Happy to Be Used (Pt. 3)


I replayed the weekend events literally every moment of my life for the next three days. I could not stop thinking about everything I had done and everything that had been done to me. I had planned a visit to the glory hole for so long I could not believe it had happened.And all those thoughts were, of course, drowned in the sea of memories of what had actually transpired. My plan had become entirely unplanned and it was better than anything I could have imagined. A truly remarkable day I would never forget.Tuesday morning I am drinking my second cup of coffee and planning my days activities when my cell phone rings. Blocked Caller appears on the screen and I ignore the call. Annoying telemarketers. Less than a minute later the voicemail lights up. I play the voicemail and my heart stopped:“Do not screen my calls bitch.”It was Sir. From last weekend. His voice was unmistakable.“I am going to call back in exactly 30 minutes. If you do not pick up on the first ring I will make a website posting every still photo and video we captured of you last weekend. Answer your fucking phone sissy.”He hung up. My jaw hung open. So many questions going through my mind. So much fear. So much anxiety. It was the slowest 30 minutes of my life.The phone rang exactly on time and I answered before the first ring even stopped.“Hello,” I answered meekishly.“Sir,” he said forcefully, “the last thing I told you was to call me Sir. How quickly you forget. I will be sure to make sure your memory improves.”“Hello Sir”, I said quickly, “I am sorry this caught me off guard.”“Bullshit,” he snapped, “I left you a message 30 minutes ago. You had plenty of time to remember the one simple instruction I gave you.”I began to apologize again and he cut me off, “Shut up! I like you a lot better when you have a dick in your mouth and I do not have to hear you speak.”His word took me back to the weekend. I was having a hard time staying in the moment.“I am sure you have a lot of questions and while I have a lot of answers that is not why I am calling you. I am calling to tell you about your plans for this Saturday. You will return to the bookstore. 11:00 a.m. sharp. Wear the same butt plug you wore last weekend. Wear a different pair of panties – you can choose the type but make them nice. I am sure you have a selection. And shave your legs, ass and pubic region completely. You can leave a small patch above your dick if you want but the ass and legs better be smooth as a baby’s bottom.”I was stunned. Unable to talk. Unable to process what was happening. Already planning how I was not going to do this. But he continued, “We all had a great time last weekend. I promise we will have even more fun together in the weeks to come. While I am sure this is taking you by surprise you will get used to my instructions. You will find I am fair, I just expect compliance. And just to insure your compliance in attending this weekend I will text you a few images from last weekend once I hang up with you.”No. Please no.“Do you understand?” he said rather plainly.“Yes Sir,” I responded in shock.“Good girl. I knew you would be a quick learner. Have a nice week and go on a diet – I need you to lose a few pounds. See you Saturday.”He hung up and almost instantly my phone was bombarded with images. It was me sucking cock, covered in cum, ass full of dick and several pictures of my gaping hole. The images scared and excited me at the same time. I should have immediately deleted them but I could not – they were too compelling.I had read enough porn stories to understand blackmail. I did not need to reflect too much on what my options were and what I needed to do. My options were simple, follow his orders and return to the bookstore on Saturday.I had the distinct advantage of very little to lose if he released the photos/videos. I had almost no family and was close to very few people. I worked remotely so there was no concern for workplace harassment. Even if I lost my job it would make no difference in my life.I did not want the images released or published on the internet but that was not what was going through my mind right now. I was more interested than concerned. Interested how he had my phone number. Interested why he wanted me to shave my legs. Interested why he wanted me to lose weight. Interested what might happen Saturday.I was smiling. I should not have been but I was. I should have been scared or ashamed or myriad other feelings but I was smiling.The truth is I loved what happened last weekend. As I replayed it in my mind I wondered how I could go back to my normal wank sessions after having lived such a fantasy. Now I had been informed my fantasy (or Sir’s fantasy) would continue.I decided to start getting ready for the weekend immediately. I had nothing to do between the phone call and the weekend and my daily routine provided plenty of free time. Besides it wasn’t like I was going to get any work done considering the phone call I just received.The first order of business was to shave myself. I had never shaved my legs or asshole so I wanted to make sure to do it correctly. I went online and did some research and complied completely with all his requests. The shaving, the diet, the panties, I complied completely.Saturday morning I woke up and made sure everything was smooth. I lubed my ass completely, put in a medium sized plug and pulled on a pair of white lace panties. I headed out the door into the abyss. I was anxious, but not scared.Everything changed as I arrived at the bookstore.I walk in and do a quick surveillance. There are only one or two other guys there and I do not recognize them. I glance to the middle of the store and there is the cash register