The Inner Sanctum


Jennie Straw provoked violent emotions from the moment she started working as a temp at the local council treasury.She was beautiful and she was aloof with the men, thus the other women hated her. The men were restless and dissatisfied, despising her and at the same time ready to see all the other women burned to ashes in exchange for Jennie’s love.She was small and very delicate looking, more like a schoolgirl than a twenty year old woman, with long golden hair half way down her back, large brown eyes and a smile that could make a man incorrect in believing he was her special one. Her face was oval, well proportioned with a nicely shaped nose and full red lips. She dressed with simple feminine style, looking ravishing in anything she wore, preferring soft knit skirts, which she wore above knee length, her peachy bare legs driving men to insanity. Cosmetics Jennie never used and it further enraged the women that while she had all the natural colour and bloom of her beauty they had to spend time and money patching up their appearances. She moved with light elegance and some physical aspect or other turned men’s heads or caused them to leer. Jennie’s breasts were like two large oranges defying gravity in her blouse and she never wore a bra. Her bottom was small and firm like a girl’s, protruding ever so slightly, stirring love and passion in the hearts of all the men and making them dejected as they watched her. Of those who dared feel worthy to try, all had been turned down with polite indifference.She gave the appearance of flaunting her lovely pretty self – radiating her feminine charm Ankara escort and neutralising the other ladies in the department so they felt inadequate and inferior to her.Nobody knew her past history or perhaps the ladies would have been kinder, especially as she sometimes came into work looking remote and unhappy. Her parents had been killed in a car crash when she was 12. She had been adopted and left home at the earliest opportunity to escape certain unwanted attentions, qualifying as a secretary she had been alone in the world as she went from job to job, unsettled and uncertain. Men had pursued her but she was reserved. There had been a love affair with a man who deceived her when she was eighteen. He took her virginity though he was married and had much pleasure from her before she found out this matrimonial fact.Jennie was aware of her beauty and knew her worth. From the affair she had experienced she knew what it meant to a man if she would allow him his way with her. She understood why men agonized over her, why they felt pain when they stared, and she knew that if she was patient she would find a man worthy of the fruit she had in abundance to give. She had it in her mind to find a husband and understood she would not be able to live her life until she had been picked. She was prepared to wait for the man. Someone strong enough to look after her, to give her fine children and the security to raise them. She knew she was beautiful and in return for the security she needed she would provide him all the happiness as he wanted it.On the upper floors Ankara escort bayan she had been noticed by management and some of the senior staff made a move on her without success. They tried their luck one after the other and failed.There was one man in the building in whom Jennie had an interest – Frank Johnson, the director of public services, the chief. He was of Afro-Caribbean origin, had a reputation for being a tough departmental head, was firm with his staff. A rising star in local government. His ability to process vast amounts of information and produce hard hitting reports had got him the top spot at the council. He had achieved Oxford against all the odds by working harder than all the others. He had this success – yet he was without a woman. He had dated many in the past and had discarded them not having found what he wanted for himself. He had left off for some time and focused on his work.Frank had heard of Jennie but not seen her as he rarely had business on the lower floor. Then on her last day Jennie had an errand up stairs and she arrived with some documents at his office. Jennie knew about Frank – she had seen him and he was the only man who held any interest for her yet she did not seek him out because she was the woman. When she was there Frank happened to come out of his room and saw her, the beautiful delicate woman. He wished her good morning and went back to his desk feeling disturbed and tense. He made some enquiries after her and he learned that she was leaving the department that very day as her temporary contract had expired.Later Escort Ankara in the afternoon Jennie was tidying her desk and collecting her things together. The female staff members were relieved, she was going at last. The men were depressed. She did not want them, but she was a rare flower and it was like the end of the world to lose her. They would miss seeing her sexual loveliness radiate the office.Later in the afternoon the big boss arrived with a small bouquet of flowers.Frank Johnson, the director, had come for Jennie, to claim her for himself. His large black presence loomed as he presented the flowers.”Miss Straw I believe, I understand you are leaving is today.” He said, his deep voice penetrated deep into her.Jennie accepted the flowers. “How kind.” she said with her typical reserve.He looked at her and felt weak inside but remained strong. Her breasts troubled him terribly – nagged at his soul and he felt unbearable tension. He could see her nipples protruding through her blouse and had to pull himself together and defy the pain. “Would you like to join me for a coffee after work?” He asked, knowing that his life depended on her answer.There was silence. She studied his face carefully and saw kindness but she found something else in his expression, in his eyes – a dark wildness, in the depths of his pupils – it terrified her, yet she was drawn to him and broke the silence, accepting his invitation with a cautious nod and he said he would come for her at five-thirty. The women looked on – red with rage they were – they wanted to tear her to shreds and destroy her beauty, pull out her golden hair and rip the clothes from her perfect feminine body. The men, all of them defeated – loved her still.After work he arrived and she went with him to the café but they did not drink their coffees and neither did they say much except introduce first names to each other.

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