The Actor, Episode VI

Alex Harper

Chapter Ten“Jake?” Jamie whispered.He woke up, startled. He felt a warm body pressing against him, but his mind quickly jumped to what needed to be done. Get up, go get Daisy from the vet, grab some food along the way, get back to the ranch. Hurry up! We’re probably late!He looked at the luminous hands of his watch dial and started to get up when he read … 2:45? “What’s wrong?” he asked of Jamie’s dark silhouette. “Are you okay?”“Shhhhh, baby. Settle down. Everything’s okay.” She wasn’t entirely certain how to proceed. She’d never dreamt of being this forward with anyone in the past, but when she woke and felt his hard body spooning her tightly, sleep would no longer hold her and she desperately had to have him. She reached out, took his cock in her hand, and began gently stroking it. “Feel like doing something fun with me?” she said sexily. He was finally beginning to wake up in earnest, but he loved her hand on him and that it was her initiating this. “Whatcha feel like doing?” he said groggily. “Maybe you wanna go get some coffee?”    She was stroking him a little faster now, which had brought him to complete hardness. “I can think of something that would be a lot more exciting than getting coffee,” she said wantonly. “And don’t worry, I’ll do all the work.” He settled back down on his back, Jamie melting onto him. “You woke me up … just to have sex?”“Yes. Is that bad? I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have–”Jake leaned forward and found her mouth in the dark, kissing her deeply as he pulled her on top of him. Her leg brushed against his cock as she straddled him before settling directly on him. Her hair fell around his face as their lips pressed against each other, their open mouths working together in a wet, passionate kiss. Jake’s arms traveled down her sides, feeling her warm flesh. “Jamie, darlin’, you wake me up any goddamned time you need some lovin’, okay?”She wriggled her large breasts on him, smashing them into his chest, while her sex rolled around on top of his hardening cock. “Okay, Daddy,” she whispered. “I will.” She moved forwards, dragging her left breast over his face. Jake caught the nipple in his mouth and suckled hard, drawing as much as he could inside his mouth. She moaned as his teeth gently scraped her soft flesh, and she squealed when he playfully bit her sensitive stiff nipple. Reaching behind her, she felt his big member, hard and ready. God, I love this cock.Jamie held it firmly a few inches above his body and scooted backward. When she felt her wet lips surround his head, she nearly swooned. Jake thrust upwards suddenly, half of his cock impaling her. She took a quick breath and sat up with her hands on his chest, then sat down hard, forcing the rest of him inside her wet pussy. “You’re … so wet already?” Jake asked.“You, unh … you get my juices flowing, Daddy. Unh … what can I say?” She rocked back and forth as he kneaded her breasts in the darkness. “I’m glad you got it up again … I wasn’t sure.”“You just might kill me, sure enough.” Jake paused for a couple of strokes. “But it will be worth it … fuck … you’re amazing.”Jamie began gasping out little whimpering moans of “yes” on almost every stroke. He was so thick that her clit ground into his skin every second or so, pushing her up the hill faster and faster. She landed particularly hard and held herself there, squeezing the muscles in her vagina, holding him in a clench. But Jake just thrust upward quickly and rapidly. She involuntarily yelped as her orgasm overwhelmed her and her thrashing sparked Jake to come also. His penile contractions sparked her to scream again into the night.She collapsed onto his body, and both of them tried desperately to catch their breaths. Sex had never been essential to her, but he’d awakened something deep inside her. She’d never known that it could be this good with anyone. Even though she had a few more days at the ranch, she was missing him already. She quickly put those depressing thoughts out of her mind; she wasn’t going to ruin the rest of their time together by thinking about things that she couldn’t change. She snuggled up tight and he wrapped his strong arms around her. “I think we’re getting pretty good at that,” she whispered. “Yeah, me too.”  – – – – – “I didn’t expect such good Mexican food up here in Montana,” Jamie said with her mouth full of a breakfast burrito as they rolled down the road in the early-morning light.“Yeah, Rigoberto’s is all right,” Jake agreed. “I’ll put him up against anyone from down on Melrose Ave.”“Mmmph,” Jamie agreed, swallowing. “Hey, did you see your doctor-friend shooting daggers at me this morning?”Jake shifted nervously in his seat in the old truck. “Things were a bit … frosty, yeah. Probably because your face was glowing.”It was glowing because I had your big cock in me all night. “A bit? If looks could kill, I don’t think I would have ever been born!” Jake chuckled but stopped at her following remark. “So, give it to me straight. What’s the deal with you two?”“Oh, really, we’ve got to go there?” Jake groaned. He looked over and saw Jamie nodding her head up and down. “Okay … she wanted me to quit the ranch, live with her, and help out around the place, take care of her animals, and be her office boy, basically.”“Is that so bad? She’s smart and nice, and she’s really pretty.”“I don’t want to be … kept … by anyone. I earn my keep. I’m not someone’s pet, or their project, either. Plus, she never woke me up in the middle of the night to fuck,” he teased. She bristled at the word fuck. She wasn’t sure yet what she was to him or what she wanted him to be to her, but already she didn’t like thinking of herself as any type of fuck. In the end, she decided to let it go, at least for now. “Oh, wow, hmmm … a man of few words. Okay, and Bonnie from the restaurant?”“She never woke me up to fuck, either.”Jake had to use his eating hand to try and defend himself from the playful attack on his person from Jamie. “Can’t you be serious for one minute? This is important stuff.” She was trying to be mad, but it wasn’t really working.“Why would I be serious? If I was, you wouldn’t be trying to touch me right now.”“I’m rolling my eyes at you. Now keep your eyes on the road and hold the truck still.”A few moments Escort Fikirtepe went by before Jake broke the silence. “Aren’t you going to ask me about Sylvia?”“From the clothing store? There is a Sylvia?”“There’s a Mary-Sue, but she’s not a redhead.”“Oh, really? Let me guess, platinum blonde.”“Nope, auburn. And she never woke me up to–ow! Knock it off!“Daisy, the recovering horse, whinnied as the trailer swung side-to-side despite the perfectly straight road. Chapter ElevenJamie turned in her saddle and saw that the big lodge was about a half-mile behind them. “So, I didn’t want to sound like a … ummm … greenhorn or something in front of everybody. But … why are we bringing donkeys?” Three donkeys were tied together like a pack train to Jake’s horse as they headed down the trail.Jake smiled at her. “Damn, but you look good!” After bringing Daisy back to the ranch they’d had some time before heading down to the lower 40, and Jamie had snuck in a quick shower. She was dressed in standard jeans and boots, but she wore her white cowboy shirt with the front shirttails tied together. That accentuated her breasts, and Jake kept sneaking looks at her.“Eyes on the trail, cowboy. I don’t want you crashing the horse like you almost crashed the truck.”“Hey, that ditch came outta nowhere. So, what did you ask me?”“Keep up, old man, sheesh. Donkeys. What are we doing with them?”“Well, it’s a little-known fact that donkeys are quite territorial and very protective of themselves. They are quite fierce, actually, and are known to kill coyotes. The first Jack here behind me, Arnold, has killed two.”“What’s a ‘Jack’?”“That’s a male that has been gelded … ummm … balls cut off. The ladies are called Jennies. Anyway, they are much better than guard dogs. Dogs have to be fed, they run off, or they can even get intimidated by coyotes and wolves. Donkeys will fight, and the predators know that. Plus, they don’t need to be fed because they eat grass in the field.”“Part of me thinks you’re pulling my leg, but I can’t think of any other reason to be bringing donkeys.”