Stepdaddy’s Filthy family

Stepdaddy’s Filthy family

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

Now I knew why my stepson’s computer kept getting viruses: he didn’t just stick to one porn website, he was trying to get to all of them.

Sitting in my office, I was going through the router’s history and the corresponding IP addresses. I knew exactly which IP address matched up to Jacob’s laptop. He was a healthy eighteen-year-old boy with sandy blond hair, a nice smile, and a tight body he kept fit through track and weight lifting. I would be lying if I didn’t sometimes look at him like no stepfather should.

I was relatively new in his life. I’d married his mother, Melissa, a couple of years before after vowing to settle down with only one woman, one sex. I’d been bisexual my entire life. When I was Jacob’s age, I dated only boys but then after a bad experience, I swapped boy for girls in college. But that all had to do with my sister Abby.

We’ll get to my sister Abby.

Melissa, Jacob, and I lived in a large suburban house in the best part of Pleasantview. We had ten thousand square feet on two levels with a nice basement. My office was right off the kitchen near the front of the house. We had a nice home, but the best part was the backyard where we had a large deck which led down to an expansive pool. Our lot backed up to a park and we’d planted trees on all sides for privacy.

I worked at home for a big healthcare technology company. With my technical knowledge, it was easy to figure out which websites my stepson was visiting and what he was looking for. He searched for i****t videos, comics, pictures, stories, anything about a mother fucking her son. I followed some of the safer links to video-sharing sites and immediately grew hard in the glow of my monitors. A dog barked outside, but everything else was quiet. Jacob was at school and Melissa was at her office where she worked as a lawyer.

I had the house to myself. I took off my pants and shirt and put my jerk-off towel on my chair. I was already stiff. My lust lay like a ball in my belly.

I wasn’t shocked at i****t. I’d had that fetish my entire life, fantasizing not only about my mom, but about my father, my sister, my brother. A lot of times I’d be jerking off in my bed to visions of our entire family fucking in the living room, but I knew it would never happen. It was just all fantasy, and it wasn’t a fantasy I was ever going to live out. Or so I thought.

Then I got another surprise. Nasty Jacob. He wasn’t just searching mommy/son videos, but also for gay i****t stories and comics. I clicked on the link to a story site, and read about a boy finding his father’s secret stash of i****t and b********y stories. The father discovers the boy and the two suck each other off.

I checked the timestamps of when the story was accessed, and Jacob had read it the night before, after his mom and I had already fallen asleep.

I pictured him in his room, dirty socks and clothes covering the ground. He would’ve been sitting at his desk, his laptop open, stroking his hard cock and reading about the filthiest things imaginable. I read on. In the story, the father and son seduce the mother, until she accepts her son’s dick in her ass while her husband fucks her cunt. Father and son come in the mother at the same time.

I wondered how far Jacob had gotten in the story. Had he been able to finish the whole thing? Had he spewed his cum all over his belly and fist? I wondered how big his cock was, if he’d been circumcised, and how much he came.

My own cock throbbed. I rubbed pre-cum around the pink head of my circumcised prick. I wasn’t too long, but I was fat. I had a fat, hard, horny cock, and I started to jerk it. I clicked on a bisexual video that Jacob had seen any number of times. The video showed a guy sucking on another young dude. The first guy’s ass was in the air and his big-titted girlfriend, a brunette, with a hairy pussy, was rubbing her clit and licking her boyfriend’s asshole.

It was nasty.

I pinched one of my nipples and stroked my dick faster.

I imagined Jacob going down on his mother. The first time, he’d take it slow. He’d look at her pussy for a long time, the hair covering her belly, parting to show the cleft of lips and clit until the hair trail ended around her puckered little asshole.

He’d gaze on his mother’s cunt, worship it, smell it. And Melissa smelled so good, her pussy odor was delicious in a musky, womanly sort of way. Then he’d slowly slide his tongue between her twat lips, tasting his own mother’s juices.

