SissyMandy – Tamed By A Cougar


Have you ever woken up in the middle of a beautiful dream? A dream so incredibly real that you just want to go back to sleep in a futile attempt to return to that magical place?Well, I’m waking up from a dream like that. I was a vivacious vixen in my dream, getting fucked to perfection by the world’s greatest stud. So close to an actual female orgasm that I know I deserved, my body shook as my cries of ecstasy began to erupt.And then… fuck!Like all my erotic dreams, I wake up with my orgasm just out of reach.I try going back to sleep to be that girl again, but all too soon my dream fades away. I’m awake in my sissy body, and my elusive orgasm is just another unfulfilled dream. A gentle throbbing sensation in my ass pleasantly reminds me that I’m in bed with Master, and getting fucked by him last night definitely wasn’t a dream.I liked it when he called me derogatory names like cocksucker, slut, and whore. Maybe I liked it a little too much, but his commanding presence excited the sissy part of me the very moment I laid eyes on him. I knew I would let him take advantage of me if he wanted to.He knew that if he humiliated me in front of my wife, it would trigger my submissive mindset. Seeing her pussy hungrily taking his alpha cock as I was licking it humiliated me in ways that words never could. But I couldn’t stop my tongue from licking his dick and lapping at her pussy lips as she slid herself up and down his monster shaft. I just couldn’t get enough of it, once my submissive, sissy mentality took control over me.It’s strange to feel such humiliation and feel so turned on at the same time. I’ll probably never understand it, but when I realized that my little sissy dick will never satisfy her, I knew right then that I’ll never be the man I once wanted to be. I now prefer to be female when it comes to sex, although I have serious doubts about living every minute of my life as a girl.Turning his attention to me after he finished with Sherry, he used me as his sex toy after she”d fallen asleep. It all felt so perfect, surrendering my sissy body to him, and not caring how many times he repeatedly fucked me to satisfy his own animalistic desires.I only wish that I could have experienced my own orgasm, but what could I expect? I’m a lowly sub, after all. Who am I to expect that anyone should care about my orgasm?Mistress has been telling me how fortunate I am that she’s allowing me the pleasures of cuckoldry. At least I got fucked real good, so I should probably just count my blessings, and leave it at that.~~~~~I lay my head on Master’s chest, listening to his breaths as he softly snores.”Hey, babe,” Sherry whispers a minute later as she lays her head next to mine.”It’s kinda strange waking up like this,” I whisper back.”What’s strange about it? I feel absolutely wonderful.””Oh… I feel wonderful, too. It’s just that waking up with a man between us feels a little strange, that’s all.””It’s not strange, honey, it’s just new. After we’ve done it a few times, it’ll feel more natural for you to wake up with me and my lover. Ever since Brenda started turning you, I’ve been dreaming about doing this with you. Did you like watching me last night when I was getting rammed?””Yeah, I liked it. I liked it a lot. I see now why you like hotwifing so much.””This is how I naturally am, sweetheart. Instead of being a bored housewife, I’m now a sexy hotwife! Tell me, how many times did he fuck you after I fell asleep?””A bunch of times. I dreamt about getting fucked all night long.””You slut,” Sherry giggles. “You’re as addicted to it as I am.””True…” I giggle back. “I can’t deny it.””We’ll have to get going soon,” she changes the subject. “Master expects to be woken up with a blow job. Do you want to do it? Or would you like to watch me?””I want to,” I eagerly volunteer, “no telling when Mistress will let me have cock again.””Probably sooner than you think, slut-girl.” she devilishly grins. “Get to it now, we don’t have all morning. Show me what a little cocksucker you are.”It’s surrealist, the way I feel as I kiss Master’s chest while Sherry sucks on his nipples. Master begins to stir, hugging an arm around each of us like he’s our Daddy, and we’re ‘his girls’. I linger in his masculine embrace until Sherry motions for me to go down on his cock.Excitement courses through my body as I descend between his legs and sniff his musky