Every year since I turned 21, my uber-sexy boyfriend Tyler and all my friends have made it tradition to take me to the local strip club, Dazzlers. Dazzlers is a little bit more high-class than your average fuck-in-the-back, gloryhole-ridden club, but not so stuffy that you’d have to call it a “gentleman’s club”. In fact, gentlemen in that club are pretty few and far between. Dazzlers is frequented by drooling, horny college boys, preppy butch dykes, and the occasional cute bi chick. That’s where I come in. Cute bi chick, enter stage right!

All right, so I’m not the hottest girl who ever lived. I’m fairly small, about five foot five, not an ounce over 115 pounds, little B cup boobs, strawberry-blonde, and most noted for deep brown eyes, good for stopping people dead in their tracks, whether their look is seductive, happy, or downright mean. It was my eyes that first got the attention of my boyfriend (my ass quickly followed, he tells me), over five years ago, when I was 20, and he was 25. Bear with me, this is going to sound cheesy, but of all places in the world, we met at the Laundromat. I was pulling my clothes out of the big quadruple-load washer, and one of my thongs – a cute pink G-string little number with a butterfly on the front – fell to the floor. I bent to pick it up, and when I rose up again, I saw him looking at me, and we made that first eye contact. It was electric. His dirty blonde hair and ice-blue eyes were endearing at the very least, and the expanse of his shoulders and the tone of his calves literally made my mouth water. Nervously we both looked away, but kept exchanging shy glances for the rest of our time, drying, fluffing, and folding. He asked me out before I left, and even helped my load my laundry into the car! And a few weeks later, I figured, since he’d already seen my underwear, he may as well see what’s inside them…

I still don’t know, to this day, whether it was because he was older, or because I was younger, or because we’d both gone quite a long time without sex, or what, but our first night together was completely earth shattering. We decided we’d stick around for a bit more of that. And whoops! We fell in love!

Five years later, nothing’s changed. We’re still crazy about each other, we still have incredible sex (which, since I’m bi, sometimes includes other playmates), and we’re going to get married one of these days, but we’re in no real hurry to do it. We’re much too busy having fun.

On my twenty-first birthday, Tyler thought it appropriate to handle my legal-age upcoming in the most depraved of fashions: A trip to Dazzlers. I’d never been to Dazzlers before, of course, and it was a night I will truly never forget. A feast for the bisexual eyes! From the gyrating goddess on stage, to the topless nymphs circling the room, to the occasional lap dance, I was in heaven. I do not exactly recall how much I had to drink that night, but I do remember getting up on stage for a birthday spanking, a lap dance, and I did throw quite a few dollar bills at my favorite young ladies. I also remember being unable to walk myself to the car, and being deposited in bed, laughing uncontrollably, by Tyler and my good friend (and occasional fuck buddy) Andrea. And before we finally passed out at around 5am, I fucked Tyler’s brains out to thank him. It was quite a time.

But nothing, ladies and gentlemen, NOTHING surpasses the night of my twenty-third birthday party two years ago, when I was crowned and christened as one of the lucky few to score in a strip bar.

Every year the party starts at ten p.m., with the whole group meeting at Dazzlers. By the whole group, I mean Andrea and her boyfriend Kyle, Tyler’s best friend Darren (who’s an awesome person all-around), Darren’s brother James, and my ex-girlfriend and still good friend Kyra. The seven of us go in together, and we are usually recognized by the I.D. checker, the DJ, the bartender, and yes, even the dancers. We claim a table closest to the stage (shortcut to Perv Alley, as Tyler says – Perv Alley of course being all the chairs surrounding the perimeter of the stage) and order the first drinks. Usually there is a dancer or two wandering around and flashing for extra tips, the littlest or most amateur girls nervously gyrating on stage, and no one really paying attention quite yet. Tyler makes sure to let the DJ know that it’s my birthday before any of the favored, seasoned dancers take the stage, so that there’s a good, alert crowd ready to throw attention at me.

That’s what it’s all about, folks. I love attention.

That night, though, I was in for a huge birthday present, one I certainly hadn’t planned on or expected. My favorite dancer, Jade, was working that night. Jade is a living, breathing goddess. She’s about 5’10” with naturally wavy, glossy black hair, a naturally bronzed complexion, C cup breasts and well rounded hips, and sparkling green eyes. I don’t know why she wastes her time with stripping – as opposed to, say, modeling – but I’m sure as hell glad she does. She loved şişli escort me, too, because I was little and cute and I wasn’t a man, and I supposed she thought me to be generally harmless. She’d given me several lap dances before, but they always had the feel of hanging out and giggling with your dorm roommate, nothing truly sexual. So, when she came out to the floor to talk to the bartender, I was relatively surprised when she took obvious notice of me, smiled, and made her way to our table.