Melissa loved to have her cunt tongued, licked, and sucked. He would tease her clit. His Mommy’s clit, while she caressed her baby boy’s hair.

With his ass in the air, I would spread his cheeks and smell his own forbidden smell, his ass, his balls, the long cock; in my fantasies it was uncircumcised. I would stroke his cock, lick his balls, and make my way to his juicy lovehole, and slide my tongue around it. All the while, pulling and clutching his long fuckstick.

Only eighteen, he’d come quick, spraying my hand with his jizz. I’d feel his asshole suck on my tongue as it contracted, a little wet love hole wanting Daddy’s cock.

“I came, Mommy,” Jacob would whisper. “I came so good from Daddy licking my ass.”

“Lick my cunt, Jakey,” she’s whimper. “Suck on Mommy’s clit and I’ll come too!”

Then I would slowly slide my cock into Jacob’s asshole.

“Are you fucking his asshole?” Melissa would ask, right on the edge. “Are you fucking my baby boy’s horny butt?”

“I am,” I would say. “I’m fucking your son in his asshole.”

That would trigger Melissa and she would come right in her son’s face.

The nasty fantasies, the bisexual threesome on the computer screen, all of the taboo searches Jacob had been doing, I couldn’t hold back.

I looked down as my orgasm took me. White-hot cum bubbled from my pisshole, shooting into the air and falling on my fist. I was coming on my hand, my cock jumping and straining, my heart pounding in my ears and sweat dripping from my face.

I leaned back, spent. What the hell was I going to do now? I couldn’t exactly tell my stepson I knew about his i****t fetish, but I felt like I had to tell someone.

Melissa? She’d been open about sex, and she’d even played around a bit with some girls before we got married, but since then, she’d been focused on work and on her son and providing a good house for him. I knew she’d married me in part so her son would have a father. She had a good sex drive, but I couldn’t imagine she’d ever be open to exploring my i****t fetish.

And to be honest, I didn’t want to tell her a thing. I didn’t want to jeopardize my life with this amazing woman and wonderful son. As for Jacob, I could fantasize all I wanted, but I wasn’t about to end my marriage by going after him. No, my fantasies would have to remain fantasies.

I would have to warn Jacob that he had to be careful about searching all over the web for porn. There were several mainstream sites that had enough content to satiate all his pervy desires.

I took my jerk-off towel and cleaned up.

Jacob was a good k**, but he wasn’t very adventurous and he didn’t have many friends. Maybe his obsession with porn was holding him back. I didn’t know.

But there was one person who might.

My sister Abby had become a sex ther****t, and I realized she might be a good person to talk to about Jacob. Abby lived across the country in the same town where I grew up. I’d moved to go to Southern State University in Pleasantview then stayed on.

Still buzzing from my orgasm, I dialed Abby on my cell. She could help, but I also hoped we could maybe talk about that night, that fateful night, when we’d lived out a fantasy together.

What could it hurt?

~ ~ ~

Abby was a couple of years older than me, and we’d been close growing up. Until the summer after I graduated from high school, when I kind of stole her boyfriend after one crazy night where we’d all lost control. He had broken up Abby to date me. It took years for my sister to forgive me.

And the guy, in the end, had been a real bastard. That’s when I started dating women.

While I waited for Abby to pick up, I was so glad we’d mended fences. She was one of my best friends in the entire world and she knew a little about my various kinks. She had some too, though she liked to deny everything. Even though she was a sex ther****t, Abby struggled with her sexuality.

I listened to the ring tone, hoping Abby was between clients and would pick up. I sat in my office, looking out at the sunshine on the green of my lawn. I still had a while before Jacob came home from school.

I had a picture of me and Abby on my desk. She was a bigger girl, not fat, just big, with short brunette hair and a cherub’s smile. Her brown eyes always twinkled. I was like her, dark and big, but I didn’t have her eyes or her smile. Her son did though. Todd looked exactly like her.

