Office Sex


That bloody Friday was so humiliating, sitting in that meeting getting shot at by her managers for fucking up an account that took years to land. One small mistake and she got the blame for it. It happened all the time, she was sick to death of taking the punches for the team. Four years in management had taken her to become the second boss of Valiscutter Production, the highest earning design company in the state of California. But after working her ass off for four years didn’t seem to have paid off, as she was still getting cut down and worked harder than she had ever been worked before. Not to mention thd fact that her now ex-girlfriend had pushed her out of the comfort of the closet she had been accustomed to hiding in all her life.

Many people in the company didn’t mind, they treated me the same (or in some cases really tried to look and act normal but came across as very rude without meaning to be) but the majority were a little more sceptical. There were two other kind of people associated in the company: The John’s who thought the idea of her fucking another women was such a turn-on and who decided to forget the fact she was 100% into women and kept hounding and asking her out for a fuck-fest in fuck no’s where. The other type were the Margaret’s who gave her sly knowing looks, winked at her occasionally and tried to flirt with her because they wanted to try her ‘scene’ to see what they were missing out on, or because they were sick to death of their beer guzzling, constantly burping tv obsessed husbands and wanted a change from there normal everyday shitty lifestyle. And boy oh boy I was not in the mood for chasing one of those women, however frustrated and horny some of them tried to get me by leaning over my desk, flirting constantly with me, or even the boldest one of purposely grazing their bursa escort arm across my breast.

Jane was my first ‘Margaret’. After the sleazy board meeting with the jerks from head management I was so wound up I felt I needed some me time, or some sex time or something to wind me down. I was extremely frustrated, having had no time in the last two months to please myself and the last time I did have time to fuck another person was when Jodie, my now ex-girlfriend, grinded her leg into my pussy and then left me high and dry as punishment of the result of her finding out I had fucked her sister in Jodie’s bedroom when she was away at the weekend on a photographing venue the week previously.

Jane was an amazing shag, she was a tall honey blonde haired women with spectacular legs that I just wanted to run my hands along as she had them pinned round my waste, with my fucking her with the silicone cock I was usually packing. I was working on a case later than usual, it was about six o’clock and no one else was in the office as they all made sure to get home to their loved ones or family for 5 30 so they didn’t get a bollocking for being late for tea again and having the whole family wait for them. That was why I was surprised when Jane popped her head round my door, saying she’d just come back for her bag that she had left and as I was still here she wounded if she could speak with me a moment.

As she walked into my office, winking at me and moving those hips spectacularly as she walked, I felt my pussy get extremely wet. I could feel the shaft of the cock rubbing against my clit as I repositioned myself in my chair. Jane leaned over the table, flashing me a glimpse of her amazing cleavage, double EE I guessed, and I couldn’t help but imagine what her nipples looked like, as I could already see bursa escort bayan the shape of them forming as they grew harder under her thin white shirt. She learned in close to my ear and whispered that she wanted me so bad and nothing was going to stop her from getting a taste of me that evening as she already knew how I felt about her since she had caught me many times glimpsing at her beautiful gorgeous and well rounded breasts. She edged round my desk, spinning my chair round to face her and then straddled my lap which made her very short and tight skirt lift up even more so I could glimpse the top of her thighs, only just hiding her pussy from my view. I put my hands on those perfectly tanned thighs and rubbed lightly as she leaned over and blew on my ear before nibbling lightly and then licking behind it. It sent shivers down my spine and I let out a small moan as her other hand grasped the shaft of my cock through my tight black slacks.

She ground her hand harder against my fake cock as she pushed her lips against mine, slightly opening her mouth and licking my teeth then delving in deeper to taste the sweet cave of the inside of my mouth. I pushed my tongue roughly back at her and battled passionately until I was able to force my tongue into her mouth to taste her insides. She tasted woody and fruitful and something else I couldn’t put my finger on, but I liked it. It was mysterious and set my loins on fire inside me, not to mention making my pussy wetter. I twisted her nipple through her shirt, then pulled at the buttons, letting a few of them fly off. Our passion rose as I easily picked her soft body up and put her on the desk, grinding my hard cock into her as her hands slid up my well muscled and toned back tracing ever line as if she was going to remember ever part of my to memory just escort bursa on this one occasion.

Things only got hotter in my small office, as I pulled my pants down, flipped up her skirt, ripped off her panties and stuck nine inch dick strait into her hole, pumping it in in one solid movement which had her hips buckling off the table. She cried out in pain, but that soon turned into moaning as I thrust in and out of her deeply fast and fast as she dug her nails into my back leaving red nail marks and nips all over my back. I bent my head down and nipped and sucked on her neck as I kept pushing in and out of her fast and hard, she was screaming bloody murder, with her legs rapped round me pulling me closer to her, if that was possible. When she let out a long wail she nearly collapsed on the table as her orgasm took over her, but I kept on pumping that huge red phallus into her pussy, moving my hands to flick her clit at the same time. She was crying for me to stop, but then that soon turned into pleading for me to go faster as a second wave of her orgasm built up and washed over her. I pulled out of her spent body, and sat down in my desk chair, unable to stand much longer as my legs were shaking from my own powerful orgasm. My pussy was throbbing from where the phallus had been rubbing against it. I felt drained but still ready for more.

It was pretty damn obvious I wasn’t going to get any more in that small office right then as that’s when I saw red. She poked her head in the office, then scrunched her nose up as she looked at Jane and me. We must have looked a state, her lying on the table base with her sopping red pussy and me hunched over in my chair with my big fat 9 inch prick on display. We must have looked like some terrible freak show. She looked me in the eyes as a tear ran down her face, then she turned and ran out. I pulled my pants back up roughly and tried to run after her, I caught her up as she was in the parking lot trying to find her keys in her huge over stuffed handbag….

To be continued….

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