Subject: Dreamin’ About my Cuz – Chapter 13 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This story is completely fictional. Any resemblance by name or description to anyone dead or alive is totally coincidental. This is a story about a boy having a crush on his cousin. If this offends you, if you are not of legal age or if this content is not legal inyour area, please do not read this. If you have comments, please email me at ail. If you enjoy my stories, please consider donating to . Their hard work helps us all enjoy these stories. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Chapter 13 Year 2 September 3rd I’ve been dreading lunch all day. I have to make it to my hiding spot between the two portables on the edge of campus. I’ve kept my hoodie pulled tightly over my face all day, and I’ve had my earbuds in so no one will talk to me. So far, it’s worked. I have to practice. It’s the first text from Jeffers in almost two weeks, and he wants to Skype tonight. He was afraid I was spending too much time talking to him and not enough time with Bryson. He’s going to be so disappointed that we broke up. He put in so much time with me to teach me how to be confident, how to act around Bryson, what to say to him, and how to be a good boyfriend. I’m afraid to lie to him. I’m afraid he’ll figure it out within two seconds of me opening my mouth. I have to try, though. I’m not ready to tell him that I fucked everything up. I’m not ready to tell him that I cried when Bryson jerked me off. I’m not ready to tell him everything… or anything. Maybe I ruined my one chance. Bryson was… well, he was amazing, and he really seemed to like me. He treated me like a prince. I should have given him more of a chance. Maybe I could’ve developed stronger feelings for him. Maybe I could’ve built up to NOT crying when he made me cum. Maybe I could’ve built up to NOT thinking about Jeffers when we were together. Well, it’s over now. I’ll probably never have a guy half as good as Bryson. Thinking I could have a future with Jeffers is just… so way out there. It’s not like we’re both going to graduate high school and then live happily ever after together. I’m going to head to a ballet school, probably on the east coast, and Jeffers is going to… I don’t even know what he’s going to do after high school. We haven’t really talked about the future. Fuck. I look around, and the coast is clear. I dart for the gap between the two portables, and I jump backwards and shriek like a girl. McKenzie and Olivia each grab one of my wrists and pull me between the two classrooms. “What are you DOING?” I ask angrily, my heart finally settling down. “We thought you might come here,” Olivia says, folding her arms in satisfaction. “How did you know I come here?” They look at each other, roll their eyes and laugh. “Well… what do you want?” I ask, glaring at them as much meanness as I can generate. In reality, it’s really good to see them. I guess I really need a friend or two right now. “We wanted to see if you’re okay.” “I’m okay.” I dramatically sink down the side of the building and end up in a squat. I hope they’ll ask some follow-up questions. “Did you see him?” Olivia asks. “Did I see who?” They look at each other. escort bayan “He doesn’t know,” McKenzie says. “I don’t know what?” “Bryson… he…” Olivia pauses and looks worriedly at McKenzie. “HE WHAT?” I ask, standing up quickly, with panic in my voice. “Bryson… he and Carver… have been holding hands all day. They’re a couple now.” “Oh.” I slink back down into a squat, and it finally hits me. “Really? Already? With Carver?” “You can’t blame Bryson for getting over you that fast until you hear the story.” McKenzie says. “I don’t want to hear the story,” I mutter. “Shut up. Yes you do,” Olivia says and kicks me. “So, once upon a time, there was a boy named Bryson… Bryson Carver, not Bryson Greer.” “UHNNN,” I groan. “Bryson joined the soccer team, but there was already another boy named Bryson… a boy he had a big crush on. When the team decided that there could only be one Bryson, he let his crush keep his name and he gave up his OWN NAME!” McKenzie grabs me by the shoulders and shakes them. “I already know that story.” I roll my eyes. “Then Bryson came out over the summer, but Carver was still too scared. He wanted to reveal his true feelings to his crush, but he chickened out… over and