Brookie’s Holiday Submission


I had a free night tonight and so’d my friend, Brookie. You remember her, right? My submissive-in-training?

Well, anyway, she came over because this is our last chance to be together before the Holidays- due to family commitments, et al.

I ordered her to strip naked as soon as she walked in the front door.

Now, let me take a moment to set the scene for you, dear reader: My young friend had just had her vulva waxed, smooooothe! Mmmmm…. And she was dripping wetness down her inner-thighs in anticipation of our night together! Her lovely A-cup breasts, capped by those God-given, sexy-as-heck, gumdrop nipples had my mouth drooling like her pussy as soon as I saw them!

I just had to get down on my knees and thank the gods of sex for putting this young thing in my life! And while on my knees, I decided to pay homage to her body, right there, in the foyer!

I grabbed her by her hips and forcefully pulled her crotch into my face, not giving her any advanced warning as to my intentions, I attacked her clit with my mouth – lips, tongue, teeth – and inserted my index finger inside her tight, dripping vagina, right away! She lasted to the count of 4 before her body shook and rocked in orgasmic eruptions that would register a 6.9 on a Richter Scale!

And as her body calmed down, I wiped her cum off my face, got back up on my feet and waited for her to follow me into the living room. I had already wrapped her present and left it on the couch, beside where I was sitting. I beckoned her to sit beside me and open her gift.

Upon opening it, she looked at the strange objects and gave me the sign for “What the fuck is this?” (Remember that dear brookie is a Mute and cannot talk, so as a result, we communicate using sign language.)

I told her that it was a new “toy” for both of us to enjoy. It was (is) a pencil-thin, 6″ long, vibrator with a 2″ in diameter knob on the end. It fits perfectly in the anus, I explained to her before handing her the other packages, wrapped in more festively colored paper.

I had lit a few Holiday-scented candles, earlier in the evening, so the whole place really smelled of Christmas! And while the stereo played all the greatest Christmas hits, ever, we drank some eggnog and toasted our good fortune for having met each other, two years ago. And once the nog was downed, it was time to get down to the business at hand– The real reason for her visit on this very warm, Florida, late-Autumn evening: More training!

Young brookie had remembered to wear her collar and I commented her on how well she wore it, this evening. (Once, she’d forgotten it and she was made to drive back to her home to retrieve it, with no clothes on. Luckily, she was able to do so, without incident. She might have had a hard time explaining to the police, why she was out driving in the middle-of-the-night, completely nude, with whip-marks on her bare ass and a huge dildo shoved up her ass, too!)

But that was the first and last time she’d ever forgotten to wear her collar when in “training mode.”

Now, brookie looked positively radiant, as she glowed with pride upon hearing my compliment. She signed that she was very anxious to get started with her training and asked if we might use some of her new toys! I told her that we kolej escort bayan would hopefully put all of them to good use, over the next 12-18 hours. Then I instructed her to get on her knees and pay her Master’s cock the respect it deserves, which she did. With great relish, I might add! (I even mentioned this to her, using the word “relish,” and saying “I’ll have some ketchup and mustard with my relish,” and she nearly choked on my hard cock trying not to laugh!) She’s a smart kid, that one… She gets all my dumb jokes and genuinely enjoys my humour! Being a Stand-Up Comic can really pay off in big ways… All you need to do is find them and exploit them for all those ways are worth! I sure did. And look where it got me: Getting the best blowjob in the world from a girl, half my age! God, I love Life!

I instructed her to stop and follow me to the bedroom. She picked up all of her presents and we walked down the pushily carpeted hallway to my bedroom, where I made her pick out a good one for some fun…! Her choice didn’t surprise me at all, for she had looked at the slim one with the bulbous end with the most interest. I told her it was an Anal vibrator- One that wouldn’t stretch open her sphincter but would still reach all the parts that feel good! (Although, she’s come to love Anal Sex, she still has concerns about her anus gaping and leaking “icky-bad things,” if she has too many large objects inserted in her asshole over a period of time. I have tried to put her mind at ease but she still has doubts.)

I had included a new, special lubricant among her Xmas gifts and told her to lube-up the toy and her asshole, too. Which she did, with great relish! (But with no ketchup or mustard this time!)

(She just loves that pun!)

(All goofy jokes aside, this was turning out to be one of my best Holiday moments of all-time!)

When she was ready, I had her get on the bed with her ass sticking up. I told her to relax but of course, she knows how to take things up her asshole now, so I really needn’t have worried. Just the same, however, she tensed her muscles a little bit upon entry into her tight, back door region, so I had to proceed with caution. But with a little verbal-coaxing and a little clitoral stimulation, she took the whole thing in her, to the hilt.

Once it was fully ensconced within her tight rectum, I turned the vibrator on to its lowest setting. This caused her eyes to widen and her mouth and lips to curl into an “O.” I knew that she was experiencing a wonderful climax, right then so I let her body go with it. Before she was able to fully regain her senses, I increased the speed of the vibrator, thus prolonging her orgasm another few minutes!

And again, just as she was coming down off her sexually-induced high, I turned the toy up, yet again, to full-power! This had the desired affect: The poor girl passed-out!



Out cold!

I waited for 15 minutes as every neuron in her brain fired at once, all centering in her Vaginal/Anal area! To say she was ready to fuck would be a tremendous understatement! This girl was going to eat me alive! And I would go WILLINGLY!

With great relish…

AND ketchup…

AND mustard, TOO! (Ha ha ha!!!)

She Escort sihhiye pulled the toy from her anal tract and cleaned it off, like the good slut that she is, using only her tongue. She made it look like she was licking a popsicle or something, the silly, little slut!

