Tukiko Ch. 11


This story continues on from the three parts of Tukiko Ch, 10. When Masanori had suggested he wants to fuck the wives of the three men who had been fucking his girlfriend, that had caused a real uproar. But eventually, the three women, Shanti, Lizamoa and Sayako agreed they would do it.

Well, we all know the first one to line up would be Tukiko’s mother, Sayako. But on the night Tukiko and Masanori had just got home from their making-up weekend at the hotel? On the night they had just got engaged? Surely that was pushing it a bit?

I suggest that you might want to go read the other stories first as this story has many references and flashbacks to events in earlier stories.

* * * * * * *

* * * * * * *

Part One – “How did your weekend go?”

* * * * * * *

When Tukiko and Masanori got back to her place, they found her parents were at home. Her Dad (Hirohiko) was in his home office and her Mum (Sayako) was cooking or something, probably preparing dinner. What surprised Tukiko was that other than the apron she was wearing, her mother was naked. It didn’t seem to bother her at all that Tukiko’s boyfriend was sitting there, looking at her bare bum. In fact, Tukiko had the impression her mother wanted him to look.

“How did your weekend go?” Sayako asked.

“It was great Mum. We had a good time. The hotel was nice.”

“Can I get you both a drink and then we can sit down, you can tell me all about it?”

Tukiko and Masanori sat at the table while Sayako got them both a drink. Since she knew Masanori liked beer, she got him one and then poured a chilled white wine for Tukiko and herself.

They both watched as she removed the apron she was wearing, throwing it on a kitchen bench before coming around to join them at the dining table. She sat down beside them, now completely naked.

“Now, tell me all about it,” Sayako said.

It was at that moment that Sayako noticed her daughter’s hand. The ring was there!

“Oh, Tukiko!” she gasped as she stood up.

Standing up like that, her pussy was directly in front of Masanori’s face. Tukiko saw her boyfriend looking. Well with her mother displaying herself like that he didn’t have many options anyway. Her being shaved ensured that Masanori could see everything she had to offer. Both Tukiko and Masanori had the idea that she was offering too, even as she maintained the innocent conversation of just being interested in their important news.

Sayako came around the table and gave her daughter a big hug. Then she turned and hugged Masanori as well. He felt a bit strange about that, his future mother-in-law was hugging him while she was completely naked. She wasn’t shy by holding back, allowing her naked breasts to press firmly against him.

Tukiko noticed it too, how tightly her mother hugged her boyfriend while he looked to be a bit surprised, if not uncomfortable with it. It was a bit longer than necessary too. Finally, Sayako pulled away from him looking a bit embarrassed.

“Sorry, Masanori,” she said. “Was hugging you like that, a bit much.”

“No, no. It’s fine Sayako. You’re just pleased with our news.”

She smiled down at him and then returned to her seat. She could see his confused state. Putting him on the back foot, just as she intended. As she sat down, she looked at him, noticing he was looking back at her. Probably viewing her nakedness, she hoped.

Tukiko thought that was more than just hugging him for their good news. She had mixed feelings about her mother’s intentions now. She was pleased her mother was happy with their news but she was a bit uneasy about how open her mother was showing her attraction to her boyfriend. Yes, Tukiko knew it had been decided that her mother Sayako would get to fuck her boyfriend Masanori but on the night they just got home, the night they had just announced their engagement. Was this a bit too much?

* * * * * * *

When Sayako had taken her seat again, Tukiko began to talk, telling her mother about their weekend. She noticed Masanori wasn’t saying much, just watching Sayako.

Sayako was sitting there, her chair pulled back so her whole body was on display for him. He could see her tits, bigger than her daughter’s but similar in shape. Her nipples were different too, they looked rough and jagged, a hole at the tip of each one. The results of breastfeeding he guessed. Lower down her belly was slightly rounded, not fat, just gentle middle-aged curves. Lower still was her pussy, well where her pussy would normally be but now, she was bare, her pussy completely shaved, clearly revealing the lips. Not just a split but more open with her inner lips displayed, almost as if she was sexually aroused.

‘Was she aroused?’ he thought. ‘It certainly looked like it.’

She glanced at him and caught him looking again, looked down at herself to confirm what he was seeing, then a slight smile came on her face as she returned to listening to what Tukiko was saying.

Masanori realised that she knew he was viewing her naked body, obviously, she wanted him to look too. Tukiko had also noticed the obvious sexual connection building escort izmir between the two of them. She knew before long a decision would have to be made. She knew neither would make a move without her permission so really what happened tonight was all up to her.