over.” “Then,” Olivia takes over. “Bryson got together with the local hot ballet boy-” “Fuuuhhhk…. Shuuuut Uuuuup!” I bury my face in my hands. “And Carver was devastated. He thought Bryson and the ballet kid were in it if for the long haul. Bryson was absolutely wild about this ballet kid for some stupid fucking reason.” I kick Olivia’s foot and she kicks me back twice as hard. “THEN,” McKenzie butts in dramatically. “On Saturday, Bryson and the ballet kid broke up for some secret reason, and Carver found out the next day. He didn’t think he’d ever have another chance, and this time, he wasn’t going to blow it. He went over to Bryson’s house, but Bryson’s mom wouldn’t let him in. She said Bryson wouldn’t come out of his room and didn’t want any visitors. Carver wasn’t giving up, though. He went around to the back of the house, broke a WINDOW and climbed in. Bryson’s mom said she was calling the cops, but Carver just ignored her, walked down the hall and fucking KICKED down Bryson’s bedroom door! Bryson was still in bed, still crying about that dumb ballet kid, but Carver just marched over there, got in his bed, got ON TOP OF HIM and fucking KISSED HIM!” “Holy fuck!” Olivia acts like she’s about to faint and fans herself with her hands. “I wish ALL high school boys were gay! Then, we could watch them be sweet to each other and do the most romantic things for each other, and they’d finally leave us the FUCK alone!” “High school boys are lining up for the two of you now?” I ask. “Shut up,” they say in unison. I raise an eyebrow. “Only the shitty ones,” Olivia sighs. “How do you guys know all this?” “Carver’s hag, Jenn, is in my Spanish class, and she told me… well, everyone knows by now, except you.” “I guess I’m happy for them. I hope Carver can make Bryson happy. He deserves it.” “So, what happened between you and Bryson?” Olivia asks slowly. “You don’t know?” I’m shocked. “No one knows!” Olivia tugs at my sleeve. “Bryson and Carver won’t tell anyone, and you… well you don’t TALK to anyone.” “I don’t wanna talk about it.” I look down at kocaeli escort bayan my feet. This time, I hope they won’t ask any more questions. After a moment of silence, Olivia speaks again. “Was it because of Jeffers?” Without thinking, I jerk my head up to look at her, and I know my secret is out. There’s no point in denying it. I just scrunch my knees up, hug my legs and hide my face. “Cole!” McKenzie shakes my arm, trying to make me look up. “No one can deny how amazing Jeffers is, but you fucked it all up! You can’t let a guy like Bryson go for… a fucking crush! A fucking dream! You only see him a few days a year and… We understand how much you like him, but… Cole, it’s NEVER GONNA FUCKING HAPPEN!” I sit in silence, refusing to look up. Then the words leave my lips, but they’re muffled into my jeans. “What?” they ask impatiently. “It already fucking happened.” I sigh. I don’t know why I’m telling them, but somehow, I know they won’t betray me on this. “Oh my FUCKING GOD!” Olivia says, and they both start pulling my arms as if it were a tug of war. “WHAT HAPPENED?” They yell. “WHAT DID YOU DO?” “I’m not saying anything! It just… happened. That’s all.” “YOU HAVE TO TELL US!” They shriek and dig their fingernails into my arms. “Okay, okay!” I laugh. The pain reminds me I’m alive. I feel like I’ve been numb ever since I left Bryson’s house. “We just… made out and stuff.” “AND STUFF?” McKenzie squeals. “You fucking did STUFF with Jeffers?” Olivia acts like she’s to faint again. “O-M-FUCKING-G!” “I wish I had a big fat cock so I could jerk off right now!” McKenzie grunts. She pretends to jerk off as hard as she can, and Olivia follows along. “I wish I had a big fat cock so Jeffers could SUCK IT!” Olivia howls. “Jeffers wouldn’t come close to your nasty, bent little prick.” McKenzie sneers. “He’s used to one that’s beautiful and lovely… graceful… proud, but understated.” “I guess I should say… fuck you?” I finally look her in the eyes. “Yes, hun. Yes you should.” She pats me on the head. “So why did you ditch me?” I blurt out. I just want to rip the band-aid off. They glance at each other, and then look back down at me. “We didn’t mean to,” McKenzie says slowly. “We’re sorry,” Olivia drops down next to me. “We’re awful.” “It was just the three of us, and we fucking OWNED that dance studio.” McKenzie starts. “Then, Madeline