Subject: Deans Bicha Chpt 8 I have been reading stories for several years, and I thought I’d try writing one, so this is my first attempt. It’s based a lot on my youth with respect to people (names changed) and places and even some events, though most of the sexual situations are fiction. If you are under legal age to read, or in an area which prevents this, please leave now. Remember this was the mid 1970s and HIV wasn’t a thing. Play safe today. PLEASE: Donate to Nifty to keep this wonderful service free. I would really appreciate constructive feedback. I can be reached ail I enjoy hearing feedback and will reply. Deans Bicha Part Eight 8 Saturday Late Morning We walked around some and actually enjoyed the food, crafts, and games like normal teenagers for a while. My friend Matt Archer (four months younger than I was) from down the street was playing in a ball game today so he couldn’t make the fair, but his younger brother Jeff (11 years old) was wandering around by himself cause his mom was working one of the booths. In the 1970s, an 11 year old by himself wasn’t an issue and nobody thought about him being safe or not. I introduced him to Dale and Dean and I could tell that he and Dean were going to become best buds. He hung around with us and we headed over to where Mrs. Archer was working. “Jamie, nice to see you. You’re getting bigger every time I see you,” she exclaimed. Dean whispered in my ear, “If she only knew how big.” My face flushed and she said she didn’t mean to embarrass me but of course it was really Dean’s comment making me red. “Mom, can I have lunch with my friends and hang around with them?” Jeff asked. “Of course honey, I understand if you’d rather be with them rather than having lunch with your old mom,” she sighed, ruffling his hair. Now it was someone else who was embarrassed. “Here is some money for lunch. Go have fun, but be back here by 3:30 to help set up for the bar-b-que dinner.” With that she hugged him, causing him more embarrassment and slapped his butt to send us on our way. Surprisingly neither Dean nor Dale poked fun at him for his mom’s actions. That was standard practice to do, but apparently they were saving all of their energy to direct at me. How lucky am I? At 1:00 we met our parents and introduced Jeff to Mr. and Mrs. Soarer. He already knew my parents of course. We grabbed lunch with the parents sitting at a table and us guys sitting on the ground. After all, there were other adults who deserved the tables over a bunch of kids. That was also standard practice then, still today too. Why we met up with them I don’t know as we really could have eaten ourselves had they given us money to buy lunch. They probably wanted to make sure we ate something reasonably nutritious and not just candy and popcorn. Dale was to my right. Jeff directly across from me and Dean across from his brother. Dean made a motion with his fingers for me to spread my legs apart. I knew this would give Jeff an unobstructed view of my balls hanging out of the enlarged hole in my jeans shorts. Or at least the right one anyway. Jeff kept whispering to Dean and the two would glance down at my crotch so I knew Jeff had seen me. Trying to act normal, we just “shot the shit” as my dad would say about regular boy stuff. With our t-shirts still tucked into our back pockets, I felt totally naked sitting there with my junk hanging out. After lunch and promising we’d stay out of trouble we headed off. Walking over to the rides, Dean confirmed that Jeff saw my ball sack hanging out of hole in my shorts. I can see the wheels turning in his head as he is thinking of something to involve Jeff in his humiliating torture of me. I’m grateful that Matt isn’t here. “Whatever happens today you can make it look like an accident and be surprised, angry, whatever. You can even yell at me to make it look real.” Dean is obviously taking Dale’s advice in making things look like an accident to embarrass me. We ride a few rides and have a great time except one thing. After each ride, Dean had me lower my zipper just a bit so it looked as if it was coming down little by little. After a half dozen rides it was all the way open. I hoped that it would stay closed cause without briefs on everyone would see my bald pubes and the base of my dick. We headed to the tea cups, one of my favorite rides and Jeff sat next to me then the brothers. As we were flung around side to side and spun in circles laughing our heads off, I felt my dick head popping out of my gapping fly. I couldn’t really take me hands off of the safety bar and push it back in so I was exposed for the world to see. Well, maybe not the world, but at least Jeff who kept looking down at me through-out the ride. I pretended not to notice my cock or him staring at it. If that had been it, I could have survived. Something in my brain starting sending blood south and my willy started to expand. Oh come on I thought, not now. Unlike when I was standing by the road naked and the truck driver saw me, I was now becoming fully aware each time my dick betrayed me. I closed my eyes praying it would at least go down which went unanswered. When I