Kate Gets a Puppy

Kate Gets a Puppy
Every morning, Kate started her day with a jog along the beach. The fresh sea air, the sand under her feet, and the sense of freedom was the perfect way for her to clear her head as well as keep fit. Her typical running outfit consisted of tight Lycra shorts and a sports bra which struggled to contain her ample 34D chest. She usually wore her long, raven hair in a ponytail but at times let it flow freely, and the sun beating down on it made it shine like silk. She was an exquisite vision, and never failed to gain the attention of any male passersby (and on occasion, the random female). Kate paid them no mind though, instead focusing on keeping her mind and body in top form.

During the past week, Kate had begun noticing the same dog every day as she took her morning run. It was an English Mastiff, and one of the largest she’d ever seen. Based on her observances as she jogged by, it stood nearly a meter in height and had to weigh more than 100 kg. He was a tan color, and would have been quite beautiful if he’d had a home rather than been a stray with no one to care for him.

But it was hard for her to be certain, as the dog kept a wary distance from her and was largely hidden by the brush at the back edge of the beach. Kate was relieved that it didn’t come closer, as she stood only 5’3” and was slim from her daily routines…she’d have not stood a chance in case of the dog attacking her. Soon however, as the a****l became more accustom to the daily visits from the woman, he began trotting alongside her for a brief distance, though still didn’t get close to her. Kate was amused and somewhat comforted by this, her initial fear of the a****l gone, as if she had her own personal guard dog escorting her. Maybe I’ll pick up some treats for him, and tomorrow if I see him I’ll give him a reward, she thought. Indeed, on her trip home from work that evening, Kate stopped and picked up a box of doggy nummies and placed some in a small baggy for her beach trip the next morning.
The next day, as Kate ran along the seaside, the dog appeared in his usual place and began trotting alongside her. After a few moments, Kate stopped and removed the baggy from her side pack and knelt down. The mastiff stopped along with her, though still several meters away from the woman. She began coaxing the a****l to come closer, using her softest and least threatening tone of voice.

“Here, puppy…it’s OK, I won’t hurt you…I just wanna give you a little treat for being such a good guard for me while I run.”
The dog was hesitant, not coming closer but not retreating either, instead nervously pacing to and fro. Kate decided to take a few treats from the bag and toss them his way in an attempt to gain his trust. The b**st looked at the kibbles lying in the sand and tentatively moved forward, but keeping a wary eye on the woman. He reached the snacks and devoured them quickly, and Kate spread a few more but this time closer to herself. The dog approached and eagerly accepted those as well. She took the remaining food from the bag and dropped them within a foot of her body, and encouraged the dog to move closer.

“OK big guy, if you want these you’re gonna have to get close to me…it’s OK, I won’t hurt you at all. Come here, good doggy.”

The dog inched closer, keeping an eye on the stranger in front of him. When he reached the food, Kate slowly extended a hand and began stroking the a****l’s head, issuing soothing words to it in the process.

“Yes, that’s a good boy…you like those treats, don’t you? You’re a good boy for keeping me safe every morning and I wanted to say thank you for that.”

Kate marveled at the softness of the a****l’s fur, and being close enough now to grasp its size she was in awe. She felt tiny next to the massive b**st, and knew that if he turned on her now she’d be in deep trouble. Somehow though, Kate knew he wouldn’t do that and she felt safe being as close to the dog as she was, regardless that he was a stray. As she contemplated the magnitude of the dog’s size, a random but wicked thought entered her head. He must have some massive equipment between his haunches, and upon thinking that she was both ashamed but warmer. She mustered her courage and took a glance at his rear quarters, and could see a pair of balls hanging between his legs. They looked to be roughly the size of ping-pong balls, and Kate’s mind began racing at the curiosity as to exactly how big a cock might be housed within the sheath. She shook her head to clear her mind of such perversions, and said to the dog “Well, I’d better get moving again or I’ll end up late for work. I’ll bring more treats for you tomorrow though, big guy…and I guess I have to think of a name for you.” With that, the dog retreated back to the brush and Kate completed her morning exercise.

