Be Careful What You Wish For Ch. 02


**special thanks to Bachlum Chaam for his help.

Renne checked her watch. “Almost time,” she thought, another smile crossing her lips. She had everything prepared for their adventure. Still wearing the robe she had donned after her shower, she moved to the bedroom to change.

Garry approached her in the hallway. Dressed in tan trousers, and a blue shirt, freshly showered and groomed, Renne noted his attractiveness. Garry slid his arms around Renne’s waist, and leaned down to nuzzle her neck. Instinctively, Renne’s head went back, welcoming his lips. When Garry began to untie the robe, Renne gently took his handsome “Whoa stud!,” she giggled, “save it for later.”

Garry followed her back down the hallway to the bedroom, and leaned against the wall as Renne disrobed and reached for her dress. His arms crossed over his chest, he admired her. She smiled seductively, as she slid the red dress over her head, and over her naked form. Smoothing it with her hands, she playfully opened the high slit in the side, exposing her leg to Garry.

“Tease,” he smirked.

“Oh, no, Love, it’s a preview.” She continued on to the dresser and retrieved her thigh high stockings, then sat on their four poster king sized bed to put them on. Garry watched intently as she slid one over her right foot and slowly moved the nylon stocking up her shapely leg, to her thigh, her womanhood peaking from under the dress as she moved. Next, the left stocking was put into place. Renne stood and strode over to Garry, and her arms went around him. They kissed, slowly, passionately.

Both of them wanting to mention the plan for the night, but resisiting. They had planned carefully and methodically, and time for talk was done. It was almost time for the action to begin.

“How’s dinner coming?” Garry asked as Renne reached for her red sandals that laced up above her ankle.

“Great!” Renne replied, sitting once again to put on her sandals. “We’re eating light tonight, don’t want anyone getting too filled up.” She grinned.

“Not with food anyway,” Garry responded. Both of them grinning now, they embraced once again. Renne could feel that Garry was already getting excited, as he pressed her body to his. She also felt her own body responding, as the dampness increased between her legs. Garry gently swatted her ass. “You ready?”

“Oh yes, I’m ready.” Renne kissed him again.

“Me too,” was the reply.

Renne pulled away, and started toward the kitchen. She quickly checked on dinner, then went into the diningroom, to give the table a quick glance. Renne nodded in approval.

As Renne looked at the clock, seeing it was 7:10, the doorbell rang. Both Renne and Garry froze for just a moment, and looked toward each other. Garry was the first to move, and he smiled as he moved to open the door. Garry swung open the door, smiling brightly. “Hey! Good to see you,” he said cheerfully.

Deana stepped inside saying a soft “Hello,” and kissing Garry on the cheek. This was all Renne needed for the devious smile to appear on her almanbahisbahis lips, as she swiftly walked over to where her victim stood. Renne extended her hand, saying, “Deana, glad you could come.”

As the three of them stood there, Renne quickly surveyed their guest. Deana wore a blue dress, rather low cut, but not too obvious. The dress was belted at the waist, and was just roomy enough below the waistto make things fun, Renne noted. “Please, sit down.” Renne motioned toward the living room. Garry walked along side Deana, and Renne followed. “Dinner will be ready in just a few minutes, why don’t you and Garry have a chat while I go and check on it.” As she turned, she gave Garry a quick wink, out of Deana’s view.

Renne turned as she reached the kitchen, to see Deana sitting on one end of the sofa, and Garry, the other. She could see the delight in Deana’s eyes, to have been left alone in the room with Garry. ‘Yes,’ Renne thought, ‘have your fun, Deana, there is more to come.’

Garry played his part very well, warmly smiling at Deana during their chat. “You look lovely,” he commented, “but then, you usually do.” Deana smiled.

“Thank you.”

“Yes, truly lovely,” he smiled, reaching up and leaning in to touch her shoulder, and run his hand down her arm. Deana was a bit taken aback by this gesture,considering his wife was in the next room. Garry removed his hand and resumed his position on the sofa. As they talked, Renne was busy putting dinner on the table.

Renne announced that dinner was ready, and Garry and Renne joined her in the dining room. As they ate, Renne complimented Deana on her dress, and her hairstyle. Deana seemed thrilled to be the center of attention. As dinner progressed, Deana obviously was feeling very comfortable. As they concluded their meal, Renne began to clear the table. Deana offered her assistance. Garry and Renne exchanged glances once again, as the two women went into the kitchen, and Garry headed toward the livingroom.

“Let’s just set the dishes in here, I can get to them later”, Renne suggested. As they carried dishes from the dining room to the kitchen, Renne kept the conversation light and friendly. “I’m afraid I’m going to have to leave in a bit,” Renne began. “You and Garry have business to discuss, and I have some things of my own to take care of.” Renne noted the quick look of excitement in Deana’s eyes as she said this.

Joining Garry in the living room, Deana sat next to Garry, forcing Deana to take the recliner. Another step in their plan. Garry put his hand on Renne’s leg as they spoke. Deana’s eyes followed his movements. Deana was obviously uncomforable with any exchange of affection between the couple. After about an hour , Renne rose from the sofa. “Well, I have to get going,” she announced. As she moved to get her purse, then to the door, Garry walked toward her, kissing her.

“Bye babe,” he said lovingly.

“See you late tonight,” Renne said, kissing him once more. Renne waved toward Deana. “Bye Deana, thanks for coming.”