The line clicked open. Abby answered. “Hello?”

“Hey, Abby, this is Nate. Is this a good time to talk?”

“Yeah, Nate, what’s up?”

I took in a deep breath, nervous to tell her. “Well, a lot actually. Long story short, my stepson Jacob has been getting all these viruses lately on his laptop. I checked, and he’s been searching a ton of porn. And not just any porn, some of the more, um, shall we say, interesting choices.”

“He’s eighteen, right?” Abby asked. Then her voice changed to tease me. “So you want a free consultation, Nate? I should totally charge you.”

“Bill me,” I said, seriously. I’d pay. “And yes, he’s eighteen.”

“An eighteen-year-old watching porn. Sounds rather normal. Are his grades good? Does he have friends? A girlfriend?”

“No on the girlfriend,” I said. “He has some friends, but he doesn’t go out very much. His grades are stellar. He’s a smart k**.”

Abby chuckled. “Then you have nothing to worry about. Just curious, what kind of porn?”

Here it was. “Not sure I should say, Abby.”

“Now I have to know!”

I let a tick of quiet go by, and found I was getting horny again. “i****t. All kinds. Including male-male. Weird, huh?”

What she said next surprised me. “Not really. It’s an ancient taboo, and part of sex is the forbidden. If you look at Literotica, their most popular category is their i****t category.”

“So you know about Literotica?” I asked.

“Yes. I read the stories. I have a healthy imagination. Especially since Phil left, it’s how I get some relief.”

Phil had been an asshole and had left her without much explanation. My new wife’s husband had abandoned her and Jacob the same way. I was determined to be a good guy. I wanted to make sure Jacob and Todd had at least one example of a guy who could commit and make things work.

So my sister read erotica. I wondered what kind. Thinking of my sister in front of her computer, masturbating, took my breath away. “So, Abby, do you, um, get off while reading?”

“I shouldn’t say,” Abby said. “You’re my brother.”

“Tell me,” I begged. “It’s not a big deal. I do it all the time. I think most of the people with an internet connection and working fingers do it.”

“I’m not sure,” Abby said.

And that was Abby. She wanted to tell me but she fought with herself. I kind of always figured she became a sex ther****t to figure herself out.

“Come on. It’s just us,” I said. “And it’s not like we’ve never seen each other naked.

She gasped. “Don’t bring that up.” Then she sighed. “Fine. I do masturbate when I read those stories. And I love one site in particular, the DirtyMindedMom’s kinky blog. Her stories are amazing. You must think I’m a total sinner.”

Immediately, googled the Dirty Minded Mom’s kinky blog and found it. It had a definite i****t theme. All kinds. I shifted in my chair. I was getting hard again. “No, Abby, I don’t think you’re a sinner. I think you’re human.” I took in a deep breath. “I’m just glad I’m not alone in my perversions. You know, we just haven’t talked this way for a while. Not since, you know…the incident.”

“We’ve worked through what happened,” Abby said. “I don’t know if I really want to talk about that in any great detail.”

“Do you think about it?” I asked. “Do you think about that night?”

“I shouldn’t tell you this,” Abby whispered, “but I think about it a lot.”

That night rushed back to me.

We’d been drinking on the back porch of our house. Abby and her boyfriend Steven had bought the alcohol. I was the k** brother, gay at the time, who tagged along. Our parents were gone somewhere and we had the backyard to ourselves. It had been a hot summer night and the cicadas were going crazy. We sat outside, sweating, until Steven said he was curious about how it felt to be with another man.

Abby and I had used to talk about sex all the time, about cute celebrities and who’d have sex with and who we wouldn’t. We were open about masturbating. She was one of my best friends, and I’d been glad when she’d decided to go to the local college down the street.

Back then, that summer, I’d just graduated from high school. I walked around with a permanent erection, so talking about sex with Abby and Steven on that hot summer night turned me right the fuck on.