re-opened them, I saw all three guys laughing not at the ride, but at my pole sticking straight up. Oh god, could other riders see me too I wondered. That thought only made my cock throb even more. I really was a sick prevert for getting off on humiliations. When we slowed down to a stop, Jeff leaned into me and said, “Looks like someone really got excited during that ride,” as he stared down at my rock hard cock. Despite any potential punishment from Dean, I quickly stuffed my aching prick back into my shorts and zipped up. “Are you UP for another ride?” Dale asked, causing them all to start laughing even harder. “Let’s try the mini go-cart track. Jamie brought his STICK SHIFT,” Dean spat out. “With his WOOD we should go to the batting cages,” Jeff laughed. I had no comebacks, only a red face and still hard cock pointing toward my hip as they were falling over themselves hysterically. “Lets go to the bathroom, I gotta piss,” Dean suggested. “Maybe he can take care of it there before he pees.” Take care of it? Did he expect me to pull it in a public mens room too? Probably knowing him. Dale knew his brother well enough to play right along and laughed, “It’s hard to piss with a boner. Guess Dean was right, you’ll just have to take care of it first.” Looking at Jeff I can see he’s in disbelief thinking: Would I seriously rub one out at the fair? Jeff asks me, “Are you really going to pound it? Oh Man, that’s so rad.” “I can’t do that here,” I protest. “Well, if you don’t want to wank, there is always this,” Dean says. Turning to me he slams his fist into my balls. I drop to the ground holding my aching nuts. I can hear their laughter all around me. “Is it gone? We can take turns if it isn’t.” “Great nut shot! Can I have a turn next?” Jeff asks excitedly. He seems to be turning into a mini Dean. “No,” I squeak out, slowly rising to my feet. Jeff isn’t going to miss a chance to batter my balls. He delivers an upper cut with his closed fist into my already sore nuts. Crushing my stones has worked, my erection has indeed faded. Getting up off the ground for a second time, a boy and girl holding hands walk by. They are 15-16 years old. She laughs and says, “Serves you right for flashing on the Teacups.” “What? He did what?” the boy asks her. “Yeah, I saw him on a couple spins and his stiffy was hanging out of his shorts.” “You little pervert,” the boy angrily says to me before slamming his knee in my nuts. For the third time in less than 3 minutes my balls have been abused and busted. Shit, his was the worst being older and strong. Giresun Escort I hear them laughing as they walk away. No worry about me getting another rod anytime soon. Dean pulls me to me feet as I’m clutching my tender orbs trying to protect them from further torment rather than soothing them. We start heading to relieve our bladders. Dale and Jeff are ahead of us as we make our way to the mens room. “When you pee, don’t drop your shorts. Just open them wide to see if Jeff looks.” To see if Jeff looks? Who does he think he’s kidding? They all just saw me with a hard on sticking out of my shorts in public on a ride. Does he really think Jeff isn’t going to look again. Between that and seeing my nut at lunch Jeff has got to know that I am not wearing underwear. But I suppose opening them fully is better than pulling down my shorts to my knees like I was 4 year old. The line is crowded at the mens room so we, like many others, head around to the abandoned buildings where I had sucked Dale and Dean off earlier this morning. I very quickly look and see that there is nobody I know here. Phew. There is room for two of us so Dale and Dean let Jeff and I go first. Great, just what Dean wanted. I’m thinking I don’t trust him, what’s he doing behind me as I unbutton my shorts. Jeff of course looks over at me and is surprised by my bald pubes. He whispers to me, “How are ‘they’ hanging? Sore?” He shakes and zips up. Turning toward me to leave the wall, Jeff quietly comments, “Shit, you’re as bald as me.” My embarrassment rises and I’m concerned about other things rising too. I finish pissing and by now Dean and Dale have taken spots against the wall. Could Dean be bored humiliating me? Soon everyone is done and as I ponder what’s up, what comes down is my shorts. I was so preoccupied with watching Dean, I forgot about Dale. Dean now rushes me and pushes on my chest with his hands causing me to trip over Dale who has kneeled down behind me. The next instant, Dean has grabbed my shorts and ripped them off of me. Everyone around is laughing, except me obviously. Scrambling to stand up I lunge for my shorts but miss. I do manage to grab my t-shirt from the back pocket and use it to cover my growing dick. A game of keep-away ensues between the three of them as more men and boys come to pee. It didn’t look like many had left either. Because boys love torturing boys, a high school guy, looks like a younger sophomore, runs past me and snatches my shirt throwing it to another boy a year older still. Except for my socks and sneaks I’m bare assed naked behind a storage building at the town fair with about 20 men and boys laughing at