She looked absolutely delectable in a slinky, stretchy black strapless tube dress, whose hemline stopped just below her pussy, and those huge stacky platform heels for which strippers are famous. (You know you can only find those shoes in sex shops? It’s true.) A thin sliver chain adorned her neck, and her skin was evenly bronzed as always. Her tits looked so round, I wondered if she wasn’t wearing one of those invisible bras under her dress.

She greeted me with a warm hug. “Hey sweetheart, it’s been a while! Is it birthday night tonight?”

“Sure is,” I replied with a dorky-feeling grin. “What did you get me?”

She winked. “Oh, I’ve got something for you, don’t you worry. So how’ve you been?” She dragged a chair over and sat gingerly on the edge.

“I’ve been great actually, thanks. I just graduated college last month, looking to start working in August.”

“Really! That’s awesome! What did you major in?”

“Business administration. I’ve got a job lined up at a marketing firm, which should be interesting.”

“I bet!” She looked up, looked around. “Uh, honey, I better get back there and get ready. I’m on soon.” With that, she winked again and strutted toward the backstage area.

I watched the sway of her ass until she was out of sight, and my dirty thoughts – is she wearing panties under that dress? How easy would it have been to slip my hand under it and feel her pussy juice collecting on the slick little lips? – were interrupted by Kyle’s cry of, “God damn, she is hot!”

The table burst into a riot of laughter, and the guys raised their beer bottles and clinked them together in a toast.

Kyra leaned over and said in my ear, “You’d do her, wouldn’t you?”

I laughed. “Wouldn’t you?”

She stiffened only slightly. “I guess so.”

Kyra has always been a jealous person, and I don’t think she’s ever forgiven me for hooking up with a man and staying with him. Four years our friendship had held strong, but she still had the hots for me.

And to be honest, I wouldn’t have minded another piece of her, myself.

The lights went out, and a cheer went up. Tyler, Andrea, Darren, Kyle, and I shot up from our seats and scrambled for Perv Alley, a wad of dollar bills in each hand. James, the shy one, and Kyra, the jealous one, hung back to worship from afar. A shadowy figure stepped out and made its way toward the stage.

The DJ’s voice rang overhead like the voice of God, saying in an almost ominous tone, “Are you ready, kids?”

A deafening cheer rose from every horny son of a bitch in the building (myself included).

“Gentlemen…and ladies…Please give a warm welcome to our most exotic flower, Jade!”

Oh boy, it was Jade first in line! The cheers got louder, the lights went up, and there she stood, regal and gorgeous, in a long sparkly red gown, slit all the way up the thigh to her hip. Spaghetti straps fell carelessly over her shoulders, and she stood poised like Madonna, chin up, chest out, ready to go.

The music started. I didn’t know the song, but its beat was very conducive to the seductive dance Jade began. I watched in awe, almost forgetting to shower her with dollars in enthusiastic appreciation. I knew what made her everyone’s favorite – she acted as if she wasn’t even aware of her audience. She watched herself in the surrounding mirrors, loving the look of her own body, looking away only to accept a paltry dollar from a slobbering jock. Then she was up on her feet, or down on her back, dancing only for the sake of the movement, losing herself in the rhythm of her body. That she didn’t beg, didn’t push, didn’t care, that was what made her the best dancer Dazzlers has ever seen.

But there was something different about her tonight. She wasn’t only watching herself. She was watching me.

For the first time she was somehow really beginning to understand what a big fan I was, the way I watched her, the way I couldn’t tear my eyes away from her, not even to join the boisterous high-fives Tyler and Darren frequently exchanged. Her eyes met mine several different times, and for some reason my gut became quite jiggly every time she did so. I hadn’t felt a look as powerful as that since Tyler and I locked eyes for the first time.

When the first song faded and another one took its place, Jade slid her arms out of the straps of her dress and pushed it off her body. It fell to the floor in a careless heap, revealing only a silver sequined thong with very thin G-strings, and she mecidiyeköy escort kicked the dress across the stage, away from her. The hoots and yells renewed in earnest as she squeezed her own breasts and pressed them together, sticking out her tongue to lick her nipple, and looking directly at me as she did so! I flushed, thinking what it would be like to close my own mouth over her rosy nipples and suck on her tits like a starved newborn.