Steven had been slender, muscled, and cute as hell. He definitely had a surfer thing going on. Blond hair, a smooth face, he gave me a boyishly crooked smile that melted my heart. “You’re legal, Nate, aren’t you?”

I’d nodded.

“It doesn’t matter if he’s legal,” Abby had said. “You’re with me Steven. And I’m not going to watch you flirt with my little brother.”

“But we talked about me kissing him,” Steven said.

Lust pierced my belly. “Abby, did you really talk about watching me kiss your boyfriend?”

“He’s curious is all,” Abby said. “And it was just a fantasy. But I swear, Steven, if you kiss my brother I’ll leave.”

Steven gave my sister a knowing smile. “It’s a part of it for you, isn’t it? This ‘no, no, no’ on your lips but ‘yes, yes, yes’ in your pants. You like that, don’t you?”

Abby had blushed herself into crimson. I noticed her chest rising and falling rapidly. “Yes,” she squeaked.

“Consent?” Steven asked. From how they were interacting, it was clear they had played this again before.

“Yes,” Abby said. “Consent.” Then she went back to being the bitchy older sister. “Don’t you kiss him, Steven. He’s my baby brother.”

“Gay baby brother,” I said.

“Would you like me to kiss you?” Steven asked.

“God, yes,” I breathed.

“Don’t do it, Steven,” Abby warned.

Steven ignored her. He slid over to me. He grew close. He touched my leg, naked below my shorts. “Okay,” I whispered. His lips pressed into mine. I could smell his aftershave, the alcohol on his breath, the little bit of stubble on his smooth cheek. He tasted like the beer we were drinking.

Before I knew it, I had his hard cock in my hand. It was as thin as he was, poking at his shorts like a spike. I didn’t remember thinking I wanted to feel his dick, but my hand went there. Even as his tongue went into my mouth.

“Don’t French kiss my brother, Steven,” my sister said. “It will get his cock all hard.”

Too late. My cock was hard.

My sister stood up. “I’m leaving.”

But she didn’t leave.

Standing there, watching, she unbuttoned a couple of buttons on her blouse. Her cleavage shined with sweat in the porchlight. The night air seemed to thicken.

“Sit down, Abby,” Steven said. “I want you to watch.”

My sister sat down. She pinched her legs together. One hand touched her big tits. Even back then she had such big tits. She wore her hair longer, curled it, worked on it all the time. And her make-up was perfect. She was such a gorgeous girl. She had such an angelic sweet face with big dark eyes and full, sensuous lips.

“Can I suck you?” Steven asked me. “Will you let me suck your cock while your sister watches?”

I stood up, and he pulled down my shorts and underwear. I sprang into the air, fully erect and starting to drip.

“I shouldn’t be looking at my brother’s cock,” Abby had whispered. One of her hands was between her legs, on top of her white shorts. Her long, tan legs stretched out from the chair. She was barefoot.

Steven kissed the tip of my cock and licked my taste from his lips. I was getting wet there.

I touched his hair. “I’m ready,” I said. “But I’m really excited. I’m not sure how long I’ll last.” Especially with my sister watching.

Steven took me in his mouth, so warm, so wet, so wanting to taste me. I knew he could smell the muskiness of my pubic hair.

My sister had her shirt completely unbuttoned. She’d scooped her tits out of her bra and though they were partially hidden, her wide brown nipples spread out across the smooth flesh of her breasts. One hand teased the nipple hard. The other rubbed at her shorts.

“How is it, Steven?” she asked, breathless. “I have to go, I can’t watch this, but I want to know how does my brother’s cock taste?”

He let my cock fall from his mouth. “It’s hard and soft at the same time. And he’s cumming so much, I can taste it. Salty, but not bad. But I like the smell. Your little brother smells really good down there.” His lips wrapped around my head and he sucked.

I trembled, my knees buckling. I locked eyes with my sister.