scent. Şerifali Escort He quickly grows to full size when I wrap my hand around his thick shaft and begin stroking it.”Use your mouth, princess,” he softly groans. “Let me feel those dick-sucking lips of yours.”I stimulate my taste buds on his oozing pre-cum before sealing my lips around his hot flesh and swirling my tongue around his chocolate head.”Sissies make the best damn cocksuckers,” Master moans as I take him into my mouth.Encouraged by his compliment, I begin bobbing up and down, relaxing my gag as I prepare for deep-throat duty. Waves of pleasure wash over me as I fondle his creamy balls and feel his meaty dick sliding into my willing throat.Filled with sheer enjoyment, I know that in this moment, all that matters is having his cock in my mouth. It’s the center of my focus, the center of my life.Sherry then begins to moan, and I look up to see her rubbing her wet pussy into his face. Fortunately, when Master tenses his legs and shoves his cock deeper into my throat, I’m starting to get good enough at this to keep myself from gagging. Deep-throat sex absolutely thrills me, turning me into more of a cum-hungry slut every time a cock pulses in my throat.Sherry’s breathing becomes quickened, digging her nails into Master’s shoulders as her orgasm takes control. In that moment, Master also starts to cum, ejaculating his warm sperm into my throat.Unfortunately, it all ends too soon, with Master giving up a sizable load as Sherry orgasms to his tongue. And poor little me, not even close to cumming, must find contentment in swallowing his yummy load. But just knowing that I’ve pleased him is its own reward, and all this sissy could ask for. His nourishing seed seeps into my stomach as Sherry crawls off his face and comes back to kiss me.Showing off a little as Sherry watches, I keep my lips wrapped around his manly meat until I suck all the cum out of him that I can. I then suck my way up his shaft until the head escapes my lips with a ‘pop’ sound.”You’re a hot little cocksucker,” Sherry compliments as her tongue darts into my cummy mouth.”God…” I sigh, “I think I’m in sissy heaven.””There’s plenty more times like this ahead of us, girlfriend, but it’s getting late. This trip to heaven has come to an end.”~~~~~Pleasurable thoughts swirl around my sissy brain as Sherry drives us home. Thinking about Master’s cum in my belly keeps me in a sissy daze, unaware of the world around me as we approach our neighborhood.”You better duck,” she interrupts my daydream, “unless you want the neighbors to see you as Mandy. We can’t have them suspecting that we’re both sluts coming home after a night of whoring.””We weren’t whores last night,” I say as I duck to the floor.”True,” Sherry says as she pulls into our driveway, “we didn’t do it for money, but maybe it’s only a matter of time before we do? Seriously, I’m proud of you for being open-minded and having fun with me last night. You’re such a good sissy.”Sherry’s words go right over my head. I’m just relieved to hear the garage door closing behind us as I sit up in the seat, grateful that I didn’t get caught in my sissy clothes. Brenda greets us with a cup of coffee as we come into the kitchen with our arms around each other.”Hmm…” she giggles, “did you two sluts fall in love all over again last night?””Mmm… yes we did!” Sherry lets out an excited giggle. “And yes, we were sluts. How was your night with Janie?””Pure bliss” Mistress sighs, “as always. I’ve yet to find a man who can lick pussy like a woman.””I think the same goes for sissy cocksuckers,” Sherry notes. “Keyshawn said that that sissies are better equipped, physically, to deep throat a big cock.””That they are,” Brenda comes up to give me a hug, “but after spending the night with Janie, I think we’re going to start training our little sissy-poo to lick pussy like a lesbian woman.””Oh…?” Sherry’s female jealousy gets triggered, “So I don’t lick you as good as Janie does? Is that it?””Of course you lick me as good as Janie does. But wouldn’t it be nice if our sissy could lick us as good as Janie while we’re kissing and rubbing our boobies together?””Oh, shit…” Sherry giggles, “having our sissy turning us on like that would be nice!””Would you like that, Mandy?” Mistress asks.”Oh yes, Mistress! I’d like it a lot. Can you teach me Şerifali Escort Bayan how to turn a woman on like Master Keyshawn can?””Ha…!” Mistress laughs, “You’ll never satisfy a woman