me. I want to cry I’m so embarrassed, thankfully I didn’t. In retrospect, I think crying would have been better than what did happen. Yup, you guessed it: I threw wood. My traitorous dick was rock hard solid. I’m frantically chasing down my clothes to cover my nudity. My arms are wildly waving around in a useless attempt at catching them, leaving me on full view for those present. After an hour, really only a few minutes but it felt much longer, another one of the older high school guys takes pity on me and throws me my t-shirt. “Cover that thing up before you poke somebody’s eye out kid,” he says borrowing a line from “A Christmas Story.” Rounds of laughter can be heard. The crowd has grown to approximately 30 people by now, I see some boy from my junior high who I don’t know. Super. My shorts are thrown at my feet. Dropping the shirt I whip on my shorts being careful to move my erection to the side to avoid getting it caught in the zipper. I walk away putting on my t-shirt. Looking over my shoulder I yell at Dean, “Asshole.” He doesn’t mind because it makes it look like a simple boyhood prank. The crowd begins to disperse. Walking away in disgrace, I hear comments similar to this morning: next time wear underwear, boner boy, nice ass kid, good one (obviously congratulating Dean on his prank), serves you right homo, etc… Then I see him. Fuck, Richard Ruggles is among the guys who saw me in addition to the mystery kid. He’s smiling and laughing as he makes his way over to me. “Hey Jamie, that was so funny. My brothers had a blast playing keep away with your shirt. Guess they really did shave you smooth at the hospital. Man, you look like you’re 10,” he teases. I keep walking away, not sure I want to get into a confrontation with him anytime, especially not here and now. Following me with Dean, Dale, and Jeff in tow, Richard says, “You must be really embarrassed. How come you got hard? Do you like running around without clothes?” Looking down at my junk, he can see I’m still erect so he adds to my misery, “Hey, wait. You aren’t wearing underwear. How come? Does it make you get a bone? Are you going walk around sticking out like that the rest of the day? My life is sooo over I think until Dale approaches. “Hi. I’m Dale, his neighbor. I dared him to go without underwear today. I figured if we got the chance to pants him he’d be really humiliated. What do you think?” “It’s the bomb, man. Hey I’m Richard.” Dale introduces everyone. Turning back to me, Dale says, “So? Did that thing go down yet?” We all know and see it hasn’t. Dean pipes up and plants the seed in Richard’s head, “A good smack will take care of it.” I see Richard grin as he turns to me, I do not see his foot connect with my balls. Thankfully, he is just far enough away so only the tip of his sneaker blasts my balls. It was still painful causing me to double over. Is anybody counting? Four? “Hey, Richard, come on. We gotta go,” we hear his brothers call out. Glancing up I verified they were indeed the two who took my t-shirt. Guess it runs on the family. The four of us start walking, me at a fast pace. I’m not acting, I’m really mad. “That was soooo funny,” Jeff says, laughing so hard he is holding his sides. He high fives Dean and we head back to the fairgrounds. Slowing up when we reach the carnival games I hang back so I can ask Dale a question even though I’m risking another whack to my nuts. “How many times is he going to do shit like that today? Somebody is going to tell our parents.” I’m pleading my case for him to step in and stop this. “Until he gets bored with it I suppose. This morning was an “accident” and I’m sure you’re not the only boy ever to be pantsed in town. Maybe without briefs on though,” he tells me. “Don’t worry. He’s not about to mess up again with a bicha. Especially as he thinks you’re cute.” I’m shocked at two things I just heard: “mess up again” and “cute”. Dale sees my reaction and replies, “I’ve said too much. Try not to piss him off. By your boners, I’d say you like this anyway.” He picks up speed to catch up with the others and I follow too. We continue to walk around enjoying the fair, food, and rides and I once again begin to have fun. It’s going on 2:30 and we meet up with some kids from my grade. John Stanton, Robby Wilson, Christine Gold, Janice Carr, and Patty Welsh all live in the same neighborhood and like Robby I’ve known them since fifth grade when the town re-districted the schools and I got transferred to their elementary school. After all the introductions were made we walked over to the animal barn to check out the baby chicks that were hatching, stopping to get cold drinks along the way. Wandering around, we separated from the majority of people. Patty realized she dropped the stuffed dog she won and went back to find it. Dean asks me told hold his drink and walks around to the other side of the group looking at the chicks more closely. He is now across the group so I’m not expecting anything. Suddenly, my shorts are around my ankles thanks Giresun Escort Bayan to Jeff and 4 kids from school are seeing me in white athletic sock, sneakers, and my shorts around my ankles at the town fair. Everyone laughs hysterically as I quickly put down the two cups I was holding and attempt to pull my shorts back up. Now anyone who has ever pulled off their pants without unbuttoning them knows, it’s much easier going down than it is up. As I got my shorts to my cock and balls they literally got hung up pushing my junk out further for all to see. It should come as no surprise that I was starting to erect too. I had to take extra time undoing the jean shorts button to pull them back up. Patty comes back with her stuffed dog just as I zip my fly with everyone laughing so much they can’t tell her what Jeff has done to me. When they calm down enough, she is disappointed that she missed it and asks, “How come I don’t get to see?”