Daddy’s Girl


“Daddy, I’m so sorry,” she sobbed.

He held her face in his hands and whispered sharply, “You need to be taught a lesson.”

She had disappointed him greatly. He’d called for her early in the morning. He’d needed her to please him, to serve him. She was his little slut, his cunt baby. But, she’d ignored his calls, wanting to sleep a little longer. She was so tired. Daddy had kept her up so very late.

“What are you?!” He demanded an answer.

She didn’t look at him, she couldn’t. Tears welled up in her eyes. She was so very sorry. “I’m your slut Daddy.”

“What else!” He screamed.

“I am your whore. I live only to please you Daddy. I am so very sorry, it’s just that I was so very tired…and….” She muttered.

He slapped her hard across the face, stopping her mid-sentence.

“I do not want excuses. Respect me enough not to even try to give me your pathetic reasons for your disobedience.” He said in a very stern and cold voice.

It chilled the blood in her veins. Daddy is a very loving and gracious person. She had never seen him so angry.

“Yes Daddy, I am sorry.” She whimpered.

“Look at me.” He barked.

She looked up into his eyes. There she saw something she’d never seen. His eyes were not soft, they had turned into cold dark pools of anger.

Suddenly he turned and walked out of the room, slamming the door behind him. She did not know what to think or feel. Where was he going? What was she to do? Was she to follow him?

Minutes passed. Silence.

She looked down at herself and realized she’d broken more than one rule. Not only did she not come when he’d called, but she was wearing a t-shirt to cover her small thin build. She’d gotten cold in the middle of the night, and put it on. But Daddy had one very strict rule. She was always to be naked for him in the house; to be ready to please him if he asked.

She quicky threw off the shirt, and kneeled in front of the door; her legs spread, back straight, hands on her knees – palms up, and eyes cast downward. She knew he’d be back, and she wanted to show him the respect he deserved.

Suddenly the door banged open. He marched in, and saw her.

“This small attempt at forgiveness is not going to cut it little girl.” He said coldly.

She didn’t see what he’d brought with him, for she dared not to look up for even a second. She trembled slightly as she kneeled in front of him. His body towered before her. He was a very handsome man, 20 years her senior – thin, muscular build, and greying hair. He’d taken her in when she was just 18, and shown her what her true purpose was.

“Get your ass up and bend over the bed little bitch!” etimesgut escort He yelled.

She stood shaking and moved to the bed, the same bed that had kept her from pleasuring her Daddy earlier. She bent over, her hands placed firmly on the bedspread at the bottom of the bed. She willed herself to be strong.

Slowly and without a word, he began fastening her ankles to the bed posts. Then, surprising her, he gently ran his hands over her back. She shivered at his touch, goose bumps rising all over her body. His hands touched her, and began massaging her. Rubbing out nervousness and tension. He knew what he was doing. He needed her to realize she wanted this punishment. He ran one hand down her thigh, and up again, coming to her secret place in between. A place only he’d shared with her. His fingers caressed the lips of her pussy sweetly. Her wetness seeped out.

Then, without warning, he pinched her lips hard. She cried out.

“Silence Bitch!” He screamed. “If you utter one word, or murmur…you will be sorry. I will not tie your hands. You MUST remain still. Do you understand???”

She nodded, not daring to say yes.

“Good girl, that’s the first thing you’ve done right all day.”

He removed his hands from her. She felt him step away, and move to pick something up. She had no idea what he was doing until she felt something cold and metallic against her left breast. With one hand he pinched and twisted her nipple. She wanted to cry out, but bit her tongue instead. She tried to breath deeply as he pulled her nipple far away from her body. Then, she felt it. The tight, cold, sharp teeth of the nipple clamp. She was screaming in her head, trying desperately not to thrash about.

Soon the immediate pain subsided a little, only to be replaced by the same pain on her right side. She held her eyes closed tightly, and could see the flashes of pain behind her eyelids. Then something new.

He attached a chain to one clamp, but instead of attaching the other side in front of her body, he pulled it behind her, and attached it. The chain rested on her back. He tugged on it like the reign of a horse. She wished she could cry out or whinny. He tugged a few times, to see if she would be a good girl and stay silent. She did, and it took everything in her being to do so.

“Ah, so you are suddenly obeying the rules?” He asked.

She held her eyes tightly shut. Through the pain she felt her wetness drip onto her legs. He saw it too.

“See….you are Daddy’s little slut.” He hissed. “Do you see how wet you get for me?”

She didn’t dare respond. His fingers flirted with her wetness below; touching otele gelen escort her, caressing her. She wanted to moan with pleasure, but swallowed her sound. One thick finger entered into her, pumping in and out slowly.

