My “Woman” From Tokyo

My “Woman” From Tokyo
When our US Navy Ship pulled into Yokosuka, in Tokyo Bay, we were all pretty excited. We’d spent a lot of time in The Philippines and Taiwan, and visited Hong Kong, and we were anxious to see Japan. In addition, after Japan, we would be on our way back home to Hawaii.

We were on Port-and-Starboard duty, so of the 4 days we had there, I only got 2 days to explore. The first day, I went into Tokyo, and I loved it, but didn’t do anything particularly memorable. Mostly, it was like being back home in Manhattan, except that the people were shorter.

The second day, I was just going to wander around Yokosuka, but a friend convinced me to go with him back to Tokyo. We similarly wandered around, doing nothing special, when my friend convinced me to follow some B-Girls into a bar with him. I was reluctant because I knew that Tokyo was much more expensive than the other places we had visited, and had no idea how much of my meager military pay might be required to pay for the warm tea that B-girls called whiskey.

The place was about half full of local men and B-girls, all seated in small booths. As is typical, the B-Girls that chose to be seated with us, tried to get us to sit in the booth first, but we had seen that before in other ports, and ushered them in first. Of the two of them, the one sitting next to me seemed to know the most English, which wasn’t much, but the four of us were getting along famously, nonetheless. I don’t know how my friend was doing, but I had coaxed my B-girl to put her hand in my crotch. Unfortunately, my 9 inch cock was extended down my pant leg, so all she was doing was squeezing my ball sack. I tried to reposition her had a few times so she’s actually be rubbing my cock, but she persisted in missing the point, so to speak. Meanwhile, I had my hand on her thigh, making my way up to her crotch.

Finally, I managed to reposition her had so that it was on the head of my cock. When she realized what she was feeling, she gasped. Her counterpart, seated across the table next to my friend, seemed to inquire what it was that made her gasp. My B-girl spread her hand out, so as to measure how long it was from the head of my cock to my crotch, then made a similar gesture with her other hand, showing her how long my cock was. My friend’s B-girl similarly gasped and stared at me,

I took this opportunity to slide my hand further up the stockinged thigh of my B-girl, without the previous clenching of her legs to stop me. This time, however, I stopped myself, because I encountered a cock.

It was about half the length and breadth of mine, but it was a cock nonetheless.

I had heard about ladyboys in Olongapo in the PI, but had never seen one. I had imagined what they looked like, but couldn’t imagine that they would look very attractive. I was quite surprised to see that they could look as good as the two that were seated with us.

We stared into each other’s eyes as she squeezed and stroked my cock with greater enthusiasm. I figured “what the hell” and started stroking hers as well. After a minute or two, she started breathing heavier, so I confined my effort to just tickling just the underside of the head. She looked at me with her mouth hanging open, and shook her head no. I kept at it and nodded my yes. She closed her eyes, moaned, and shot cum in her stocking, some of which got on my hand. I wiped it off on her skirt, looked at my friend and said “We need to go.” My “B-girl” was recovering from her orgasm, so I took out a handful of Yen, put it on the table, and asked my friend’s “B-girl” if that was enough. She didn’t understand me, so I got up to leave. She then looked at the stack of money, finally understood, and shook her head yes.

My friend was hesitant, but finally followed me out. When we were about half a block away, my “B-girl” came out of the doorway shouting something I didn’t understand, but the tone made me think she was asking me to come back. When we were about a block away, my friend finally asked me why we had to leave. I told him that my B-girl had a penis. He was shocked and asked if we should go back and bust the place up. I reminded him that there were only two of us, and even if we didn’t get our asses kicked, we’d surely have to contend with the local police.

We had a relatively quite trip back to our ship.

The following morning, at quarters, just before we were to get underway, my friend was telling others about our trip, I was asked to confirm the story, but left out the part where I gave the B-girl a handjob. Our division chief asked me if hers was bigger than mine, and I said “No.”

He then asked if I learned anything from this experience.

I replied “Yeah. I’m not going bar hopping with him anymore!”

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