. “What? Are you nuts?” I ask. “No, she wants to see YOUR NUTS,” Robby says, causing the group to laugh more. John convinces us to go around the corner cause while not a lot of people are near, there are enough. I wonder if any of them saw me too. Who cares about them. My classmates just saw me. Now John, Robby, and I all had gym class together for the last two years so we had seen each other naked in the showers twice a week. Plus, the six weeks we had swimming lessons for P.E. we boys were required to swim nude, the classes were separated by sex. Not that you could do that today, but it was acceptable back then. Actually my town didn’t stop it until 1976, one of the last hold outs in the entire country. However, Christine and Terri saw me too. How could I live down that embarrassment? They were sure to tell others in our class. And Patty wants me to drop my shorts myself to show them again. I don’t think so. Sorry you missed it but you got your stupid stuffed dog back. Dean grabs my left arm while Jeff grabs my right, as if they had planned it. Or they were just on the same wave length. “Quick, somebody yank down his shorts,” Dean yells out. Robby races over, grabs the bottom of my shorts, and drags them over my mostly hard dick all the way to the ground. For the second time in 5 minutes, my classmates are seeing me full frontal, this time with with an erection as I become fully hard. Struggle as I may, I can’t free myself from Dean and Jeff each holding an arm. As I wiggle around, my member is waving around and I’m making matters worse. Robby is on his knees only a foot away staring in delight. The girls are covering their eyes partially, but are more than happy to look between their hands. John is standing back looking embarrassed for me, though he is nervously smiling just the same. Dale is in the background just enjoying the show. Robby gets bold and says, “Watch this.” He wraps his whole hand around my dick and pulls it down as far as my erection will allow. He releases it and it snaps back up making a snapping sound against my stomach. A huge roar of laughter by everyone raises my humiliation level almost to the same level my dick has risen. “Ooh, let me try that,” Christine says as she walks over to me. Now I’m really trying to free myself. To hell with Dean telling me to make it look real, I really am terrified of a girl touching my private parts. She envelops my dick in her soft hand and I think I’m going to die. I know I’d rather have Robby doing this, but her hand is so soft as she starts to stroke me a couple of times. Though shocked at this turn of events I struggle less because it does feel good after all. Nobody has ever jerked me off before, boy or girl. There is silence as everyone is mesmerized as Christine starts fondling my balls with her other hand. She obviously has done this before to someone. Her rhythm is perfect and soon I feel myself about to cum. Robby is still kneeling a foot away transfixed at what is happening. I’m so caught up in the sensations I close my eyes and start to enjoy being masturbated by a girl from my class in front of seven other kids. The feeling hits me and my eyes open wide as I watch spurt after spurt of spunk shoot out of my dick. I notice that shots 2 and 3 land on Robby’s arm and hand and he moves back as the rest drops on the ground. “Oh my!. You may be lacking in hair, but you’re surely not lacking in anything else,” Christine says as she wipes some cum off her hand. “I’ll say, that was fantastic Big Boy,” Terri adds with a sincere smile. “Yeah, that was awesome. Big Boy is right. Thanks Jamie,” Patty says sweetly. “Hey, how come you don’t have hair?” “I had hair there, but they shaved it off for my appendix,” I tell them. I can’t believe I’m actually having this conversation with three girls from school about my lack of pubes when Christine just rubbed a load out of my nuts. I bend down and pull up my shorts again. Dean and Jeff release me, even though I wasn’t struggling in the end. “We better get going,” John says bringing us all back to reality. The girls all thank me again and walk off giggling to themselves. I know that they are going to get on the public address system Monday and tell the entire school. John points out to Robby that he has a cum drop on his arm. Robby acts disgusted and wipes it off and even I laugh. Interestingly not the one on his hand. John turns to