The Key – Part 2


The windows in the car nearly steamed over on the drive back to the hotel. I actually had to push Faith’s hands away from my pants more than once for fear that I would drive into a parked car. She finally slumped back into her seat and pretended to pout. “Fine, but drive faster.”After so long fantasizing about being with other men, we (meaning she) had finally crossed the line and she didn’t know what to tell me first. Apparently, unknown to me, the action had begun back at the table. What started as accidental foot-contact beneath the table had turned into her rubbing her foot against first Michael, and then David’s cock. At some point, she had even reached into Ben’s lap and groped him through his jeans.And more than one of them had had their hands on her knee, her thigh, up her skirt before I had finally suggested we move. In fact, she was about to suggest we all go for a ride in their huge limo when I had reminded her about the couples-only rooms.She said they had all eaten her and that three of them had brought her to orgasm. Since mine was the only mouth that had been on her pussy in twenty-five years, she was surprised at the variety of techniques. I thought about the key card she had slipped into Ben’s shirt pocket. By now, we were getting in the elevator. Two kids and their mother were in the elevator, coming back from the pool. Faith stood up on her tiptoes to whisper in my ear. “I know you missed the fun, honey,” she purred. “But you liked the pictures?”When the elevator opened, she took my hand and pulled me into the hall. I let her walk a step ahead down to our room. At the door, I made no move, at first, to reach for my card key. “Well?” ısparta escort she asked, and reached for my crotch. “Sorry, I thought you had a key,” I said, and pulled mine from my pocket.“I must have left it in the bathroom before we left.” I suppressed a smile. Like a cat, as soon as the door was opening, she pushed inside the room and went straight into the bathroom. “Get ready,” she said as she closed the door behind her.Suddenly, I was having doubts: maybe I didn’t see her pass her room key to Ben. I couldn’t be that disappointed. After all, tonight we had finally crossed the line we had been fantasizing about for so many years. And I knew Faith was as worked up as I had ever seen her. She was about to rock my world. Just in case, though, I tidied the room a little, slipped our wallets and keys into the room safe. I had just made a drink when I thought I heard Faith’s phone vibrate in the bathroom. Huh.I sat down on the corner of the bed and started to unbutton my shirt when the bathroom door finally opened and Faith stepped into the room. She was amazing. Sure, she had fixed her hair and makeup, but she had also put on new lingerie that I had never seen before: sexy high-heels, red fishnet stockings and a red babydoll. “Wow! You are full of surprises,” I grinned. She pushed me back on the bed and began to kiss me wetly and fumble with my pants. Soon, she had my cock out and was pulling on it while she kept her mouth on mine. After a few minutes, she slid down and lightly sucked the tip of my cock for just a second before she looked up and grinned. “I’ve got another surprise,” she said slyly. hakkari escort Quickly, she disappeared towards the bathroom and I half expected to hear the room door open. Instead she came back in with her hands behind her back. “Did you think it was hot that I let five strange men eat me tonight?”“And you blew two of them,” I added, smiling.“Actually three. Well, I got so much attention tonight that I wanted to give you some attention so you don’t feel neglected.” At that, she brought her hands from behind her back. She held a bundle of soft black ropes. “I’m going to suck and fuck until you can’t take anymore.”We had never seriously played with ropes before, but I was eager to be under her control so I almost jumped to the middle of the bed and spread my arms and legs. Faith repositioned me so that I was spread out across the bed and she took her time attaching the ropes. The knots had always been more symbolic than secure in the past. Not this time.I didn’t complain, though, because as she worked, she took opportunities to smother me in her tits, take quick licks on my cock. As she tied my ankles, she crawled over me so that her ass and pussy were in my face—though just out of reach of my mouth. The whole time, she teased me about all the mouths that had been on her tonight, all the tongues and fingers that had been in her. When she had me tied so that I truly could not pull free of my bounds, she began to suck my cock in earnest. Her tongue lapped up the shaft and she took the head into her mouth and sucked lightly before taking my whole cock into her throat. She was slurping loud and kept bingöl escort her eyes locked on mine. It was a hell of a show. Just as she took my cock in one hand and then began to suck my balls, her phone vibrated again. Uh oh.She leapt up and grabbed her phone and began to tap out a text. “Guess who that was?”I didn’t even have time to answer before I heard the door opening. David appeared in the room, followed by Michael, and finally Tommy. From my vantage point, tied on the bed, they were all upside down but I could see that all eyes were on Faith.“Where are the others?” she asked. As usual, David did the talking. “The ones who left with us either went home or are passed out in their hotel rooms. Ben wanted you to know he had a great time, but…you know…he’s getting hitched in a week. But, hey, you got us.” They wasted no time. Faith sat on the end of the bed, then lay back with her head on my belly while Tommy and David pounced on her tits. I could see in the mirror that her legs were spread wide and Michael soon took up position between them. Over her moaning, I could hear him licking and grunting. Michael and Tommy switched places for a minute then Faith pushed them all off and had them line up next to the bed. She got down on her knees not far from my head and kept her eyes locked on theirs as she took each cock, and sometimes two, into her mouth. Once in a while, she locked eyes with me as she ran her tongue along the bottom of one of their cocks or swallowed it whole. They all had terrific cocks. David’s was long and dark, with an upward curve and a head that was lighter than the shaft. His balls hung down much farther than mine and Faith made a show of licking them as she looked at me. Michael’s cock was about the length of mine, but much thicker at the base and heavily veined. Tommy’s was thick and straight, with an almost round head. Faith held it with both hands to accentuate its length before trying to take the whole thing in her mouth and nearly gagging.

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