Ankara escort Bayan area which is raised off the ground. I immediately recognize him. It is Sir. Standing next to the cash register. He is smirking at me. It was not a smile, it was a smirk, because he knew if I actually showed up I was his.He nodded his head back to motion me over to him. I put my eyes down and began to comply. He could not see but I was smiling. I was nervous and scared and probably a few other emotions, but I was definitely happy to be here.As I got closer to the counter area I looked up and Sir pointed me to the left. I looked over and could see there were two steps up and a door to get to the area where the cash register was. I walked to the door, turned the knob and it opened.I looked and saw Sir standing about 20 feet away by the register. It was wild to be behind the counter and see the back end of the operation. The counter top was about waist height and from this angle you had a great view of the entire store.Sir motioned me over with his hand. I walked to him without looking him directly in the eyes. When I was about four feet away I stopped.“Welcome back,” said Sir with a smartass tone.I can play this game too, “It is good to be back.”He gave a short breathy laugh. He looked into my eyes but through my head. I turned away.“Let me get someone to cover the register for me. Stay there for a second,” he said as he turned away and opened a door several feet behind him.I could see a large office area in the back. He said something but I could not hear him. He turned back in my direction and walked toward the register. Less than a minute later a non-descript middle age man came through the back door and approached Sir. They did not speak.Sir looked at me and said, “Come on,” and walked back to the door again.I followed as he opened the door and we walked into the office I could only partially see before. It was a very large space, at least 20 feet by 40 feet. There was a desk at one side which made it look like and office but the majority of the room was filled with a leather couch, two big leather chairs and a ton of sex toy inventory. I could not process everything quickly enough, but it was obviously a place where they stored extra items before they were put on the shelves.There were also two men in the room. I did not recognize either of them. They were sitting on the single leather chairs and looked up from their phones as I came through the door. They looked me up and down before going back to their phones.Between them was a large, very sturdy, coffee table. A beautiful bong was sitting on the table. The room did not smell of smoke so there must have been a very good air handling system.As I got through the door Sir closed it behind me.“I wanted you to come down here today because we need help with a few things and you need help with something as well.”I was anxious to hear where this was going. What did I need help with? I was pretty sure I knew what he and his friends needed help with.He continued, “These are two of my distributors and they want to sell me a bunch of new anal toys. I want to make sure they are good toys before I spend the money and I figured you, as an expert on the subject of anal toys, would be a good tester for me.”I smiled to myself. This was a very clever introduction. He had my interest as well as the interest of the other two men who had stopped looking at their phones.“So I guess you are wondering what you need help with. Am I right?” He looked directly at me.Again I looked away. I could not look directly in his eyes as he was staring at me.“Yes,” I responded meekishly.“Blowjobs,” he announced, “you need help with blowjobs.”I was puzzled. What was he suggesting. The other two guys also had no idea what was going on and sat up a little more straight. The suspense was building.“How to give blowjobs,” he clarified. “Last weekend you showed great enthusiasm but primitive skills. I just figured anyone with that much desire to suck cock should learn how to properly suck cock. So I decided to help you.”His smirk was matched by the brief laughs of the other two men. My eyes went to the ground. This was the Sir I remembered. He was in control.“Take off your pants. Now.”Sir was staring at me and speaking in a direct tone. It shook me out of my haze. This was changing very quickly.There was almost no hesitation from me as I reached for my belt and unbuckled it. I kept my gaze downward as I moved to unbutton and unzip my pants. I dropped them to the floor and stepped out of my shoes.Sir approached me. He was right next to me and I could feel his closeness. He hands moved to my ass.“Did my little bitch shave as instructed,” he asked rhetorically.He moved his hands over my ass and legs. It felt amazing. I closed my eyes and relaxed into the feeling of his caress. He moved to the front towards my crotch and did not come near my dick but was close enough to confirm I had shaved as instructed.My dick did not respond. I think I was too scared to get aroused at this point. I also did not look up at the other two men but I did not need to look up to know they were staring at me. All eyes were on me in the room as I stood there with a tshirt only barely covering my panty clad, butt plug filled ass.“Your legs and ass look great. Nice job. Next week paint your toenails, it looks silly to have such beautiful shaved legs and unpainted toes.”“Yes sir,” I replied just above a whisper.