Hawaii Five – Oh Ch. 03


I gunned the Porsche Carrera up the freeway out of Honolulu, past Pearl City and on towards mom’s beautifully secluded home just past Waimea Bay.

Seated beside me, Sharon’s dark hair streamed behind her, jet-black and gleaming in the strong tropical sun, her upper body bare save for a tiny little black PVC bikini top that attracted lots of stares from truckers and SUV drivers as we roared past them back on the busier part of the freeway.

My lovely little bikini model lover was wearing a pair of denim cut-away hot pants and high heels. It was all that I could do during the drive north to keep my hands away from her, the tempting little tart!

It had been four weeks since Karla, my still hugely attractive 50-year-old mom, had taken scores of photos of me and Sharon for her new series of paintings and now we were on the way to her North Shore beach home to enjoy a “sneak” preview.

“You don’t need to bring bikinis,” said Karla, “my pool is totally secluded, as you know, and I thought we’d go nude.”

“Oh yes, and you’ll be able to ogle my little darling, eh Karla?” I laughed, when we had spoken the day before.

“No way, Sharon and I will wear bikinis and we’ll be keeping ’em on!” Fat chance, and I knew it, but what the hell, I thought I’d put up some token resistance.

I steered the Carrera into Karla’s courtyard and as I did, the security gateway behind us swung across, making the property inaccessible. Mom values her privacy.

It was a lovely property, overlooking the fabulous and famous stretch of Oahu’s surf coast, but the pool was surrounded by a high fence and at such a level that neighbours on each side could not pry on the area. Which was just as well!

Sharon and I walked into the house, and Karla greeted us with warm hugs. They had to be warm because she had obviously been lying out in the sun, her naked upper body was smelling of coconut oil, her 40-inch breasts swinging lush and free, her nipples huge, her areolae stunning.

Sharon, I noted, rubbed her equally stunning 36-inch PVC-covered breasts against mom’s with obvious relish! Karla’s pussy region was covered by a tiny little red g-string, which contrasted erotically with her chocolate brown skin.

“Thank heavens you’re here,” said Karla, “it means we can crack open a bottle of Dom.” From her hugely spacious and hugely expensive kitchen area, she fetched a bottle of Dom Perignon and produced three flutes.

After pouring, Karla clinked glasses with Sharon and me and announced: “Here’s to a successful preview and a good sale!”

We drank, then Karla said: “Into your bikinis, ladies and we’ll go see the paintings.” Sharon stepped out of her cut offs in a flash, revealing a matching PVC thong, which gleamed over her lovely prominent pudenda.

I pulled off my T-shirt and shorts to display my 38-inchers covered by a snazzy little white bikini top, which went superbly with the chocolate skin I’d inherited from mom. Matching briefs, thong-style completed my outfit. We’d both kicked off our high heels at the door.

Mom then led the way into her display studio, where three canvasses, draped by large white sheets, stood in the center of the room. Karla walked to the first and whipped the sheet from it. Sharon gasped!

The picture was trademark mom! It stood as high as those which Sharon had seen back at my place, but since the subjects were two women, not one, they were a foot or more wider. Again, the subjects were in vivid colours, the backdrop totally white to enhance the effect made by the coloured models.

Sharon gazed at herself in the painting, standing beside me, her little red harem bra and harem pants, revealing her nipples and pussy. She looked docile, devoted and delicious, her lovely face turned to mine, regarding me with sweet submission.

I looked şişli bayan escort pretty darned dominating, too! I was clad in a black leather quarter-cup bra and my 38-inch breasts stood up firm and roundly inviting, the nipples as hard as ebony. I was leaning my elbow on Sharon’s shoulder, but ignoring her gaze, staring with a “Don’t dare fuck with me” look, straight out of the canvas.

My pussy was bare, the parts where my razor had shaved back my bristly dark hair leaving a darker hue to my skin. My piss flaps were plainly on view, and my shining black leather boots, which gleamed half-way up my thighs, added an air of domination to my clothing.

This was added to by the cruel leather lash I was holding in my right hand, its tip touching the floor, giving it a slight bend.

“Where’s my Muir cap?” I asked Karla, noting that she had omitted the little leather military cap I had worn in the photos she’d taken.

“I thought you looked menacing enough without it,” she replied.

I could see her point, I cut a pretty formidable figure!

“Does it have a title?” Sharon asked, in admiration.

“This one I call ‘Domme and sweety’, which I think sums you both up,” said Karla.

Then she threw back the sheeting from the middle picture, again producing a little gasp from my darling.

