Ass Up

As we lay there on your bed I listen to your heartbeat as I begin to fall asleep.I suddenly feel your hand run up my side and I let out a small sleepy moan. I turn to look at you and I can see your face as the moonlight pours through the window. I place my hand on your cheek as our lips meet. As our tongues touch our body’s become intertwined. Your hands make their way down to my panties,you Yakacık escort hook two fingers on the sides and in one swift movement you have them off and on the floor. I am now naked for viewing. You gaze at my body as the moon shines on it. You flash me a quick smile before kissing my neck. You fondle my breast as you do so. I begin letting out little moans,and Atalar escort bayan you begin kissing down my stomach. I hear you whisper you love me as you slide two fingers inside me. You kiss my thighs as you slowly begin to fuck me with your fingers. I feel your tongue on my clit and it sends shivers up my spine. I place my hand on the back of your Escort Kadıköy head as you go down on me. This is something you rarely do, but all I can think about is how amazing you’re making me feel. I cum. As I do so I manage to say your name. You continue to lick me, causing my orgasm to continue until you feel like stopping. When you do, you slip your boxers off and toss them on the floor. As I look you over in the moon light I think, “God,how did I get so lucky?” You lean over me,and kiss my forehead as you slip the head of your cock into my pussy. I hear a slight moan escape your lips and I smile. You’re not one to make noise often. You kiss me as you thrust your full length into me.

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