* * * * * * *

* * * * * * *

Part Two – “She is coming on to me a bit.”

* * * * * * *

Finally, Tukiko came to the end of her story and Sayako reached over in front of Masanori to touch her daughter’s hand. “I’m glad you two have made up,” she said looking at them both. “You make such a good couple. Meant for each other, I think.”

“Thanks, Mum,” Tukiko said.

Masanori just nodded his head. He was a bit distracted by the way her nipples had almost touched the tabletop in front of him when she reached over to touch her daughter.

“Would you like to stay for dinner?” Sayako asked Masanori.

“He is Mum,” Tukiko replied. “He is staying the night too.”

“Oh really?” Sayako smiled to herself.

She realised that now the rules had changed. Tukiko was bringing their sexual relationship out into the open with her parents. She knew what staying the night meant. Masanori would be sleeping with Tukiko that night. She was happy that they would. She was happy that they were back together again.

But she wondered about herself too. Deep down, Sayako wondered about where things would go from here. She would like to be with this handsome young man too. Take him to her bed and fuck him, have him ride her until she could take no more.

On Friday at, Lizamoa’s house, Shanti had invited Tukiko and Masanori to join in their sexual fun but while Tukiko had been talking about their weekend, nothing had been mentioned about their ongoing plans. While Sayako would have loved to know, she thought it wiser not to ask at this point. Whatever they decided, she knew she would hear about it eventually. In the end, it was still up to her daughter, Tukiko to decide what and when they would do it. If that cock never came in her direction, she would be disappointed but fine with it.

* * * * * * *

At that moment, Hirohiko entered the room. Like Sayako, he was stark naked.

“Hello, Masanori,” he said shaking his hand.

“Hello sweety,” he said giving Tukiko a quick hug. “When did you two get home?”

“They were just telling me they had a marvellous time,” Sayako told her husband.

“That is great,” Hirohiko replied. “So, things are good between you guys now?”

“Yes, Dad,” Tukiko replied with a smile. “Things are good now.”

“I’m pleased to hear that, honey,” Hirohiko said. “Your mother and I have been worried about you two. Your relationship took a huge hit the other day.”

“We are fine Dad,” Tukiko said, reaching to touch her father’s hand. “No need to worry about us.”

“Good,” came Hirohiko’s reply. “I’m glad for both of you.”

It was then that Tukiko held up her hand for him to see the ring. A huge smile came on his face. “So, you guys did it,” he said. “That is great news!”

Both Tukiko and Masanori got up as Hirohiko gave her a hug and shook his hand. It was obvious he was very pleased too. Meanwhile, Sayako had brought him a beer and he joined them sitting at the table.

“That ring suits you, honey,” he told Tukiko. Then with a smile, he added, “Lucky Ragesh managed to retrieve it from the pool.”

“I can’t believe I threw it away,” Masanori said.

“A lot of things happened that day that shouldn’t have happened. At least you guys have worked your way through this. It’s proof you are right for each other.”

As Tukiko gave him a summary version of their weekend, Hirohiko was sitting watching his daughter. It seemed strange, two of them naked and two wearing clothes, although it was fairly obvious his daughter was wearing nothing under that T-shirt. He looked over at her boyfriend, Masanori and then looked over at his wife Sayako.

It was then he saw it. It was obvious to him. She was getting turned on. Nipples looked hard and while he couldn’t see it from where he was sitting, he suspected there might be wet pussy too. He remembered the promise she had made to spend a night with him. It looked as if it might happen sooner rather than later if she had her way. She was getting the hots for this young man.

* * * * * * *

Suddenly, Hirohiko brought his hand up for Sayako’s nipple. “So, when do you get your night shagging Masanori?” he said with a grin, giving her nipple a sharp pinch.

Sayako gave a gasp, partly from pain and partly from surprise. “Stop that,” she said, brushing his hand away, feeling a bit embarrassed at the directness of her husband.

“I didn’t say I…” Sayako began.

“We haven’t talked about that yet, Dad,” Tukiko said.

Tukiko was slightly amused at how blunt her father had been but she also had seen the glances between her mother and her boyfriend as she had been talking. They were just as obvious. The way he was looking at her and the way she was enjoying it too. It was clear there was an attraction building between them and Tukiko was sure before long, more would be happening too.

* * * * izmir escort bayan * * *

Finally, Tukiko got up from the table and announced she was going to get changed into something more comfortable.

