Life in The Village, through the eyes of one student at the remote school.

This is an original work of pure fiction (just an expression of a fantasy)
by Robert A. Armstrong (a pseudonym)

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From Chapter 82:

I tear the corner of a page out of one of my exercise books to ensure that Mikey has my phone number.

We say `Good afternoon” to Mr Grant, and everyone shakes hands with Sam and Mikey. “Thanks heaps!” Mikey whispers to Karl and me. It”s not just for my phone number. I know what else for! So does Karl.

While they both wait with William and Mr Grant to lock up, Karl and I head back to Dad and Helen. It looks like we”ll be having an early dinner before driving home!

As we walk back in the direction of the pub, Dad says, “I had a phone call from Archie”s dad today. They are coming tomorrow night for dinner and staying until after lunch on Sunday. But his aunt and uncle can”t make it.”

Junior has already had a bit of excitement today, but that news quickly stirs him up again!


Chapter 83 � Archie”s Visit

The inside of the pub is the same, but different!

The carpet looks similar but newer, thicker, brighter.

The light fittings around the dining room are the same brass ones, maybe polished, and the actual light is brighter. `Energy efficient bulbs,” Helen says when I comment on them.

“All of the original wooden tables have been sanded and polished,” Dad says. “What do you think of them?”

“They look new,” Karl answers. “And, kind of like the big dining table at Jintabudjaree.”

I look around. The big fireplace has been cleaned up, and the fire is set, ready to be lit. “What sort of rocks are they?” I ask, pointing to all of the grey and brown pieces of stone (now much more visible after the surrounds have been cleaned) that even extend about a metre onto the floor.

“Slate,” Dad replies. “But you won”t find any of that in these parts. Like the sandstone on the outside, all of it would have had to be brought in from quarries somewhere. Or from stone merchants. Ash has done an amazing job of tracking down replacement pieces.”

There are two words that I haven”t heard before, and I ask Dad to explain `quarries” and `merchants”.

Above the fireplace, protected from the smoke by a wide `mantlepiece” (another one for my vocabulary) I point to the beautiful picture which shows a lot of people in olden-day dress standing at the front door of the pub. It did look grand back then. And just as good now!

Hey, I know what a mantlepiece is � there are lots of them at Jintabudjaree. I didn”t know that they had a special name. I just thought that they were the `shelves” above the fireplace.

Mrs Smith tells everyone, “That is the earliest-known photograph of anything in this region, and was found by one of the locals, all wrapped in oilskin and stored in the loft above their stables which were originally owned by one of the people in the picture. The story is that it used to hang in their house which was prone to dampness so it was put there to keep it dry. Then, it was forgotten until recently while they were having a clean-up”. Magnificent, isn”t it? And, Ash had it professionally cleaned and mounted to protect it.”

I continue to look around. I love this place; it”s even better now than before.

The panelling around the bottom half of the walls is the same, but it just looks cleaner. Very similar to the wood panelling at Jintabudjaree! Above it, around the walls are all of the original photographs, and some new ones. Each has been placed below one of the lights, and all have been hung at the same height. Somebody has taken a lot of care to get them exactly right! Alongside each picture is a description of what it is, where it is, and the date. These are so much more interesting now than just a picture in a frame!

Mrs Smith tells us that, over the past months, she collected the information from many locals then Ash had all of the labels made up, which have only been in place now for a week.

“This is just like a museum,” Helen comments. “And I love how the pictures have been arranged, left to right, in `chronological order”, so you can see how things and people changed over the years. I even found one with my grandpa in it. See! That one!

“Come and look,” she says, walking to it. She points to her grandfather. Handsome man with a bushy beard! Helen says, “That was before he went grey. I guess he didn”t have grandchildren when that was taken.”

I hope that she”s joking!

I think of Ma and Pa and wonder how much Karl and I might have contributed to their grey hair. I can”t remember what colour it was when we were little, before we moved out here.