leave and tells me, “Hang in there Jamie. It’ll be alright. I’ll talk to the girls about keeping this quiet. Christine gave me a hand job about a month ago and nobody knows but you now. See you Monday.” He gives me a light punch in the shoulder and runs after the girls. John was a good friend all through school, from 5th grade until graduation. He was a semi jock, good looking, played drums, and was in the upper tier in the pecking order of cliques. Despite all the differences between us, he and I remained friends. When we saw each other at our 10th reunion it was like we had never lost touch. Unfortunately that was the last time we saw each other. I miss him as a true blue friend. Keeping his word, he convinced the girls, for their own reputations, to keep things quiet. As far as I know he was successful. Robby looks at me and shyly says, “Thanks.” As he turns away, he quickly raises his left hand to his face. Did he just lick the last drop of my baby butter up? Even with his back to us Robby is obviously adjusting his own boner. Looking back over his shoulder at me as he waves goodbye. Dean, Jeff, and Dale must have retold every detail of the story 1000 times as we went back to Mrs. Archer’s booth. Jeff had to be back at 3:30 to help his mom. She was paying him to work on the supper set-up though he was thinking of ditching it. His desire to save money for a new model airplane convinced him to work and we all agreed we’d see him to eat together then hang out later. The three of us were back on our own for about two hours and we wandered around playing some carnival games. Dale actually won a quite large stuffed giraffe on the ring toss game. Running into our parents my mom gave me the car key off of her keyring. She said we could put the giraffe in the car and to hold onto the key in case we wanted to put anything else in there. We headed to the parking lot to ditch the giraffe. Let me tell you a little about the fairgrounds. They were held on some land which once housed some old factory mills long shut down. They would eventually be turned into high style apartments/condominiums but now were vacant. From left to right it went storage building, main fair grounds, mills, finally parking. The agricultural area was above the main fairgrounds, the rides below. Further past the parking fields were some houses beyond Escort Giresun some trees. This led to an extremely isolated parking. Perfect for what was about to happen. Not so perfect for me. I had a bad feeling as we made our way to the car. Just before rounding the old mills, Dean’s friend Owen called out to us. He and another boy, Paul, ran up to us. “Hi. Deano, you know Paul right.” Turning to Paul, Owen said, “Give it to him.” Paul handed over $2.00. It appeared I was getting whored out again. “Sweet,” Dean said stuffing the money in his pocket. “Come on, we’re heading to the car to stash this giraffe.” The five of us heading toward my dad’s car. Once there, Dean made me undress completely, socks and sneaks too before climbing in the backseat. Paul whipped out his hard 4 inch cock and the 12 year old was treated to his first ever blowjob. They way he screamed in delight, somebody might have thought he was getting murdered. His balls hadn’t dropped much but he did shoot a light load in my mouth. Dale and Dean followed. Owen couldn’t afford another round. If my hard cock didn’t embarrass me enough, Dean telling me to run down the edge of the parking lot six rows to a red VW minibus and back did. Remember the old saying “if the vans a rocking, don’t come knocking?” Three quarters of the way back five high schools guys came out of the woods from the street behind the parking lot exactly as I was running past. “Streaker,” one yelled out. Being much quicker than I they had no trouble grabbing me. With one holding each arm, two of them carried me back to the car, my legs never touching the ground. “This belong to you?” The second guy asked. With them still holding me, I could see Dean wasn’t concerned about the situation. Owen and Paul appeared to be nervous. Typical Dale just waited in the background. Caught naked and hard, I was scared but excited too. “Yup. Thanks for bringing him back. We dared him to streak. Figured he’d enjoy it,” Dean answered. “Yeah. How come?” the first guy asked. “Ain’t it clear. He’s got a boner. He must like it,” the second guy explained. “That’s right. He does,” Dean continued. “You missed the big show though.” “What’s that?” number three questioned. “Can’t you tell? Look at him. He shaved his pubes off like a sissy queer,” Dean was laying it on thick, though mostly true. “He’s a cocksucking faggot who just swallowed our loads. He’s my bitch and does what I say. Tell you what, for $15.00 he’ll suck all your dicks.” Fucking bloody hell. Dean was selling my mouth on a grander scale now. I guess he figured high school kids could afford more so he upped the price. Initial shock led to five huge smiles and five throbbing erections. I don’t need to tell anyone how this played out do I? I was shoved in the backseat bare ass naked and proceeded to suck and swallow mammoth loads of raging hot ball batter from