“No more relish for you, little girl,” I joked and she laughed again, hitting me in the arm, signing that I’d better not make her laugh while she’s got my dick in her mouth again or she might accidentally bite it off!

The thought of going through life, sans “Henry,” chilled me to the core! But rather than let on, I just grabbed her by the wrists and flipped her on her back and shoved Henry all the way into her tight, wet, little cunt! Once I’d pushed in all 7 inches I ground my curly growth of slightly-soft, slightly-coarse pubic hair into her smooth, hairless cunt and clitoris! This had that old desired effect where she starts to cum and her cunt spasms, wildly, on my cockhead, causing me to blast a huge load of cum up into the farthest reaches of her young cunt!

Here’s where the night took on a strange, yet wonderful turn: While I was basking in my post-coital bliss, my young friend had an idea— She grabbed her new anal vibrator and greased it up with the new lube and proceeded to push the bulb-end into MY rectum! I was sooo high with the neurons in MY brain focusing on my over-stimulated cock and balls, that I didn’t even notice what was going on until she had worked half of it in my ass…!

I came to my senses just in time to see her get back up on all fours and reach between our legs and turn the toy on! It was on Low, I could tell by the hummmm it was giving off. But that hummmm was coursing through my whole lower torso and then down to my toes and up to my head, all at the same time! And then I felt my erection get very, very sore as it reached proportions that it’s not supposed to reach–I swear it was 7 and a half inches long and 3 inches thick as I felt brookie, my submissive, take hold of it and place it at the entrance of her anus! And because her sphincter was so charged from her earlier experience with the bulbous end of the same vibrator that was now in MY bowels, she had little trouble relaxing her muscles and opening up for my hard cock.

She begged me, snapping her fingers out loud so that I could hear her urgency, and signed, “PUSH IT IN ME! PLEASE, MASTER! I NEEEED YOU IN MY ASS! NOW!!!” (She actually used 3 exclamation points to emphasize her need, too!)

Well, I wasn’t raised to be stupid so I pushed my body forward until I felt the head of my cock push past the tightness of her outer, anal ring, then past the inner ring and into her rectum and from there I was In Like Flint! I rammed in, all the way… To the hilt, filling up her anal cavity like never before! It was incredible, how hard I was! Then, without warning, I felt my orgasm building to an eruption that would flood her insides! So I began pushing into her ass and pulling out again, just to give her some stimulation. I really didn’t have to, though, because she was having multiple orgasms and couldn’t have told me her own name if anyone had asked, at that point!

I’d thought we were through, for sure, now but little brookie was still sincan escort full of surprises!

She reached between our legs again, turning the vibrator in my ass up to medium and without ever pulling out of her ass, I got another erection! This time I didn’t care WHO was in charge, I was just gonna fuck her still-mostly tight ass until one or both of us dropped! I somehow cleared the sexually-induced cobwebs from my head enough to grab brookie’s hips again and begin to saw my prick in and out of her asshole! I knew that this would get her to cum quickly, but I thought it might take a few minutes, at least. But because her ass was sooo sensitive from all the fucking of it, she just had orgasm after orgasm! Then, before I knew what was happening, my balls tightened and I knew, instinctively, that I should ram my cock all the way into her ass again! Which I did, injecting another load of cum in her asshole!

Breathing heavily and feeling no sensations at all below my chest, I realized that my penis was still embedded between brookie’s buttocks! (I realized this because I actually looked down to see if it was still attached to my body! Hey, I’m a guy… My dick is my best friend! What’d you expect?)

Just as I was finally going to extricate my “best friend” from his current predicament, brookie reached between our legs and turned that god-forsaken vibrator up to its highest level and Henry went from near-full-softness all the way up to full-on erection! I’m talking, Super Henry, here! You know, “faster than a speeding bullet, able to leap tall buildings, etc, etc, etc.” Yes, he was made of solid granite and was truly going to show the world just what a Super Penis could actually do!

Meanwhile, my poor prostate was being liquefied by that damned toy and brookie– dear, sweet brookie –was the sole beneficiary of all that hardness!

My mind was gone… Turned off… It had left the building, just like Elvis! But Henry was still plowing away, deep inside young brookie’s well-fucked-and-very-loose asshole! All of the cum I had shot up the girl’s ass was now squirting back out! Literally! It was squirting out back onto my thighs and belly and chest and the first load I had deposited in her cunt was flowing out, running down her thighs and forming puddles and pools at her knees on the bed sheets! The place smelled like a brothel… A Christmas-scented brothel, to be sure, but a brothel, none-the-less! (If you say that last line, in your mind, with a Scottish accent, like Sean Connery, it sounds rather hysterical! Try it! You will laugh!)

I still cannot believe how much cum I pushed out of my balls and into little, slut brookie’s body last night! It was more than I had produced in the last four months, combined! But her body just kept begging for more and the vibe in my ass, pressing on my prostate, kept me up for that fourth orgasm!

It wasn’t nearly as big as the first or second orgasms. It wasn’t even close to being as voluminous as the third. But it was still enough to finally sate young brookies incredible desires for sex!

At least, I HOPE it was…

The little thing passed out, again after that last and final orgasm. She’s still sleeping, which is great but I’m really afraid I’ll do something stupid, now and wake her up…!

Someone, please remind me to walk carefully and quietly on my way back to the bedroom… I don’t want to stub my toe and yell out loud and wake her up!

That would be bad!

Oh, well. Nobody ever said being a Dom would be easy, you know?

Good night, kiddies… I love you all!

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