The Live-In Chef Ch. 03


Kasey woke alone. Light was shining through the open blinds and she stretched subconsciously, noticing a delightful soreness between her legs. She glanced at the alarm clock on the nightstand, yawned, then looked again.

She sat bolt upright.


Naked, she looked around the room, trying to locate her clothes. She was late for her first class but if she left right now she could make her gen studies class. She ran out of the bedroom, still naked, and did a sliding stop on the hardwood floor when she turned the corner.

Jason and Charlotte were sitting at the kitchen table in their robes, Jason sipping coffee and reading a newspaper. Charlotte was midbite of a waffle. They both turned and stared at her.

“Good morning, sunshine,” Jason said with a smirk.

“I’m so sorry I overslept!” Kasey babbled as she tried to calmly walk past them. “I’ll make it up to you about breakfast, I promise but I’m so late for class right now.”

Charlotte smiled, “You have class on Saturday?”

“No, I just…” Kasey stopped. “It’s Saturday?”

“Sure is.”

“Oh.” The anxiety of being late was replaced by the embarrassment of standing naked in the open. “I guess I don’t… Still, I better go.”

“Nonsense,” Charlotte said standing up. “Sit and have breakfast.” She gently directed Kasey to the table and pulled a chair out for her. “And don’t worry about breakfast, after the night you gave us last night, whew. We owe you a morning off.”

Charlotte went behind the kitchen island and began busying herself. “You’re not the only one that can cook.”

Jason folded his paper and tucked it under his plate. “When I woke up I found her banging around the kitchen, and found that she had rediscovered the waffle press that someone had gotten us for our wedding and was busy making batter. I think you broke something loose in her.”

“Nonsense, simply reenergized by amazing sex. And starving.”

Kasey smiled despite herself, “It was pretty fun.”

“Pretty fun?” Charlotte exclaimed. “Just pretty fun?” She darted around from behind the kitchen island and flicked the spatula at her, flinging a gob of waffle batter. The gob hit Kasey directly on her right breast.

Kasey, shocked, looked down at the waffle batter sliding down her tit and burst out laughing.

“Okay, okay.” She said, scooping the batter off herself not unlike she’d done with Jason’s cum, and slid her fingers into her mouth. “That might have been the best night of my life.”

“Many more to come, I hope,” Jason said, sipping coffee.

Kasey blushed. “So, how does this work now?” Kasey felt less conscious about her nakedness. “I’m new to this whole thing but you guys, like, do this a lot. Right?”

“Not quite.” Jason started. “We’ve had live-in help before. And we have friends in the lifestyle but this is new territory for us too.”

“There was a girl before you,” Charlotte interjected. “She wasn’t as open to the idea as you were. She lasted a few weeks, and quit suddenly after an incident.”

“And she couldn’t cook worth a damn,” Jason said. “She wasn’t prudish, just…”

“She attempted to fuck Jason without my knowledge,” Charlotte said. “She was sneaky. Couldn’t wrap her head around the idea that I was okay with it.”

“Trust is important to us. We had fooled around a little. I told her I had to discuss it with Charlotte and she became… upset.”

“I’m okay with sharing, she was not okay with me knowing.”

“So, she just quit?” Charlotte asked.

“Yes,” Charlotte said. “Thankfully she had the decency to keep her mouth shut.”

“Your secret.” Kasey blurted out. “This lifestyle? I won’t say anything. I promise. You guys are really awesome and I like it here.”

“Aww, we know, dear. And we trust you.” Charlotte came out of the kitchen with a plate she set in front of Kasey: two waffles, strawberries, whipped cream, and syrup. It looked unhealthy and amazing.

Kasey took a bite. “Damn, Mrs. Lance. Respect the skills.”

“I found there’s a big difference between being able to cook and being able to cook healthy. I’m excellent when the recipe calls for sugar.”


After breakfast, Kasey excused herself for a shower in the guesthouse. She felt both overwhelmed and entirely satisfied. The Lances had plans to meet up with friends today and that left Kasey time to think about what had just happened.

As near-scalding water washed away last night’s activities, she contemplated her part in all this. She wasn’t ashamed of any of it. Quite opposite, she felt exhilarated by it. She felt she’d just been a part of an extreme of human sexuality. Like she was an explorer of sorts. She waited for the feelings of embarrassment or shame to hit her during this downtime, but they didn’t. Decent societal norms told her that what she’d done made her slutty or a whore but she didn’t feel like that at all. She checked, she was still just Kasey.

Her phone alerted her she had a text as she was drying herself.

Paddleboarding and mimosas bitch!

