Someone’s been naughty


It was a long Monday, and barely two o’clock yet. She could really use a snack. Well, sugar is what she could really use. Staring into her computer, she contemplated a sweet snack. It would taste good, she needed energy, and she had been eating healthfully for a few days now. But she knew she wasn’t supposed to. He would be disappointed. Well, with him not home, she decided he didn’t have to know.”Hi, honey,” he walked in the door slowly, happy to see her but tired from the day.”Hey, babe!” She ran over and gave him a hug. Yeah, she could keep a secret. No big deal.”Were you good today?” Damn, she wished he hadn’t asked that. She hated lying. So instead of answering, she kissed him. Her tongue searching his mouth. Doing her best to put something else on his mind. Like how badly she wanted to fuck him. He kissed back, his arms wrapping around her, pulling her close so she could feel his growing erection on her stomach. Massaging her ass and pushing his hands further down between her legs, she moaned and arched into him. His growl of approval had her grinding her hips against his for more.”Go take a shower, baby; I’ll meet you in the bedroom in ten minutes.” She moaned in agony as he gently pushed her shoulders away from him and turned her around. She glanced down to catch sight of his cock bulging in his jeans. She didn’t want to wait ten minutes until she was senseless from his cock repeatedly driving into her pussy. At least, that was what she hoped would be happening.She finished drying off and waited on the bed, completely naked. Just after she lied down on her back, he walked in. He came in slowly and started lightly running his fingertips across her stomach and circling her tits. She was so beautiful how she shivered at his touch and goosebumps followed his fingers. He put both hands on her nipples, pinching them until they were hard.”You know, you never really answered my question.” Her mind came crashing back to reality. She had forgotten about that in the blissful paradise she existed in when his hands were on her.”I saw the candy wrapper, baby. And you didn’t tell me. Both naughty things.” Shit. She might be in trouble. He pinched her nipples to the point of pain but just for a second. Heat followed across her body.

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