Sex with my Mother, Chapter 2


It took us an hour to open the place up and to roll back the covering off the swimming pool, then we spent another hour trawling round the local supermercado, it really was hot, but that was why dad bought the villa in the first place.Once we’d done it, all mum stripped down to her minuscule panties and asked me to do the honors. We’d been traveling for about seven hours, and we were both very hot and very sweaty, but as I knelt to take her panties off, her natural aroma filled my senses, and she squealed as I clamped my mouth onto her sweet little pussy. Her clitoris was wet and rubbery and knowing (and enjoying) my little foibles, she filled my mouth with her juices.Still feasting on her jewel, I shed all my clothes and stood up,”Arms round my neck mum.” I grinned and she obeyed albeit with some puzzlement.”I thought you were going to be rude then.” she breathed into my mouth and then giggled as she felt my prick nudging against the tiny puckered hole of her anus.”Ooh yes darling, you ARE going to be rude.”My prick slid into her rectum as she gasped at the intrusion.”Oh Mark, oh God yes you know how much I love this.”My hands were under her buttocks supporting her as she writhed and squirmed against me.”We’re going upstairs.” I grinned, “Wrap your legs round me and hang on.””You’re mad.” she laughed, but then as I let go of her, her whole body was supported by my prick embedded deeply in her anus and her laugh changed to a squeal of delight.”Mark no.” she gasped as I began walking out of the living room, every step was making her feel me inside her.I’d only just reached the bottom of the stairs when the first climax overtook her, she came again less than halfway up. She lost all control as we reached the top, by the time we fell onto the bed my prick was spurting inside her anus and she was totally out of control.She bit my lips, my tongue, her nails left deep red wheals down my back and buttocks, her eyes had rolled back into her head and she was swearing at me in some most unladylike language.”You taksim escort fucking animal.” she snarled. “Your pricks still fucking hard, you could have killed me.””You fucking loved it,” I snarled back. “Look at you, how many times did you come?””Not enough, you fucking pig, you’re splitting me in two.””Yes.” I agreed, “And I’ll be doing it to you every fucking night from now on.”I felt her anal muscles clenching with lust and she screamed as I thrust myself forward savagely.”People will see my back on the beach, and they’ll know that you did it, they’ll look at your swollen ass hole, and they’ll know that your son’s prick made it like that””Yes,” she hissed.”And if I have your name tattooed on my cunt, they’ll know for certain.””I’m going to come again, mum.””Yes fucking do it, I want your spunk, fill me with it, Mark baby fuck me, shag me, Mark, I’m, I’m, I’m COMMINGGG, FFFUCKKK YESSSS.” I woke up the following morning spooned into her naked back, she stirred as I touched my lips to her neck and whispered that I was hard again.She wiggled her buttocks against me and giggled as she felt my hardness digging into her back.”You’re insatiable.””A good mother should always take care of her son’s needs,” she said softly and I felt her hand gripping me as she guided my prick to her lovely little rosebud.It slid in easily right up to my balls making her sigh with pleasure.”Gently darling,” she whispered. “Fuck me nice and gently.””Lovely mum,” I encouraged her. “I love hearing you use language like that.””Play with my cunt Mark, diddle me while you shag me.”Her legs parted slightly and she let out a gasp of pleasure as I found her clitoris and squeezed it gently between a finger and thumb.”We should be doing this with another woman mum.” I breathed into her ear. “She could be doing this with her mouth while I’m shagging your arse.””Ooh God yes.” she hissed as I pushed a finger into her wetness. “Find me one darling, find me a woman, a very dirty woman.””You’re gonna make me cum again mum.”I pushed three beşiktaş escort more fingers into her making her squeal then lay perfectly still as my prick spewed into her clutching little hole, she came with me making funny little noises as her body took over and we both surrendered to the waves of ecstasy that washed over us.She looked fantastic as we strolled along the beach, the tiny little beach dress she wore only just covered her lovely pouting ass cheeks, and the dark circles of her nipples could be seen clearly through the thin material. She was naked beneath it and she smiled with pleasure when I told her she was sex on legs.The slight sea breeze kept lifting the dress up exposing her shaven slit and she made no effort to hold it down. My prick was misbehaving yet again, but she giggled when I told her and said.”Oh goody.”We settled on a huge sand dune where we lay our towels down just a few feet from some other naked sunbathers and lay down to enjoy the blazing hot sun.I dozed off to sleep and woke up to find her gone, but there was a scribbled note saying, “Gone for a dip.” so I asked one of the nearby sum bathers to keep an eye on our things and strolled down towards the ocean, the surf was full of frolicking people, but I waded in to look for her. The water was up to my waist, and there was still no sign of her, but suddenly I felt a pair of arms snaking round my hips from behind and I laughed as two hands gripped my penis. She swam round me but then had to surface to breathe.”Dammit,” she laughed. “I was going to give you an underwater blow job.”I pulled her up into my arms kissing her and cupping her sexy little bottom.”Come on beautiful,” I laughed. “Let’s go get some lunch, I’m starving.”She refused to put her dress on until we were just about to leave the beach.”I want everybody to see what only you can have.” she laughed. “And I hope you want it soon because I’m sooo fucking horny.””Mum you’re always horny.””Ooh look.” she grabbed my arm and pointed to a bar across the road that advertised food, drinks and the sexiest waitress service on the island,”What are we waiting for?” I said and we walked in arm in arm. Just inside the door, there was a small turnstile which the customer had to push to get in, I stood back to allow mum to go first and suddenly there was a shrill bell ringing and overhead lights flashed.She looked bemused until a laughing barmaid wearing a very short white toga that left one breast bare explained that there was a camera in the floor by the turnstile. “It’s activated by anyone stepping over it without any material between their legs, it takes a photograph.””Wow,” mum laughed. “Can I see it?””If you allow everyone to see it, we give you five euros.” the woman smiled.”Put it in the charity box.”The girl nodded to another girl behind the bar who flicked a switch and suddenly mum’s pussy was projected onto a big screen on the far wall.Everyone in the bar clapped and cheered, mum, laughed with pleasure and took a bow while I ordered our drinks and some tapas.”It’s a very nice little pussy.” the first waitress smiled. “I bet she turned a few heads on the beach.””I bet you would too.” said mum behind her and the girl blushed prettily. “I’ll put five hundred euros behind the bar if you’ll activate the camera.””You must have a lot of money, either that you really want to see my pussy.””Yes to both,” mum laughed. “I do have a lot of money and I’d really love to see your pussy.””You’re a bi  I take it.”And mum nodded.”My friend here more than takes care of my needs, but I really want to experience another woman, a very pretty woman.””And a very dirty woman yes?””Oh yes.” mum laughed. “An extremely dirty woman why, are you offering?””I might be,” she said teasingly. “My lover and I parted last month, she said I was too kinky for her.”She had a charming accent which I found a real turn on, mum was captivated too and hardly took her eyes off the girl whose name was Georgina.”Shall I hold your panties?” I asked and she smiled again.”No need.”Going out through the exit turnstile she came back in through the other one, the bell rang, lights flashed and a picture of Georgina’s shaven and pierced pussy flashed up.

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