laid his hand on Ray’s leg, and smiled warmly, “Who can really understand the circumstances or the history behind any other person’s reactions to any given occurrence? I believe everyone operates from their inner life experience. I try to give folks the benefit of the doubt. I don’t need to have others judge my actions and so I avoid judging others’.” Ray said, “And that’s so refreshing…. So many people judge other people about everything they do. Can I ask a personal question?” Rocky answered, “I think we’re well past that, Ray,” and smiled. Ray asked, “You said before that you were a cub leader and your son was in the group. So you are married…?” Rocky explained, “I was married – for almost twenty-five years. My wife and I had two kids, and I have two grandsons.” Ray continued, “But we just….” “It’s kind of a long story…” Rocky went on, “I grew up in Vancouver. I think I knew I was attracted to men when I was 11 or 12. I was the third kid in our family, and my two brothers were gone from the house around that time. I’d never seen anyone going on dates, and I went to an all boys school. Like I said before, my dad was basically out of the picture, so aside from uncles, who I saw maybe twice a year, I had no role models. “I turned 12 in 1968, and believe me there was no “Queer eye for the Straight Guy” on TV then. I was on my own and then – as I explained before – I felt I was responsible for the family. I went to a summer camp on staff when I was 16, and had my first experience with another guy. When I got home, I told all my friends how much I liked to suck dick, and told them if they were ever on a date and got blue balls, they could call me and I would suck them off. No one ever took me up on my offer. “I moved to Alberta when I was 19, and found myself in Red Deer, a town of 35,000. I had friends there – all hetero, and I became one of the `guys.’ There was no gay scene or area, no pot to be smoked. One of the guys was dating a girl and she used to bring her sister to the bar nights we’d have. We became friends, and eventually more than friends. I remember a conversation we had before we got married… She was asking about my previous sex life. I told her I had fooled around with guys and a few girls, too.” “We became best friends and eventually got married. Like I said we raised two kids together, and while I worked at the local college, my wife volunteered a lot in the kids’ elementary school. When both kids were in high school my Mrs. tried a few jobs. She got a sore back and took a few days off to heal, and one morning she said she couldn’t breathe. I had been rubbing her back but knew I couldn’t help her breathe, so I called an ambulance. She died that afternoon of a kidney infection…” “I became a single dad at age 51 to an eighteen year old boy and sixteen year old girl. A few months later I decided that this little town was too friendly – all of my friends would soon be inviting me to dinners with their maiden aunts. As we were watching TV one evening, I came out to my kids and a few weeks later came out at work.” Ray opened his arms wide and took his prof into his arms for a hug. Rocky leaned into the hug, enjoying the closeness. Then he leaned out again, looked into his friend’s eyes and gave him a peck in the lips. Rocky lifted his cup and finished the wine, nodded at the bottle, and then using a fake british accent, said, “Please, sir, may I have some more?” Rocky said, “After the way I was brought up, with no adult to turn to, I developed a `thing’ for the older-younger relationship – but not with overtones of dominance or submission. While working as a professor, I had the opportunity to mentor younger staff and faculty, and really enjoyed seeing how people flourished when they were supported and encouraged. When I became an instructor, I was able to offer the same to college students. I found it to be very fulfilling, and still enjoy the mentor-protege dynamic.” Listening, Ray poured out half cups of wine again and Rocky leaned back, stretching his legs out. Ray did the same, and the two men sipped their wine and started to feel drowsy. Ray sat up a little and said, “You know, Rocky, I don’t want to fall asleep in the tub. Do you mind if I slip off to bed?” Rocky said, “I think you’re right, Ray.” Go ahead and dry off. I’ll drain the tub and put all this crap away. If you need to wind down, take a look at the Registration materials. It’ll explain what’s going to happen and when tomorrow everything starts. Breakfast is usually from 7:30 – 8:45. I won’t be long getting into bed.” Ray climbed out of the bubbling water and dried himself. After using the bathroom one more time, the young man walked to the bed, and asked, “Do you have a favourite side, sir?” Rocky answered, “Not really. I will warn you – I am a bit of a snuggler…” Ray smiled and said, “Me, too. I think that’ll work for me, Rocky,” removed the top coverlet and slid under the bedsheets. Rocky got out, dried himself and took the glasses to the bar area. The older man corked the wine bottle and set it in the fridge. Then grabbing the remote, Rocky slipped into the huge bed and turned off the lights. As he pulled up the sheets, Rocky rolled on his side, and felt Ray snuggle up behind him. Soon the men were dozing, relaxed and each happy that they’d made a new friend.

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