“Jamie.” “Yeah?” she looked over at him. She really didn’t know if he was kidding or not; he was always saying funny little things.“I’m actually being serious. I’m … going to make you a promise.”“You do sound serious. Go ahead.”“I won’t ever lie to you, Jamie. I may tease you and such, but I won’t lie.”She looked at him for several long moments. She wondered how often Chad lied to her. Probably a few times a day. “You swear on the Cowboy Code?”“On my honor as a cowboy relic, I promise not to lie to you.”They rode on in silence for a piece, the occasional chuffing of the animals and their constant hoofbeats being the only sounds. “I’m going to hold you to that, cowboy. I mean it. And stop calling yourself a relic.” “I am a relic, I can’t lie about that.” He winked at her as they continued down the trail.I hope you keep your promise, Jamie thought.- – – – -There were a few moments of comfortable silence as they watched the herd lazily graze on the pasture grass, their horses tied to the fence in a nice shady spot. She felt so comfortable with him, so relaxed, yet, something he’d said earlier that morning was eating at her, and she couldn’t forget about it and let it go. “Can I ask you about something?” she said.“Sure, darlin’.” “When I woke you up early this morning to … you know … did you consider me a fuck? Was I just one of the many women that you’ve bedded in that town? Because that’s what it felt like when you said that.”There was a distressed look in his eyes that she immediately recognized. I’ve hurt her, and I never meant to. “Jamie, God, I apologize, I’m so sorry.” She waited expectantly; she was happy that he realized what he’d done, how he’d hurt her, but she hoped that he’d give her more than just an apology. “It’s been a little over twenty years since my second marriage ended, and after she left me I’ve put my boots under more than a few women’s beds for the night. Some of them were one-time things. Others, like the Doc, were longer. But none of them were relationships. Liz wanted a relationship, but I never let her get her rope around me.” “You didn’t answer my question,” she whispered. “I made a joke, a really bad joke. I’m an old unpolished cowboy, I live in a bunkhouse with seven other men. I can be rustic and crude.” He thought for a moment. “Maybe I’m just not used to being around a real lady anymore.”“I woke you up and then pushed myself on you. I didn’t act like a lady this morning.” I’ve never done that before, gotten that carried away and consumed with my desire. “Jamie, listen, what we did this morning was beautiful, and I didn’t mean to cheapen it because I forgot how to act around a woman of quality.” Tears were now filling her eyes. “It was beautiful, wasn’t it?” He pulled her into his arms, and they shared a deep kiss as he held her tight against his body. She rested her head on his chest. “It was perfect, darlin’ and anytime you want to be slutty with me, just say the word.” She giggled. She was getting a much better feel for his sense of humor now, so she took that the right way. She still didn’t know what she wanted him to mean to her. The only thing she was sure of was that she loved spending time with him. “I’ll try to keep my sluttiness under control from now on.” He squeezed her even tighter into his arms. “You’d better not.” Just as she was about to speak, they heard and then saw a pickup truck coming their way fast.   Chapter TwelveJake greeted the two men inside the big Ram 3500. “Mister Gilroy, Jimmy. What brings you fellas down here on such a beautiful day?”“Cut the Mister crap, you’re almost as old as I am.”“Not even close, Clint.”Clint turned to his passenger. “Hey, Jimmy, did you notice that we’re here? You can get out of the truck now.” Jimmy did as he was told and went over to where Jamie and the horses rested. “Wow … anyway … Jake, the fryer scrapped out, completely. Now, we can go without french fries for a day, but the Fish Fry is on Friday and we can’t miss that. I packed a bag for you. We’re going to Denver to get a new one.”“Denver, now?”“Yeah, They will keep the warehouse open for us until ten o’clock tonight.”“Denver Sancaktepe escort is … how far away?”“About nine hours, and we’ve only got eight hours to get there. Let’s go.”