“Don’t, Nate,” she said. “Don’t come in his mouth. He’s my boyfriend. What if he likes it? What if he really likes the taste of your cum?”

“He’s your boyfriend, Abby,” I said. “I’m just borrowing him.”

Talking with my sister like that was getting me so turned on. I touched Steve’s soft hair and began to fuck his mouth a little, in and out of the O of his lips. He pulled his shorts down and stroked his thin cock.

Abby caressed the fabric covering her clit. Her eyes shone like diamonds in the night. I could feel how turned on she was.

“It’s okay, Abby,” I’d said. “You can masturbate in front of me. I don’t mind.”

“I couldn’t,” she said. “I could never jill my little clitty in front of my brother. But I want to so much.”

“You can, Abby. Please,” I begged.

Steven stopped sucking my cock to add, “Abby, you’ve been dying to see this, no matter what you say. This is your chance to really experience this.”

“I can’t,” Abby said. She seemed near tears. “I can’t do this.” And yet, she stood up, pulled down her shorts and her panties, and then sat back down in the chair. She kicked off her clothes and spread her legs. “I can’t watch my boyfriend suck on my brother’s cock, but I am. I am watching. And it’s making me so hot.”

Her finger found her clit. She was hairy and her leg cast a shadow, so I couldn’t see her pussy very well. Her hand rubbing her pussy also kept her genitals hidden. How many nights have I masturbated over that moment, when she spread her legs to rub her clit while her boyfriend sucked me off? I can’t count.

One hand on her clit, rubbing, one hand on her tit, pinching, she watched as Steven stroked his cock and while I fucked his mouth.

“Does your hand on your pussy feel good?” I’d asked, gasping. I wanted to come and I was close.

“Oh, don’t talk about what we’re doing, little brother,” Abby said. “It’s so nasty. Mom and Dad would kill us.” Even though she just said we shouldn’t talk during the sex, she still asked, “Is Steven sucking your cock good?”

Oh, yes,” I gasped. And I started to say that, over and over, “oh, yes, oh yes, oh yes,” each time jamming my cockhead deeper into his mouth.”

“Oh, baby brother,” Abby said, “you have such a big dickhead. Your cock has such a big nasty bulb at the end. I never knew. Oh, shit, this is so hot. I have to go. I can’t watch this.” She needed to say the words, but she didn’t make any kind of move. Her clit wouldn’t let her.

“Watch it, s*s,” I said. “Watch your boyfriend suck my cock.”

Steven lost it first. He arched back. “Fuck,” he grunted and his thin cock began to twitch as creamy cum covered his lower belly and dripped on his shirt.

Watching him come brought me back into his mouth. I thrust into his mouth. “Coming, Steve. I’m coming. Watching you, my sister watching me, oh fuck, oh fuck.”

I was worried he might not want to swallow, but he did. He thirstily drank me down as I spasmed and filled his mouth with my sperm. I couldn’t stop gasping and shaking. I was coming in my sister’s boyfriend. I was coming in Steven’s mouth.

My cock fell from his mouth, and he licked his lips, swallowing. I knelt down and kissed him, tasted him, the alcohol, and my semen.

“Hot,” Abby yelped. “So fucking hot. So nasty. Don’t look. I can’t let you see me come. I can’t let you see my pussy come. Don’t watch.”

But of course Steven and I turned. Abby went over the edge and she came, her legs forced together even as her hands were buried deep between her thighs, pressing down on her clit. Damn, I couldn’t get a clear view of her pussy.

“Fuck me now, Steven!” she said.

She spread her legs, and I thought I’d get my chance to see my sister’s pussy, but Steven blocked my view. In seconds, he had pulled her off the lounge chair, onto the carpet of the patio, and pushed his cum-covered cock between her wet lips hidden in the patch of her pubic hair.

I pulled off my shirt, totally naked now, the only one who was. My sister had her shirt on, though it was unbuttoned, and her tits flopped on her chest over her bra still circling her chest. Steve’s shorts were around his knees, and he still wore his t-shirt.