“Come on, lets go have a seat on the sofa. We have some business to tend to.”He directed me with his body and I walked over to the sofa. Due to my state of dress I felt uncomfortable as I did not know Escort Balgat the other two men and the room was well lit unlike the dark anonymity provided in the booth last week.I sat on the sofa and sank in a little. I could feel the plug wedge further in my ass. Once I was fully seated I crossed my legs but that gave a clear view of my unpainted toes which bothered me. So I adjuster and uncrossed me legs but kept my feet close together. It was more ladylike and seemed appropriate with my dress and the evolving situation.Sir reached for the bong and packet it. He handed it to me and asked if I needed to relax. Fuck yeah I need to relax, I thought as I grabbed the bong and took a big hit.I held the hit and it immediately rushed to my head. My body became hot. I felt the brain cells melt. This was heavy shit. I smoke lots of dope and I tend to favor the “heady” pot that allows me to be high but still function at a pretty high level. This was the type of dope that really made you veg out and totally relaxed.The other two guys also took a hit. Sir did not. Holy shit was I baked.Sir stood up and walked to a table sitting behind us.“So here are the new items we need to test out today. I hope you properly prepared yourself.”He walked back over to me and put a big tube of lube on the table. He held up a metal butt plug first and looked at it. There was a cheap jewel at the end. Sir looked at one of the guys when he spoke.“So what is this one all about?”The guy stared at the plug in his haze but then spoke up, “It has a huge taper so it is great for wearing while you walk. Once it is in there is no way to get it to fall out, you have to take it out.”Sir looked at me. “Okay. Put it in and then walk back and forth across the room a few times. Let me see if this is worth the investment.”He handed it to me. I grabbed it and looked at him. He shot me a stern glance and I knew what to do without him saying a word.I leaned back and slipped my panties off. My audience was watching. I reached for the coffee table and opened the lube, applying a relatively small amount to the new plug. It was smaller than what was already in my ass so I knew I did not need much help.I then pushed my ass forward to get access to my hole. I reached with my free hand and pulled out the plug already in my ass. I dropped it to the ground. Almost immediately I pushed the new plug into place. It really “snapped” into my asshole due to the huge size disparity between the bulb and the small taper before the jeweled end.The new plug was wonderful. The hard metal allowed for no flexibility which turned out to be very enjoyable. I immediately stood up and it felt amazing. With my normal plug I always feel like I have to squeeze it in place to make sure it holds. I could tell as soon as I stood up with this one I could run a marathon and it would stay in place.I stood up and walked to the far end of the room. I spun away from my audience to give them a view of my rear and then began my walk to the other end of the room. I completed my slow walk and greatly enjoyed the sensation, trying to walk as feminine as possible. I turned around and made it to the halfway point before Sir interrupted.“Stop. You need something else. Your legs look great all shaved but they have no shape being totally bare. Put this on,” he said as he threw something at me.I caught the item of clothing but had no idea what it was. It was all balled up and even when I unballed it I could not figure out what I was holding.“It is a skirt. Put it on,” Sir announced.Really? This is a skirt? In what world? I found a tag so I figured that had to be the back of the alleged skirt. It had very loose cheap material which made it hard for me to find the “top” of the garment. When I found the top I slipped my legs through and pulled it up to my waist.The waist was more of a waistband that held up the top of the skirt. The skirt was just some very loose material which only covered about 3/4 of my front and ass. Some skirts allow for an upskirt if the woman bends over. You did not need me to bend at all for this to provide an upskirt. This was something that could never be worn in public without getting arrested.But it was fun to wear this in private for these men.“That is better,” said Sir, “now try to go back and forth again. I did and I felt so sexy. Just the little cloth addition made me feel more feminine. Well I guess it wasn’t just the cloth addition rather it was the skirt, the shaved legs, the pot, the solid metal plug up my ass, the diamond sticking out of my ass and my audience.“Good girl. Now give us your review.”I looked at Sir quizzically.“A review of the buttplug. Remember? You are here to review products for us. How is the buttplug?”I did not want to answer this. I did not know these other people and had no interest in becoming an anal toy reviewer. I didn’t sign up to be the Siskel and Ebert of butt plugs.Sir became annoyed.“These are my distributors and we do a lot of work together. Do not embarrass me in front of my clients. Tell us what you think about the diamond ended plug you shoved up your ass. Bitch.”The last word came with plenty of emphasis. I did not want to annoy him further because I knew, based on last weekend, he was not very forgiving.“It feels good,” I responded without really looking at him or the other men.Sir stood up quickly. He did not look at me but went to the table behind him and grabbed something. He walked towards me and I could not look at him because I could tell he was not happy. He got behind me, reached around and grabbed me tightly around the throat.He pushed me forward a little and then I felt a hard lash on my ass. Ouch! Batıkent escort I stood up and he pushed me back over. Another hard lash. Damnit that hurt. I tried to stand up again and he held me down. Three more hard lashes and my ass was on fire.