Christmas Surprise


It was Christmas day, and my sister comes bounding into my room at like 10:30 am to wake me up.           “Merry Christmas Jake! Mom says to get up now.” She said.           “Uugghh!” I moaned, still tired from a party last night. It would’ve been torture waking up this early if it wasn’t my sister waking me up. My sister Rebecca is 16 a year younger than me, even though she doesn’t look it. She has luscious blonde hair with a perfect face and stunning blue eyes. Her blonde hair just barely brushes the top of her full and perk CC tits. She has a flat stomach and a skinny waist, with a big round ass and a cleanly shaven pussy. She looks as good as a model, which she was. She modeled the latest fashion at a close by clothing company. She perfect for it and my friends won’t let me forget it. This morning she was wearing a tight v-neck pink t-shirt with her tits nearly hanging out of it. I could tell the she wasn’t wearing a bra because her perk nipples were poking through her shirt. She had tight pink shorts on that barely covered her ass and cunt, and she wasn’t wearing any panties because I could see her slit through her shorts. I watched her ass the whole way while she walked out of my room.  I started to get hard in the pants just thinking about her, so I went to my laptop and turned on my wireless web cam hidden in her bathroom. I watched her strip out of her pajamas and stand in front of the mirror admiring her naked body. While she admired herself, played with her tits, and felt her pussy up I jerked off to her amazing body. istanbul travesti           At around four o’clock my aunt, uncle, and my cousin Emily came over. The thing about my cousin is that she is 16 and just as good looking as my sister, but with DD tits. She is about the same height as my sister with light brown hair and a gorgeous face with astonishing green eyes. She has amazing curves with huge tits and a round firm ass, and today she was wearing a tight green v-neck long-sleeve shirt that showed off her cleavage. She had on form fitting jeans that only showed off her beautiful ass even more.           “Merry Christmas!” I said as I hugged my aunt and uncle. I walked over to Emily and said.           “Merry Christmas!” I gave her a tight hug and felt her perfect tits pushing up against me. I looked down her shirt and saw her leopard print bra she had on.           The rest of the day went fine. We all opened up presents. What I was most excited about is when Rebecca opened her present from Emily while Emily opened her present from Rebecca, and they had both gotten matching, sexy pajamas from Victoria ’s Secret. Rebecca’s was pink and Emily’s was a light green. I was eager to see Rebecca try it on latter tonight, she will look so hot in it. After presents, we went and had dinner. I sat right across from Emily, so every time she leaned over for a bite I saw right down her shirt. Dinner went fine; Rebecca being a klutz dropped her fork though.           After dinner we went into the living room to istanbul travestileri play Charades. Rebecca and I were on separate teams so we sat across from each other. Rebecca was wearing a sexy, tight red velvet dress that had white fur trim. Her breasts were ready to burst out of her top. The bottom of her dress went to about mid-thigh so when she sat down her dress slid up a bit. She wasn’t wearing any panties. Once I saw her clean shaven cunt, I got hard right away. My dick made a little tent in m pants. Just as I was looking at her she turned her head to me. I quickly looked away; I’m sure getting red a little bit. The rest of the game went smooth. She didn’t catch me checking her out again. When the game was over, my parents and aunt and uncle began to get ready to go to another party.           “All right Jake.” My dad said. “We’re going to be going soon. We are staying at the hotel near the party because no one wants to drive back. We’ll try to be back before one tomorrow afternoon.”           “Alright, sounds good.”           “Oh, and honey, watch over Rebecca and Emily. Ok.” My mom said.           “Ok, mom!” When they left, I headed up to my room to relieve myself. As I walked towards my room I noticed the Rebecca and Emily were already in their sexy pajamas talking about some game that they want to play. When I got to my room, I stripped to my boxers and lay in my bed. I started to stroke my 8-inch dick when Rebecca knocked at my door.           “Hey Jake, can we come in?” She said. Quickly, travesti I shoved my dick into my boxers and sat up on my bed.           “Alright, you can come in.” Rebecca and Emily walked in, wearing their sexy new pajamas with their lovely tits bursting out of their tops, their nipples poking through their thin pajama tops. Their asses were defined by their tight shorts that made their cunts and their slits stand out like no other.           “We were wondering if you would play a game with us.” Rebecca asked.           “We would love it if you did.” Emily added.           “Yeah, usually we play with each other, but you would make it more exciting!” Rebecca said seductively.           The both came and sat next to me on my bed. It was great because I could see down both of their shirts.           “Umm…sure.” I said, wondering what kind of game they were thinking of. “What’s it called?”           Putting her hand on my thigh, Rebecca said.           “It’s called the Pleasure Game.”           “To win you must pleasure the other players the most.” Emily added.           “Umm…how…do you…pleasure the other players?” I asked.           “Like this.” Rebecca said as she took my hand to put it to her tits. My stiff dick perked up some more as I squeezed and played with her tits a little bit.           “See, I pleasured you.” She said as she eyed the tent in my boxers. After getting one last squeeze of her tit, I took my hand away saying.           “I don’t know if we should be doing this?”           “Oh, but I think you want it.” Rebecca said with a smirk. “We both saw you checking me out during the game, especially my pussy. Do you like it?”           With that she moved her shorts a little to give me a view of her beautiful, shaven pussy, which was wet with her pussy juices.

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