Living with daddy Part IV


PART ONE : ANOTHER NEW ADVENTUREDaddy and I had been sharing a bed for a week now. That was also the same amount of time it had been since he had took my virginity. It had been the best night of my entire life, and it was more then I ever imagined it could it. I knew in that moment that I loved my daddy, and he loved me as well.Daddy and I have had sex once since that night. He was slow with me once again. I loved that he wanted to take the time to make sure that I was ready for every step that we were taking. Right now he was going slow, and he did not care whether or not if he had an orgasm. He was all about making sure that I was satisfied.“Good morning.” My daddy whispered in my ear as he pulled me close to him. We had slept in this morning and the plan was to not get out of bed at all. I was okay with that plan. We were going to curl up in bed and watch movies and just spend some time together. We had been doing a lot of that since that night.The week when he was at work was hard. He was away for long hours of time and I laid in our bed for hours waiting for him to get home. I no longer had the ability to fall asleep unless his arms were wrapped around me. If there was a time in which I did not believe in true love, that time had come to an end. He was my everything, and I could tell by the way he looked at me, I was his everything as well.“Good morning daddy,” I smiled at him. Wrapping my arms around his neck and pulling myself to him. I kissed him softly and ran my fingers through his hair. I had learned over the last week that he really enjoyed when I did that. He also liked it when I softly ran my fingers down his istanbul travesti back, softly tickling him.Daddy kissed me back and held me by the waist. He always made me feel like I was wrapped up and protected, his strong arms always there to hold me. He made me feel big and strong yet small and weak all at the same time.I almost let out a cry when daddy pulled away from me. The phone had began to ring and he had to answer it. Daddy was on call for work, so it was important to answer when it rang. He never answered when we were having sex though. He always made sure phones were busy so that he could dedicate his time to me.“Hey,” he said with a surprised tone in his voice. I did not really try to understand why. I just decided that I was going to have a little bit of fun. While he was making sounds that showed he was acknowledging the person on the other line.As he was sitting on the edge of the bed, I crawled out from under the covers and made my way off of the bed. I walked in front of him, my naked body catching his eyes. I had gone to sleeping naked since we began sharing a bed together. Once I knew I had some of daddy’s attention, I dropped to my knees in front of him.Daddy’s eyes lit up when he realized what was going to happen. He made no attempt to stop me and I reached forward and took his cock into my hand. It was soft at the moment, but I felt it twitch when my fingers wrapped around the top of it. Daddy’s eyes rolled back slightly into his head and that made me excited.After a minute or two, his cock began to get harder in my hand. I ran my fingers up and down around his half erect istanbul travestileri cock before placing my mouth on the tip. Daddy let out a sigh when he felt my mouth against him.“Yeah,” I heard daddy say to whoever was talking to him on the phone. “I am fine, its nothing to worry about.”There were more words going on between daddy and whoever was on the phone, but I was to focused to pay attention to what they were. I made sure to put all of my attention into making my daddy get off. He did so much for me, and I wanted to make sure that he got just as much back in return.The more of daddy’s cock I got into my mouth, the harder his cock got. The harder daddy’s cock got, the wetter I got and the more I wanted to fill daddy inside of me.“Okay,” Daddy said in a little louder of a voice, “I guess I will see you then.”Daddy hung up the phone and looked down at me. Our eyes held contact with each other for a great while longer. I loved to look up at his face and see what I was making him feel when I was sucking on his cock. Daddy loved it when I pushed my tongue into the tip of his cock. It was enough to make him close his eyes and lean his head back. I loved making him do things like that.“Yes baby,” daddy moaned, placing his hand on the back of my head and pushing it into him slightly. I felt his cock touch the back of my throat, which always made me gag. My eyes filled with tears, that left streak marks down the side of my cheeks. Daddy wiped them up with his finger and then licked his fingers.I sucked harder as I moved my mouth up and down the length of his beautiful cock. I loved the travesti istanbul feel of it twitching in my mouth as well as the sounds that daddy was making. I loved that I had the ability to make him feel this way.Daddy’s breathing began to get more shallow and I knew that he was about to cum. I played with his balls softly in my head as I took his whole cock into my mouth. It was not long before I felt him shoot a couple streams of cum into my mouth. It was warm as it ran down the back of my throat and into my waiting stomach.I waited to make sure that it was all out before cleaning the tip of his cock off and pulling away. I crawled up onto his lap and kissed him hard for a long time. Our arms wrapped tightly around each other as we got lost in each others passions.“I am still hard baby.” Daddy smiled as he kissed my neck. It made my heart beat loudly in my ears and my pussy drip, my juices landing on his cock.I smiled at him without saying anything, and lowered myself slowly down onto his cock. My pussy swallowed the tip as I let out a long moan. The more I had my daddy’s cock, the better it felt inside of me. It was like it was meant to be inside of my body.“Oh my god, baby girl!” My daddy let out as he grabbed onto my hips and helped lift me up and down onto his cock. His cock was so hard inside of my pussy that I could not help but to scream. The screams were full of nothing but pure pleasure.“Oh yes daddy,” I said as I placed my lips against his. I moaned into him and felt my lips vibrate against his. “Yes daddy, fuck me, yes.”My daddy helped me ride his cock harder and harder. Our bodies slapping together, sweat running down in between us, leaving a puddle on the bed beneath us. Every breath we took, we took in unison.“Daddy is going to cum baby.” He told me as he pulled me down harder and harder onto his cock. I could hear the sound of our pelvic areas grinding together and it was enough to send me over the edge.

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