Ex sister in law & two of her mates in pub las

Ex sister in law & two of her mates in pub las
Two mates & me in a pub in Rotherham last night, we was standing by the door drinking & chatting, when my ex sister in laws walks in with two mates, Hello I says to her, hi she says back, how are u. I’m ok I tells her, I could see the lads looking at her tits, No husband tonight, no she says he’s gone away for the weekend, I looked & smiled at her thinking ok I wonder if I get to fuck u again, she was looking at me & she just said it was possible, how did u know what I was thinking, Well she said I known u ten years,,When they had gone to the bar one mate asked who was that she’s some nice tits, Its my ex sister in law she a bit of a slag I’ve fucked her a few times, Bollocks we don’t believe u came the reply, ok I said lets see what happens,

Next thing she had come back & asked if we wanted to sit with them, I asked the mates & the answer was yes we can do, we followed to the table & we sat down I made sure I sat next to her, We was chatting away & after about 40 minutes I put my hand on her leg, she moved her hand & placed it on top of mine, I turned to the mate at the side of me & said just look to my left side, he turned & looked then said game on, I winked at him & smiled, we was chatting & drinking the lady’s was getting drunk, then about 11:00 the two other girl said we are going are u coming with us, or are u stopping with your ex brother in law, I’m going to stop a bit, U will make sure I get home, Yes of course I will with a smile knowing dam well I was going to fuck her now, I got the next drinks she asked for a vodka & coke so I got three pints & a treble vodka & coke,

Went back to the table put down the drinks & said I’m just going to the toilets for a piss, My mate followed me I’m standing there cock in hand & he says u are going to fuck her tonight, Yes I am I told u I would, lucky bastard he says well I says I told u she was a slag he he, what if we all walk her home & see what happens,

Well we drank up & she says well its my bed time ok we all finish our drinks & stands up we will all see u home, u can make us a coffee, I could see the look on her face she was thinking whats he got in mind,

WE sets off for her house she was wobbling a little so I got hold of her hand, we got to hers she couldn’t get the keys in the lock so I got hold of the key & let us in, we all went in the kitchen & I said I needed a wee so I went upstairs & had a look round to make sure the house was empty, when I got down my mates where sat in the dining room & she was trying to put the kettle on, go & sit down I will do that I told her, I made the drinks & sat with them, I then said how about a game of cards, yes ok came the answer, we started to play cards for about 30 minutes I then said lets play strip poker, nice one a mate said knowing full well he was going to see something of her nude,

she lost the first hand & had to take her top of she had just her bra on underneath, of course my mates were looking at her tits I should say at this point she’s a 44ee she then lost the second hand so down came her skirt she was standing there in black bra & knickers, one of my mates lost the next & he took of his shirt, I losted the next two hands & had taken off my socks & shirt, then my other mate lost so he took off his socks, she then had to take her bra off & her big tits came out the lads whistled then one of the mates lost & off came his shirt then the other mate down comes his trousers, then she lost & she stood up & said I can’t take my knickers off, well u lost so come on get them off with that her knickers were down & there was her cunt on show to all three of us, one of the lads said nice pussy lady, she looked at him & said thank you, well I said now we go to forfits if u lose again u have to do what we says ok she says. she lost the next one now u will let us suck your tits so we all sucked her nipples they soon got hard I lost the next, then she losted now u have a let us finger u, so we all put a couple of fingers in her I was the last & could feel her getting wet, I then lost again & I was standing there naked she losted the next one & my mate said now suck our cocks witch she did, fuck one mate said u can suck a cock,

He then lost & down came his trousers she then lost & was told to get on the table & show us what she had between her legs, she got on the table & pulled back her legs we could see her fuck hole, my mate jumped between her legs & drop his cock out he has a big cock like mine about 9″ long he push it in her & started to fuck her he look at her & said take that u fucking slag he was really fucking her hard she was ready to cum. that’s it u slag cum on my knob yes yes she was saying I’m going to cum yesssssss with that she did, he then shot his load up her he pulled out & I took his place in her my other mate put his cock in her mouth telling her to suck that bitch I was fucking her I then let my cock slid out & I drop it a little I was then up her arse fucking her bum hole U like that don’t u. U fucking slag fuck me fuck me she saying I pulled out & went back up her cunt fucking her till I shot a load up her not before making her cum, then my mate had his go at her fucking her hard I shoved my cock in her mouth saying clean my cock on your cunt juice slag,him who was fucking her said come on bitch cum I can feel that u are ready yes yes yes she was saying then she came follow by him pulling his load up her, with her sucking me I was hard again so I laid on the floor & told her to fuck me she got on top & started to fuck me I could see them two playing with themselves one was hard I pointed to her arse he was just holding his cock when she pushed back & she got his cock in her arse u didn’t expected that did u he said now we are going to cunt both holes bitch, there we was fucking away at her I then told the last mate to fuck her mouth, there was all three of us fucking her we all shot a load in her the mate who was up her arse said I would like to piss in u slag, no please she said but it was to late he was pissing in her arse it was running out down my legs come on slag u fucking love it he was saying, we then went to get cleaned up we was all in the bathroom when one of then so the shaving foam lets shave the bitch I love a bald cunt,

I don’t know she says well we are going to I said & pulled her in the bedroom laid her on the bed rubbed foam on her cunt hair & started to shave her, U are going to look nice with a shaved cunt, we finished shaving her she looked fanstic I was hard again seeing her like this so I climbed on & fucked her again I pulled out & shot spunk on her face come on u dirty bitch lick that up, then my mates fuck her again we left her with a sore cunt bites on her tits & we spanked her arse before leaving

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