Meghan Mitchell was her only real friend at istanbul travesti school. They met last year in their first-semester biology class. They both found it ridiculous that a culinary school required them to take general education classes like a normal college. They both sat in the back, studied together, and eked out a respectable B- for the class. Meghan was specializing as a pastry chef and, though she didn’t look like it, ate her weight in croissants and cake every few days.

I’m so fucking down for that, she texted back.

They exchanged a few more texts ironing out the details. Kasey dressed in her bikini and threw a light cotton sundress over it.

Meghan pulled up to the house about a half-hour later, her old beat-up 4-Runner looking out of place in the upscale neighborhood.

“I can’t believe you fucking live here,” Meghan exclaimed when Kasey hopped in the front seat.

“It’s pretty cool, huh?”

“Pretty cool? Pretty cool is when you get caught speeding and the cop only gives you a warning. You hit the fucking jackpot.”

“Yeah, I guess I did.” Kasey blushed.

Kasey thought Meghan was one of the coolest chicks she’d ever befriended. She was what tom-boys grew up to become: outdoorsy, preferring craft beer over wine, and going hiking over getting her hair done. She had tattoos and piercings and her dirty blonde hair had generous blue and teal streaks through it. Kasey thought she was a badass.

They chatted excitedly as Meghan drove. Their differing specialties meant they didn’t have any of the same classes this semester. School and work conspired to keep them apart.

Kasey told her about the Lances, editing out her recent transformation into a sex-crazed lunatic.

“They sound cool as shit. A little weird for a childless couple to hire a hot college student as a maid, but hey, who am I to judge? I bet the husband has some ulterior motives. Wink, wink,” she teased, nudging Kasey with an elbow.

You have no idea, Kasey thought. “It’s not like that. They’re really cool. And they’ve been good to me.”

“Sounds like it.”

“How’s your boyfriend?” Kasey asked, changing the subject. “Ben, right?”

“Oh, that’s over. Dude spent more time playing video games than hanging out with me. And once you got past his good looks, he was boring.”

They drove to the lake just outside the city. It was reasonably large but motored boats were not allowed, leaving it free for swimming, kayaking, and paddle boarding. It was getting hot and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. Perfect weather for day drinking and water sports, Kasey mused.

They parked and while Kasey sprayed herself down with sunscreen, Meghan opened the trunk revealing a cooler. Inside was a bottle of OJ and one of champagne. She busied herself mixing the two in a large water bottle.

The rental spot was a small building at the edge of the water. It guarded the small marina of paddle boats and stand-up boards.

The girls walked up to the booth, housing a bored teenage lifeguard. He was a surfer type; shaggy hair, tanned, swimmer’s build.

“We’d like to rent two paddleboards, please,” Meghan said.

The lifeguard perked up when he saw her. “Sure. For how long?”

“Just for a couple of hours.”

“Two boards for two hours. That’ll be eighty bucks.”

“Eighty bucks? For two hours?” Meghan exclaimed.

The lifeguard sighed, “Yeah, I know. Prices went up.”

“I can cover it,” Kasey offered.

“No, I got a better idea.” Meghan looked around, making sure no one was in earshot. “How about a trade?”

The lifeguard raised a suspicious eyebrow. “Such as?”

“How about half off and Kasey here will show you her tits?”

“Meg! What the hell?” Kasey swatted at her friend, who ducked away, laughing.

“C’mon, what do you say?”

The lifeguard grinned but shook his head, “You know the internet exists right? Seeing tits isn’t much of a novelty.”

“What if it was both of us?”

As if to elaborate on her offer, Meghan pulled Kasey close, wrapping an arm around her and squeezing her boob. Kasey now just rolled her eyes. She tried this same trick to a bouncer last semester when they tried to sneak into a club. It didn’t work.

“He is kind of cute, right?” Meghan whispered into her ear.

Kasey shrugged, but couldn’t help but smile at her friend’s antics.

“We are basically talking about two free hours.” The lifeguard began, “how much time you got?”

“We’re not fucking you,” Meghan said, feigning outrage. “But…” She glanced at Kasey. “we could make something work…”

“A bit of a show?” Kasey asked, mostly to Meghan.

Now it was the lifeguard’s turn to look around, “Okay, but come in here.”

He opened the door to the small one-room building, letting in the girls. It was mostly a storage shed for the various rental gear.

Kasey couldn’t help but giggle, of course, this would happen, and her idea nonetheless.

Kasey had to admit, he was sort of cute in a pretty boy way.

Meghan made the first move, lifting istanbul travestileri the cups of her bikini aside, revealing her small, pert B-cup breasts. She pinched her hard, eraser-head nipples for emphasis.

