Subject: Fished Fished. The following is a true account of having sex with a hunky 39 year old man and a cute 18 year old when I was 16. Comments gratefully received at [email protected] Usual blurb about don’t read if you are underage, etc. Also why not make a small donation to Nifty so they can keep up the good work. When I was 14 years 4 months old I discovered cottaging, which is cruising public toilets for gay sex, by accident. I’d stayed behind at school to use the library and on the way home I got caught short. For the past two years I’d walked past the public toilet but I’d never been in but now I needed to. It was here that I met Cliff a fit sexy 20 year old who showed me what cottaging was. He took me into one of the cubicles and had his wicked way with me. After that I didn’t go cottaging much as we became regular fuck buddies and then I found other fuck buddies other ways. However when I was 15 I started cruising toilets again. Most of the time to no avail as it was mainly dirty old men but I got a thrill out of it and I did meet some hot guys occasionally. It was whilst cottaging when I was 16 years three months old that I met an 18 year old lad and a 39 year old man who were already there cruising. At 16 I had blond hair parted in curtains and a really cute boy next door face with bright blue eyes and lush red lips. My body was sports toned and as my family were nudists I had an all over tan. On the day it happened I was wearing my school uniform of grey trousers, white shirt and tie. Apart from when I did sports I go commando so my school trousers hugged my very firm pert arse perfectly and hinted at my big cock When I walked in to the toilet I saw there were already two guys in there. Both kept their heads facing forward but from behind I guessed them to be a man and a twink. When I stepped up to the urinal who I perceived as the twink was to my right and the guy on the other side of him. I unzipped my trousers and fished out my cock. I didn’t need to piss but pretended as if I was trying to get a stream going. It quickly became obvious they were pissing either so I risked a peek out of the corner of my eyes. Although he was pointing it down to try and hide it I could see the guy next to me was hard and it looked an impressive size. Glancing further down the urinal through the other guy’s cock looked even more impressive but again his was pointing it down and trying to hide it. Now that I knew they were cruising I gave up the pretence of trying to piss and began stroking my cock. As I did so I lifted my gaze to check out the face of the guy stood next to me. He looked to be about 18 and he had a fairly plain face but there was definitely a cuteness to it. He had light brown hair spiked up at the front. When he twisted his head slightly to meet my gaze I saw he had bluey grey and lush full pink lips. His face was pale and flawless and seemed even more cute when he smiled. he wasn’t stunningly cute but he was definitely bedable. He looked to have a slim body and despite our slight age difference we seemed to be the same height. The guy on the end then leaned forward and I got to see his face. He looked to be his late 30’s and his face was very borderline. A guy’s face either does it for me or doesn’t but with his I couldn’t make up my mind. It could just scrap into the does it group or would close to the top of the pile of the don’ts. One thing that was obvious was he had a buff muscular body. Now that I’d checked them out I started to cruise the 18 year old. We both started openly wanking our cocks with our gazes flicking between each other’s face to each other’s cock. As he was to the left of me we both got good views as I was wanking with my left hand and he was wanking with his right. His cock looked about 8.5 inches long and slightly thicker than average. The shaft was milky white and nicely veined. He was uncut with his pale foreskin peeling back and forth over his pink pale knob that was glistening. Just before I plucked up the courage to reach over and touch his cock he took a step backwards. As he did so the other guy bent forward and took the twink’s cock into his mouth. At first I was surprised and a little wounded. Why would he want to do something with a guy at least 20 years his senior when he could do something with a cute 16 year old schoolboy? For a couple of minutes my gaze flicked from his cute face whose cheeky smile let me know he was enjoying the oral attention the older guy was lavishing on his teen cock to looking down to watch a 39 year old man sucking on an 18 year old lad’s big cock. The guy then pulled off. “Do you want a go?” He asked me. I thought that was a bit rich as it wasn’t his cock to offer although I would find out it was. The lad was cute if a little