Doggy Style

Subject: The Boss (f/f) The Boss There she was, sitting in the lunch room. Damn. I was really hungry, but I knew I would never be able to eat. She just had that affect on me. I can’t explain it, but she made me nervous and I felt like I would do something clumsy or stupid if I attempted something so simple like eating. She is my boss and I had come to the astonishing conclusion that I had a crush on her. I say astonishing because I am (was?) hetero, married and she is at least twenty years my senior. Her name is Christine Grant, she is average height, and weight, and dare I say it without sounding to crass, has very nice tits and an even nicer ass. She dyes her graying hair a dark brown color that accents her hazel eyes perfectly. I can’t say when I became attracted to her, but I think it has something to do with the sound of her voice. Sometimes just hearing her speak or laugh can make me wet. Once I realized I had a crush on her, I was content just to be in her presence at work, I never dreamed of acting on my desires, but as fate would have it….. We had agreed to work on a Saturday to put the finishing touches on a detailed production report we were working on due to a merger involving our company and several others to form the largest financial services corporation in the Western hemisphere. Christine and I agreed to arrive at 9:00am, giving us a coveted hour to sleep in. She arrived wearing a T-shirt, jeans and tennies. I was not use to seeing her in “non” work attire, and I must say the way her jeans clung to her lovely ass was quite distracting. We got started, agreeing that she would run the necessary reports and I would input that data into our report. We estimated to be finished by 2:00pm, but hoped to be done sooner, so we could enjoy the rest of the weekend. She began running the reports while I reviewed our production report, and made some small changes to fine tune the numbers. At noon Christine gave me the final report, I was done crunching the numbers 15 minutes later. It took us another 15 minutes to finish the report and print it. We were elated at finishing it so fast. Christine said we should have lunch to celebrate. I hesitated, but she would not take no for an answer. We took her sporty European sedan to a cafe near our building. It was a gorgeous, early spring day, so we chose to sit outside on the terrace. We made small talk about work until our waitress appeared. I immediately ordered a glass of sparkling white wine, to which Christine gave a questioning look, then ordered one also. Our small talk continued, gradually moving away from work, to our personal family lives. Our conversation flowed effortlessly once we started to feel the effects of the wine. It was four o’clock when we finally decided we had monopolized the table on the terrace long enough. Christine paid the bill, and as we were walking out to her car she tossed me the keys saying she was feeling a little woozy for the wine. I loved her car and had made jokes in passing that she should let me take it for a spin. Now here was my chance and I was kocaeli escort bayan a little nervous. I had a slight buzz myself, and my boss, whom I had a crush on was letting me drive her $65,000 car. My hands shook as I unlocked the door. She slid into the passenger seat and put on her safety belt. I opened the driver side door and stood there for a moment in awe of the beautiful piece of German craftsmanship. The smell of the leather and traces of her perfume intoxicated me. Christine asked me if I was O.K., I smiled sheepishly, nodded and slid into the car. I am slightly taller than Christine so I needed to adjust the position of the seat, but could not locate the button. Christine released her safety belt and reach over, practically laying in my lap, found the button and adjusted the seat for me. I could feel her breast on my thigh, and smell her freshly shampooed hair. I let out a small moan, as I thought about what it would be like to touch her breast. Christine must have heard my moan, though I didn’t think it was audible, because she gave me a strange grin and said lets go. I started the car and eased us out of the parking lot. The cafe was only a few minutes from our office, but at a traffic light Christine told me to take a left and get on the freeway. I gave her a puzzled look, to which she replied lets take the scenic route and since she knew how much I liked the car, this would give me a chance to see what it could do on the open road. The luxury sedan accelerated smoothly to highway speed as I entered the expressway. Christine touched a button on the dash and soft sounds of Kenny g. filled the interior, twenty minutes later we pulled into the parking lot of our office. I chattered non top about the car’s interior, handling and plushness. Christine laughed and said I could take it for a spin anytime. We were standing in the parking lot talking when I realized that I left my keys in the office on my desk. Christine let me in, and said she was going to use the restroom. I went to my desk, retrieved my keys and was rounding the corned to the exit when I collided with Christine who was carrying a diet coke she had just purchased from the soda machine. Diet coke went everywhere. Christine’s shirt was soaked. I apologized profusely as I ran to the break room to get some paper towels. I returned and began to wipe the front of Christine’s shirt. I was wiping like a mad woman possessed, as Christine stared at me in disbelief. After a few moments she grabbed my wrists to still my hands, and said it was O.K. We were standing so close, I could feel her breath on my cheek, and the warmth of her hands seared my flesh where she held my wrists. We stood like this for what seemed like an eternity. I was trying to avoid looking at her, but when our eyes finally met, an electric current passed through me, and I think she felt something too. Then she took a step towards me, and gently placed my hands on her breasts, and placed the softest kiss on my lips. At first I was in shock, then my instincts took over and I returned her kiss. A small fire kocaeli escort started in the pit of my stomach and burned into a raging inferno. I was so hot, it could