Freshman First


My roommate Jen and I had been living together my freshman year for almost seven months now and had grown to know each other pretty well. Jen was becoming more and more bold around me and her true colors were more evident each day. She was somewhat cocky and kind of a show-off when you got to know her well. She is not at all that way when you first meet her. But I liked her. She was pretty, classy, sexy, funny and probably my best friend. I never thought I’d let go of my old high school friends, but Jen pretty much took all of their places. The great thing about her is that she did her thing and I did mine. Neither of us smothered each other for attention.

Jen was 20 years old and a sophomore at a larger Mid-western college in Kansas that I was also attending. She was about 5’5″ and 120 lbs. She had short brown hair and dark brown eyes. If I had to compare her looks to anyone it would be a white version of Halle Berry. She was extremely cute in an unassuming way and she was the type of person that the more you knew her, the prettier she got. I have brown hair I usually keep up in a pony tail and blue eyes. I would be considered attractive (I know, I know, everyone thinks they are attractive, but a lot of times aren’t. Just trust me on this one.) I keep myself up well and love to work out.

I got to know Jen really well one night after she had been out partying. She came home a bit tipsy and I was up late studying. I was kind of tired and was reading on my bed in an extra long t-shirt and panties when she walked in. She was telling me about a couple of totally cute guys that we knew through the grapevine who play on the football team. She was talking to them at a party and they both wanted her (surprise, surprise.) Then ended up getting into a squabble about Jen. As I said before, Jen can be quite the braggart and when in came to her appearance this was no exception. I knew she loved the fact that two guys were fighting for her and all the attention guys give her, and hey, who wouldn’t? Anyway, she was getting undressed and ready for bed and was kind of flaunting herself in front of the full-length mirror and was saying how kinky it would be to be with two twins. She asked me if I was ever with two guys at the same time before. “Jennifer!” I replied, “What kind of question is that?”

“Oh, I’m just playing with ya,” she responded. “I know you’ve never done anything daring like that before.”

“You make it sound like I just sit here and study all the time. Maybe I am a prude or something.”

She responded, “Quit. You know I didn’t mean it that way. It’s just don’t you think that would be totally hot to be with those guys? I mean, just one time ya know.”

I said, “Yeah, I guess.”

She looked at me and shook her head. She said, “Tera, you are so pretty. Why don’t you let yourself go a little bit more and enjoy. God gave you a pretty face and a hot body for a reason. Use it.”

That was quite a compliment coming from someone who had Jen’s appearance, but I could unwittingly come back with was, “Its not like you are always with guys either.”

She matter-of-factly stated, “I know, but I just do not want to be tied down now. It always seems like guys want a little more that I want to give them. I know I could get those guys if I wanted to but then you get into all that jealousy shit that I don’t want to deal with.” Jen had broken up with a boyfriend of 2 years not too long ago and was in a sense sewing her wild oats. She started to look at herself in the mirror Ankara escort again. She really was so damn pretty. “Hell, I could get a lot of guys and I know it. Maybe I should be on the porno movies that way I could get sex and not have to deal with the boyfriend/girlfriend crap.”

“Jennifer!” I shouted in shock again. “Oh, my God, how can you say that?”

“Well, it would be a solution to my problem,” like she was almost serious about it.

“I used to date a guy in high school that would invite his friends over to watch those things. I saw part of one once and you know the girls on there have to be with other girls, not just guys.” I said trying to spook her.

Her reaction wasn’t exactly what I expected. She said, “So,” quite numbly.

“Uh, so you’d have to have sex with other girls. Hello, are you hearing me?”

“I’d do it,” she came back.

“You would not! You are such a liar!” I said.

“Tera, I’ve heard that women are the best lovers because they know where to touch. Are you telling me a man knows? Right. Some of the guys I’ve been with are so sexually retarded that I had to finish myself off afterward.

“I’m freaking here. I can’t believe you do that.”