Dad, Helen and Mrs Smith give us a `tour” of the pub and the `re-furbished” rooms. Mrs Smith is hopeful that tourists will be happy to stay here for a night or two. Like Sam and Mikey”s motel, I suppose. I imagine that some of our farm-stay guests would love to come and see the pub and have one of Mrs Smith”s fantastic dinners. Which reminds me…


“Do you reckon that Archie”s mum and dad will want to come riding with us tomorrow afternoon or Sunday morning?” my brother asks, snuggling his naked thigh against mine, in my bed. His pyjama pants are on the floor. Mine have only made it to my ankles.

“I know why you”re thinking of that!” I tell him, as I cup his balls and dick with one hand. “You”re hoping that they will stay talking with Dad and Helen, and that I can keep Archie out of the way, so you can spend time alone with Jacko. Right?”

Wrapping his fingers around Junior and giving it multiple squeezes as if to emphasise his words, he replies, “Hey, it”s really scary how you always know stuff, and can even tell what people are thinking!”

“So,” I answer, “I”m right, aren”t I?”

I feel his dick quickly swell to hard. “Does THAT answer your question?” he chuckles. “But, hey! You know what it was like to have fun with Jacko, when you pretended to be me!”

I tell him, “I had fun pretending to be you, and it was fun watching, and hearing and feeling how much Jacko was having fun with you. Well, he thought that it was you.”

“I like making him happy,” Karl replies, beginning to jerk Junior up and down, “And, he”s good at making me happy.”

“As good as I am?” I ask him, as I slide down to take the head of Junior”s hard twin into my mouth.

He groans, then chuckles, “Not yet! Maybe he just needs more practice!”

“Well,” I tell him, as I come up for air, “You”d better hope that Dad doesn”t convince Archie”s Dad that it would be a good idea for all of us guys to go horse riding together!”

“And YOU”D better hope, “Karl says back, “That if you suggest going for a spin on the quad bikes with Archie, that his mum and Helen won”t want to ride along with you!”

We continue to play, and both spurt faster than usual, and I reach for my spunk rag.

“Hey!” Karl says. “That was quick! What were you thinking about? Archie?”

“No,” I tell him. “Sam and Mikey! Sam”s dick was huge and Mikey”s is well on the way!”

“I”ll bet that it”s difficult for Sam to hide it while he”s working in the motel,” Karl says. “Especially if he pops a woody! He must wear some really loose pants to give it space,”

“And what were you thinking of, yourself, to cum so quickly,” I put to him. Jacko?”

“Nah,” he chuckles. “Same as you. And what it might feel like to have that thing pushing between my legs, like how you and Jacko and I do it to me.”

“Well, you”ll probably never know!” I answer.

“Unless they can come and stay with us!” Karl says. I can hear the potential excitement in his voice.

“And, by next year, Mikey could have grown too,” I tell him. “We could both teach him.”

Karl goes back to his room to dream about Jacko or Sam, and, pulling up my pjs, I roll onto my side and try to come up with ways for Archie and me to be alone, and what we might do.


Morning. I stash my wet, sticky pyjamas under my pillow and, with them, the dream of Archie and Mikey and me wrestling naked on a bed in a workers” hut. Despite waking up just before Junior was about to spurt, I decided to just let it happen and to enjoy the feeling!

Well, I”m awake! Thank goodness nobody else is!

I quietly dash, naked, to the bathroom and wipe my body over with a warmed face washer, then head back to get dressed.

Why not surprise Diyarbakır Escort everyone with breakfast?


It”s much easier to prevent people hearing noises from the kitchen than it is to stop appealing smells from finding their way into bedrooms and nostrils!

Helen is the first to emerge.

If the lamb”s fry and bacon didn”t do it, it would have been the pancakes that I made first!

“I thought that I was dreaming,” she tells me. “Thank you.”