these jocks over the next 40+ minutes. I was grateful their shouting words of encouragement to each other as they pounded my throat didn’t attract any more attention. Beside the taste of their cum, the only other thing I really knew about them was their names: David, Michael, Justyn, Leonardo, and Huck. That’s not entirely true. I knew Huck’s evilness was “cut from the same cloth” as Dean. Either by choice or luck of the draw Huck went last and was the most brutal of the five. Unlike his friends who each climbed into the car for some privacy, Huck dragged me out by my hair and threw me to the ground forcing me to my knees. Naked, hard, and totally humiliated, I awaited my fate. My lips were puffing from having sucked off his four friends, plus the three blowjob I gave before they arrived. Huck slapped me across the face and said, “You disgust me you little, useless, homo, queer, faggot.” Clenching a fistful of my hair and squatting down he pulled me within inches of his face and spat. A gigantic wad of phlegm dripped down my eyes and nose running toward my mouth. “Open!” he ordered yanking back my head. A second hocker of snot and spit found its way to the back of my throat. “Swallow punk.” Standing back up, Huck opened his jeans and pulled down his y-front jockey briefs to reveal a fat, 8 inch cock dripping in precum. “SUCK MY COCK! It’s the only thing your kind is any good for.” Ramming his steel hard lead pipe to the back of my throat he instantly cut off my air. Choking and gagging, I pounded my fists on his muscular thighs in an effort to escape. I could hear his buddies egging him on and slapping his back congratulating him on the “great job” and “excellent work dude” he was doing. I have no idea what Dean and the rest thought since I couldn’t see them through my tears. Huck finally backed off and repeatedly plunged his baby maker in and out of my mouth. I tried to breathe the best I could when his dickhead rested on my lips for a fraction of a second before it speared my tonsils again and again and again. “Don’t let me feel any teeth or I swear to god I’ll knock them right out of your fairy mouth.” I have no idea if in reality he took the longest or shortest amount of time to shoot, but it certainly was an eternity for me. Much like Dean, midway thru blowing his load he pulled out and covered my face with his creamy white goodness. Smearing it around my lips and face he laughingly said, “You look so much better dripping in my cum.” Then for extra good measure he spat on me one more time. Tucking himself back into his jeans he turned to Dean and asked, “How old are you kid?” “Eleven. Why?” “You sure are one damn cool kid. Good for you.” Dean was so elated he wanted to prove just how much of a man he really was and the total control he had on me. After Huck raped my throat, the only thing worse was being humiliated even more, if possible, by Dean’s next order. I stood in front of an audience of 9 boys, only two of whom I knew, and spanked my monkey shooting a massive load of cum in my palm then licking it clean. Hilarious laughter rang out from all nine boys. “Here.” Huck then handed Dean another dollar and said, “Nice touch. Worth every penny. Let me know when his ass is available.” Pulling a pen out of his back pocket Huck actually used my right butt cheek to write down his name and telephone number. High fives all around in a celebratory mood were exchanged. Then the five walked away laughing and re-telling their conquest. Dean was probably the happiest. He made in under an hour what it would take most teenagers 8 hours to do. With the money from Owen and Paul, Dean cleared $20 in one day. That was a ton of money back then. Owen and Paul split quickly after that. I think they were a little freaked out even though they both had boners walking away. Dale told me to wipe my face despite Dean’s objections because, “We’re meeting his parents.” Dean reluctantly told me to get dressed. The three of us needed to take a leak and Dean stood right next to me and actually held my dick as I did so. After the stream died down I squeezed out another squirt. Normally I would squeeze out two or three then shake off. Dean simply tucked my shrinking dick back in my shorts. “Hope that doesn’t leave too much of a piss mark,” he laughed, which is exactly what happened. Dale shook his head at his brother while we watched me leak out several drops of pee inside my shorts. Without briefs to absorb it, my cut-off jeans showed a dark, wet circle growing to about an inch and a half wide. Several people noticed as we walked back. We met up with our parents to go home. Dale asked very politely if we could eat at the bar-b-que and maybe ride home with Matt Archer. Our parents walked us over and Mrs. Archer had no problem with that. She was happy Jeff wouldn’t be alone until she left at 9:00. Dale then suggested Jeff and I stay overnight and my parents and Mrs. Archer agreed. I knew I was in for a long night ahead. To Be Continued… I would really appreciate constructive feedback and can be reached ail I enjoy hearing feedback and will reply.

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