“Oh, paaalease! Don’t you even dare tell me you’ve never masturbated before either. Don’t even go there. I’ve heard you late at night many times. Sorry, but the heavy breathing and gasps are a bit unmistakable.”

I was so embarrassed almost to tears. I didn’t know what to say. I knew she wasn’t bluffing because that’s pretty much what I did, when I did it, and how I sounded. I just put my head down in shame because I knew my best friend had caught me touching myself.

“Tera, I’m sorry. I forgot you are sensitive. Honey, it’s okay. I do it too. Everyone does it. Hell, we have to in order to get the satisfaction we need. Like I said, I don’t see too many guys that know what the fuck is up.”

I tried to laugh it off and lead her to think that I didn’t do it that much, “Yeah, you’re right. I just can’t believe you caught me a couple of times.”

She smiled a knowing smile and came over to my bed to give me a quick friendly hug as if to make me feel better. I was a bit self-conscious about her being in just a bra and panties while hugging me and because since I was sitting on my bed her breasts pressed into my shoulder near my face, but the hug didn’t last that long anyway. There was a moment of silence between us while Jen threw on her robe and gathered her bathroom necessities. But it was almost like she thought better of just letting the subject go because as Jen was leaving to go to the bathroom to get ready for bed she said, “I’m not sure of it just being a couple of times. Jeez, it was almost a nightly ritual of torture for me. So don’t you even think for a second that I couldn’t wait to hear you orgasm so I could touch myself right after that. It was about all I could do just to stay in my own bed.”

This statement floored me and strange thought started to piece together in my overactive imagination. Jen wanted to try being with another woman? She was telling me I was so pretty and had a hot body? She was turned on by listening to me masturbate and couldn’t wait to touch herself? She didn’t want to stay in her own bed when I was masturbating? All this stuff was really making me think that my roommate, someone who is extremely attractive to me in so many ways, wants to be with me sexually. “Okay, this is too weird,” I told myself over and over, “This stuff could only happen Ankara escort bayan in the movies, not to me.” I tried to get studying again, but there was no way. My mind kept racing straight back to the things Jen said. I didn’t know exactly what I was feeling at the moment. All I knew was that I would be masturbating again tonight, but this time I would try to do it when I knew Jen was asleep.

When Jen returned to the room I pretended like I was still studying. She was quiet and I was almost afraid to look up. For some reason I was really nervous around her now. There definitely was some tension in the air and Jen broke it by turning the main light off so that only my reading light was on and coming over and wedging herself between my legs. I looked up and she took off my glasses and set them on the desk behind the bed. I started to say, “Jen, what the hell are…”

She interrupted, “Oh, shut up Tera. Let’s quit playing this immature game. Look at yourself and the condition you are in.” Jennifer then looked down toward my pussy. I looked down at what she meant. My t-shirt was rolled up around my waist because of the way I was sitting. I then noticed a quarter-sized wet spot forming on the crotch of my light blue cotton panties. All the dirty talk and the tension between Jen and I had worked me up and there was no denying it now.

“Jen, please…” was all I could muster at the moment. My heart was racing and it was the most erotically exciting moment of my life.

Jennifer softly said, “I said shut up.” And with that she brushed my hair off the left side of my neck and lowered her mouth to me and began ever so softly kissing my neck. I froze. Not only did it feel like heaven, but she smelled so good and was the best kisser I ever had. I was breathing in labored muffled gasps now.

I was coming in and out of my senses and my feeble, desperate cried of protest were pathetic. “Jen, we can do this,” I said as my arms involuntarily wrapped around her pulling her closer to me. “We really should stop,” as I worked my face down to hers so she could kiss my lips. Jen got the picture and we locked in a passionate kiss. She scooted me down and was now lying directly on top of me. I felt her grind her pubic bone into mine and my pussy automatically arched up to meet her thrusts. She had me panting at a regular pace now.