I get a sincere hug, like every hug that Helen gives! This one is more side-on than it used to be, with my soon-to-be sisters coming between us, up front.

Releasing me, she says, “At least I can set the table.”

“Already done!” I tell her.

“I”ll make some toast then,” she says, turning towards the toaster.

At that exact moment 4 slices pop up.

“So, what are you like with a knife and the butter?” I ask her.

There is a pause and then both of us chuckle. A shared moment of cheerfulness!

“I didn”t realise that you were up,” Dad says, coming into the kitchen, and giving Helen a hug and a kiss. “And I see that your assistant is working too.”

Helen looks at me, smirks, and tells Dad, “Chef Kurt has prepared breakfast. I”m only the assistant this morning.” Then she hands Dad the knife and says, “However, you can also make yourself useful,” and she points the knife towards the butter and the toast.

Karl strolls in, rubbing his eyes. At least he has his pyjama pants on! Maybe his weren”t wet and sticky, like mine!

“You know how to butter toast?” Dad tells him, grinning and handing him the knife. “I need to go to the bathroom.”

“Hello?” we hear. It”s Jacko”s voice.

“Just in time to butter the toast,” Karl chirps, handing him the knife. “While I do the coffee.”

Helen and I grin at each other.

“And I should get dressed properly before we eat,” she says and heads towards her bedroom.

By habit, I check out the front of Jacko”s jeans, then turn to my brother. He”s seen it too!

Pointing, Karl tells him, “Man, you should go back and use more cold water!”

I walk near to him, drop my hand briefly onto Jacko”s obvious chunk of morning wood and, just for fun, say in a low voice, “And, I hope you left enough for later!”

Jacko looks from my grinning face to Karl and back again. Obviously not knowing which of us is the twin that he has been playing with, he answers, “Umm. Yeah. Sure. Back soon!”

Doing an about-turn to go and `deal with things”, he hands me the butter knife.

Karl almost grabs the knife from me. “I”d better do this in case Dad comes back. Can you do the coffee?” Then he stops and says, “Hey, I thought that I could smell pancakes, which is why I got out of bed in the first place.”

I open the oven door to reveal the foil-covered dish. “Tahdah!” I tell him. “We”ll have these, then the lamb”s fry. But, first, let”s have toast and coffee to wake everyone up properly.”


Over breakfast, it is Dad who raises the possibility of going horse riding with Archie and his father.

Karl and I look at each other across the table. I give him my `Told you so!” expression.

Then Karl, trying not to look worried, asks, “Can Archie”s Dad actually ride? When we saw him that day in the Chinese restaurant, he didn”t look the type.”

Helen comments, “Well, most country men and boys can ride because they were brought up around horses, you know.”

“You could always ring Mr Taylor and ask him,” I tell my Dad. “Or, I can find out.”

Dad and Helen, surprised, look at me with `How?” faces.

“Archie gave me his mobile phone number,” I answer. “For no particular reason. It”s what teenagers do at his school. That”s what Archie told me. I”ll go and put the jug on again.”

I return from the kitchen with a serious answer for Dad and a wink for my brother and Jacko. “Archie says that his dad doesn”t ride because he has an allergy to horses, dogs and some other animals. But he”d probably be OK on a quad bike.”

“What about Archie?” Helen asks.

“He”s happy to try,” I reply, “But his dad hasn”t really given him the chance in the past to ride a horse.”

Seizing the opportunity, Jacko comes up with a solution. “We have four horses in the stalls ready to be saddled and four quad bikes in the shed. Why don”t the boys and I take the horses and leave the quad bikes to Mr Taylor and you, Jan?”

I see where he”s going! I add, “Then Jacko and Karl can have races against each other, if they want to, while Archie and I can ride at a more relaxed pace.”

Helen says to me, “Well, I”m in no condition to do either, so I”ll stay here and endure Mrs Taylor”s prattle about how good Archie is at everything, and your dad can give Mr Taylor a quick tour of the property, taking two of the bikes.”