Kate’s sleep that night was restless, as she had fleeting dreams remembering seeing the ample balls that hanged between her newfound pet’s legs. Her sub-conscious raced at the thoughts of reaching down and touching them, feeling their heat, texture, and weight. Caressing them gently, regardless of the species they belonged to or how perverse and unnatural an act that would be. She awoke several times throughout the night, bathed in sweat and her body heat soaring, resisting the urge to masturbate and relieve her pent up fantasies, since her husband was lying only a foot away. But each time the woman gained sleep again, the images of the dog’s underside returned more vividly than the last. Kate awoke the next morning feeling as though she’d not slept at all. She rose, put on her jogging outfit, got her bag of treats, and began her day feeling worn out already. Her emotions were swirling in her head as to what would happen when she encountered her friend on the beach. Somewhere in the night, perhaps in one of the dreams, she had decided on Zeus as the name she would give him.

The dog was waiting in its usual place, and upon seeing Kate he moved closer to her and began trotting alongside, within a meter of the woman. They ran at a steady moderate pace for ten minutes, and then Kate stopped to give the dog his treats and his new name. The a****l, in anticipation, sat down immediately and waited for his reward…but had no idea how big a reward the woman he was heeling before was about to give him.

“Good boy, how are you this morning, my big strong protector?” Kate asked the dog. “I think the name Zeus fits you perfectly, don’t you? So big and strong and smart!”

The dog wagged its tail, as if in agreement a name of such power was indeed appropriate for itself.

Kate fed Zeus his breakfast snack, and coaxed him to lie down for her. She began stroking his fur, marveling at the solid muscles she felt in the a****l…he must be truly powerful, she thought to herself. Her body trembled at the possibilities and implications of that power, and she felt a familiar moistness develop between her legs. Her breathing was slow and steady, but with an added urgency and a light sweat was developing over her body, though not from the jog as the morning was pleasantly cool and humidity free. As the dog became comfortable with her touch, he relaxed and shifted his body so that his underside became more exposed and Kate’s eyes went immediately to his groin area, marveling again at the size of her pet’s nuts. She continued stroking the fur on Zeus’ belly, her eyes never leaving his dark ball sack and furry sheath housing his cock. Her heart rate and breathing became more rapid, and her hand instinctively began moving down the a****l’s body, inching closer to his genitals. Her other hand had begun to move towards her own crotch, needing to feel the heat and moisture there that was now undeniable. Her hand reached the dog’s balls, and hesitated.
What are you doing?, Kate thought. This is wrong on so many levels, it goes against everything natural! Yet her hand remained, lightly resting on the Zeus’ hot nuts. Kate scanned the area, and not seeing anyone, left her hand in place. She spied a small grove of thick shrubbery ten meters down the beach and decided to move the encounter there, so as not to be seen by anyone who appeared suddenly. Her journey into becoming a dogslut had officially begun, and she was alternatively aroused and disgusted by it…but she knew in her heart that she wanted it.

Kate led Zeus to the patch of bushes, and discovered to her pleasant surprise that there was an opening inside them perhaps three by three meters…more than enough for the two lovers. Kate coaxed the dog to lie back down, and when he exposed his belly to her she began touching and caressing his nutsack immediately. She was amazed at how warm they were in her hands, though she was fully aware that dogs’ body temperatures were higher than humans’. Still she was fascinated by the heat she felt in her palm. Her original assessment had been right, they were as big as ping pong balls and her mind wandered to the question of how much hot sperm they might contain. She began massaging and squeezing them lightly, and Zeus allowed the woman to give him pleasure. Her own sweat was now heavy on her skin, and the pheromones it was releasing were not lost upon the b**st. The moisture between Kate’s legs had dampened her shorts, and a wet spot was clearly visible on them now and that aroma reached the dog’s sensitive nose as well. Kate’s nipples were rock hard, and her bra did nothing to hide them. The woman’s eyes however did not leave her dog’s crotch, and her heart was racing at the idea of what she was about to do. She let her hand slide off the a****l’s balls and up to the sheath that housed his cock, letting her hand stroke lightly up and down. Simultaneously, her head lowered closer to Zeus, her mouth parted slightly and tongue on her lips…she didn’t stop until the tip of her tongue touched the bestial balls below her. They were leathery in texture, had a wild, musky taste and were covered with a very fine short fur. Kate let her tongue flick over them while her hand stroked the sheath, then opened her mouth and gently took one dog ball inside. She sucked lightly, gently, not knowing how sensitive the a****l might be and not wanting to scare it off. She knew she had crossed a line that she could never un-cross, into the land of b********y and unnatural perversions, and while ashamed and disgusted with herself she was too wrapped up in her own twisted lust to care.