“Okay, just gimme a minute.”Clint watched in his rearview mirror as Jake went over to where Jamie stood. He couldn’t hear their conversation, of course, but he saw her shoulders slump, and then Jake took her in his arms and kissed her hard … and kept kissing her … and even some more after that.“When will I see you again?” she whispered. “Soon, I hope.” “Okay.” Little pangs were tearing at her heartstrings. She felt that she had no right to miss him like this … to feel like this … but she did.Clint tapped the truck’s horn and Jake disengaged from her. “I have to go, honey, the boss man is waitin’ on me.” He gave her one last hot kiss, took a deep breath, turned, and walked towards the truck. The big dually roared down the dirt road, dust billowing behind it as Clint fought to keep it on the road at such a high rate of speed. They got onto the highway, and Clint set the cruise control to eighty-seven mph. “That oughta do it.”“Yeah, just keep your eyes on the prize, old friend. Emphasis on old.”“Asshole,” Clint said, and they both laughed. He eased around a big tractor-trailer on the two-lane highway.“So, Jake. I couldn’t help but notice you and that attractive little filly …”“Jamie.”“Yeah, Jamie Caldwell. Now, forgive me if I’m wrong, but isn’t she a guest? And married?”“Ummm … her last name is Lawrence, she’s not married. Chad Caldwell is her fiance, though.”“Well, that’s my mistake, then. Don’t we have a rule about fraternizing with the guests?”“Yes, boss. It says that you ‘frown on such things’.”“What’s my face doing, Jake?”He looked over at Clint. “Well, gee, boss, I do believe your face is a-frownin’.”“That it is, my friend. That it is.”“Is it because we have to go to Denver?”“No, shithead. It ain’t cuz we gotta go to Denver. Well, that’s part of it, but quit changing the subject!”“Distraction is often the better part of valor.”“That’s supposed to be discretion, jackass, and that’s what I want from you, alright? A little discretion? I can’t have you two kissing and feeling up each other all over my ranch.”“Well, to be honest, I was thinking of banging her against the fence back there, but then you guys showed up.”“Jake! She’s engaged and barely legal, and a guest, and you’re an old fart and–”“Hey, she’s twenty-four, Clint, she’s legal.” “And you’re what? Pushin’ eighty now?” They both laughed. Then Jake sighed heavily, turning serious. “I know all those things. But there is something about her, something that I’ve never felt before.”“You’re so old and senile, you probably have felt it but just don’t remember.”“Ha! No, I don’t think so. She’s very … very special.”Clint looked over at him. “You’re kinda sprung on her, huh?”“Yeah, I sure am, I really am.” Jake looked at the mountains going by outside his window.Clint continued on. “Her fiancé is a piece of work.” He’s a piece of shit, Jake thought to himself, but he knew better than to say that out loud. His boss continued, “She’s not going to marry him, is she? I kicked him out, you know. He was so arrogant and kept whining about you on the trail ride and the bear. But Calvin told me what happened, and that asshole wasn’t even sorry for what he did … I told him to pack his bags. We don’t need his type up here, we got enough problems.”“Huh, I thought he left on his own. Like, because he was ashamed or something.”“Nope. I kicked his ass out.”“I have even less respect for him now than I did earlier, and that wasn’t much.”Night fell, and they stopped for fuel. “Piss quickly, old man, time’s-a-wastin’.”Clint laughed. “Eat shit, I’m gettin’ a Red Bull. What do you want?”“Same, and some Red Vines. Might as well get some Red Hots, too. Keep it all red.”Jake took the wheel and got back up to speed after they fueled up. “So, what kind of problems? You mentioned that earlier.”Clint took a pinch of Skoal tobacco and stuck it between his cheek and gums. He chewed for a few moments before spitting into a plastic cup. “Well, you know, just the usual shit. Competition is taking guests, I’m trying to keep the ones we get happy, the clientele itself is changing, social media and all that shit. It’s hard for me and Marcy to keep up sometimes with all this new technology.”“You thinking of getting some help? Hirin’ somebody?”