Karl and I lock eyes. We grin. I can tell that he and I are both thinking the same thing. With Dad and Mr Taylor on the bikes, we would hear them coming, wherever we are! Jacko and him. Archie and me.

Picking up on her previous comment, I ask Helen, “Would you like me to make an apple pie for later? At the appropriate time, I”m sure you”d enjoy telling Archie”s mum who made it!”


So, while Jacko goes off to see to the horses and the bikes for later, and while Dad and Karl are doing the dishes, Helen and I enjoy another cup of coffee together.

“This is really nice,” she comments. “We don”t get to do this often enough.”

We chat about the `girls”, as though that”s what the babies will be. Also, about farm stay activities for the guests. And we inevitably end up with the question of how things will work having a house in The Village and the property here at Whispering Gums, which I have thought about, often.

“The obvious thing,” I tell her, “Is that your property manager and the farm hand,” (meaning Dad and Jacko) “can continue to look after Whispering Gums. And, like we do now, Karl and I can go to Mr Grant”s on Sunday nights and stay in the new house Monday to Thursday nights. We can come home here on Friday to help out on weekends. In another two years, Karl and I will be turning 16 and we might leave school and spend all of our time here. Two new farm hands!”

Helen doesn”t ask the obvious question, `What about me?” but I”ve got that covered too.

“You can spend as much time as you like in the new house, and you will have Mrs Smith, and Mrs O”Brien, Jane”s mother, close by for any help or just to talk to. Karl and I will be able to help you a lot during the week and then we can all travel home Friday for the weekend. And Dad can go in to be with you whenever he wants, leaving Jacko here for a day to do stuff. You know, you really don”t have to stay in town just to look after Karl and me, either. We can look after ourselves. Besides, Mr Grant will always be around if we need something.”

As a final thought, I add, “And, if you would like any of your friends to come and stay with you at the new house, before or after the girls are born, Karl and I can always spend a night or two at Mr Grant”s. He”s already offered to have us there anytime. Besides, sometimes on Thursdays, he takes William and us to Marty”s for breakfast. I think that Marty is happy for the company”

I know why!

Wiping a tear from her eye, she comments, “You are an amazing young man, and our girls are going to love their older brother as much as I love you!”

She stands, comes to me and gives me a hug as I stand up to be at the same height. So, it sounds like she”s already accepting my view that the babies will be girls. Two little sisters! `Our girls” Helen said!

I reach for the handkerchief in my back pocket. Not for her. For me!


Karl and I start walking towards the stables to see what Jacko is up to.

“So, what”s the plan?” he asks me, guessing that I would have thought of something.

I tell him, “Why don”t you suggest to Dad that after the Taylors” get their gear settled and have some afternoon tea, then he should first take Mr Taylor up to the lookout while the light is still good? And I”ll add that, before dark, he might like to show Mr Taylor the two workers” huts while they”re doing a quick tour of the property. Then, you and Jacko can go up to the lookout while Dad and Mr Taylor are heading in the opposite direction. Archie and I will probably pass them going the other way, so we”ll stop in at the northern workers” hut.”

Karl answers, “Brilliant! But how will Jacko and I know when you and Archie have umm… finished?”

“When you come down from the lookout,” I say, “If our horses are still at the workers” hut, you and Jacko can go straight past. If they”ve gone, you can stop in, if you like.”

“But, don”t you want Archie to see the lookout?” Karl asks. “It might look odd if we”ve all been up to see it except you two. Especially since Archie is a visitor.”

“Good thinking!” I compliment him. I think, then add, “And the workers” hut might be more comfortable for you and Jacko, if you want to do anything in there.”

I grin at him. He grins at me. Hey, there are some things, besides our physical appearance, Diyarbakır Escort Bayan that I know my twin brother and I have in common!