“See how slick you get? See how easy it is for me to enter you. Your body wants to be a wet hole for me. You want to be my slut. MY cunt. Even if you say ‘no’ your body betrays you.” He whispered in her ear.

His finger continues to pump her, and then he adds another. As his two fingers work her pussy, he pulls gently on the chain. Her back arches slightly, but she knows she can’t move far. Just as she begins to feel the pleasure of his fingers build up, his hand leaves her cunt. She almost moans in disappointment, but stays silent.

He moves again quietly behind her back, and she feels something over her face. It is a blindfold. Now even if she dared open her eyes, she’d see nothing. Then, suddenly, he moves to her ears, placing something in each. Ear plugs. Now she cannot hear anything but her heart pounding madly, and the blood rushing through her veins. She knows she has to trust him completely.

She cannot hear the whistle of the whip in the air, and as it strikes her ass, she jumps. She didn’t mean to move, but it caught her completely off guard. She cried out, inadvertently. Immediately she knows she has made a devastating mistake.

“I’m sorry Daddy, I didn’t mean to….” She cries.

She hears nothing, and sees nothing in return, but feels her mouth being pried open, and a ball gag fastened firmly in place. The only senses she has left are smell, and touch.

Again the whip strikes her ass. She braces herself for more, counting in her head, because she cannot count out loud for him. He whips her again and again. Sometimes the whip strikes her ass, sometimes it falls on her spread thighs, sometimes on her back, and in the most painful moments – he whips her bare pussy. Tears fall from her eyes and soak the blindfold. Her nose is running, and she can barely breath through it and the ball gag. She tries not to panic, as she gasps for air.

He continues to strike her. Every time the whip falls on her pussy she can’t help but shift, or move her hands slightly on the bedspread. Her hands have moved forward slightly so many times she is almost flat against it. She can feel the material of the bed spread on her brutally clamped nipples. Then he yanks on the chain.

“Didn’t I tell you not to fucking move? What is so hard about that slut?” He growls. She cannot hear his words…only a mumble through the ear plugs.

But, he pulls hard on the chain connecting her nipples…forcing kızılay escort her up, back to her position….bent over, chest high above the bed. And she knows what he must have been saying.

He holds the chain, pulling toward himself, as he strikes her pussy lips.

“This is for moving cunt!”

He whips her pussy hard, pulling on the chain attached to the evil teeth in her nipples. She can’t help but cry out around the gag. She forgets his rules, and cries loudly – screaming.

Her pussy feels raw. Her ass, legs and back are on fire. She can feel the welts raising.

And suddenly, he stops. The chain is dropped against her back. The whipping has halted. She feels relieved for a moment. There is no movement behind her. She cannot see anything. She cannot hear anything but her heart pounding furiously, and her lungs gasping for breath. Her face is wet with tears and snot. She hopes he is not watching her in this state; her panic, her pain, and her cunt dripping with need.

Minutes pass.

“What is going on?” she wonders. She wishes he would just finish with her punishment, and then hold her and comfort her like he always does.

She begins to calm herself. Her body is still on fire, but no longer being abused. The tears start to dry, and slowly she can breath again. She breaths deeply, thinking surely her punishment is finally over.

Then without warning, she feels him against her ass. His hard thick cock pressing into her. And suddenly he rams her with all his force. She screams with all her might, around the gag. Her ass is dry, and he is ripping into her. He pounds her furiously, and wraps the chain around his hand with her long hair, ripping her head back. With his free hand he rips out one of the ear plugs.

She is screaming loudly around the gag.

“Next time I ask for you nicely, I may treat you as my baby girl, not as the slut you are now. REMEMBER THAT BITCH!”

He pounds her ferociously, ripping her in to. She cannot cry anymore, her tears have all been shed. She tries not to think about the pain, but the pleasure she is giving her Daddy. And though she is not to move, she wants to please him. So she bucks against him. Pounding him nearly as hard as he is pounding her.

As he holds her hair and the chain, he bends over and bites her neck hard. She screams….and feels his cock tighten…she knows he will cum soon. She pumps harder.

And as his balls begin to tighten and spew he yells “I OWN you cunt, DO NOT forget it.”

He cums hard in her ass. He loosens his grip on her hair and the chain, and she falls panting against the bed….

After, he pulls out of her ass and smacks it roughly. He doesn’t say a word. And leaves her tied to the bed, her body still on fire.

“He left me!.” She thought. “He didn’t untie me and tend to my pain. He didn’t cuddle me and hold me after! He didn’t tell me how much he loves me!”

Then slowly she realizes – this is her punishment.

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