“Thank almanbahis giriş you for having me,” Deana replied. Renne smiled. ‘She doesn’t know the half of it,” Renne mused to herself, as she walked out the door.

As Garry shut the door behind Renne, he turned to Deana. “How ’bout a drink?”

“Sure,” replied Deana, smiling too sweetly. “Scotch/rocks.”

Garry headed to make the drinks. He glanced over to see Deana, apparently thinking through her options, and opportunity. Garry made his way to the sofa, and handed the drink to her, sitting beside her. Deana took a drink from her glass, and smiled at Garry. “So, I have some idea’s about that campaign,” Garry stated.

Deana’s face fell, just a bit, wondering if he did indeed have work on his mind. Garry began discussing idea’s with her and getting her input. In only a few moments, he rose from the sofa. “Hey, you going to nurse that drink all night?” Garry smiled and reached for Deana’s drink. “Let me top it off for you.” Returning with a full glass, he sat back down beside her. As they talked, she tried to keep pace with his drinking. On his second trip, he was pleased to see that Deana’s glass was almost empty. He filled her glass, and half filled his own. As they talked, Garry again ran his hand over her arm. “You’re such a clever girl. I’m glad your on the team.” Deana was speechless. When Garry went for the third drink, he held his glass so Deana would not see that it had barely been touched. Returning, he noticed Deana’s posture seemed much more relaxed.

They talked, as Garry moved his hand to Deana’s hair. He lightly touched it, then with his finger, brushed it softly away from her face. “You are stunning,” he spoke softly. Before she could reply, he was on his feet again. “Bottoms up,” he chuckled, signaling to her drink.

Deana forced down nearly the entire drink, then almost sank back into the sofa. Garry studied her as he returned with her fresh drink, and the same one he had had since the second trip. Garry waited until she had finished half the drink, then made his move. He leaned in toward her, and she responded by moving in toward him. Garry put his hand on her face, and placed his lips to hers. She yielded to his advance, and returned the kiss. Their tongues dualed as Garry began to roam his hands on her body. Deana offered only slight resistance as she said, “Are you sure Renne won’t walk in on us?”

Garry smiled, wickedly, and said, “Don’t worry about a thing.”

He continued to move his hands on her, running them over her breasts, and applying some pressure. Deana moaned as her hands stroked Garry’s back. His hand moved down to the hem of her dress, and he lifted it. Running his hand up her thigh, Deana opened her legs allowing him access. His hand touched the crotch of her panties, already damp, and he slid the elastic aside. As his finger touched her clit, she moaned loudly and moved her hand to his cock. “Mmmm, your going to love what comes next,” Gary moaned. He took her hand and helped her canlı bahis to stand. He took her into his arms and kissed her again, before leading her to the bedroom.

As He and Renne had figured, she offered no resistance. Once inside the bedroom, Garry began kissing her again, as he removed her dress. He ran his hands around her, and unhooked her bra, quickly bending and taking a nipple into his mouth. He sucked her nipple into his mouth, and began flicking his tongue over it. Deana’s hands were on his head, her back arching slightly. Garry straightened and began undressing. Deana helped him pull off his clothes. She ran her fingers over his skin, and kissed his neck. He kissed her as he led her onto the bed. He lay next to her, and whispered into her ear. “I have something for you.” He quickly got up from the bed and moved to the closet, returning to the bed with several of his ties. Deana looked at him quizzically, but smiled. Garry placed one tie over her eyes, and Deana started to object. Garry placed a finger on her mouth and whispered, “shhhh, you’re going to love it.” He finished putting the home fashioned blind fold on her, and his lips sought hers, kissing her deeply.

Deana could feel his lips on hers, and she grew more excited having been blindfolded. No one had ever done this to her before, and she was enjoying it. She then felt his lips on her ear, then neck, then down to her breast. She moaned as he again took a nipple into his mouth, his hand caressing her other breast. She felt so incredibly hot, so ready, but he was taking his time.

As Garry sucked on her nipple, he reached down and began to rub Deana’s clit, then inserting a finger inside her. This move began Deana moving her hips. “Oh God,” she moaned. Garry continued to move first one, then two fingers in and out of her cunt. His fingers fast becoming slick with her juices. Deana moved her hand down to his, and Garry grabbed it firmly. Deana then felt a tie being secured onto her wrist. The uncertainty she felt only added to her excitement. Her hand was then raised and Garry secured the other end of the tie to one of the posts. He then continued with her other wrist.

“Garry,” she began, but he cut off her words.

“Just relax, enjoy the sensations,” he said softly

Deana began to writhe as he moved his lips on her, and fucked her with his fingers. She felt a shifting on the bed, and wondered what he was doing. She felt another shift of weight on the bed. This time, there were no hands on her, just a mouth which attached itself firmly to her clit. Deana cried out, and moaned. She felt the tongue flicking quickly over her clit, then sucking it in. Deana could not stop moaning, or squirming, although her binds held her hands tightly. Deana moved her hips upward as the tongue entered her hole, then went back over her clit. “Oh God,” she moaned, her back beginning to arch, “I’m going to cum.”

As Deana’s body began to convulse, she felt a hand at her blindfold, removing it. Her orgasm was strong, and continued as the tie was removed from her eyes. As she looked down, she screamed, both in pleasure and shock, as she saw Renne’s cum soaked face looking up at her from between her legs. ‘Oh my God, what have I gotten myself into,’ she wondered.

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