When Zeus allowed her to suck one of his balls without any resistance, she carefully opened her mouth more and took the second in, while still stroking his furry sheath. Saliva began to run from the wicked whore’s mouth as she suckled the a****l nuts, savoring their wild flavor. Her other hand had worked itself inside her soaked shorts and was urgently rubbing her swollen pussy lips. Kate’s eyes were closed, and it was if she was in a trance, not knowing or caring how sinful the respectable wife and mother she otherwise was had become. The fur on his balls felt strange but pleasurable in her mouth, and she could begin to feel a swelling within the sheath she was fondling. Her mind spun in anticipation of what she was about to see for the first time, and she opened her eyes so not to miss it. She looked at the sheath, and saw it begin to open and the pointed tip of the dog’s cock begin to emerge. It was bright pink, almost red, and shiny. Kate sucked the balls with a bit more force, and began stroking more rapidly with a tighter hold. More of Zeus’ dog cock began to emerge, until two inches were extended. Kate moved her mouth upward, and let her tongue wag out just like the bitch in heat that she had become…she could no longer be considered human, but closer to another dog. She flicked her tongue across the head, and got her first taste of what would be the only cock to ever enter her mouth again. It had a metallic taste, as if she’d licked a coin and she thought to herself how bland the men she’d taken into her mouth had tasted in comparison. She let her tongue swirl over the tip and just beyond, losing herself further in the flavor of her new lover. Her shorts had been pushed down and were now half down her thighs, and her top pushed up to give her nipples room to expand.

More of Zeus’ cock was emerging, and Kate opened her mouth to move past the head she’d been working on so that she could take more of it inside. She wanted to suck her dog lover, milk his cock of its a****l juice. Pre-cum was spurting from the head in small amounts, and Kate let some drip from her mouth so she could see it. Much like a man’s pre-cum, it was clear but not nearly as thick…it had a sweeter flavor as well, not as salty. Kate moved the cock upward and let several streams of the liquid squirt across her face, and the warm sensations it brought felt heavenly to her. She was not happy about having to release her lover, but knew she wanted to shed her own clothing, so she quickly removed her top and shorts, and was left only in her sneakers. She returned her starving mouth to the dog cock she craved, and began sucking again, swallowing every delicious drop of pre-cum into her slutty belly. She could tell more was extending, and felt it swelling and getting harder in her mouth but she couldn’t work anymore of its length inside. She pulled away for a brief second, after it had stopped emerging any further, and saw to her astonishment that it had to be ten inches in length, without the knot at its base looked to be another two inches. It was veiny red, thick, and absolutely the most gorgeous thing her eyes had ever seen. She lowered her mouth back to it, and sucked for another few moments until her lust was uncontrollable, and she knew she could no longer resist having her stud mount her.

Kate positioned herself on all fours, feeling dirtier than she’d ever felt in her life. God, I AM just a fucking dog now, she thought, but the knowledge only intensified her desire to commit the ultimate sin against nature. The air was cool against her sweat soaked body, but the heat from within balanced it out nicely. She was panting heavily now, needing the a****l mounting she was about to receive more than she’d ever needed sex in her life. Zeus, knowing full well what to do when a bitch presented herself to him as Kate was doing now, happily approached the woman from behind and lifted himself on top of her. He let his entire weight rest upon her back and Kate felt herself sink into the sand a couple of inches but managed to stay up. She could feel the dog’s hot, wet cock slapping against her, trying to locate her glistening, swollen, and open cunt. Zeus shifted and moved, and his bitch did the same, until his cock found its target and with one mighty thrust, was inside her. Kate gasped as she felt the girth of the a****l as it entered her, and instinctively pulled away but Zeus was in command now, and growled while he lowered his head, opened his jaws, and placed them around her neck holding her in place. While any normal woman would have been filled with terror at such a development, Kate was instead driven further into lust and depravity. She began pushing back onto Zeus’ thick cock, accepting that she was his bitch now.