Fucking Vandenburg comes along. She’s a rude cunt to all three of us, and we all have fun shitting on her and laughing at her. Then, all of a sudden, SHE beats Olivia and me out of the lead in Swan Lake. Then, once she’s the lead WITH you, you can’t shut up about her! You can’t stop talking about how dedicated she is and how strong her ankles are and how flawless her technique is-” “I was just saying that stuff cuz you two were slidin’. You were missing classes, you were smoking cigarettes, you were on your phones during practice. Then, all of a sudden, I hear from Mrs. Preston, the teacher of the fucking little girls, that you two had quit! And then you wouldn’t answer my texts!” “We were wrong, okay!” Olivia pleads. “We just thought you were getting a little too big for your tights,” McKenzie says, “and you needed to be taken down a peg. We thought you would come kocaeli escort running to us just a couple of days without us, but you don’t really need us. We decided we would make up with you on the first day of school, then all of a sudden, you and Bryson were a thing, and we thought if we were in the picture, you’d be spending your time with us again, so we stepped back.” “We’re not backing off again. We’re with ya… ya big, cousin-lovin’ homo.” “I’ve missed your dirty whore mouths,” I sigh with contentment. “We’ve missed yours,” they say together. “So, tell us EVERYTHING about Jeffers.” “I love him so much it hurts. I think about him all the fucking time. I thought about him all the time I was with Bryson… and I REALLY liked Bryson. I still like him… just not in that way. I hope he’s happier without me. He deserves to be happy. I deserve to be miserable. I’m such a sick fuck.” I catch them up on all of the details of Jeffers and my summer, how he helped me with Bryson and what Jocelyn said about him. After I’m done, they stand there staring down at me. “WELL?” “Do you think Jocelyn is wrong about Jeffers?” Olivia asks. “I DON’T KNOW!” I yell. “That’s what I need to know. You have to tell me!” “Cole, you know Jeffers. The bit about him not being popular is bullshit. He has pussy and cock lined up for the taking any time he wants it.” McKenzie says dryly. “You really think so?” “Well, both Olivia and I pledged to put our ballet careers first and not have sex until we were married, and both of us would’ve given that up in a second to fuck Jeffers. Everyone at Jeffers’s school must feel the same. Cole, he’s gettin’ some. You know that. Why do you think you asked him for relationship advice?” “I guess I never thought about that.” “Wait, wait, WAIT!” Olivia says. “Isn’t it obvious that Jeffers is completely in love with his little Coley- Poley! I mean, he put on tights for you. He made out with you, and he cried for you! I mean, this is the oohiest-gooiest love story EVER! I mean… I need to jerk off again!” She tugs at her pretend penis. “This is exactly what I DON’T need! I need someone to tell me the truth, not do the devil-and-angel-on- my=shoulder thing!” “When are you and Jeffers talking next?” “We’re supposed to Skype tonight.” I sigh. “You have to tell him how you feel!” Olivia gasps. “No way!” McKenzie pushes her out of the way and gets in my face. “You’re gonna get hurt, and you’ll ruin your future times with Jeffers. You’re his summer fling. You can have a steamy five days with him every summer unless you ruin it now. You know he’s a nice guy, so if you smother him with feelings, he’ll back off so he won’t lead you on.” “Don’t listen to her, you’re meant to be with Jeffers!” “Shut up, both of you!” I groan. “I can’t tell him. He spent so much time working with me on being a good boyfriend for Bryson. I can’t just tell him that I dropped Bryson just like that. I’ll look like such a fucking dork spaz.” “Jeffers already knows you’re a fucking dork spaz, and he still loves you!” Olivia pushes me over. They’re no help. I know I have to make this decision on my own. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ If you’d like to see what I think Cole and Jeffers look like, email me your thoughts on the story at ail and I will send you G-rated pics. Check out my other stories on : Backdoor Slider: fty//gay/athletics/backdoor-slider/ Mason in the Center: fty//gay/incest/mason-in-the-center/ We Have the Summer: fty//gay/incest/we-have-the-summer/

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