The Pickup


The smell and taste of her wet pussy was intoxicating as he lapped between its parted lips. Totally inflamed, he rubbed his whole face between her open legs, smearing her scent all over him, God, he wanted to fuck her, his cock so rigid, so ready for her, Rising up between her legs, he pressed the hard swollen tip of his cock to her wet dripping opening, She grabbed his arms, bracing herself as he drove his cock deep inside her.

“Oh fuck.” She cried out, feeling herself filled completely, reaching down to rub her clit with that huge throbbing cock pumping in and out of her open wet cunt,

3 hours earlier

Their eyes met across the bar. Both of them were there with groups from their work. From that moment on, they couldn’t keep their eyes of each other. Their workmates conversation blurred into the background as they stared at each other. Music started and he used it for an excuse to ask her to dance. They slow danced, kissing each other, pressed together with a promise of something better to come.

“Wait for me.” she whispered into his ear as she broke of and returned to her drinking buddies.

Slowly, one by one, their colleagues left and they were alone. He walked up to where she sat on her barstool and looked into her eyes, As she smiled up at him he kissed her. The touch of their lips escort vip was electric; they both wanted each other so bad.

Hailing a cab, they flopped inside in the back seat, instantly curled into each other, His hand between her legs as she kissed him hard, “Fuck the cabbie.” she thought, moaning out loud as his fingers invaded her panties and rubbed at her already aroused clit.

Dropped off and in his apartment, she waltzed into the living room, taking off her clothes. “Come and fuck me” she ordered him in her half drunken playful state, staggering a little.

His cock already hard with desire for her, he shed his clothes quickly. Walking up to her, he pressed himself against her. He could feel her hard nipples against his chest as his rampant hard cock pressed between her legs.


“Yes, fuck me!” she moaned, thrusting her hips up, forcing him deep, wanting her cunt filled, pulling him onto her as he drove his swollen throbbing cock into her saturated pussy faster and faster. “Don’t stop!” she yelled frantically thrusting herself up to meet is glistening cock.

He let her cum on him, slowly pulling out of her dripping wet pussy. Gently, he set about stroking her wrists and ankles and at the same time, securing them to the bed. By the time she had come escort rus down from her orgasm, she was already tethered. Helpless, tied to the bed.

“What the fuck, you shit, get me out!” she yelled. Straining against her restraints’

:Shhhhhh.” He replied, slowly stroking her face, her breasts and down over her tummy. Smiling at her, he leant forward and placed a blindfold on her.

Somehow, she sensed, although helpless, she was in no danger , she lay back just enjoying his gentle strokes even though she didn’t want to..

“See you in a bit.” He said, getting up off the bed and walking out of the room. She heard the door close behind him.

She lay there, legs wide open and tied to the bed, her shaved mound open for all to see and yet, her wet cunt aching to cum. She felt vulnerable and open but yes, as much as she tried to deny it, she was so turned on.

She heard him enter the room and she quivered with anticipation. Something touched her, something small and leathery.

He stroked the end of the riding crop slowly across her nipples. He watched them grow hard as the soft leather teased them and caressed them. She felt it slide slowly down over her stomach towards her pussy. It was agonising, she wanted to be touched by it, her parted pussy desperate to be touched. escort elit Sadistically, he ran the crop slowly up and down each side of her pussy, not touching it, but giving her just a hint of what was to come. She moaned and thrust her hips up, the ache between her legs unbearable.

She jerked with a jolt as it touched her, sliding slowly between her parted swollen, sensitive lips. Slowly, with the lightest touch, he stroked her with the leathery tip. She was going mad, desperate for him to make her cum, each stroke just fuelling her desire, more and more.

He discarded the crop and bent between her legs and his tongue touched her.

“Jesus Christ, oh God,” Every electrically charged nerve ending between her legs cried out as he licked from her wet opening up over her hard throbbing clit. She bucked under him as he lapped at her pussy until, with a hard thrust upward, she came hard, shuddering against his mouth.

Feeling him move from between her legs, she lay blind and panting. Something hard touched her mouth, the shaft of his hard cock. Desperately, she sucked at it, trying to get the head between her lips. She ached to taste it and swallow his cum. He denied her. As suddenly as it was there, it was gone.

She felt a hand on her forehead and the blindfold was gone. Blinking, she looked up at him with his rigid swollen cock, and she just knew by his smile that he was not done with her. Spread eagle and at his mercy, she just prayed he had decided it was time to fill his little slave’s wet throbbing cunt with some nice hard cock again.

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