Zeus began thrusting with more speed and force than Kate had ever experienced, and while very enjoyable, she could not deny the pain she felt…but that simply added to her arousal. Kate thrust back to meet her Master’s strokes as best she could, but could not keep pace with the speed the dog’s cock was slamming into her soaked pussy. She began to feel it swell within her, and Zeus began slowing down the pace of his thrusts. Soon, she felt stretched open and impaled on the length of his cock and felt the knot at its base begin to swell inside her. For the first time, Kate felt genuine fear as it continued to grow within her vagina. Shit, he’s gonna tear me open! She thought, but the knot was embedded now and Zeus’ jaws were still locked in place on her neck. She was trapped under the a****l, and would have to endure as best she could and hope that she wasn’t permanently injured by his knot. Zeus was completely still now, no longer pumping into his bitch but rather simply resting the full of his weight on top of her. Kate felt the hot cock inside her cunt pulse and throb, and the knot was no longer causing as much pain now that she had adjusted to its circumference. It was also pressing directly on her G-spot, and Kate let one hand stray to her clit, which she began working furiously. With only one hand to hold the lovers’ combined weight, Kate let her head and upper torso sink down so that her face was resting in the sand, her ass higher up. Zeus was pleased at how responsive and cooperative his new bitch was proving to be.

The two inter-species lovers remained in place, locked together by the huge knot implanted in Kate’s pussy. The throbbing cock buried in her, to say nothing of the knot pressing her G-spot, were driving her to the edge, like nothing she’d experienced before. Then she felt it, and knew that everything up to that point had only been the cake, and now she was getting the icing…literally as well as figuratively. A hot, steady stream of dog sperm began to fill her vagina, going deep until it began to flood her womb. Zeus still was motionless, as his throbbing cock was doing the work of pumping. Kate was feverishly rubbing her clit, and both lovers were panting and drooling heavily, with Zeus’ spit soaking the woman’s raven hair and running onto her face. Kate was grunting and moaning, feeling physical and mental highs she’d never thought possible. Her clit was engorged, swelled up like never before and more sensitive than she had ever experienced. She slowed her stroking of it, afraid of her orgasm happening too fast. Her pussy lips were fat with lust, and wrapped around the fat dog cock with a vice-like grip, not wanting to surrender their hold. Her orgasm hit her like lightening at that moment, and she released her cum while she stifled her screams as best she could. She nearly passed out from the intensity of it all.

Zeus continued to pump his seed deep into Kate’s open womb, and she could feel the added weight it brought. She looked beneath her body and back, and fancied she could see her belly perhaps distended by two inches from the amount of dog cum filling her up. The throbbing cock began to slow its pace, and eventually stopped. She no longer felt more sperm being pumped into her, and felt disappointment that the encounter was seemingly complete. But then Zeus lifted his body off hers, and spun around with his cock still tied in his bitch’s cunt until he was facing away from her. They remained locked together, as is natural for a stud to do with his bitch to ensure as little cum as possible escapes her ovaries. Zeus began to pace in the small enclosure, and Kate had no choice but to be dragged along behind him. This was perhaps the most humiliating and dehumanizing aspect of their mating, and she could only hope that the dog didn’t drag her from their secret nest into plain view of anyone who happened to be near. Eventually, the b**st stopped pacing and Kate could feel the size of the knot begin to subside. Ten minutes after the dog had cum, Zeus pulled the knot out with an audible plop and Kate was released. A quarter cup of dog and woman cum spilled from her cunt, which was yawning open in a grotesque yet highly erotic visage.

Exhausted both physically and emotionally, Kate lay for a moment in the sand collecting herself. She could feel the hot puddle of cum that had leaked from her under her worn pussy, and she couldn’t help but grind into it. She felt humiliated, degraded, ashamed, but far more fulfilled than she ever remembered. Presently, she returned her bra and shorts to her body, and before leaving for home thanked Zeus and promised she’d visit him again tomorrow. And so she did, and the next day, and next day, for a week after their first mating. Then Kate had a wicked thought, so wicked that she scared herself when it entered her mind. Her husband was taking their sons out of town for a soccer match, and she would be alone for three days. She felt it only prudent to have a strong watchdog present, to keep her safe from intruders. She counted the days down until she could finally bring her new lover into her home.

When the first morning arrived that Kate had the house to herself, she took her daily jog on the beach but when Zeus approached her, she led him back to her car rather than the enclave of bushes that had served as their prior rendezvous spot. Though confused, the dog followed Kate and jumped in the backseat. Kate drove home, and took the dog inside where she promptly gave him a much needed bath. While it aroused her to smell his stink on her when they mated, she knew that in order for her plan to come to completion, Zeus would have to be presentable.

