Subject: Learning a trade part 2 Learning a Trade part 2 The following is a true account of being gang banged by two builders from my Dad’s company and four of their mates. Read Learning a trade for read about how it started. Comments gratefully received at [email protected] Usual blurb about don’t read if you are underage, etc. Also why not make a small donation to Nifty so they can keep up the good work. When this encounter happened you had to be 16 for straight sex but you had to be 21 for gay sex. Luckily this has now been equalised to 16 for both. At the time I was 16 years 9 months old so I was over 4 years underage but because I ignored the law and was sexually active meant I was hot property. Already I was well used to getting into fuck buddy relationships with older men for them to then pass me around their friends, some of whom were charged to nail my underage tail. This encounter is about when two builders from my Dad’s firm, who I’d recently started having sex with, organised a gang bang with me as the main course and charged their mates for the pleasure. For regular readers skip this bit as you’re probably getting bored or reading how I looked at the time but this is for new readers. At 16 years 9 months I had recently stopped wearing my blond hair in curtains as it was starting look childish and I wanted to look cool for when I started 6th form college in a month’s time. My face was as sexily cute as Alexander Ludwig’s at 16 and my body as tanned and toned as Tom Daley’s. Luckily I never suffered acne so my tanned face had flawless skin which set off my blue eyes and lush red cock sucker’s lips. My deltoids were getting some definition and my biceps were beefing up from going to the gym. My naturally hairless chest was also sculpting up with a six pack forming in my hairless abs. My arse was the perfect firm pert bubble butt and my legs were well defined and strong from all the rugby and cricket I played on top of swimming and skateboarding. For my face alone I felt blessed, my body I had worked for but my trouser department was another thing for me to be thankful for. Limp it was a chubby 5 inches and got envious glances from the other boys in the school showers regardless of their sexuality. When hard it was a fat 6 inches in circumference and 9 inches long. Growing up in a nudist family my arse, groin and uncut cock were as deeply tanned as the rest of me. My balls were big and highly productive even for a teenage boy and always produced powerful and copious orgasms. The gang bang had been Jack’s idea as he needed some quick cash for his car. Jack nervously put the proposition to me whilst Samuel was at the builders’ merchant. He was nervous in case I took offence and not only stopped having sex with him but with Samuel as well. The conversation went along the lines of I like sex, he needed cash, I liked sex would I do it for cash and we’d split the difference? My answer was sucking him off and then jokingly asking him for �5. “Not me dufus.” Jack laughed “But I bet Samuel knows some guys who would be more than willing to pay for the opportunity to fuck such a sexy schoolboy as you.” Jack added trying to butter me up at the end. To this day I’m pretty sure Jack knew what my answer would be as he knew what a cock whore I was. “Yeah I’m up for it as long as they are fit, no porkers, crusties or back end of buses.” I replied as I savoured the lingering taste of his spunk on my tongue. When clocking off time came around we finished work in the usual manner with Jack and Samuel spit roasting me before one of them sucked me off. That day Jack fucked and spunked in my mouth whilst Samuel pounded my arse and pumped it full of cum before Jack sucked me off. Whilst they were spit roasting me Jack told Samuel his plan who in turn said he knew some guys who’d pay for sex. It gave me a kinky thrill to greet my Dad back at the yard with the lingering taste of cum on my tongue, a throbbing satisfied arse leaking cum into my shorts with drained balls and stinking of sex. On the day of the gang bang I went to Jack you’re going to be fucking my arse a lot from now on and for free.” I whispered so the others couldn’t hear. Scott lifted his face and a cheeky smile spread across it. It came to pass too as he fucked his schoolgirl bitch, with his painter’s mate on Monday lunchtimes and then they fucked me, their schoolboy bitch, on Friday lunchtime. Also as he was Jack mate’s we had sex together as well. Scott then pulled his cock from my arse, which began to miss it immediately and he sat on his haunches. His still hard cock was glistening with sex slime I just had to taste. “Oh you kinky little fucker.” Scott gasped when I started sucking and licking his cock clean of the delicious mix of cum and my arse juice. As I did so I gave him a cock sucker’s smile and held his gaze as much as possible letting him knew he had a new bitch to play with. It turned out I was his third bitch of school age, although he had many more older ones, as he and his painter’s mate fucked a 17 year old girl after work on Wednesdays. In our end of orgy chat he told me she was a posh Princess type of girl but a kinky bitch who loved a bit of rough. They would fuck her in her stables before she went home for dinner full