“Bitch, I said I wanted a review. ‘It feels good’ is not a review. We need to know everything about the product and if it is worth selling. These guys need to know if the product is worth pushing to other customers. Now give us a real fucking review of that plug in your ass and the whip I just used to remind you why you are here.”As he said this he walked away and I saw the whip he had just used. It had three leather straps hanging from a leather handle. I would be sure to give an acceptable review of the whip because I did not want to get hit again.Before I could speak Sir told me to walk to the coffee table and turn around so they could see the jewel of the plug. I complied. He had me lean forward a bit but laughed that I did not need to pull up the skirt because it was so short. I was then instructed to turn around to face Sir, kneel and sit back on my heels. I complied.From this perspective I was sitting lower than everyone but looking directly at Sir. The men in the leather chairs were to my left and right. Sir nodded at me without speaking and I knew it was time for my review. I decided to start with the whip.“The whip is a very effective discipline tool,” I started, with a slight smirk, “it can make even the most obtuse slut understand what is expected of her.”Sir gave me a big evil smile.“The first smack, which was unexpected, was more surprising than painful. The second smack was painful. The next three, coming in quick succession, were painful but not hurtful. I would recommend the product as a 7/10.”A small nod from Sir let me know that was an acceptable review.“The butt plug, however, is a 9/10. I need one of these for my collection. The initial ‘snap’ of the plug into the ass is very pleasurable as you can feel it secure itself firmly into your ass. From the moment it enters, you know it will not come out without deliberate force. The hard metal design is the perfect constant reminder as you walk, stand,” I paused for a moment, “or even kneel.”This gave them all a chuckle.“And the jewel is a nice bonus for your master to know you have been compliant,” Sir added as he stood up and walked to the table again.He grabbed a few more items and came back to me. I tried to see what he was carrying but could only make out a dildo of some sort in one hand. I could not see what was in the other. When he was behind me he gave my ass a loud smack. Ouch.“Okay, now we are going to move on to the next two products. The first is a new anal lube that is supposed to have upgraded desensitizer. Lean forward so I can get that jewel out of your ass.”I leaned forward and put my arms on the end table for support. This gave him perfect access to my ass. I felt him grab the jewel and pull firmly until it popped out. It was an amazing feeling when it was pulled from me and my sphincter released into the plug.The next thing I felt was one of his fingers, which had undoubtedly been rubbed with the anal lube. He pushed his finger in forcefully and fully, taking advantage of the lube and my well worn ass. He moved his finger around once and then pulled back out.I waited thirty seconds or so and then this process was repeated. Again a lubed finger was pushed firmly and fully around my ass. He pulled it out and did it one last time.Sir then came back around and sat in front of me on the sofa. He was holding a medium sized dildo as he spoke to me.“Look slut, all the flaunting by you has me and the boys a little uncomfortable in the crotch. We need to get off but we also need you to keep testing the anal toys. So we are going to have to use that mouth of yours to take care of us while you continue your testing.”I can’t say this was entirely a surprise, but I was surprised to hear none of them would be fucking me today.He continued, “Also, because I care, today you aren’t just going to be sucking our dicks, you are going to be getting a private lesson to improve your cocksucking. Think of it as my present to you in return for the thoughtful present you gave me last weekend.”What did he mean a private lesson? Was another chick going to come in here and teach me how to suck cock?“While you are getting your first private lesson you will be testing this product right here. It is advertised as being soft and lifelike. It also inflates. So we are going to need your review of this dildo after you finish your first private lesson. We will review you based on your ability to get your man to cum before the end of the video.”What video? Was he going to show a video of me sucking dick last week and critique it?“Let me put this in before I call up the woman for your lesson,” said Sir as we walked around behind me.So wait a woman was going to come in? My mind was wandering but I was brought back to reality quickly when I felt Sir’s strong touch on my legs. I guess it was time to try out the new dildo.I felt sir’s fingers apply some more lube and then the feel of the dildo. I don’t know about “life-like” but it was no doubt better than other hard plastic or silicon dildos I had tried in the past. He pushed it in fully after three gentle back and forth treatments. It was a medium sized dildo so although I felt it in me it was not uncomfortable. It felt nice.Sir then told me to turn towards the man sitting in the chair to my right. I did and saw two things. First, his dick was poking straight out. And second, he was holding an iPad.“Okay,” said sir, “now listen to your instructor and follow directions carefully.”I watched as the iPad was turned so I could watch. Sir directed my body and moved me closer to the cock and the iPad. He logged onto a popular website and a video named “goddess instructions” began to play.A woman appeared on screen and explained she was going to teach me how to suck cock.

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