plain and his cock was big and sexy so I answered by bending at the waist and taking his cock into my mouth. The lad began to purr with pleasure as I deep throated as much of his 8.5 inch cock as I could from the awkward angle I was in. As I bobbed my hot wet sucking mouth up and down his cock I drank in his slightly sweaty horny teen boy aroma that mingled with the smell of pale piss and toilet freshener blocks. His free flowing pre-cum also made my taste buds tingle as I savoured the feel of his hot hard throbbing cock sliding over my lips and tongue. I got so into it I practically forgot about the other guy. “He’s a real cutie isn’t he?” He asked the lad. “Very.” He replied as he gave me a cheeky smile and ruffled his hair as I looked up at him. “Do you want to fuck him?” “If he’s up for it.” The lad replied with an ever bigger grin on his cute face as I continued bobbing my hot wet sucking mouth up and down his cock. “Do you want him to fuck you?” The man asked me. “Yes he’s well cute.” I replied more than happy to offer up my arse to this cute older teen. “Let’s see your arse.” The man commanded. “You want him to fuck me here?” I asked a bit shocked. I’d had sex in those toilets before but safely locked in a cubicle. Now a guy was expecting me to drop my school trousers and show off my arse in the main part. My ranging teen hormones, the cute sexiness of the older teen and my natural slutty nature soon overruled my sensible mind. There were two squeaky doors leading into the toilet so we would have some warning. With a beating heat and fluttering stomach I undid my belt and trousers and let them fall to my ankles. I lifted up the tails of my school shirt to expose my very firm pert deeply tanned bubble butt arse and tanned sports toned legs. I looked over my right shoulder and saw the appreciative looks on their faces as they admired the rear of my naked lower body. “Very sexy.” The lad cooed which made me swell with pleasure. I bent over to give them a better view. A shiver ran through me as the lad began to caress the silky smooth globes of my pert buttocks. An even bigger shiver ran through my young lithe sports toned body and a coo of pleasure escaped my lips as I felt the lad drag his hot wet tongue up my arse crack. My arsehole quivered as his tongue ran over it. Then he began lapping away at my arse like a kitten at the cream sending waves of pleasure flowing through me and had my arse spasming like mad. His rim job had my 8.5 inch cock achingly hard, throbbing like mad and leaking loads of pre-cum into the crotch of my school trousers. For a couple of minutes the lad tongue fucked my arse as the man stood to our right leisurely wanked his big cock as he watch the teen boy sex show before him. He had an eye wateringly thick cock that looked 9.5 inches long. The shaft was pale, pretty veiny and circumcised ending in a prominent ridged pinky pale knob. “Fuck him.” He commanded the 18 year old lad currently lapping away at my schoolboy arse. I began to think about their relationship. Were they strangers with the man being naturally dominant and the lad so eager to nail a schoolboy’s arse he was willing to be commanded or did they know each other. Not that I cared as the intense rim job the lad had given my arse made it itch for hot hard cock. There I was a cute boy next door blond boy in my school uniform with my trousers around my ankles and shirt tails hitched bent over at the waist with my hands resting on my knees in a public toilet. Behind me I had a cute 18 year old lad greasing Giresun Escort up his hard 8.5 inch cock and my arse as a 39 year old man watched on. We were positioned so that if we heard the first door open the lad and I would disengage and dive into different cubicles to our left while the man took up a position at the urinal. I looked over my right shoulder with my gaze flitting between the lads plain but cute face and watching him grease up his big cock. It was thicker than average, nicely veined, 8.5 inches long and milky white. His knob was slightly smaller than the shaft of his cock with his pale foreskin peeled back to expose his knob. I didn’t even know his name yet I was willingly offering him my arse as a man watched us. He shuffled forward and I felt his knob press against my arsehole. A very eager grin spread over his cute face as he pushed forward. My tight sphincter gave the briefest resistance before giving way. I gasped at the pleasurable tingle that radiated out from my arse lips as the ridge of his knob forced them apart and popped inside. Then it was his turn to gasp with pleasure as the hot wet tightness of my arse soaked into his sensitive knob. We both then purred with pleasure as he slowly sank his big cock into my arse. I purred with the pleasure of