of cum. Her favourite position was with one of them laying on a bale of hay and then straddling their cock before bending down into a kind of Sphinx position with the other guy standing behind them and either double penetrating her cunt or fucking her arse. Not content with that she would then make them watch her get under her stallion and wank it off drenching herself in horse cum. Any way I digress and have probably killed the boners of any gay readers but crank them back up. As I was greedily sucking Scott’s cock clean of delicious sex slime someone knelt behind me, grabbed my hips and roughly yanked my arse onto their forward thrusting cock. It felt a fairly big cock being slightly thicker than average at the top but increasing in girth as it got nearer the base. It immediately began pounding my arse with fast, deep powerful thrusts. It felt about 9 inches long, steely hard with a slight upwards banana curve. The fast, hard powerful thrust set my arse on fire and made me muffle moans of pleasure around Scott’s cock. After a couple of minutes Scott’s cock became post orgasm sensitive and started to deflate so he pulled it from my mouth. “Thanks.” He said as he ruffled my hair as if I was a kid who had done well. “Anytime.” I said as I savoured the unknown cock fucking my arse as I mentally added Scott to my fuck buddy list. As he walked to the sofa I admired his pale fit legs dusted with black hair and his firm pert perfect downy haired arse. It was a short lived view as the guy fucking me pulled out of my arse and flipped me over. It was only then that I saw who had been fucking me. It was Kayden the least sexy of the six. He wasn’t ugly by any means; if anything he was your plain average Joe. Bar his big cock there wasn’t much about him that stood out. He had short black hair on top of a pale oval, indifferent face. The skin was milky white and blemish free but the one thing that did stand out was his lush pouty pink lips. Other than that it was the kind of face you didn’t notice in a crowd. It wasn’t sexy yet nor was it ugly, it was just plain. If it had been any other situation I might not have given Kayden the time of day but his big cock had felt good in my arse and I was getting lost in slutty abandonment. When Kayden flipped me over it gave me a brief chance to admire him. Yes I know I said he was plain but there were features about him that stood out. His pale face was indifferent but there was a certain chav-esque charm to it with pink pouty cock sucker’s lips and his brown eyes burned with sexual hunger and lust. As I would later find out Kayden was gay but came to the table late fearing being called a fag. Therefore he had never fucked anyone under the age of 21 except for a 16 year old girl to keep a straight face whilst at school. It was no wonder therefore that he was so eager to get his grubby mitts on me, a slutty 16 year old cock hungry schoolboy. He had a tall slim, but lean toned pale pasty body. His chest was naturally hairless, pale and swimmer’s sculpted. His pale arms were long, slender and sinewy. His stomach had a subtle washboard with a thin treasure trail of hair running from his navel into his small, sparse but broad bush of short Hatay Escort black pubes. His pale cock was uncut and slightly thicker than average, getting thicker at the base. It had a slight upward banana curve and his pale foreskin had peeled back to expose his swollen pinkish pale knob. His legs were long, slender and pale with enough shape to give them definition and were dusted with black hairs. It was only the briefest of glances as Kayden was soon in the push up position above me and ramming his big cock back up my arse. As his swollen knob popped past my sex swollen sphincter it tingled with breached pleasure. It then burned with pleasurable friction as the increasing tapper of his thick cock sawed against it as he brutally rammed his 9 inch cock up my spunk filled, slutty schoolboy arse. His swollen knob punched open the walls of my satisfyingly sore, throbbing arse and bumped my pulsing prostate. When he bottomed out in my arse his swollen knob slammed into the entrance to my colon. “Fuck you’ve got a hot, tight sloppy arse.” Kayden said as his face glazed over with the pleasure of having his big cock buried ball deep in the hot wet, tight cum filled confines of an under aged boy’s arse. “Mmm.” He added when I tightly squeezed my arse on his cock. “Rape my pussy boy arse with your big thick cock.” I lustfully moaned as although he was plain he was just about sexy enough to let him party in my arse and I was lost in slutty abandonment with raging teenage hormones. Kayden did as I bid and launched into a wonderfully rough, hard and relentless fuck that set my arse on fire with pleasure. His big thick cock pile drove my arse as if he was trying to break it. His swollen knob pummelled the throbbing walls of my satisfyingly sore arse and pounded my pulsing prostate. The varying girth of his thick, veiny 9 inch cock rapidly sawing against my sex swollen sphincter made it burn with pleasure. The fantastic, furiously fast fucked sensations in my arse had another load brewing in my balls that the fuck from Scott had set on the boil. My hands groped his smooth, lean toned chest that quickly