The boy just stared, obviously dumbfounded at his luck.

Meghan nudged Kasey who pulled her top to the side. She did a little dance, swaying her hips and stretching out her arms. Kasey followed suit and tried not to feel too silly dancing suggestively without music.

Meghan grabbed her around the waist and pulled her in for a deep kiss.

Kasey tensed at first, the sudden realization that she was suddenly kissing her friend hitting home, but then relaxed and kissed back. It was gentle, soft. She danced her tongue off Meghan’s and she felt herself become wet.

Meghan broke off the kiss and winked at the boy. In one smooth motion, she palmed Kasey’s left breast and sucked on her nipple, playfully biting it. Kasey squealed in half surprise and half pleasure.

“So what do you say?” Meghan asked, using her best innocent voice. “Good enough for a free hour?”

“Absolutely,” he said, near drooling.

“Thanks, love.” Meghan blew him a kiss and, to his chagrin, put her tits away.

Five minutes later they were on the water. It was sunny and hot, enough so that the mosquitoes were nowhere to be found. It was as close to perfect as Kasey could imagine.

“I had no idea you could be so… forward,” Kasey said.

“Hey, it was your idea to flash him.”

“True, but only because it seemed you were leaning toward blowing him or something.”

Meghan laughed, “Oh, you wish.”

“I think that might be the sluttiest thing I’ve seen you do.”

“Well, you were right there and that was the sluttiest thing I’ve seen you do.”


Kasey enjoyed the water. It was peaceful out here. But she couldn’t help but steal glances at Meghan. She had a variety of tattoos, some colorful, some not but Kasey was drawn to the clutch of bright flowers that snaked her way up her right thigh. She thought about Charlotte and what had amounted to her first experiences with a woman ever. As it happened in a threesome just the night before, Kasey didn’t have much time to formulate her feelings on the subject.

Was she gay? Was she straight but just got caught in the moment? Bisexual? She had always noticed beautiful women but often it seemed it was only in comparison to herself. She would think, “that girl has great cheekbones,” “she has better tits,” or “a rounder ass.” Kasey felt she generally had a healthy body image and tended not to dwell too much on how she looked. She liked her body. She liked her face. But she didn’t think of herself as overtly sexy. Not hot.

Not until the last few days.

Not until a married couple gave her the best night of her life. Not until her friend sucked her nipple at the drop of a hat.

Her head spun.

“Earth to Kasey?”

She looked up. Meghan was waving at her with an amused look on her face.

“What?” She asked, feeling silly. Caught.

“Where’d you go?”

“Just lost in thought, I guess.”

Meghan edged her paddle board towards Kasey’s, “Here, have a drink.” She underhand tossed the bottle of mimosa to Kasey.

She caught it with her free hand, keeping her balance on the board.

“Okay, okay.” Meghan grinned, “Girl’s got skill.”

“Sometimes,” Kasey said, taking a long sip from the bottle. It tasted better than she expected, so drew another long sip.

“Think fast,” Kasey said, tossing the closed bottle at Meghan. Meghan reached up and snatched it out of the air but shifted her weight too much in the effort.

The result was predictable, Meghan wobbled on the board for a second, just long enough for both of them to think she might save it, and instead went over one side.

“Oh my god!” Meghan said as she resurfaced. “This water is freezing! Quit laughing! I swear if our booze is ruined, I’ll –“

Kasey was still laughing, “Sorry! I thought you had it.”

Meghan’s hand shot up from the water, holding the bottle, “Oh, I got it.”

Meghan put her paddle and the bottle on her board and instead of climbing back on made a mad dash of a front stroke over to where Kasey was.

Kasey gasped, realizing Meghan’s intention, and attempted to paddle away.

But Meghan was faster, crossing ten feet of open water and coming up like a shark attack, yanking the board out from under Kasey. She went overboard with a splash.

“Bitch, what the hell!” Kasey shrieked when she came up. “I didn’t do that on purpose!”

It took a few moments for Meghan to stop laughing. “What? It was time to cool you off.” Meghan said, her lips a mischievous smile.

“Well, it worked. You’re right, this water is freezing.”

They got back to their paddle boards before they floated too far away and continued. It was hot enough that they quickly dried off. The lake was small enough that there weren’t motorized boats, but not so small they could easily cross it. Few other people were doing stand-up travesti istanbul paddle-boarding right now, as most had segregated themselves to the sandy beach area near the rental shack.

Kasey and Meghan, without talking about it, crossed to the far side of the lake.