feeling the ridge of his knob force open and stimulated the sensitive walls of my arse as his thick lightly veined long cock shaft stretched and stimulated my sphincter which had a vice like grip on his cock. at the same time he purred with the pleasure of sinking his big cock into a 16 year old schoolboy hot wet tight arse. When he bottomed out he briefly held his hot hard throbbing 8.5 inch ball deep in my arse. I savoured the full feeling of having a hot hard throbbing cock buried up my arse which I tightly squeezed around it. As for him he savoured the steamy hot wet tightness of my arse. After briefly holding his cock inside me he began to fuck me with vigour and power that belied his slim build. Due to our risky public location we knew it had to be fast hard fuck but I like it good and hard. My purrs of hard fucked pleasure mingled with his grunts of exertion and pleasure. They were adding to by the slaps of his groin repeatedly hitting my pert buttocks. In no time my tight receptive sphincter was glowing from the pleasurable friction of his long thick cock sawing against it. The soft wet walls of my arse throbbed from being repeatedly punched open by his knob. My cock throbbed and dribbled pre-cum onto my school trousers from the pleasure of being fucked up the arse. As he fucked me I looked over my right shoulder to watch the expressions of pleasure and exertion playing over his cute face. As he fucked me I was being an active bottom boy by working my arse muscles around his long thick thrusting cock. I was also giving him my best slutty sultry look which I knew was at odds which my cute innocent boy next door looks which made it all the more sexier. As the lad fucked me the man quietly spoke words of encouragement which reminded us we had an audience which when couple with our sleazy risky public location made the fuck more intense and erotic. Despite the lad’s slim build he could sure fuck above his weight and he was really hammering away at my quivering boy cunt. My arse was on fire from the intense stimulation his big cock was lavishing on it from his knob punching open the walls to his long thick cock shaft sawing against my tight sphincter. He’d been harshly screwing my arse for about 5 minutes with the man seemingly content to watch the sight of a pale 18 year lad screwing a tanned 16 year old boy. But then he decided he wanted in on the action. He stood in front of me and twisted my head from looking over my right shoulder to face his huge manly cock. It was eye wateringly thick and a good 9.5 inches long. Unusually for a Brit he was circumcised ending in a bulbous prominent ridged knob. He had it gripped in his right hand and aimed it at my mouth. His looks were so borderline I was unsure I wanted to do anything sexual with him. However he was quiet forceful and my slutty submissiveness so melt my resolve and my lips granted him access. He gasped with pleasure as the hot wetness of my mouth soaked into his sensitive cut knob. With no regard for me he kept forcing his manly cock into my mouth until the very thick meaty girth stretched my lips and jaws to the max. His very pungent sweaty manly aroused aroma filled my nostrils as his spicy pre-cum made my taste buds tingle. Due to the incredible girth of his cock I was only able to swallow half of it. The man then tightly gripped my head and began fucking my mouth as brutally as the older teen was doing my arse. To start with I struggled with the thickness of his cock and his brutal fucking but I quickly got my gag reflexes under control and let the man rape my mouth. At the other end a cute slim 18 year old was fucking my tight young arse raw. I felt such a submissive split being spit roasted by two guys older than me especially in such a sleazy and risky location. For about another five minutes the lad fucked the hell of my arse as a man old enough to be my Dad raped my mouth. The brutal fucking the 18 year old was giving me had my arse burning with well fucked pleasure. My pert buttocks were tingling from the repeated blows of his groin against them. My sphincter was on fire with the pleasurable friction of his long thick veiny cock shaft sawing against it. The walls of my arse quivered and throbbed from being repeatedly punched open by his knob. My untouched cock was achingly hard and my balls felt like grapefruits from the pressure of cum in them. The lad then upped his pace even further as his breathing became more laboured and his groans of pleasure more frequent. Sensing he was close to orgasm I increased the flexing of my arse around his cock. His increased pace also had me constantly muffling moans of pleasure which reverberated down the man’s big thick cock. “I’m going to cum.” I heard the lad gasp. He managed to powerfully thrust