“So, how will the swap-over work then?” he asks.

“You know that our phones have timers on them?” I say, having recently discovered that function.

“No,” he answers.

I show him.

“So,” I say, thinking quickly, “If the four of us get to the workers” hut together, then you and I can set our timers for, say, 30 minutes. When the alarms go off, we can start heading off and pass each other on the way up and down the hill.”

“Excellent!” Karl responds. “Then, afterwards, it doesn”t matter who gets back to the house first. If Jacko and I get back first, we”ll just tell them that you two were going very slowly. And if you get back before us, then… well… er… um…”

Seeing the potential problem, I finish the sentence for him, “Then I will say that you and Jacko decided to check some of the northern fences instead of coming straight back, seeing that you were already up that way.”

“You are brilliant!” he says, giving me a hug. “And thanks for being so understanding about Jacko and me, and for giving us time together.”

Stopping walking, I say, “Well, go in and have a bit of time with him now. I”ll go back to the house and start on an apple pie for dessert tonight.”

He doesn”t exactly run towards where Jacko is. More like a skip. Horny pair of buggers!

Hey, I should talk! Junior has been waking up every time I think of being alone with Archie. There he goes again! See what I mean? Uncontrollable!

One problem that I see with growing up is when Junior is in one of his moods, he”s becoming harder to disguise! How does on earth does Sam manage?


After lunch, I get a riding lesson from Jacko, with Dad and Karl enjoying my discomfort. However, I am getting better!

“I guess that you won”t want to come with us later then,” Dad tells me. “The saddle on a quad bike won”t cause your backside any pain.”

Karl and I look at each other. My near-perfect plan has just been destroyed!

For once, it”s my brother who saves the day! “But walking the horse isn”t uncomfortable,” he says, “And Archie did tell Kurt that he”d like to try riding with him.”

Then, he puts the rest of our plan to Dad, about him and Mr Taylor taking the bikes to explore the property, including the lookout and both workers” huts while Karl, Archie, Jacko and I take the horses.

The conversation doesn”t exactly go as planned, but I do my bit. “Hey, Karl, do you reckon that you”re good enough to beat Jacko in a race?”

“Of course!” he tells me, then turns his head to Jacko and grins.

“In your dreams, dude!” Jacko fires at him.

So, our plan is back on track!


Dad spots the dust from the Taylors” car even before I hear it.

“They”re here sooner than I thought,” Dad says. “Maybe George let his nephew off from work early.”

Archie”s coming? Now? Junior wakes up.

“Race you back!” Dad says to Jacko, and takes off without warning.

Karl and I walk our horses back to the stables then emerge to greet our visitors.

Karl greets Mr and Mrs Taylor and bumps fists with Archie, then, saying, “Jacko and I will rub the horses down, and get them ready for later,” he heads back towards the stables.

“We”ll have afternoon tea ready soon,” Dad calls after them. “Don”t be long!”

Archie looks different today without his `work clothes” on. I mean, not that he doesn”t have any clothes on, but he”s not the same without his black trousers and white shirt and tie.

After politely acknowledging his parents, my attention turns back to Archie.

The front of his tighter, pulled-up, light-coloured jeans show a left-side roundness which attracts my attention. I wonder whether he”s chosen this pair deliberately. His face is wearing a cheeky smirk, with one side of his mouth higher than the other. Yeah, I reckon it was deliberate! And he can tell that I”ve seen it.

Junior has seen it! His response is not unpredictable!

I can tell that Archie has also seen Junior”s response.

And, his roundness becomes rounder.

I hope that the adults haven”t noticed what Archie and I have been looking at!

“Come on,” I tell him. “I”ll show you where you”ll be sleeping tonight. In the bunkhouse.”

“I”ll get my bag,” he says, turning back to the car.

Mr Taylor also retrieves a bag.