He was pounding into my sister. He was sawing his cock in and out of her hairy wet pussy.

I crawled over. Though we’d all come once, Steven and I were young, and the sexual energy in the air had made us all crazy. My cock felt like iron, still wet from Steve’s spit.

I jerked off my cock as they fucked beside me. My sister turned her head, her eyes open. She watched me jerk off and her mouth fell open. For one mad minute, I’d thought she’d wanted to suck it. Maybe she had. Instead she said, “Come on his ass. Play with his asshole and come on his ass, baby brother.”

Her saying that stole my breath. And that was Abby. She’d threaten to walk away, to hang up, but if you got her going, she’d say and do anything.

I moved around to where Steve’s butt bucked up and down, slamming in and out my sister’s cunt.

Jacking off with my right hand, I slid my fuck finger on my left hand between Steve’s sweaty cheeks and found the swirl of his butthole. I’d played with my own enough to know what would feel good. I teased the curls of tight muscles, getting it slippery with his sweat. Then I eased a finger into his asshole.

“He’s fingering my ass,” Steven burst. “Oh fuck, his finger is in my ass. But I wanted to come in his mouth.”

“Do it then,” Abby hissed. She was fully embracing the moment, her denials and struggles and morality forgotten. “Quit fucking me, Steven, and come in my baby brother’s whore mouth.”

I knelt down. Not sure I liked being called a whore, but I wasn’t sure I didn’t either. It felt right, my hard cock in my hand.

Steven burst away from my probing finger and my sister’s sucking cunt. He turned and suddenly his cock was in my mouth.

And I was tasting my sister. I was tasting my sister’s pussy.

Her tit brushed my arm. She was kneeling next to me, one arm on my shoulder and one hand on Steve’s ass, helping him thrust into my mouth.

I smelled her cunt. I tasted it. Then all I could taste was Steven as his cock erupted in my mouth, spurting cum onto my tongue.

I swallowed him down, but kept his cock in my mouth even as it started to shrink. I leaned against him, jerking off at the smells, the tastes, of the sex.

And then I came, breathing hard and fast.

“Let it out, Nate,” Abby whispered, stroking my back. “Let it out and let yourself come. Come for me. Come for your sister.”

I did, splattering the green stubbly outdoor carpet with my spend.

Abby left to get a towel to clean it up while Steven and I dressed. Then he hugged me for a long time. He bent down and whispered in my ear, “It’s you I want.”

Not a week later, he’d broken up with Abby, and Steven and I started to have mad sex all the time. I took his ass, and he took me mine. But every time we were together, I thought about Abby’s tits and her hairy pussy. How much I suddenly wanted women instead of men.

A year later I started dating a bunch of girls. Unlike Abby, I didn’t stay in state for college. I went as far away as possibly.

One of the reasons was Abby stopped talking to me. Another, our dad had turned into an asshole and I wanted to put at least a thousand miles between us. Not sure what happened to him. Sometimes age destroys men.

“Nate? You there?” Abby asked.

I was popped back to the present, my cock straining again and my heart drumming in my ears. Damn, my one and only i****t experience had been so hot. And yet, it had destroyed my relationship with my sister for a long time.

Going through the memories, it suddenly dawned on me. “Hey, Abby, so this Dirty Minded Mom website is about i****t. And you said Literotica’s most popular category is about i****t. And that time with Steven, you kept calling me your baby brother. Do you have an i****t thing?”

This time Abby didn’t answer for a long time.

I panicked. Had she hung up? I never should’ve asked such a question.

“Oh, Nate it was a long time ago, right?”

“Not an answer, counselor,” I said. “Just tell me. I mean, I told you that the night with you and Steven was what made me realize I was bisexual. I like women because of you. I’m married to Melissa because of you. Tell me. Do you have an i****t fetish?”

“I couldn’t possibly tell you something so personal,” Abby said, putting on her mask.