“Come on, Masanori,” she said when her boyfriend didn’t seem to be moving to follow her.

Masanori looked over at her parents, it was obvious he wasn’t sure what to do.

“It’s ok, Masanori,” Hirohiko said. “The rules have changed now. You’re sleeping in Tukiko’s room tonight and we are fine with it.”

Masanori, smiled as he got up to follow Tukiko. It felt strange to go off to her room with her parents watching but sort of made sense. They knew about the sex so why not just be open about it. Things certainly had changed. And they were engaged now. Perhaps that made a difference too.

In her bedroom, he watched as she began to strip off. Having left off her bikini when she got dressed on the beach, she just wore a shirt and shorts. First, off came the shirt to be quickly followed by the shorts. Once naked, it appeared she was in no hurry to find some other clothes to wear.

“Come on, Masanori,” she told him. “Get naked too.”

“Are you going to go like that?” he asked.

“Sure,” she replied. “Since they are naked, we might as well join them.”

“Ok,” he said as he began removing his clothing.

“What about you mother?” he asked Tukiko.

“What about her?”

“She is coming on to me a bit.”

“Yes, she is isn’t she. She wants you.”

“I know but… But what about you?”

“Do you want her, Masanori? I’m ok if you do.”

“You mean you want me to fuck her tonight?” Masanori asked.

“If you want to. It is obvious she wants to.”

“She is an attractive woman… Sexy too.”

“Then go for it then. You can bring her in here. I’ll go stay with Dad unless you want me to stay here and watch you two.”

“With your Dad? You mean you will…”

“No, I won’t ask him but if he asks me, I will probably let him.”

Masanori was silent for a moment trying to take this in. He was attracted to Sayako. Certainly, he enjoyed her flirting and the exhibitionism the other day but going the whole way with her? It was a big step to take so quickly after all that had happened this weekend. There was this thing between Tukiko and her father too. He wasn’t sure he was comfortable with that, certainly, he didn’t want to encourage it. But Tukiko seemed to be pushing for it now, pushing for him to be with her mother.

“Why don’t you just let her lead. If she really wants you, she will work it out and you just follow. All I want you to know is that if you go for her, I’m fine with it. I know you love me. I’m the one wearing your ring. And she is happily married to Dad. Anything with Sayako is just sexy fun.”

He was a bit surprised at her open attitude. Up until now, it was all talk. Now she was encouraging him to actually do it. Actually, fuck her mother. And he also noticed that for the first time she had called her Sayako and not Mum.

“Ok,” he nodded. “Let’s see what happens.”

“You are going to do it then?”

“Don’t know. Maybe.”

* * * * * * *

They left the room and returned to find Hirohiko and Sayako still sitting at the dining table. They both looked up as Tukiko and Masanori walked in naked. All three of them noticed Sayako’s eyes went straight for Masanori’s cock. She was checking him out.

The four of them sat and talked. Perhaps it was more Tukiko and Sayako talking while the two men listened. The events of the weekend were discussed and Tukiko learnt how after they had left, no one seemed in the mood for playing. They had gone back to Shanti’s house and slept with their own partners that night.

The next morning, Joseph, Lizamoa and their two older children had arrived down at Shanti’s house and by mid-morning things had become quite sexual.

The highlight for the day for Sayako had been during the afternoon when she took on both the young guys, Michael and Ragesh. She’d given them both good blow-jobs and encouraged them to shoot their cum over her naked body. That had been good but even better, those two boys were quickly ready for her again. She was delighted by their quick recovery and took them again, both of them fucking her as she lay back on the mat. There was no more foreplay for her, just straight into some very energetic fucking with them, one after another.

By the time she was finished with Michael, Ragesh was ready for her again and so she rode him until her hungry cunt drained him of every last drop and then she did the same for Michael too. It had been great, some great cums for her too, made even spicier by everyone being there watching.

Sayako had noticed soon others were playing and fucking. Joseph and her husband both had some fun with Kathy. Then she noticed both men with Sabeena. She wondered about that. She thought the plan was that girl would be saving herself. The way she was going, it was looking that either Mike or Hirohiko would be her first. But Sabeena did save herself, just giving each man a good looking blow-job before they both went down on her pussy izmir escortlar in return. She had made it very clear to the two men; she was saving herself. Determined to wait for Masanori. She was happy to play sexually but no penetration.

That night, Sayako was with Mike. She’d had her eye on him since meeting him at the beach. Her daughter Tukiko had been with Mike and so she wanted him too. When the opportunity came her way, she grabbed it with both hands and one hot pussy. Her night with him was all that it promised it would be. A good night, lots of fun, including playing and teasing with Masanori on the phone.