“Afternoon tea in ten minutes,” Helen says to me and Archie, then she and Dad lead the Taylors towards the house. They”re having my room tonight, which I”ve cleaned specifically for them. It also gives me a perfect reason to sleep in the bunkhouse.

As we walk, I consider that Archie”s hair is the same colour as one of our chestnut mares. But not as dark as his patch of pubic hair which I saw in the change room at his uncle”s shop that day. LOL. It”s brushed to one side like Karl”s and mine, except his is thicker with a bit of a wave at the front. Very handsome! Junior agrees.

“Here we are,” I tell him, as we enter. “Showers on the left, toilet on the right. And I thought that you and I would have the two end beds down there on the left, while Karl and our farm hand can sleep up at this end.

“Oh, OK,” he replies, seemingly a little less enthusiastic than I had imagined he would be.

“What”s up?” I ask.

“I thought that you and I would be sleeping together tonight, alone,” he answers. “I”ve been really excited since my dad told me we were finally coming to visit.”

“How excited?” I ask, grinning and wondering how much he will share with me.

“Well, last night, my dad came into my room to say goodnight and to warn me to be on my best behaviour today, and he caught me jacking off, thinking about being with you” Archie confesses. Then he adds, “But, it could have been worse!”

“How?” I ask.

“It might have been my mother!” he grits his teeth, pulling back the corners of his mouth and squinting, as he tells me.

“Why? What would she have done?” I put to him. “Apart from telling you not to do it or you”d go blind?”

Archie has a sudden grin on his face. “Being sprung by Mum would have been even more embarrassing than by my dad, who didn”t make a big thing out of it. But, if Mum told me what you said, and it was true, then I should have been blind long before now!”

We both laugh.

“Yeah. Me too!” I tell him. Then I close my eyes tightly and pretend that I can”t see. I reach out as if to find him, and run my fingers through his hair and feel his face then his trim body. And, as if I needed an excuse, I end up below his belt, with his lump in my hand. It only takes a moment for the lump to develop a very recognisable stiffness.

I open my eyes and stare into his. Up close, they are more of a light grey than the blue that I thought they were. He appears to be biting his bottom lip.

Why is he so hesitant?

“Come on!” I tell him. “I know that you have wanted to do this as much as I have.”

Junior is already hard, and jerks at the tentative touch of Archie”s hand.

“Hey, don”t worry,” I tell him as we feel each other. “My brother and I have worked out a plan for you and me to hang out together in private for a while before dinner.”

“What? How does he know what we might want to do?” Archie asks.

“He”s cool!” I answer. “He”s my brother. We have an understanding of each other”s needs.”

Archie responds, “Umm… Do you and Karl… umm… you know… do stuff together?”

“Of course!” I tell him. “Wouldn”t you, if you had a twin brother?”

“Fuck, yeah!” he answers, but suddenly appearing embarrassed at his own language, looks around, hoping that nobody else heard him.

I ignore it, and tell him, “You and I will have time to get fully naked in private, and play, if you want to.”

“Fuck yeah!” he repeats more confidently, and I feel his dick jerk a couple of times in his jeans.

“I”d love to play now,” I tell him, “But our parents would want to know why we took so long. We”ll have plenty of time later.”

We make good use of some cold water to settle our excitements.

Then, while walking back to the house, I fill him in on the plan.


“These are delicious Corn-Flake cookies, Mrs Andersen,” Archie compliments Helen, using his customer-service voice. “Did you make them?”

“Thank you, Archie,” Helen responds. “Yes, I did. Would you like another one?”

“Oh, may I? Thank you very much, Mrs Andersen” he answers, being super-courteous.

I”m not buying it! I don”t think that Karl is either. But, he gets 5 stars for his acting ability!

Jacko looks bewildered. Maybe he”s never heard such politeness as this in his life, probably because it is so fake, and maybe being more accustomed to `truck”- and `ship”-sounding words from his mates at the pub.

I see Archie look towards his father, who seems to nod his approval of Archie”s politeness.