After his bathing, Kate told him to wait outside her bedroom for her. The obedient dog complied, and laid down outside the door. Once inside, Kate put on a white lace lingerie set…A new bride should be in white for her husband, she thought as she looked at herself in the mirror with a wickedly delicious smile on her face. She let Zeus into the room, hoping that he found his bride beautiful. She coaxed him up, so that his front paws were resting on her shoulders. He stood slightly taller than she did, and Kate felt natural lifting her face up to her stud. Zeus was panting, his tongue hanging out of his open mouth and slick with saliva. Kate opened her mouth hungrily and extended her tongue to his, kissing her lover for the first time. She let her tongue slide into Zeus’ mouth, where it happily explored. She then withdrew her tongue but left her mouth open and began to suck the dogs thick, hot tongue into her throat. Her pussy was dripping from excitement, and the odor of her sex filled the room.

Kate led the dog to her marital bed…the bed she’d only shared with her husband, but would now share with her new husband and lover. The thought of violating her vows in such a perverse way excited her, and she could barely keep from cumming at the mere idea. She removed her panties, but left the sheer lace negligee in place, as well as her stockings and white heels. This was her wedding night, and she wanted it to be special. Kate lay on her back, near the lower end of the bed, and convinced Zeus to lie on top of her, and once the a****l was in place, she embraced it and wrapped her legs around its furry, muscular body. Zeus’ rear legs remained on the floor, so while he was standing, his full weight was on top of his submissive bitch under him. Kate resumed the delicious open mouth kissing with the dog, feeling her pussy begin to heat up to boiling. She could feel the tip of Zeus’ dog cock begin to emerge, and she positioned herself under him so that it could enter her open, eager cunt. The bed sheet below was already soaked through with her juices, her excitement was so high. Soon, the cock began to enter her vagina, and Kate’s hips began to pump up meeting its each thrust, her legs still locked firmly around him, ankles crossed in ecstasy. The lost woman was panting, whimpering, moaning under her Master and was his completely.

“Oh my God Zeus, your bitch loves you”, she cried, meaning every word more than she’d ever meant it before. “Please fill me with your delicious, hot dog sperm and make me your bitch ‘til death do us part!”

The newlyweds writhed and humped in bliss, with Zeus eventually knotting his new bride. They remained tied for nearly twenty minutes, with a more than a cup of sperm pumped into Kate’s dog womb. Her mouth was filled with the dog’s saliva, which she hungrily swallowed down and her beautiful face was coated in the slimy spit as well, and large puddles formed in her hair from the runoff spit. Kate’s only regret was that she couldn’t give birth to a litter of puppies and nurse them each. After Zeus removed himself, Kate lie on her back under him and happily cleaned his cock of their combined juices with her mouth, savoring every delicious drop of cum. In a brave moment, she even let her tongue slide past his balls, and to his anus where she rimmed ass, human or otherwise, for the first (but far from last) time in her life. The musky flavor of the dog’s arsehole was more than she could take, and she probed her tongue inside it to get its full effect. The couple would spend the rest of the weekend mating, with Kate eventually taking the knot in her own arsehole, giving her anal cherry to the dog. The pain was incredible, almost too much, but she knew that if she attempted to pull away the damage to her body would be severe…so she endured it, and eventually derived pleasure from that ultimate act of degradation and surrender.

When her husband and sons returned from their mini-holiday, Kate explained the dog’s presence by telling an edited version of the truth. She’d seen him whilst jogging every morning, he became friendly to her and trotted next to her, almost in a protective role. She began feeding him, and when they went out of town she decided to bring him home for security. Kate’s sons took to the dog immediately, and he to them…they would spend many hours playing ball and Frisbee with their new pet, not knowing that their mother was his bitch. Kate’s husband had no real choice but to agree to take the dog in permanently. He built a doghouse in the yard, larger than what he thought was necessary though Kate insisted upon the size. He was unaware of course, that she wanted a secret love nest for the two of them. Kate continued to have obligatory sex with her husband on occasion, but her true love was now living in the backyard in a doghouse, and that was where she felt most at home. Kate had her pet, but ironically the pet was now her Master.

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