“Drop that shit,” I said rather harshly. “Either you’ll tell me or you won’t, but don’t play that game with me, not right now.”

She knew exactly what I was talking about.

“I’m sorry,” I said quickly. “I shouldn’t push you like that.”

“No,” Abby said. “Part of my sexuality is the game of me not wanting to accept how sexual I am. How certain things turn me. Nate, I do like the idea of i****t.” Her breath had gotten feathery. Was she getting turned on?

“What kind?” I asked.

“Nate,” Abby said. “There’s something you should know. Over the years, I’ve used a word, kind of like a safe word, for when I play this game. You say the word ‘consent’, and if I say it back, it means no matter what I say, I’m into it. I know it’s confusing—”

I cut her off. “It’s not. I remember it with Steven. I get it. Consent?”

“Consent,” Abby said.

“Tell me what kind of i****t turns you on,” I ordered.

“Nate, I can’t tell you that. It’s personal. And if you knew, you might think differently of your big sister. I’m not going to tell you.”

“Tell me or I’m hanging up,” I said. “And I won’t be calling back.”

“I can’t,” Abby said. She sounded like she might cry, and yet she also sounded breathless. “Maybe if you told me first, baby brother.”

Oh, those words, baby brother, made me so hard.

“I have the whole Mommy/Son thing. Probably because Mom died when we were young. But I also have a Daddy thing, I have to admit,” I said. “Not sure why because Pop was such an asshole.”

Abby let out a breath. “I have those same things going on. I do. I fantasize all the time about all kinds of i****t. And I have a brother thing, for obvious reasons.”

“What?” I asked, shocked.

“I shouldn’t have told you, see?” Abby sounded like she was crying, but I couldn’t quite tell. She went on. “I shouldn’t tell you that night with Steven was a fantasy come true. Yes, it messed us up for a decade, which is why I have to warn you, making fantasies into reality is a dangerous business. They are fantasies for a reason. I think that’s why I play my little game because I know the fantasies are so powerful, that part of me can’t accept them in reality. I don’t know. All I really know is that say ‘no’ but meaning ‘yes’ turns me on. As long as the person I’m with understands my level of consent and we have a safe word.”

“Damn, Abby, I’m so glad you’re tell me this.” I felt honored she’d share so much with me.

Abby sighed. “I love you, Nate, and I don’t want you to mess thing up with your family. I don’t want you to go through with them what you went through with me after Steven.”

I let out a breath. “I understand. I totally do. And I’m going to keep my fantasies out of my reality. I promise.” I thought about asking about Todd. Had she ever thought about Todd in that way, but I didn’t. In the end, I’d learn the truth about her and her son, Todd, my nephew.

“Back to your stepson Jacob,” Abby said, “and then I have to go. I would tell Jacob that he needs to be careful online, but I would also tell him that masturbating is a part of life, and he shouldn’t be ashamed. Just be gentle and respectful with him, Nate. That’s a hard age, and he’s still very young. Eighteen might feel old when you’re eighteen, but you and I know it’s not.”

“Thanks, Abby, for everything.”

“No worries, Nate. I love you. I’m glad we can talk this stuff and be honest.” She paused. “I shouldn’t say this, but I’m going to go masturbate. And I’m going to think about that night. And I’m going to fantasize about you, Jacob, me. Oh, fuck, I shouldn’t be saying this.”

“I’m going to be doing the exact same thing, s*s,” I said.

We hung up and I jerked off, thinking about my sister jilling herself a thousand miles away. And thinking about how great it would be to fuck her pussy while Jacob fucked her mouth.

All the while, Melissa, my wife, would be watching, watching and masturbating her cunt.

I came. My cock drooled semen all over my hand. It dripped on to my thigh. I’d come so much and it had felt so good.

Then I realized it was all just fantasy. And I had to keep it that way.

My stepson, however, had his own definite ideas on the matter.

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