“Yeah, but who wants to work way the hell out here? Cowboys we got, business-savvy people, not so much.”“I see what you’re saying. Don’t spit in the truck, dude.”“You’re a funny guy, Jake. I mean it. The guests love you. I think that Jamie does too, I seen the way she looks at you.”They passed a sign that read Denver 184. Jake nudged the cruise control button five times, trying to ensure they would get there on time.“So, Jake, what do you think we should do at the ranch? Like, new things, different things for the guests to do.”“Damn, really? Okay, let’s see … well, get better wifi for one thing. Ours is shit. These millennials, or Gen-Z or whatever the fuck they are called, they want the internet and they want it now. They don’t like waitin’.”“Noted, go on.”“Quads. Lots of people stay with us but then pay a ton of money to go rent quads and side-by-sides over in the next valley. We should have our own, keep that money here.”  His eyes widened. “Damn, Jake, that’s not a half-bad idea. What else?” He thought for a moment. “Dam up the creek so we can have a fishin’ pond out front. Better for younger guests and those who can’t figure out fly fishin’. We also need to be eco-friendly and have conservation rides and talks. Maybe should bring over some of the Crow or Blackfeet tribal folks to come by for cultural exchange type of stuff; hell, keep some on staff.”Jake went on for another hour, spelling out his thoughts on what could make the ranch more hospitable, more fun, and, most important, more profitable. Clint took some notes on the backs of some bills he found in the glove compartment and wondered why he hadn’t tapped into Jake’s knowledge earlier.- – – – -Jamie sat in the great room, sipping her fresh coffee. She looked out the huge picture windows at the spectacularly fiery sunrise. üsküdar escort bayan Oranges, reds, and all shades in between lit up the partly-cloudy skies for a hundred miles in each direction. I understand why they call it Big Sky country. She wondered about Jake and got a little mad at him. I can’t believe I have a … relationship with a guy who doesn’t have a cell phone! When is he coming back? What should I do today? A sweet voice interrupted her reverie. “Would you like a muffin, dear? They just came out of the oven.”Jamie recognized Marcy, the owner’s wife, and looked at the basket of proffered muffins. “Oh, my, they smell delicious!”“Lemon and poppyseed, help yourself.”Jamie took one, savoring the smell. Marcy also had little butter packets, which she placed on Jamie’s coffee saucer. “It will be nice to have the boys back, won’t it?” Marcy asked.“Oh, have you heard from them?”“Why, of course. Didn’t Jake call you?”“He doesn’t seem to have a phone.”“That’s right, bless his heart. Well, they should be back around noon, maybe one. Oh, some more guests are here and they look like they need muffins. Enjoy your day, dear.”- – – – – Jake hung his towel on the door, then stepped naked out of the little shower cubicle in his room at the bunkhouse. He was shocked to see Jamie sitting on his bed but rising quickly to meet him. Not caring about his slightly damp body, Jamie jumped into his arms, wrapping her legs around his hips. Jake caught her easily, holding her close to him. “What are you doing here?” he asked, laughing.“I couldn’t wait any longer, I’ve missed you so bad.” Their eyes locked, and their lips met in a passionate kiss. Her breasts squashed against him and her ass in his hands, Jake began feeling that tingle in his cock. Jamie felt his cock as it ground into the cleft of her vagina, and she let out a little moan. Her tongue slipped from his mouth. “Jake? Do we have time to–”“No, sorry. The dance starts at 8:00 and it’s 7:55.”She shot him a sexy little pout, then tried to play him. “But, we can be just a little bit late, can’t we?”