They found a small cove bordered on two sides by trees that grew right against the shoreline. Between them was a sandy, shady area just wide enough to park their boards.

Kasey noticed something was different about Meghan. Different energy maybe. She thought, and considering it made her a bit woozy, that maybe Meghan had been thinking about the same thing she had this whole time. Maybe she’d been thinking about making out in front of that guy.

Meghan took a long swallow from the bottle and stretched out on her board, “I love it here.”

“This is a pretty cool place. Thanks for inviting me.”

“Thanks for coming. It’s been a boring last couple of weeks without you to hang out with. Your private chef job keeps you too busy.”

“Nah, I’m still around. Just had to adjust to it. Maybe you’ll meet them. Get you a test audience for those cupcakes you make.”

“Sucks they’re already married, I’d make them a giant wedding cake and charge them a fuckton for it.” Meghan sighed. “Selling cake to rich people. That’s the dream.”

Kasey sat down on her board and took a swig of mimosa. “Hey, I have a question for you.”

“Oh yeah? What’s up?”

Before she could lose her nerve, Kasey leaned in. She kissed Meghan deeply, leaning over her. Meghan didn’t stiffen, didn’t turn away, but seemed to anticipate it, knowing that was what she was going to do. Like she was just waiting for her to work up the courage.

After several long moments, Kasey broke away, “Sorry, I didn’t get a chance to really enjoy that before with our audience.”

“Mmm, that’s okay. Do it again.”

Meghan reached up and pulled Kasey down to her and Kasey didn’t think she could kiss or be kissed any deeper than just a few seconds before.

“Meghan, have you ever been with a woman?”

“I mean, I kissed a girl during a slumber party when I was like, thirteen but that was just like, practicing for the boys. So, no, not really.” Her eyes went wide. “Wait, have you?”

“Sort of,” Kasey admitted, thinking of Charlotte and how sweet she tasted. “But it was sort of a ménage à trois situation and I was a little drunk.”

“You dirty slut, you never told me about that.” Meghan’s eyes lit up. “Was it fun?”

“Yeah, it was a lot of fun,” Kasey said, not adding that it had happened last night. She leaned over and kissed the nape of Meghan’s neck, “But I wanted to get an opportunity to try it again. With you.”

Meghan smiled mischievously again, “Are you asking if you can eat me out?”

“Uh-huh,” Kasey kissed lower, pulling her bathing suit aside and taking one eraser-erect nipple into her mouth, returning the favor. Meghan moaned softly.

“And you want me to lick you?”

Kasey looked up at her, “Only if you want to.” Her hands moved up Meghan’s thighs. And Meghan opened her legs slightly to make room as her hand slid between them, finding the fabric of her bathing suit there.

Meghan gasped at the touch.

She put a hand down over Kasey’s. “Not here, she said. People can still see.”

“And since when do you care about that?” Kasey said with a smirk.

“Over here,” Meghan pulled her away and led them to a small, fallen tree nearby, further concealed from the shore.

Meghan sat prettily on the fallen tree, striking a pose for Kasey. She looked inspiring, spreading her lithe, athletic body in anticipation.

Kasey looked at her low, predatory.

She knelt in the sandy soil and cradled one leg in her arm, kissing her softly just inside her knee. Her second kiss was just above the first.

Kasey took her time.

Each kiss was a tease. Meghan was breathing faster now. Kasey ran a hand up her flat belly and to her chest, gripping her around her ribcage, to feel her quickening respirations.

Kasey kissed her inner thigh, then over the fabric of her bathing suit. Meghan pulled the string of her bikini on one side and let her bottoms fall away revealing her perfect and smoothly waxed pussy.

Kasey licked once and put her whole mouth over her mound. Her tongue slid down and then up, working her way between the smooth folds of her labia. Meghan’s juices tasted sweet with a scent that was entirely hers, so different than Charlotte’s despite being so familiar. She danced her tongue off her clit and wondered if pussy juice was like a fingerprint; unique to the woman.

“Oh my God!” Meghan gasped, lolling her head backward. “I don’t know what I was expecting but don’t stop!”

She continued her onslaught, delighting in the movement of Meghan’s writhing hips.

Her orgasm started low, in a series of short spasms in her thighs, and built from there. Meghan arched her back and slowly fell backward, arms reaching backward, her hand finding and bracing against another thick branch. Her other hand found the ground, positioning Meghan almost horizontal, supported by her lower back on the fallen trunk and her grip on a heavy branch.

Kasey kept up her assault, making it a game of rhythm and consistency. She found her flow with her mouth and tongue and focused on making every lick even pressured.

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