his thick 8.5 inch cock in and out of my arse a couple more times before his orgasm hit. He rammed all 8.5 inches of his cock ball deep into my arse where I felt it swell throb and pulse. He started grunting in intense sexual ecstasy as he powerfully spunked up in my arse. He stabbed my arse with short deep hard stabs of his big cock as it squirted jet after jet of cum into. I felt each and every volley splatter against the receptive throbbing walls of my satisfied arse. Feeling another boy whose name I didn’t even know breeding my arse had me muffling moans of pleasure down a man’s cock. The lad had a really intense and copious orgasm, pumping a really big load of spunking into my quivering satisfied arse. When it ended he held his cock ball deep in my arse as he savoured his orgasmic glow. At the other end the man was continuing to fuck my mouth. Now that I’d been fucked by the teenaged lad my faint attraction to the man was rapidly evaporating but he had a tight grip on my head and the lad had me speared on his spent cock so I had nowhere to go. I was held like that for a minute or so before the lad pulled out of my cum splattered arse. I felt my arse sucking and closing after his big retreating cock as his long thick shaft stimulated my tight sphincter as he pulled out. I muffled a gasp of pleasure and my sphincter tingled when his knob popped out of my arse. “You’re going to love his arse Uncle, it’s well tight.” I heard the lad say. Had I heard right? Did he just call the man Uncle? Was he pimping my arse out to a man who didn’t really appeal to me sexually and was old enough to be my Dad? It didn’t take me long to get my answer. “You did great Jake, you lured me a real cutie.” The guy said in a gruff voice. It all became clear, the man was using his cute nephew to lure boys for sex and I was his next prey. Although the guy wasn’t my type I knew I had little option but resign to my fate. It was two on one so no-one would believe me if and said anything and they could both physically overpower me. The man lubed up his eye wateringly thick 9.5 inch cock in front of me as if to put fear of the size of his cock into me. Little did he know that despite only being 16 with sweet innocent looks I was a cock hound who’d been Giresun Escort Bayan fucked by bigger thicker cocks but I played the scared schoolboy role as it pandered to my pussy boy nature. He was far from good looking but not a dog either so I’d have to get my kicks some other way. When his big fat cock was lubed up he slapped it against his left hand as if to emphasise its meaty girth and weight. “Jake has bagged me some real cuties but it’s been awhile since he got me a schoolboy. How old are you?” The man gruffly asked. “16.” “Well it was obvious what you came here for so you can’t protest.” He said as he walked around behind me. I looked over my right shoulder and watched his massive manly cock advancing toward my tight teen boy arse. He slapped his heavy bulbous knob against my sphincter splattering it with pre-cum. He then pressed against my sphincter and I prepared myself for the initial pain of having such a fat cock forced up my arse. My sphincter briefly resisted before giving way. I bit my lower lip to stifle my grunt of pain at having such a big bulbous knob force its way passed my tight sphincter. Then with a tight grip on my hips he yanked me backwards as he powerfully thrust forward. “Fuck.” I cried out at the searing burning stinging sensation radiating from my sphincter and arse as it was brutally impaled on such a big thick cock. For the briefest moment the guy held me fully impaled on his eye wateringly thick throbbing 9.5 inch cock as my arse spasmed in pain. He then launched into a brutal fuck the likes of which I’d rarely experienced before and since. Sure I had taken some good hard fuckings before but this guy was so strong and got a kick out of dominating his sexual prey. Even though I was fitter and more toned than most boys my age I was but a twig compared to him. My sphincter felt on fire from being stretched so wide and rubbed so rapidly by such a long fat cock. The cum splattered walls of my arse dully ached from being repeatedly punched open by his thick ridged bulbous knob. My buttocks mildly stung from being repeatedly slapped by his groin. “Yeah take my cock you dirty little slut.” He grunted as he impaled my protesting arse on his massive manhood again. “Right cock whore aren’t you.” He added his derogatory dirty talk turning me on as my young but experienced arse adjusted to the really thick manly 9.5 inch cock brutally raping it. I’d let my teen boy hormones get the better of me so eager for sex with the tasty 18 year old was I that I didn’t realise there would be a price to pay. The man had pimped out his