Wedding Night_(4)


I would like to share the story of my wedding night. It was one of the wildest night I have had.
I should start by letting you know, my husband and I share this account and we have no secrets.
I am 5’5″ 140lbs full size woman with large C cups and a thick bottom. So the night of my wedding, I was looking hot in my dress.
The ceremony and reception went off without a hitch. Everyone had a good time, including my new husband. He was wasted. The night came to an end and I had to ask the 3 bestmen to help my hubby to our room.
They boys carried Him to the bed and let me go. My husband was gone, he won’t even remember being carried to bed the next day. With that Rob laughed and joked on his way out “guess your not getting any for your wedding night”
We all chuckled as told them to get out. As I laughed, it dawned on me Rob was right. Not only that, but who was going to help me out of this dress.
“Wait, I need a quick favor before you go”
“Since my hubby is passed out, I need one of you to help me out of this dress”
Sam quickly stepped forward, “I’ll do it” he said as he jumped back into the room.
The 3 guys were all brothers and always very competitive.
Rob was the joker and always had a quick line, so wasted no time saying
“Sam can do the work, as long as I can watch”
“Boys, boys. Don’t kocaeli escort fight, I have an idea that will make everyone happy” I said as an I realized the potential at hand.
With Sam standing behind me starting to pull my zipper down, I reached behind me and started rubbing his cock.
Dan spoke up, “so what are you thinking?”
“I have a good idea” Sam said as his cock got harder
The boys took a step closer, Dan and Rob both reach out and slid my dress off my shoulders and let it fall to the floor.
Sam unzipped his pants to give me better access. I wasted no time reaching in and pulling out his solid rod with my right hand. I was stroking him against my ass. Dan reached behind and undid my bra releasing my breasts. As he leaned forward to suck and massage your ad and them, I leaned my hand back on Sam’s chest, I was so horny, I was in heaven.
I had these two brothers all over me as the third sat back in a chair stroking his cock as he watched. Being the first to address it, “what about your husband” Rob asked
“Don’t worry. He’ll only be upset he missed it.” “In fact, you should video this while you sit there” I said as I turned around to face Sam
Dan began filming as I bent over and took Sam’s cock in my mouth for the first time. Sam had a 7″ dick and was average width.
Rob pulled out his cock and darıca escort started rubbing the head against my soaking wet pussy, so wet that his head slipped right in. I jumped at first, thinking… Shit, I should make him grab a condom, but just as fast as that thought came, the pleasure of Rob’s hard fat cock inching inside me made me push back so I could feel every inch of his 9 inches. Rob was the larger of the 3 brothers and I was ready to go.
Dan got up so he could get better angles as his two brothers were taking me from both ends. Rob began directing us.
Making Sam lay on the bed next to my husband, and telling me to get on top and ride Sam. I listened without complaint, moaning so loud, i thought I we would wake my husband.
I laid forward keeping Rob deep inside me and asking for more. With that Dan handed camera to Sam and climbed behind me, Dan was the smaller of the 3 brothers but at 6 inches, he is above average. I was not sure where he was heading. “Would he take my ass or double stuff my pussy” I didn’t care either way, I had already came once, and wanted more.
My husband is going to be so upset he missed this. But he is going to love watching it. Dan finally got in and to my delight, he double stuffed my juicy pussy and made me cum instantly. The 2 brothers moved perfectly, as one gölcük escort moved in the other pulled out and back and forth, with that motion I always had a cock in me. “O my God, fuck me harder” I screamed , and the boys listened well.
Sam even moved closer for a better shot. Close enough for me to head hold of his shaft and dive down.
It was amazing, Rob and Dan were working my pussy as I sucked Sam’s cock to explosion. He put the camera on the nightstand and with one hand jerked off all over my face and the other he started rubbing my asshole. And in no time he was figure fucking my ass. I was in heaven, all 3 brothers at once and every one of my holes filled.
The boys all got up and ordered me to lay on the bed as the stood by the bedside.
As I laid there rubbing myself and waiting for these 3 guys to cum all over me. Dan was first, releasing a huge load right on my mouth and down my cheek. It was so hot I began to cum just as Sam let his load out on my face. I couldn’t stop cumming as a begged Rob to finish on my face as well. “Please cover my face, make me feel like a cum dumpster” with that Rob gave me the largest load of all. My face was covered, and I knew my hubby would think it was as hot as I did.
As I laid there, I thanked the guys for the good time, said I was ready for bed. They all got dressed and said goodbye.
I looked into the camera as I licked my lips I said to my husband”I love you, and I’m not washing this off before bed, can’t wait till you wake up”

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