She heard Hirohiko had fun with Shanti too. Sayako wondered about that and asked him later, “How was Shanti? Was she worse than Lizamoa?”

“No not at all,” Hirohiko had said. “Completely different but she sure knows how to fuck.”

That was all he said. Sayako would have liked more details but Hirohiko didn’t seem to want to say more and she felt it was better that she didn’t ask.

Masanori and Tukiko listened as her parents openly told of their sexual activities. He was surprised at their openness, while she was feeling a bit excited hearing about all their sexual fun with men she’d been with.

* * * * * * *

After dinner, they had moved to the more comfortable seats of the lounge and the conversation returned to what had happened up at Lizamoa’s house. It was then that Hirohiko had expressed surprise that Masanori had actually asked to fuck the three wives like that.

“Yeah,” Masanori agreed. “It was a bit of a dumb idea. I’m not going to hold them to it.”

“I don’t think it’s going to work like that, Masanori,” Hirohiko said. “I don’t think any of those three women will allow you to back out.”

“You mean the three of them, they want to try with me?”

“Of course. Shanti even told me she was looking forward to it.”

“Shanti? She’s a bit scary!”

“No, she isn’t. She is great fun. You’ll enjoy her once you get to know her,” Hirohiko said.

“I thought…” Masanori began.

“Shanti comes across as stern and aggressive but in bed, I discovered she is a great partner. Knows how to please a man and herself at the same time.”

Both Tukiko and Sayako looked at Hirohiko in surprise. They knew he was speaking from experience but wondered exactly what he meant. They both thought Shanti had a very strong personality but it was obvious that Hirohiko had found something different about her.

“I didn’t think they’d be interested in me,” Masanori said.

“More than interested. They are lusting after you.”

“Hirohiko, it’s not like that,” Sayako tried to deny, say. “I’m not lusting!”

“Sure, it is. Look at you.”

“What about me?” his wife asked.

“Honey, can you deny you’ve been after Masanori ever since they got home?” Hirohiko asked her.

“Well, not exactly after him.”

“Come on, Sayako. I can tell when you want some. It’s Obvious. Well to Masanori and I, it is, anyway.”

“To me too,” Tukiko added.

“Well, I am interested,” Sayako admitted. “I’d like to help Masanori.”

“Like to help yourself to your daughter’s boyfriend more like,” Hirohiko laughed.

Sayako knew she wasn’t getting anywhere with him. It was true, she was keen on trying with Masanori. He is a handsome young man and she was attracted to the idea of fucking him. It wasn’t just lessons either. She was as much into this for her own enjoyment too. She knew it was probably too soon to be pushing for this but she got the impression both Masanori and Tukiko were comfortable in their relationship now and ready to move to have other partners.

Sayako decided to bring the issue to ahead.

“What do you think Masanori?” she asked him.

“I am ok with it. Tukiko and I talked in the bedroom and we are both ready for this.”

“You talked about it?” asked Sayako, surprised.

“Well, it was so obvious. In the bedroom, we decided to be sure it was what we both wanted,” Tukiko added.

“So, it’s on for tonight?” asked Sayako, a big smile appearing on her face.

“Yes, Sayako,” Masanori replied. “You get your fun with me tonight if you want.”

“My fun?”

“Ok, our fun then.”

“Mum, can you come to the kitchen with me?” Tukiko said. “We need some more drinks.”

* * * * * * *

* * * * * * *

Part Three – “So, you really want him?”

* * * * * * *

In the kitchen, Tukiko confronted her mother. “Mum you were coming on a bit strong. That is why I talked with Masanori in my bedroom.”

“Yes, I know that honey. I’m sorry.”

“So, you really want him?”

“I’ll back off if you want me to, Tukiko.”

“No, I’m ok with this. Masanori is too. In fact, I think he really wants you, now.”

“Does he?”

“Yes, I think so.”

“Ok then, but only if you two are both absolutely sure about this.”

“We are Mum,” Tukiko said, giving her mother a quick hug.

* * * * * * *

When Sayako and Tukiko had come back with more drinks, Tukiko went and sat on the couch beside her father, Hirohiko, so Sayako took the seat beside her daughter’s boyfriend, Masanori. It was at that point things were confirmed for the two men. In the kitchen, the two women had talked and Tukiko had given her mother the ok to be with her boyfriend that night. Now Masanori realised it was really going to happen too.

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