own nephew to me and now I was paying for it. For several minutes the guy fucked my arse as if he was raping it. All the discomfort had disappeared to be replaced with intense hard fucked pleasure. My overstretched sphincter tingled with pleasure and the walls of my cum splattered arse throbbed from being repeated punched open by such a big bulbous knob only to feel the prominent ridge scrape the walls of my arse on the outward thrust. My cum laden balls felt bruised from his big manly balls bashing my teen nuts like wrecking balls. My pert buttocks were mildly stinging from his groin repeatedly slapping against them. Although my big young cock had deflated slightly at the initial discomfort at being fucked so harshly by such a big fat cock it was now achingly hard and my school trousers were wet and stained with my free flowing clear pre-cum. My balls felt like microwaved watermelons about to burst. At the same time Jake watched his 39 year old Uncle fucking a cute blond 16 year old schoolboy he’d seduced on his Uncle’s behalf. However he wanted in on the action and knelt in front of me. His Uncle knew what he was after so keeping his right hand gripping my hip he gripped my left shoulder with his left hand and lifted me up so that I was stood up enough for his nephew to gain access to my cock but bent forward enough to carry on fucking the hell out of my quivering boy cunt. As the hung hunky man carried on raping my arse I watched as his nephew’s face advanced towards my cock. Jake had a cheeky grin on his fairly cute face and his bluely grey eyes sparkled mischievously. In well fucked delirium I watched him open his mouth and take my tanned pinkish knob into his mouth. His lush pale pink lips wrapped around my thick tanned cock shaft just below the ridge of my knob as the hot wetness of his mouth soaked into my sensitive bell end. That feeling made me moan with pleasure which intensified when I felt his tongue repeatedly circle around my sensitive knob. His pale cute face looked even sexier sucking on the end of my big tanned teen cock. My purrs of pleasure went up an octave when I watched his cute face descend onto my cock. I felt his lush lips slid down my thick throbbing cock the pinkness of his lips contrasting with my deeply tanned cock. He managed to swallow all but the last inch or so. Our gazes were locked as he gave me a cock sucker’s smile while grinding his lips around my thick throbbing shaft as he flicked the sensitive underside with his tongue. The hot wetness of his mouth coupled with the stimulation his tongue was lavishing on it made my big boy cock strongly throb and leak even more pre-cum. Jake began to deep throat my hard throbbing cock. It was so hot watching his plain but cute face bobbing up and down my long thick young cock. I kind of got a thrill out of a slightly older boy worshiping my teen cock with his hot wet strongly sucking mouth. His pink lush lips, which were tightly clamped around my thick cock wanked it as his tongue stimulated the underside. When coupled with his cute looks and mischievous twinkle in his bluey grey eyes was enough to make me cum. However on top of that I had a 39 year old man brutally fucking my with his eye wateringly thick 9.5 inch cock which was topped with a prominent ridged bulbous knob that scrapped the cum splattered walls of my arse. The fact he was fucking in his nephew’s sloppy seconds turned me on so god knows how it made him feel. Further stimulation was provided by our sleazy and very risky location. I felt such a slut as some boys at 16 were still virgins yet there I was having sex with two strangers in a public toilet. Having a cute 18 year old lad expertly sucking my big hard throbbing cock as his 39 year old Uncle pounded the hell out of my quivering young arse with his big fat cock soon got to me. Having such a big bulbous, prominent ridged knob repeatedly punching open the throbbing walls of my arse as the really thick shaft stretched and sawed against my tight sphincter coupled with a hot wet mouth of a cute 18 year old lad working on my cock pushed me over the edge. “I’m going to cum.” I warned as I felt the warning tingle in my cock intensify. I managed to briefly hold out before I felt my cock locked solid and my balls tighten. Then my young sports toned body tensed before violently shuddering as an earth shattering orgasm hit me. I felt my cock swell, throb and pulse in Jake’s mouth. He was just sucking my knob and flicking the underside with his tongue. I felt my cum pool in his mouth and bubble around my sensitive knob which fuelled my orgasm. I could see the pleasure in his cute face as he savoured the taste of my schoolboy spunk and his satisfied contentment at bringing another boy to orgasm. I’m naturally a copious spunker