feel my skin flushing over as our tentative probing kisses turned into a passionate tongue battle. I probed ever inch of her mouth with my tongue, I wanted to taste her whole being. My hands were still upon her breasts where she had placed them, and I was slowly kneading the left breast, and teasing her erect nipple on the right as we alternated sucking on each others tongues. Reluctantly we broke our kiss, both of us needing to come up for air. I dropped my hands to my side and took a step back not sure of what had just happened or of what would happen next. Christine said “Wow!”, but I still remained silent. When I finally found my voice, it was barley a whisper, and all I could say is “Why?” “Why did you do that?” Christine was in a daze, and just replied that we should leave. We finished cleaning up the spilled soda, set the alarm and left the building. Once we were in the parking lot Christine said she was still feeling a little woozy from the wine and asked if I would mind following her, to make sure she made it home safe. I agreed, even though her house was 25 minutes in the opposite direction from where I lived. About forty minutes later we arrived at her gorgeous ranch style home which sat on about five acres (I learned this from our conversation during lunch). I followed her into the circular driveway. She exited her vehicle and walked back to my car, which was still running. She thanked me for following her home, then offered to give me a grand tour of the place, which I declined. My nerves were shot, and the kiss we shared was still weighting heavily on my mind. I needed to get away and sort things out. Christine sighed, then leaned in my window, I was looking down, trying to avoid her eyes, so she gently grabbed my chin and tilted it in her direction and said that we should really talk about what happened at the office. I reluctantly agreed, shut off my car and followed her into the house. Her house was beautiful. It was done in a southwestern motif, with lots of Native American paintings and sculptures. The soft natural colors gave the whole house a very warm and inviting feel. Her tour ended with the coup de gras, her bedroom. It was quite elegant, with a huge king size bed covered with an antique hand made quilt. There was an overstuffed chair with an ottoman, that looked like a comfy place to read a good book, and a faux bear skin rug in front of the fire place. The decor in the room was masculine with subtle hints of femininity, but it worked, and gave tremendous insight on the tastes of its primary occupant. I complemented Christine on the uniqueness of the house and especially her bedroom. Christine and I were now standing side by side gazing out of the French doors in her bedroom which over looked a small meadow of wild flowers were a mare tended her new colt. The scene was so peaceful. Now I could understand why she moved away izmit eve gelen escort of the city. After a few moments Christine, still gazing at the horses, began to speak. “Do you know the difference between fucking and making love?” Then she answered her own question. “It’s Urgency.” “Right now I have the urgent need to fuck your brains out.” Then without saying another word Christine took my hand and led me to her bed and began to undress me. She removed my shoes and socks first, then my jeans and T-shirt. Now clad only in my favorite lacy black bra and bikini panties, Christine sat me down on the edge of the bed, spread my thighs and kneeled between them. Still no words were spoken between us. Christine began to plant little kisses on my calf moving up my leg as she went. When she reached my knee she began alternating between kisses and little nips, as she moved from my knee up my thigh zeroing in on my hot little box. Now I could feel her hot breath on my pussy. My hands were buried in her hair, as I moaned, and begged her to touch me. Then I felt her tongue on my clit. She was making little circles, round and round, on my clit. It was driving me crazy. I raised up slightly on the bed so I could remove my panties, but she grabbed my wrists and held them, and continued to lick my clit through my panties. It felt so good, but I wanted, no needed to feel her tongue on my pussy. I began bucking my hips, trying to increase the pressure of her tongue on my clit. But Christine would not me to have any more than the tip of her tongue circling round and round my clit. Then she stilled her tongue, and began to plant little kisses on the insides of my thighs. In between the kisses she asked me if I wanted her to fuck me. I was so hot, I said “Yes,” almost screaming the word. “Then let me here you say it.” She had started her clit licking again, round and round, with the tip of her tongue. My heart was beating so fast, as I tried to calm down and slow my breathing. Then she slightly increased the pressure on my clit and that put me over the edge. I began screaming for her to fuck me, which she obliged. With my panties still on, she pulled the crotch to the side and slid two fingers into my very wet pussy and began to give me an internal massage. She massage my breast and erect nipple with her other hand, grinding the soft material against my flesh. She brought her mouth to my ear and began to talk to me, I could feel the sexual tension in her voice. She was now straddling my knee, and grinding her pussy against it. She asked me if I liked what she was doing, I tried to answer, but only managed long moan. Her voice was getting me hotter, pushing me towards the edge. She whispered that my pussy was so warm and tight, she could stay in it forever. I was so close to cumming, I opened my eyes, I wanted to see her face as I came. Christine knew I was close so she picked up her pace, and began rubbing my clit at the same time. As my orgasm hit I opened my mouth to scream, but nothing came out, and I shook as she kept up her frantic pace. Then Christine came, bucking and rubbing her pussy against my leg, still fully dressed. I came four more times before I passed out from exhaustion. Christine gently laid me back on the bed and covered me with a blanket and whispered next time we will make love. The End.

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