Birthday gifts for Jill


Dan and I lived in a two bedroom split level apartment where most of living space was on the main level and only the master bedroom and master bath were upstairs.   We had moved into this apartment right after we got married. One day Joey called me at worked and started telling me his sad story.   The bottom line was that he needed a place to stay for few months and I said, “Joey, I cannot promise anything but I will try to convince Dan somehow.” Dan agreed to let my cousin Joey stay with us for few months.     Dan said, “Jill, I understand we need to help out your family but I do think Joey needs to learn to stand on his own two feet.”   Joey had lost his job and was about to start working for his friend who was in construction business.    Joey stayed in our guest bedroom on the main level which also had an attached bathroom and that worked out well for all of us.   Dan was not much of a talker and due to his work hours Dan hardly saw or spoke to Joey during the week.   Joey typically left in the morning by 7am and come home at around 8pm .   Dan would go to bed by 8pm since he would leave for work at 4am .   Dan and I had sex quite frequently during the week and typically it would be right before Dan went to bed.   I typically get quite loud during sex and always made sure our bed room door was wide open so in case Joey came home istanbul travesti he would know that we were having sex.   The thought of someone watching me while I was being fucked was a huge turn on for me.   Dan would not like the fact that the bedroom door was wide open and I told him that it was my way of making Joey jealous.   “I want everyone to see how much I love to fuck you and all the things that I do to make you happy.”   I would say, “Dan, lots of people have and want to have sex with their cousins and Joey might be one of them.”   On several occasions I had seen Joey watching us while Dan and I were having sex.   I had made sure Joey was able to get a good view of my body when I was fucking Dan.   I would either get on top of Dan or sit up to show my tits or bend over so Joey could see my ass from where he would be watching us.   At night, I typically wore a short spaghetti strap nightie that had three buttons in the front which I would leave open to show as much of my breast as possible and I was in the habit of not wearing a bra when I was at home.   Everyday at night by 8:30pm I would be down in the family room watching TV. Joey would be either in the shower at that time or he would be watching TV in his room.     When I was done watching TV, I would go to Joey’s room to say goodnight. I would istanbul travestileri always find him in his bed wearing only his string bikini underwear.   He always lay in his bed with his legs apart and while talking to him I would keep staring at his dick.   His dick would gradually get hard and the bulge in his underwear would be enormous.   Joey used to be on his college swim team and he would still go to swim almost every evening.   I always dreamed of caressing his whole body which looked so smooth with no hair.   Once as I was leaving his room Joey pointed to a pen on the carpet and said, “Jill, could you please pick up my pen?”     This happened again the next night and then I figured out Joey’s dirty trick. From then on every time Joey had me pick something from the floor, I would bend over to pick up that item from the floor slowly so that Joey could get a good view of my ass.   Soon I even stopped wearing my thongs at night.   Before leaving Joey’s room I would look back with a smile and say goodnight.   One evening right before going to bed Dan said, “Jill, I have to tell you something and please don’t get angry.”   “I know Jill, tomorrow is your birthday, but I have to go out of town to attend training for a week.” Dan paused, “I tried my best to avoid this trip but it is for our entire group and it travesti istanbul is difficult to say no.”   I knew Dan would try everything possible to be with me on my birthday and I said, “Dan, go ahead and we can celebrate my birthday after you get back.”   I said, “Dan, but I don’t want to spend my birthday or the rest of the week without having sex.”   I rolled my eyes and said “And of all the people in the world I definitely don’t want to get fucked by Joey.”     “Jill, I thought you always wanted to make Joey jealous” Dan laughed.   “Jill, I know you can go without sex for a week, goodnight.”   We left for the airport at 5am the next day morning and right before we got there I pulled over to the side of road. Dan and I got into the back seat and I made Dan cum in my mouth as my birthday gift. Later that morning, before Joey left for work I said, “Joey, Dan had to leave town for a week to go attend training.”   I continued, “Joey, today is my birthday and I have invited daddy, why don’t you come home little early and we will have dinner together.”       Joey said, “Wow…happy birthday Jill, sure I will be home before 7pm ” and then gave me big hug.   My dad had been living alone and I was his only child and thought he would like to spend some time together.   I was very close to my dad as my mom passed away when I was only 19.   Daddy and Joey sang happy birthday to me followed by hugs and kisses for me before we all had dinner.   All evening, Joey would come close to me while I was cooking in the kitchen and put his hand up my short skirt and squeeze my ass.

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