but being fucked twice in a row by two well hung guys in a risky and sleazy public toilet with a blow job on top making this orgasm even larger than usual. I really pumped a huge load of cum into Jake’s mouth so much so his cheeks bulged. He was muffling purrs of pleasure as I flood his mouth with cum. When my intense and copious orgasm ended Jake pulled his cum filled mouth off my spent and very satisfied cock and went behind me where he began to snowball kiss his Uncle sharing my schoolboy spunk with him. As he did so he furiously wanked his thick milky white 8.5 inch cock which was rock hard despite his earlier orgasm in my arse. Tasting my cum pushed the man over the edge. He now had both hands tightly gripping my hips and he increased his already brutal fucking of my arse. God knows where he got the energy from as he was already fucking my arse with unbelievable vigour and power. “Fuck.” I couldn’t help but cry out at the brutality of the fucking Escort Giresun I was now receiving. It wasn’t painful but at the same time it was a weird pleasure. My tight young arse felt so stuffed full of hard throbbing manhood. My tight overstretched sphincter felt sore and on fire but in a pleasurable way as his eye wateringly thick long cock pounded my boy cunt. The walls of my cum splattered arse throbbed when his bulbous knob brutally punched them open and the quivered when the prominent ridge of his knob scrapped against them on the outward thrust. My pert buttock stung slightly from the repeated slaps of his groin against them. My balls felt bruised from his big heavy man sized balls smashing against them. The guy managed to fuck me for a couple more minutes. “Fuck his faggot arse Uncle.” Jake encouraged. “Yeah it’s so fucking tight and sloppy with your jizz.” The man groaned the strain of fighting off impending orgasm obvious in his gruff voice. “Beg for my cum bitch boy.” He ordered. “Cum in my arse Sir.” I begged in slutty abandonment. If it wasn’t for being lured by his 18 year old nephew I probably wouldn’t have had anything to do with him as sure he had a hot buff boy and really big thick cock but his face didn’t do anything for me. However I had now totally surrendered my young lithe body to him to do what he wanted. I might have been highly sexed for my age but I still had standard which he just about felt short of but his buff body, big cock and brutal fucking was winning me around. Then he slammed his fat 9.5 inch so hard into my arse it was as if he was trying to push it out of my mouth. I felt his muscular body tense up as his very thick long cock swelled, throbbed and pulsed in my arse. He repeatedly cried out “Fuck” with each powerful ejaculation. He stabbed me with short deep hard thrusts as he flooded my arse with his man cum. I purred with pleasure as I felt his cum flood my arse and splattered the throbbing receptive walls. “Fuck yeah squeeze that dick dry.” He groaned as I rapidly flexed my arse muscles around his orgasming cock to prolong his orgasm and milk him dry. He pumped a big load of man spunk into my arse to mingle with his 18 year old nephew’s teen cum. The man whose name I still didn’t know despite the fact he’d just fucked me pumped a big load of cum into me. As soon as his orgasm ended he roughly yanked out his cock leaving my arse feeling bruised, battered, full of cum and missing his cock already. Before I had time to recover he’d spun me around and was forcing my head down towards his smile cock. It was clean except for the mix of his and his nephew’s cum, my arse juice and lube. Therefore despite having no qualms about taking it into my mouth I struggled against him as if I didn’t want it. This just made him rougher and more dominant which turned me on. “No its dirty.” I falsely protested. He had my head tightly gripped between his big strong hands and I was no match for his muscles might. He started rubbing his slimy knob against my tightly clamped lips with me still pretending I didn’t want it. “Pinch his nose.” The man commanded his nephew. Jake gripped my nose so that I eventually had to open my mouth to breathe. I sucked in a breath but before I could close my mouth he forced his cock in. He began to roughly fuck my mouth so that my lips and tongue scraped the mix of man and teen cum and my arse off his thick long cock. The salty slightly earthy taste was delicious although I was acting as if it was disgusting. “Thanks kid.” He said as he lightly slapped the side of my face and pulled his cock from my mouth when he felt it was suitably clean. He then pulled up his jeans and boxers and stuffed his big thick deflating cock in them. Without a further word he left. Then it was Jake’s turn to take control. He’d been wanking his slightly thicker than average sexy 8.5 inch