Archie”s Mum has a weird expression on her face, like her son has the best manners in the world.

Later, I”ll see how `good” he really is, Escort Diyarbakır at things other than manners and dominoes!

By the way, I can”t wait to see him play with Jacko. Dominoes that is! And see his mother”s face when he is beaten!


Down at the sheds, Mr Taylor seems relieved that he and Dad will be taking quad bikes instead of the horses. However, he expresses concern for Archie”s safety on a horse.

“Don”t worry,” Dad tells him. “These three are very familiar with the rules for staying safe. And Jacko is one of the finest horsemen around here. Besides, Kurt much prefers to walk his horse instead of galloping. So, I expect that he will stay with Archie the whole time.

Jacko gives Archie a run-down of everything that he needs to know, helps him up, hands him the reins and adjusts his stirrups.

The four of us start at a walking pace then, being passed by Dad and Mr Taylor on the bikes, Karl and Jacko canter off in the same direction.

“Hey,” I ask Archie, now being alone with him, “What was all that `Oh, may I? Thank you very much, Mrs Andersen?” bull shit that you gave to Helen?”

“I”ve been trained to be polite,” he answers.

“You mean like people train their sheep dogs? What about the `Fuck yeah”? that you told me, three times?

“Hehe,” he responds.” Yeah, well, it”s different being with you. I can be more of myself without having to be careful.”

“When I accidentally dropped the f*** word,” I tell him, “My teacher told me to use `truck” instead. And `ship”, especially around adults.”

“I”ll try them,” Archie tells me, “But some words just seem to come out, depending on who I”m with.”

“You just need to be cautious,” I tell him. “Like not getting caught jacking off!”

“That”s was different,” he replies. “I was almost there, and I couldn”t stop! And I didn”t hear him come in.”

We both laugh. We”re talking the same language!


By the time that Archie and I are approaching the northern workers” hut, Mr Taylor and Dad are already heading the other way.

They slow down. We don”t have to go much slower to come to a stop.

“What did you think of the lookout, Mr Taylor?” I ask.

“Wonderful view from up there, Kurt,” he replies. “It would be a great place to have lunch.”

“It”s even better, when the sun is setting,” my Dad tells him. “Come on. Let”s keep going. There”s much more to see.”

Jacko and Karl appear from somewhere, just as my brother and I had planned.

Karl and I set the timers on our phones.

“You and Jacko going up to the lookout now?” I ask, knowing that”s his intention.

“Yep,” my brother answers, with THAT grin on his face.

“Well, we will rest our backsides here for a while,” I tell him, “And then I”ll take Archie up there as well to show him the view!”

A thumbs-up is not necessary! Winks are all that is needed between Karl and me to confirm our plan.


“So, what do you think of this place?” I ask Archie, after leaving our boots at the door.

“Nice!” he answers. “Are you sure that it”s private?”

“My Dad and your dad have already been here,” I say, “And Karl and Jacko won”t be back for at least a half an hour!”

“How can you be sure?” he asks.

“Like I told you,” I answer, “My brother and I have planned it.”

“Well, we”d better not waste any time, then,” he grins at me.

“Ship yeah!” I answer and begin to peel off my clothes. I”m wearing the same undies with the pouch that I was wearing that day in the shop.

“Truck yeah!” he says, and copies what I”m doing.

I admire the tight ab and pec muscles on his slim frame.

“Leave your underpants on!” I tell him, standing with Junior straining for his freedom. “It will be fun to take yours off, and you can do mine, instead of us both just stripping off.”

“Truck yeah!” he growls again and moves in close, his hand extended towards Junior.

We just `play” for a minute or so. Junior can”t stay restricted to the pouch, and, with Archie”s help, stands straight up, and poking above the waist band. I help Archie”s dick out of its confinement too, then I totally release the rest of Archie”s body by pushing his undies to the floor. Then I stand still while he does the same to me. Junior appreciates his freedom.