She broke the kiss and said, “Tera, please let me make you feel good.” With that she lifted up my t-shirt and lowered her mouth on my braless tits. I moaned and shook when she touched me with her tongue. Her mouth was so wet and tongue ran in circles on each of my breasts, which made them stand at attention. She gave that up and ran her tongue down my hard tummy and began to lightly pull on my belly button ring. Her face was now just above my pussy and she had to be dying of the heat coming off of it. She looked up and me and asked, “Want me to?”

I knew what she meant and it took a split second for the though to run through my head that if I let her pull down my panties, things would never be the same for me again. I will have had made love to another woman and on top of that made love to my roommate and best friend. It took only a moment of hesitation for me to reply, “Oh, God, yes please do Jen. I love you so much.”

I can’t believe I told her that, but it seemed to make her happy. I could see her face break into a huge smile as if to say, “Awwwwww.” I lifted up my hips slightly and she hooked the sides of my panties and began to slowly peel them down. Escort Ankara I pulled my knees up to me so I could see everything she did. I kept my pussy trimmed neatly and still I could see my lower pubes matted down with sopping moisture. Jen used her fingers on me first and was stroking my wet lips. I could tell this was a first for her too as she was in total awe of my pussy. She was kissing my thighs and her mouth was getting so close to my sex. I was wondering if she was debating about doing it or not. Finally she moved directly in between my legs and her tongue ran its way up my sloppy slit. I jerked and gasped loudly.

She asked, “Tera, you okay?”

“Oh, my God. Yes. Sorry. That was just so awesome.”

She snickered, “You ain’t seen nothing yet,” and resumed licking me.

I was a bit uncomfortable because I knew I was so wet down there. Why I was self-conscious I don’t know. But Jen seemed to like it. She moaned “Oh, honey,” and started moving her lips all over my wet pussy as if she was completely enjoying it and purposely trying to smear her pretty face with my juices.

Her tongue made its way up and down my aching slit and rested momentarily on my clit, which caused me to nearly lose my mind. I groaned, “Ahhhh, uhhhh, uhhhh, uhhhh, ohh,” as she continued manipulating my clit. She would back off and then take over my clit, which was now swollen so badly it almost hurt, and suck it and use quick tongue strokes to lick it. Then she added a finger inside of me into the mix. The combination of her tongue on my clit and a finger slowly pounding in and out of me was almost too much. I had one hand over my mouth to prevent any screams from coming out. I didn’t want any of our friends unexpectedly coming by or our suitemates to hear. But the way she made me feel was unbelievable. Her tongue touched me so gently, yet very firmly. I was screaming inside as my orgasm began to come to a head. Jen would occasionally suck in her breath in gasps and I looked over and could now see why. She had her hand buried down her panties and was furiously working herself while she licked and banged me. This disappointed me because I wanted to reciprocate on her, but at the same time it added even more to the experience seeing this beautiful girl orally get me off while rubbing herself to orgasm. I quickly said, “Jen, I’m coming now!”

She broke from my pussy for a second to say, “Oh, yes, come with me. Ohhh. Uhhhhh. Get yours… right…. now.” Jen buried her mouth on my pussy as her orgasm overtook her. It actually sped up her finger and my eyes rolled back and the world’s largest, most intense orgasm hit me and didn’t stop for what seemed to be at least 20 second, but there was no way I had any track of time just then. All I could remember was grabbing my pillow and putting it to my mouth and screaming Jen’s name over and over.

We both laid there panting and trying to get our bearings. I pulled the pillow off my face. My bangs were matted down with perspiration from the shear intensity of the experience. Jen eventually sat up and smiled. I could she her face and cheeks were glazed with my juices. She still looked so beautiful. Her long, sexy tongue came out and she licked all around her lips, trying to get all of my juices that had escaped her tongue. She shut off my light and snuggled as tightly as she could next to me. I asked, “Jen, do you want me to do you too?” I wasn’t really sure I had the strength, but I really wanted to try.

She said, “Not right now, honey. I need to recover for a bit. Believe me, we’ll have plenty of time for that from now on.” This made me so happy because I realized she was all I ever wanted. Then before going to sleep in each other’s arms she said, “And by the way, I love you too.”

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