cock ever since he’d finished fucking me. As his right hand was furiously beating his meat he used his left hand to guide my head to his big cock. I didn’t resist and was soon squatted in front of him my face level with his sexy pale cock. He aimed it at my mouth which I eagerly opened to accept it. He pushed forward until just his knob was inside and I tightly wrapped my lips around his slightly thicker than average cock. I began to eagerly suck his swollen sensitive knob as I rapidly flicked the underside with my tongue. Our gazes were locked and he had a cheeky smile on his cute face which I returned with a cock sucker’s smile. As I greedily sucked his sensitive bell end he furiously wanked the base of his big cock. His cute face then began to scrunch up so I knew he was close. Because of that I started sucking his knob harder. He didn’t warn me but I felt his cock swell a nanosecond before he started powerfully pumping a big load of thick tasty teen cum into my mouth. He gasped at the intense ecstasy of his orgasm as I muffled purrs of pleasure as I savoured the taste of his spunk and feeling it pump into my mouth. Despite having cum in my arse earlier he still pumped a big load of teen cum into my mouth. When his orgasm ended he pulled his spent cock from my mouth and I made a show of swilling his tasty cum around my mouth as he pulled up his jeans. Then I swallowed his cum as I stood up. “Sorry if we were a bit rough.” Jake apologetically said his cute face flushed with the orgasm glow and his voice breathless. “Your Uncle isn’t really my type but it was worth it to have sex with you. Do you want to meet up again sometime?” I asked still stood there with my school trousers around my ankles. His cute face brightened up even more. “It is up to you. I’d love to but my Uncle would want in on the action sometimes.” “His face doesn’t float my boat but he does have a hot body, big cock and he is a great fucker so I think I could make that sacrifice for sex with you.” This made his cute face light up even more. We then exchanged phone numbers and he left. There I was a cute blond haired blue eyes schoolboy in my uniform with my trousers around my ankles stood in the middle of a public toilet. My arse felt sore but in a satisfied well fucked way with the walls contentedly throbbing. I could feel the cum up my bettered arse and my sphincter felt swollen and stretched but tingled pleasurably. My cock was hard again so I knew I had to take care of it as I was going commando so my big boner would be obvious in my grey trousers. I shuffled into a toilet cubicle and locked myself inside. I sat on the toilet and began furiously wanking my thick throbbing 8.5 inch cock with my left hand as I harshly finger fucked my cum filled arse with the three biggest fingers of my right hand. As I wanked and frigged I relived the intense fucking I taken from a cute hung 18 year old lad and his even more endowed 39 year old uncle. It only took a few minutes before I felt the warning tingle in my cock. Then someone came into the toilet but I was too close to stop. Not caring if they could hear the rhythmic wet slapping of my foreskin peeling back and forth over my bell end I kept wanking my big cock before my all too familiar tight grip pushed me over the edge. I bent forward and due to a flexible back and big cock I was able to take my knob into my mouth. I sucked on the end and swiped it with my tongue as I wanked the thick base. I felt my cock swell in my hand and my knob pulse in my mouth as it began to powerfully squirt my thick tasty teen cum into my mouth. Even though I’d fired one off in the shower that morning, tossed one off in the school bogs at lunch time and squirted a third into a cute 18 year old lad’s mouth the virility of being 16 meant I was still able to pump a big load into my mouth. Ever since I’d been able to shoot cum I’ve tasted it so it was all familiar to me. When my orgasm was over I pulled my mouth off my cock which was tingling in that delightful way you get after orgasm. I swilled my tasty spunk around my mouth before swallowing. Then I pulled my fingers from my cum filled arse and sucked them clean savouring the taste of a teen boy’s cum and the cum of a man old enough to be my dad mingling with the taste of my arse. Once I’d lick my fingers clean I adjusted my school uniform at left. As I did so the old man who due to the length of time he’d been there without pissing must have been cruising gave a knowing grin. I quickly hurried out of there. I hope this one got you off and you’re sat there splattered in cum. If you did please let me know at [email protected] as although I enjoy reliving it and writing it up it is nice knowing people read it.

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