“Baby, I’m sorry, I can’t. We’re expected at 8:00, and that’s when I show up. I have to set an example for the boys, you know.” His eyes roamed up and down her body. “That’s about the sexiest dress I’ve ever seen, though.”She didn’t look like a cowgirl tonight. She’d put on a very short little black dress that featured a deep V-cut in the front, which put quite a bit of her large breasts on display. However, she did pair the sexy little frock with a black pair of cowboy boots. “Jake!” she gasped, clinging to him even as he tried to disengage. “I … I missed you! So much! Did … did you–”He kissed her again hard as he set her down, then released her just as quickly. “I missed you, honey, and we’ll make up for lost time, I promise. But we have to go to the dance … well, I have to go.” “Okay … but you’re going to be dancing with me, right?” she asked longingly. “Yeah, some. I told the Doc that it was her turn this week.” Jamie looked like a little girl whose favorite doll had just gone through the lawnmower. Jake could only hold his hard, stoic expression for a couple of seconds until he burst into laughter. She laughed with him and then punched him in the arm. “You’re not as funny as you think you are, you know that, right?” He leaned in and they shared a hot passionate kiss. “We’re going to the dance and there’s no woman on this Earth that I’d rather go with than you.” Chapter ThirteenAlthough Alexis and Melinda claimed to be lesbians, Jamie doubted their dedication to the sisterhood; they seemed to need a lot of extra attention with the line-dance steps from Jake. Between songs, Jake returned to his spot in line with Jamie. “How hard is it to remember heel-toe, heel-toe, heel-toe, kick?” she asked Jake, her voice tinged with annoyance.“Come on now, Sweetheart, ole Jake has to do what has to be done. We’ve got … an hour and seven minutes to go.”The DJ began playing a song she didn’t recognize, but it was a slow song. Jake held his hands out to her, and she folded into him. She breathed in his scent and sighed.“Honey,” he whispered, “I’m sorry we haven’t had a chance to talk–”“How can you not have a cell phone?” Jamie glared at him, incredulous.“I do have one, I keep it in my room.”“Well … well … start carrying it, okay?”“Okay.”“Okay.” Jamie rested her head back on his chest.After about thirty seconds, Jake ventured, “I don’t have your number.”“Don’t change the subject,” she admonished.“Okay … you seemed happy to see me earlier, not so much now.”“I am fucking thrilled to see you. More than you can possibly imagine.”“Hmm. I know I’m a simple cowboy, but there’s like a dissonance thing going on right now … the words aren’t matching the attitude.”She looked up at him, then rested her head on him again. Damn, he even knows not to use the word ‘you’ during an argument. Stop being perfect! “I had a rough day,” she allowed. “I didn’t know when you were coming back, I didn’t know what I was supposed to do, I didn’t know anything.” Jake sneaked a kiss onto her forehead. “I’m sorry I didn’t call, I should have at least left you a message. I’m used to this kind of thing, where plans change in a big way at the drop of a hat. Did you do anything fun today?”“Oh, yeah, big fun. Marcy said you were coming home at one, so I worked in my room until then.”“Worked? You’re on vacation, why would you be working?” he asked incredulously. “The jewelry store where I work … I run the website and the Instagram and Facebook pages. Plus I run the mailers and the advertising and–did you know the WiFi sucks here?”“Yeah, I do.”“So then, the kitchen was too crowded for me, so I took an afternoon ride to Bitter Creek.”“That’s our most beautiful trail. I’m glad you got to go, wasn’t it great?”“Yeah, sure. Darryl was very nice and a great tour guide … but …” Jamie leaned away from Jake so they could look at each other properly. “But what, hon?”“But you weren’t there, so it sucked.”“I would have loved to see the sunset with you, little darlin’.”“Yeah, well, you weren’t around.”The song ended and the DJ reminded everyone of the unique hard cider especially prepared for this evening. Jake guided Jamie over to the bar, where they each got a Mason jar full of cold apple cider. Jamie went to sit at a table, but Jake steered her outside instead. Jake held his glass out to her and said, “To you.” Jamie clinked his glass, and they both took a big sip. “Ahh! That’s so good, isn’t it?” He smiled at her, disarming her anger somewhat. “Now, what’s really going on?”

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