with your puny little prick. But what you’ll never do with your dick as a man, you can be trained to do with your tongue as a sissy. Going forward, sissy-poo, we’ll start focusing on developing your bisexual skills.””I’m starved,” Sherry complains.”So am I,” Brenda says, “I was looking in the fridge for something to eat, but there isn’t much to work with.””I know,” Sherry sighs, “I’ve been ignoring my duties at home. I’m sorry I’ve let our refrigerator go bare.””It’s understandable,” Brenda consoles, “you’ve been busy exploring your new sexual freedom, so there’s nothing to be sorry for. You look so happy and content these days. And Mandy does, too.””Well, I’m gonna cut back on my hotwife dating so I can serve you two better here at home.””I know you will, sweetheart,” Brenda says as she kisses Sherry. “Why don’t the three of us just go out to eat?””That sounds wonderful,” Sherry glees. “I’ll go grocery shopping this afternoon.””That would be good,” says Brenda. “I want some alone time with our sissy, since you’ve had her all night.”When Mistress says she wants me alone, it can only mean one thing. She wants to pee on me again. But rather than cringe at the thought of it like I did the first few times, I’m actually starting to look forward to serving my Mistress in a way that only I can. It’s becoming something very personal between us, and I like that intimate part of it.”Do I have to stay dressed as a girl?” I ask as I look down at my tiny mini-skirt and the runs in my nylons. “Like this?””Really, Mandy…?” Sherry snaps. “Didn’t I make it clear to you yesterday that you’re to dress and act like a girl from now on?””She does have a point,” Mistress defends me. “It’s already been decided that she has to dress like a girl all the time from now on, but she shouldn’t have to look like a whore all the time, either. We’ll have to take our girl shopping for some regular female clothes this week.””So that means I can wear male clothes today?””Fuck no!” Mistress yells. “Don’t press your luck, bitch! Go wash that slutty makeup off your face and redo it while we find you something decent to wear.””GO!” she orders, swatting my ass as I turn to walk away.I walk into the bathroom with a pouty face, my mood so suddenly different from just an hour ago. I like doing the feminine thing when I’m with people who accept sissies and are sexually attracted to me. And I didn’t mind going to dinner with Sherry last night all dressed up, because I knew we were getting cock afterwards. But now? Dressing in broad daylight?Fuck me. I’m not sure I’m ready for this as I wash away my pretty Mandy face. Once my wig is off and my face is washed, I stare at myself as Mark, thinking about how I felt before I became Mandy. It wasn’t a happy life, not like it is now. Except for Sherry, no one besides our families ever really noticed me. Women never gave me a second glance, and most men looked down on me as if I was somehow inferior to them.Of course, I now realize that I am inferior to them. The men I’ve been in bed with have certainly taught me that. I know I’ve already been feminized so much that I can’t ever turn back, so I grudgingly start making myself up to go out in public as the girl I’ll now forever be.My mood lightens up, and I’m feeling pretty again as I do my makeup with a light foundation, a hint of blush, silvery eyeshadow with a touch of mascara, and pink lipstick. Not as good as Sherry would do, but not bad, I think, considering that I’m still a ‘new’ girl.I’m pleasantly surprised to walk into my room and see the first summer dress they bought me laying on my bed. They’ve been dressing me in slutty bimbo clothes so much that I forgot I even had it. I’m still not thrilled about cross-dressing in public on a Sunday afternoon, but wearing this dress will make it not as bad as it could be.I’m a little disappointed that my pumped-up titties have already shrunken to half of what they were Friday night, but my favorite falsies in my b-cup bra fit nicely over them, which makes me feel pretty good about myself. As I’m coming out of my bedroom, I hear Sherry and Brenda giggling in their bedroom, probably making out and getting Escort Şerifali themselves horny for later.”I’m ready…” I call out.”Come in here, sissy,” Mistress yells.I walk in to see them all giggly on the bed, skirts pulled above their waists and wearing no panties, like they intended for me to see their wet pussies. Mistress is on top of Sherry, and Sherry has her ankles locked around Brenda’s waist like she’s being fucked by a dude.”D-do you need anything?” I timidly ask, wondering if I’m walking in on something I shouldn’t.”We need our pussies licked while we’re making out. Think you can be a lesbian cuck and help us out?””Y-yes!” I can’t believe my luck. “Of course I can!”I’m on that bed in two seconds flat. I’ve eaten them both out many times, but never together, at the same time while they’re making love to each other. ‘This is fuckin’ great!’ I think as my tongue darts into their wet holes. After a few minutes, I’m lapping up their juices like an eager puppy dog.”Don’t forget our assholes, sissy-lesbian-girl,” Brenda giggles.”Yes, ma’am!” I gleefully reply.”You wanna be female like us, don’t you, sissy?” Mistress pointedly asks as I’m deliriously alternating my licks between two pussies and two assholes.”Yes, Mistress!””And you want to enjoy sex, not only just like us, but also with us? Like you’re doing right now?””Oh, yes, Mistress! You know I’ll do anything for you and Sherry!”All of a sudden, Mistress rolls off of Sherry. They both get off the bed and push their skirts back down. Pussy time is suddenly over. I’m wondering, ‘What the fuck?’Mistress then slaps me across my face. Not hard, but just enough to sting.”So you want to be like us, sissy?””Y-yes, Mistress. I s-said I did.””I know what you said, asshole, but the way you’re acting makes me doubt your sincerity.””W-what do you mean? I don’t understand.””I mean all the shit we have to put up with about dressing.””About me? Wearing girl clothes?””You know what I mean, cunt! You just gave us shit about getting dressed to go eat. And you gave Sherry shit yesterday about dressing you up nice and pretty before she took you out to dinner. You knew she was going to share a big black cock with you, and this is how you show your appreciation?””I’m sorry, Mistress. I do appreciate it. It… It’s just that I’m not sure I can dress this way all the time.””Bullshit! All sissies are cross-dressers. So you just better start accepting the fucking fact that you’re going to be cross-dressing from now on.”Now… of course, you don’t have to… as long as you never want to eat our pussies again, and if you don’t mind Sherry never sharing her black lovers with you anymore. I mean, if last night wasn’t up to your sissy standards, you can just find your own damn cock from now on. It’s your choice, cunt-face.””No, no, Mistress,” I go into panic mode, “I’m in love the cock you get for me. Okay, I’ll be a cross-dresser all the time, if that’s what you want. But please don’t take my cock away, please. I need it now. You know that.””Of course I know it, you addicted bitch. But I need you to be a better sissy if you expect us to keep lining you up with cock. Only happy cross-dressers are worthy of the sex treats we’re giving you. So… are you ready to start earning your fucking privileges?””Yes, Mistress. I’m ready to be a cross-dresser… full-time!””Good… just remember how fast you could lose your privileges, subby-girl. Now c’mon! Let’s go eat, and I better not hear one bitch out you, understand?””Yes, Mistress.””You look very pretty, by the way,” she says as she and Sherry walk in front of me in a lovers’ embrace.~~~~~’So now I’m a cross-dresser,’ I think to myself as I ride in the back seat of her Mercedes on our way to eat. Using their pussies as bait to weaken me, Mistress has lured me a step further into feminization. The taste of their pussy-juice on my tongue, along with Master’s cum in my belly, made it impossible for me to resist her. Now I’ll be dressing in female clothes from now on, I guess. My manhood is getting smaller in the rearview mirror, and all I see ahead of me is sissyhood.”We’re here, sissy,” Mistress says as she pulls into the parking lot. “Get rid of that pouty-face and act like a lady in there. If you feel like a girl, and act like a girl, people might not notice that you’re a cross-dressed sissy.”Brenda and Sherry stay on either side of me, camouflaging me from the public eye as we wait for the next available table. The wait isn’t too long as I nervously struggle to hide my fear. I feel vulnerable when a few men stare at us with hungry eyes as the hostess takes us to our table. I’m so relieved to finally take my seat and bury my face in the menu.

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