In Dreams


It was a dream. I know that now. Only a dream that felt so real.

I awoke to kisses on my thigh. Soft kisses moving from my thigh to my hip and then back to my inner thigh. I could feel my legs being nudged apart. I kept my eyes closed and a small moan escaped my lips as I felt his tongue trail from my inner thigh, around the lips of my pussy to it’s final target of my clit. My hands went to his head and he pressed on, licking and sucking my clit. His tongue darted in and out of my wet pussy over and over taking me higher and making my moans louder and louder. I was reaching climax and he could tell as he pressed on with his tongue, my hips moving slightly, his hands cupping my ass to bring me closer to him. With an electric shock, I came. I was moaning so loudly and telling him over and over, “I’m cumming.” His tongue went inside my wet pussy to lick out the remains of my hot cum.

I had barely laid my head back when I felt his lips on the small of my stomach. I looked bursa escort down and he smiled up at me. “Happy?” he asked. I smiled.

“I love you Baby. Yes,” I sighed as I lay my head back down. “Very happy.”

Instead of laying down beside me to hold me as was his way, his lips continued to travel all over my body. After covering from head to toe, he rolled me over to caress and kiss my back.

Laying over me, and kissing that spot that drives me crazy on my back, I felt him harden more against my ass. With the shock that always takes me when he kisses my neck, my ass bucked slightly back into his hard cock.

“Oh yes,” he moaned. “I love the feel of your ass pressing against my cock”. I moaned at his words. Talking has always done something to me and he was taking me away with his words now.

I continued to buck and allow him to rub his dick all over my ass before carefully sliding it into my pussy. The sensation of it was a shock. It had been some time since bursa escort bayan we had made love and although it was always amazing, I felt my body tighten even more as he slid slowly in and out. My pussy muscles tightening around him, his cock sliding so slowly in and out.

I allowed myself to rise just a bit so that I was on my knees, kneeling over. The added arch to my ass allowed for him to plunge in that much deeper. I love the feeling of his so-hard cock. In my hand, in my mouth, in my pussy, or just rubbing it all over my body. There isn’t much I haven’t done and exploring it with him all over again is so erotic. It takes my breath away.

Like a cat stretching, I pushed my ass back into him and he firmly grasped my hips to pull me tighter. My hands reached for the edge of the bed to hold and he began moving more rapidly. Harder and harder he pumped his cock into my pussy. Faster as we both moaned, now much louder than before.

“God your cock is so hard.” I moaned. escort bursa “So hard and so deep inside me”. I was losing my mind with the fury of our lovemaking. Never has he attacked me so.

I began to slam my ass back into him harder and faster moving at the pace he had set. Harder and faster. He pulled me to him with the force of an animal. We were both acting like animals now. Taking from each other and giving so freely to one another.

Without warning he stopped and grabbed my legs to turn me over. Flexing my leg muscles, he positioned himself over me, my legs around his neck. There was nothing soft in the way he entered me. With as much fury as from behind, he pumped his cock inside rapidly. All I could do was moan.

He then allowed my legs to fall and wrap around his waist, his arms holding me tightly to him as we came simultaneously. Crying out in orgasm and clutching each other closely.

He kissed my ear and whispered “I love you”. My arms flew around his neck to respond that I love him so much too. It was over, although he was still buried deep inside me. His lips met mine many times before I felt his head rest on my shoulder.

We held on through the night.

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