Instead of just continuing to play with Archie”s dick and balls, I pull our bodies together and, grasping his firm glutes, I rub Junior back and forth against his dick, starting a sword fight.

“Truck!” he growls, “This feels so good, and way better than just a quick jack-off.”

“Then, maybe you”ll like this too…” I tell him, and kneel in front of him.

I go slowly. The expression on his face tells me two things: he senses what I am about to do, and this will probably be a new experience for him.

Taking his dick in my hand, I lick his large, round balls, slightly salty, then continue up to the tip of his head.

“Ever had a blow job before?” I ask, looking up and grinning.

“Umm… no!” he answers, seemingly embarrassed at his lack of experience.

“Then, relax and enjoy it,” I say. I add, “Why don”t you lie on one of the beds? It will be easier for both of us.

He”s quick to lay himself down.

“You sure we won”t be interrupted?” he asks.

My only answer is to grin then kneel on either side of his legs. I lick him and then take first each of his balls, and then his head, into my mouth.

“Fuck!” he lets out as I push my mouth down.

Releasing him so that I can speak, I emphasise, “Truck!” then encourage him to, “Relax! You”ll enjoy it more.”

I think that he does try to relax initially, but the stimulation is too much for his body to lie still. His stomach contracts, his hips push up, he tilts his head back then lifts it to watch, and his mouth groans.

When I take most of his dick in, with my nose down to his hairs, I sense that he won”t be able to last too much longer, so I release him. “Not just yet!” I tell him.

“Fuck! Truck! That was so good! You want me to do it to you?” he asks, still highly excited.

“If you want to!” I tell him. “But don”t try to take me all in first time. You”ll choke!”

We swap places.

His tongue on my balls going up, down and all around, with his hot breath, makes my body tingle. Archie spends more time on them than I did on his. Junior jumps.

“Are you sure that you”ve never done this before?” I ask. “This feels so good!”

“Only in my dreams,” he answers, grinning. “And I don”t know when I”ll get another chance, so I just wanted to make the most of it.”

“In that case,” I say, “Do whatever you want. That was feeling amazing.”

His mouth and Junior make new best friends!

The heat of his mouth, the action of his tongue and his sucking like he”s trying to drink a thick milk shake through a thin straw, has me shivering in excitement. The feeling reminds me of my first `lesson” from William, and the best of fun with Andy, Ron and my brother!

I compliment him, continue to moan, and enjoy what he”s doing to me.

When I can tell that I”m getting close, I say, “I”m gonna blow soon. You want to wank me from here, and I”ll do you?”

He slides his backside along my thighs so that our balls are almost touching, then he takes hold of Junior, still wet from his mouth. I reach for his dick and find it already very slippery. Based on the quantity of his pre-cum, he was obviously enjoying what he was doing!

We don”t say anything; we don”t need to. We just look at each other and grin at our mutual enjoyment.

His hand starts to move up and down on Junior, alternating some slow movements with some rapid ones.

For somebody with little-to-no experience, he”s good!

I have to ask… “Do you know how good that feels?”

“It”s how I do it to myself,” he responds.

I grin, “Amazing. And, you”re still not blind!”

Then I copy his actions. It reminds me of something I heard in preparing for a dance at the wedding: slow, slow, quick, quick, slow. It doesn”t take long to have him moaning.

I”m wondering how long I can hold on, when he freezes, calls out, “Fark!” and his fat dick sprays a fountain of stuff up in the air and onto my body. Junior quickly follows and, for fun, and not totally out of control, I scream “Trark!”

We both burst into laughter and release our grips on each other. He lowers his exhausted body onto mine, resting his head on my shoulder. Both panting. I reach around him and hold his tight glutes. And we both gradually relax.

Suddenly, our back-to-normal breathing is interrupted by the timer on my phone sounding the alarm.


(to be continued)



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