Good Lord, I had to be insane. Was I really desperate enough for pussy, was I really that self-involved, that I believed a stripper wanted me? Did I honestly think that a woman of her grace and beauty would have contact with me other than a friendly level?

Suddenly I needed another drink.

I went to the bar for a Screwdriver – my absolute favorite of drinks. Tasty, but simple, fun but elegant. Just like me.

By the time I paid for my drink, Jade’s set was over, and Tyler, Darren and Andrea had returned to the table. The club erupted once more, riotous cheers filling the place.

The DJ’s voice rose over the hubbub on the surrounding speakers, “Wonderful! Put your hands together for Jade! Jade’s going to be coming around to visit everyone, make sure you tip that lovely lady very well!”

Tyler grabbed me by the elbow as I sat down and said into my ear, “I saw her looking at you. When she gets over here, don’t let her get away!” He punctuated himself by sliding his tongue over my ear. I shivered, and bit him on his own ear.

So I hadn’t imagined that. She was actually looking at me!

And here she came!

Ours was the first table she approached. Tyler gave me a meaningful look before turning back toward the guys, and I noticed a distinct pout descending over Kyra’s delicate features.

Jade pulled up a chair and straddled it. “You left,” she said to me, sounding a little disappointed.

“Honey, if I hadn’t, I would have exploded all over the place. You looked so good up there, I couldn’t take it anymore,” I confessed.

She beamed. “Really?”


The lights went down again, and another cheer filled the room. Tyler, Darren, and Andrea darted toward the stage again, this time followed by James and a slightly intoxicated Kyle. Kyra stayed back again, looking slightly dejected, but keeping her eyes on the stage in a concentrated effort not to look at me.

Jade leaned in closer to me. “That girl doesn’t look happy, who is that?”

“Oh. Um. That is actually my ex girlfriend, Kyra,” I said.


“Yeah, we’ve actually been split up for about four years. I’ve been with my boyfriend for three of those, and I don’t know if she was totally…you know…”

“Oooohhh, I get it. She still has it for you.” Jade nodded knowingly. “Well, I certainly don’t blame her.”

We looked at each other for a long time, smiling. “Look,” I said at length, “Do you want to have a drink, and hang out here for a minute?”

“Oh, wow,” she said, “I would love to, I really would, but…” She trailed off.

“But you’re working.”


“So, how much can I give you to stay here and have a drink with me?”

Her eyes widened a bit. “You really want to have a drink with me that much?”

I laughed. “Hey, it’s my birthday, I can do what I want, right?”

She threw her head back and let out a healthy laugh. “You certainly may! And because it’s your birthday, you can buy me a drink and I’ll drink it with you for ten dollars.”

Wow. I’d done this before, and normally it costs twenty bucks to have a drink with a stripper.

“You’ve got yourself a deal, young lady,” I replied, and yelled for a Screwdriver for Jade, too.

The waitress brought it over, and I slipped her a few dollars in tips. Jade took a few sips of her drink, eyeing Kyra.

“Why don’t you tell her to come over here and talk with us?”

I coughed. “Ahem, uh, you sure?” I knew Kyra. She would be a little less than social in the company of a woman I had a hard on for.

“Sure I’m sure!” Jade then proceeded to go over my head and address Kyra herself: “Hey, honey, come over here, you look so lonely!”

Kyra’s eyes widened. Not knowing what else to do, she slid her chair around until she was on the other side of Jade.

“Hello, honey! Aren’t you pretty! Wow, you are really beautiful! You’ve got such beautiful eyes!”

Nothing endears a person to Kyra faster than a shower of compliments. She warmed up instantly.

I couldn’t help but laugh. Jade was truly amazing.

I turned to the stage for a minute while Jade and Kyra chatted, just in time to see a stripper retrieve a dollar from Tyler’s forehead with her breasts. He caught my eye and raised his fist in triumph, grinning at me. I clapped and cheered him on. He’s awfully cute when strippers are molesting him. I continued to stare at him, thinking of ways to molest him myself when we got home.

When I turned back to the table, both Kyra and Jade were smiling istanbul escort as they talked. A good sign, I thought. Jade turned to me and grinned.

“We have decided,” she announced, “that you need a lap dance for your birthday.”