In this picture, Sharon was on her dainty little knees, slightly in profile, her face upturned and gazing at my snatch. I was also turned inward slightly, and I was laying the lash across her shoulder.

“This one’s called ‘Domme and subby’,” Karla informed us.

“It’s fucking beautiful, oh isn’t it beautiful, darling?” Sharon asked me.

“Yes, it’s very good,” I replied, “but the third one is the one I’m interested in. Unveil it, Karla!”

Mom stepped to the right of the third picture and drew back the sheet. As I expected, it surpassed the other two in sheer, graphic illustration of a domme and her slave.

Sharon was portrayed kneeling behind my arse, which was presented to her face. I had my back to the artist, but I was in slight profile so the bare globe of my left breast was depicted in all its lushness. Sharon, on the other hand, was not identifiable, thanks to the fact that her face was buried between my arse cheeks.

“And this one,” announced Karla, “I call ‘Domme and slutty’, and it’s my favourite!”

I grinned and gave her a kiss on the cheek. “You’ve surpassed yourself, Karla,” I said, very pleased with the outcome.

“Ooooh, Karla, you’ve made me look so fuckin’ sensational, thank you so very much,” said Sharon, stepping into mom’s embrace and planting a long, lingering smooch on her mouth. Mom’s hands reached round and cupped her barely covered buttocks and kneaded them.

“Think you’ll get your asking price, mom?” I inquired, as the two finally broke apart.

Karla inclined her head. “I think my favourite benefactor will snap them up,” she said, “but you’ll get your money from the print sales. How are they going, by the way?”

Print sales, of course, are the icing on the cake in this business. Each of my mom’s paintings were also produced in colour prints, some quite large, and sold like hot cakes to people who couldn’t afford the usual $5000 asking price for the real thing.

“Your two latest, which Sharon saw back at the gallery, are selling well,” I answered. “Well, so much for the preview, now let’s get pissed!”

Out by the pool, the Dom chilling in an ice bucket, we lay on three recliners and luxuriated in the lovely Hawaiian sun – it may have been getting on for winter, but with a difference of only two degrees in warmth between high summer and the middle of winter, it’s always summer in Hawaii!

After the second bottle of Dom, I was feeling in need of a piddle, so I went upstairs to the bathroom, şişli escort which is large enough to play a doubles final at the US tennis open! After doing my business, I stood and flushed the seat, then from the window above the seat, I looked down on the pool.

There, mom was working her wicked ways with my lovely little subby! Sharon was on mom’s recliner, her beautiful brown back and buttocks to me, her mouth working at Karla’s magnificent 40-inch tits! As she worked, I noticed mom slipping her hands down to Sharon’s hips to push the thong away from her.

Despite the fact that mom was seducing my lovely little trollop, I placed my fingers down the front of my bikini and found that I was aroused. I played with myself for a few moments, then saw that mom was obviously doing to Sharon what I was doing to myself!

It was time to return to the scene of the crime, but since I knew there was going to be action, I stepped out of my thong and threw my bra top on a chair in the lounge as I stepped back into the sunlight.

The situation, I saw, had now changed. Sharon, her breasts still in high-cupped uplift in her PVC top, was lying flat on the recliner, her thighs spread wide on its arms and Karla was hard at work with her mouth on Sharon’s pussy.

I walked across the warm tiles and stepped to the recliner, placed my feet on either side of its head and stared down at Sharon’s blissfully happy face. “So, when the cat’s away, eh?” I laughed, and lowered my streaming wet snatch onto Sharon’s mouth.

Her lovely lips and tongue were soon invading my cunt and anus, licking and lavishing love on me down there.

I let go the occasional sigh of ecstasy and that was the only sound by the pool, apart from the vaguely rumbling crash of the nearby surf. They had to be the only sounds, since Sharon’s and Karla’s mouths were both hard at work satisfying two wet pussies!

Then I could hold back no more and soon I was bucking and writhing on Sharon’s mouth as I heaved my way to a wonderful al fresco climax. I pulled off her sweating face just in time to allow her to articulate her pleasure as mom tongue drove her to maximum revs and brought the bikini model to orgasm.

I collapsed back on my recliner, sucked a nearly full flute of Dom down, then looked at Karla and Sharon. Karla pulled off her g-string, to reveal that lush pudenda I knew drove her girl friends wild and with a superb dive, she plunged into the water.

Sharon pulled off her PVC top and I noted with envy that her 36-inch beauties hardly sagged when the bra was removed! Then Sharon followed Karla into the pool. I made it three.

After towelling down, Karla announced: “Now we’ve broken the ice, as it were, I hope you don’t think me too bold to request an orgasm? I seem to be the odd one out, so far.”