I looked at Jade. “We?”

She stuck her tongue out at me. “We.”

“Well! Okay then!”

Jade took me by the hand, and led me toward the little isolated area, designated for lap dances. This area is still in view of the other patrons, mind you, so when Tyler and Darren turned and noticed our table was empty, their eyes darted around until they caught sight of Jade leading me by the hand toward the booths, and they exploded into ecstatic cheers, pointing it out to James and Kyle, who joined in the yelling.

“All right Alyssa!” they yelled.

The DJ heard the cheers and his voice rang over the crowd: “Looks like Jade is taking care of our favorite birthday girl tonight! Third year in a row she’s been here for her birthday, boys and girls. Happy birthday Alyssa!” The whole club clapped and yelled for a minute or two, and I waved like the homecoming queen.

It wasn’t until Jade sat me down that I realized Kyra had been following us. I looked at her, perplexed, and then at Jade, who smiled. “Kyra’s going to help me,” she explained.

“Oh, is she, now?” I said, intrigued, looking at Kyra.

Kyra tried to act smug. “Yes, she is.”

I sat back and waited. Jade and Kyra smiled at each other, and Jade leaned over and said something to Kyra I didn’t catch. Then Jade rose up and put her feet on either side of my seat, lifting herself up so that her pussy was positioned directly in front of my face. Nice start, I thought. She began swinging her hips, pushing her pussy closer to my face every time. After a minute or two of this, Kyra emerged between my legs, teasing me, running her face over my tits and down toward my pussy. She caressed my thighs and rubbed her head and face between my legs. I felt Jade grab my hands and place them over her ass, which I took as permission to touch her the way I wanted to. I squeezed her ass, marveling at its firmness, the softness of her skin. She reached down and grabbed my by the hair, yanking my head up so that my face was only a few precious inches away from her pussy. I could smell her, and I was intoxicated.

Kyra, meanwhile, had lifted my flimsy peasant top and was licking my stomach delicately, gently biting me now and then. I took one hand from Jade’s ass, and buried it in Kyra’s hair. I was drenched in desire for both of them, and they were both acting as if this was more than just a teasing dance.

The decisive move, finally, was when Kyra slid her nimble hands under my bra and firmly massaged my tits, raking her fingers over my nipples. At the exact same moment, almost as if it was choreographed, Jade tightened her grip on my hair and shoved my face into her pussy, still covered only by a flimsy thong. On reflex, almost, I returned the gesture by clamping my lips over her, tasting her juices through the thin fabric. I returned both gestures by reaching for Kyra’s breast under her shirt, and deftly slipping my tongue between Jade’s panties and pussy, and getting in a few good licks at her already swollen clit.

Because both girls were blocking the view of me, no one could see what I was doing to either one of them. It looked just like Jade was doing her job, and Kyra was “helping”. But the three of us knew what was going on, and I was going to hit the roof if I couldn’t finish what I had started.

I chewed on Jade’s pussy a little more through her panties while Kyra continued to massage my nipples. All at once Kyra stopped, and Jade hopped down from her perch. She grabbed Kyra and the two of them leaned in close to me.

“Listen,” Jade said, “I know a place we can go to finish this. What do you say?”

“I say show me the way, sweetheart,” I pleaded.

“Yeah, let’s go,” Kyra agreed.

“Awesome,” Jade giggled, grabbing each of us by the hand and leading us back toward the bathrooms. I didn’t know if the guys had seen where we were going, but right then, I wasn’t about to care.

The music and intensity of the club dwindled as we went further down the hallway. There was a door a few yards past the bathrooms marked, “Employees Only”, and Jade opened this door and ushered us both in. She quickly followed us, locking the door behind her.

I took a quick survey of the room. It looked a little like a break room, with one of those small refrigerators like I had in my dorm room, a little table surrounded by three chairs, and a microwave on the miniscule counter. The only difference was there was a cot in the far corner, and a metal cabinet beside it.

“What’s this room?” I asked.

A shadow fell over Jade’s face. “Some of the girls have really abusive boyfriends or parents, or whoever. If something bad happens, they get beat up or something, they come here to hide out for a few days. And we all tell the boyfriends that we haven’t seen whoever they’re looking for.”

I fell silent. “Wow.”

Jade looked at me. “But let’s not think about that. We were in the middle of something, right?”

“I believe you’re right.”

Kyra piped up. “We were about to give you a really good birthday present.”

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