I thought Sharon was going to come then and there as Karla pushed her gorgeous-firm, toned and tan body back onto the recliner and stood in the pose I had adopted not 20 minutes earlier.

As Karla lowered her pussy to my little slave’s mouth, I lifted Sharon’s thighs and placed them gently on the recliners’s padded arms.

Her musky charms awaited me, and I lapped her up, tasting the salty tang of her snatch, the arousing feminine aroma only slightly masked by the effects of the salt pool we had been plunging about in just minutes ago.

Soon mom was thrusting away to ecstasy, grunting and heaving as Sharon’s sensual mouth played on all of her face sitter’s lush charms, then I brought Sharon to a noisy completion soon afterwards.

After another brief dip, we towelled off and went into the kitchen for a naked lunch – another of Karla’s magnificent quiches, washed down with two bottles of some lovely and, I guessed, very expensive French white.

Karla then eyed me and Sharon and, typical mecidiyeköy escort mom, took charge: “Now, Darla, your lovely little girl here has been very naughty, hasn’t she?”

“That’s the pot calling the fuckin’ kettle black, mom,” I laughed. “It was you who pulled her thong off and started fingering her – I saw you from upstairs!”

Karla grinned, sheepishly, then responded: “Ah, yes, but you tend to forget Sharon was the one who went for my breasts first. So she was naughty first!”

I nodded in defeat.

“So I think we should punish her in my little play room, don’t you?” asked Karla.

Sharon looked at me with one of those “Please, please!” looks and I gave in.

“Oh, OK, but let’s not make it one of your marathon sessions, mom,” I relented. Sometimes mom liked to spend hours in her sumptuously-appointed games room with her submissive little girl friends!

Karla grinned: “We’ll call a halt as soon as Sharon’s had enough!”

I sighed: “That’s precisely what I’m worried about, Karla!”

In the large games room downstairs, kept at a comfortable temperature by the air conditioning that’s an essential in Hawaii, Karla settled herself down in a large easy chair and splayed her lovely large thighs across its arms. Her pussy, I could see, was already wet and inviting.

The seat of the chair was quite high, which was exactly why mom had chosen it. The height meant that Sharon could go into a crouch to place her face against mom’s pussy and would have to adopt a stance which would push her lovely naked tush out for the paddle, which I was already selecting from Karla’s equipment table.

I chose a lovely, bright red leather implement, the business end at least 12 inches long and some three inches deep. It looked as if it would deliver a pretty potent blow, and I wasn’t in the mood to spend hours dominating my lovely little subby in mom’s games room.

The sounds of Sharon’s busily-working mouth at mom’s snatch came to me as I returned to the pair, Karla’s eyes closed as she sat back and revelled in the delights the bikini model were delivering.

Then I started to do some delivering of my own, sweeping the paddle across the lovely cheeks of my lover. The paddle made a hugely satisfying “Thwaaaaack” sound as it hit, wobbling the 20-year-old’s cheeks in a wonderful way.

I’d hardly delivered a dozen strokes, before Karla was starting to articulate her delight in a much more vocal way than was possible poolside, due to the proximity of her neighbours. In her games room there was no need for such caution and mom took advantage of it.

As Sharon slaved away – pun intended – at Karla’s pussy, mom started to call out: “Suck me, subby, suck me, subby!” Sharon obliged, increasing the tempo of her oral adoration until with a keening cry of “Do it, subby Sharon, do it subby Sharon!” mom threshed wildly to a bucking, thrusting climax.

I dropped the paddle and knelt to kiss my adorable little lady’s backside as Sharon kept licking, her strokes getting slower and slower on Karla’s quim, now.

Then mom spoke up: “Thank-you so much, Sharon, that was absolutely exquisite, but then I’d expected as much from Darla’s reports on your expertise.”

Then I threw in my 50 cents’ worth: “And it sounded so fuckin’ lovely, Karla, I think it’s time I had a turn on that voracious little mouth. Your turn with the paddle, I think?”

Karla climbed out of her chair and bent to pick up the paddle. I spread my thighs over the arms and looked down at Sharon’s beautiful, sweat and pussy-stained face.

She looked so sweet as she buried her face in yet another wet, demanding pussy and started to send me to heaven. I lay back and writhed slowly on her mouth.

Karla was already sweeping the paddle against her magnificent bum in a slow but steady cadence. The paddle’s “Thwaaaack” sound on Sharon’s buttocks made the perfect accompaniment to the licking and laving she was performing on my gushing snatch.

Perhaps I could spend hours down here, after all!

To be continued.

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