beaded with sweat from the vigour of the fuck he was giving me. Kayden might have been a plain Joe in the looks department but he was a class A fucker. As he roughly and repeatedly rammed his big cock up my battered boy cunt he gyrated his hips making his swollen knob tickle a different part of my arse with each thrust. The hard fucked pleasure radiating out from my arse had me screaming in ecstasy, not caring if Samuel’s neighbours overheard. “Full dick fuck me, you’re going to make me cum.” I gasped 10 minutes into the fuck when I felt the pressure in my balls reach boiling point. Yes even though Scott had sucked me off and I’d had a fuck induced orgasm prior to that my overly productive, virile teenage balls were busting to pop another load. A sly grin spread across Kayden’s face as he started full dick fucking me. The burning pleasurable friction of Kayden’s long, thick cock rapidly sawing against my sex swollen sphincter was added to by the toe curling pleasure of his swollen knob plop-plopping past it with each powerful thrust. His knob was liquidising my arse and made it ache with hard fucked pleasure. The pounding it was giving my pulsing prostate was too much to bear. My fingers dug into his smooth sculpted chest like an Eagle’s talons in its prey, my sports toned teenage body locked solid and I gave him a lustful orgasmic stare as I started spunking up all over us. The first four jets hit my face and went into my mouth with the remaining four splattering my chest and stomach. As I had my fourth orgasm Kayden maintained his full dick fuck which just fuelled it. My body shuddered with each powerful ejaculation before going rag doll limp once I’d squirted the last jet. My orgasm was so intense it was like an out of body experience. It was as if I was floating up by the ceiling looking down to watch a 28 year old man fucking a sweet innocent looking but downright slutty 16 year old schoolboy. My body might have been lost in an orgasmic fog but my arse burned with hard fucked pleasure as bright as the midday Sun. My arse is intensely receptive and derives pleasure from being fucked by any sized cock but post orgasm its sensitivity is heightened tenfold. Feeling the ridged of his swollen knob rapidly scraping up and down the walls of my arse was giving me as much stimuli as a head massager. The pounding my prostate was taking was brewing up another load so soon after cumming. Intense hard fucked pleasure radiated out from my arse as Kayden relentless fucked it, pulling out all the stops to make sure he got the most from his money for paying to fuck an underage schoolboy. My sphincter was burning with pleasurable friction. My nose breathed in the highly erotic stink of man on teen boy gay sex, all that sweat, pheromones, cum and arse. My hands groped his lean toned smooth sweaty chest and admired his plain yet still good looking enough face which had a determined domineering leer on it. My orgasm had been so intense I was out of it for a good five minutes. My body was rag doll limp and lifeless except for the burning pleasure in my hard fucked boy cunt. My arse is so receptive to being fucked I’m sure a pussy got slapped there by mistake on the production line. Gradually I came down from my orgasmic high and resumed to being the power bottom I naturally am. As I tweaked Kayden’s nipples and groped his toned chest I powerfully flexed and squeezed my arse muscles on his brutally pounding big thick cock. As he fucked me I talked dirty to him playing up the class and age divide between us. Kayden certainly was getting a kinky thrill from fucking a boy who was five years underage for gay sex even if he was legal for straight. The fact it was forbidden, although unjustly, gave it a kinky risky thrill that he enjoyed. Kayden brutally fucked me for just under 40 minutes. Taking four long, hard fucks in a row had made my arse sore but in a wonderfully pleasurable way. It was like a badge of honour in the same way as a rugby player with a black eye. The occasional ache or stab of discomfort was far outweighed by the intense hard fucked pleasure. Being pinned under a man with his cock raping my slutty arse seemed what I was put on this planet for. Then Kayden slipped into a pre-orgasm fuck frenzy, pounding my pussy boy arse even faster and harder. “Pump my slutty boy cunt full of man cum.” I lustfully begged as I increased the intensity of flexing and squeezing my arse on Kayden’s brutally pounding cock. That slutty line coupled with the increased tempo of working my arse on his cock pushed Kayden over the edge. He slammed his big thick cock ball deep into my battered boy cunt with his knob lodging in the entrance to my colon where I felt it swell as the first bolt of cum squirted deep into me. Kayden loudly cried out in sexual ecstasy and release as he fucked me with short deep, hard thrusts that pounded the entrance to my colon as he powerfully squirted ten big jets of cum into my pleasantly sore arse to mingle with the three loads already up there. When his orgasm ended he collapsed on top of me to savour his orgasmic high which I prolonged by continuing to flex and squeeze my arse on his spent but still hard cock. Kayden wasn’t from London so that day was the only time we fucked which was a shame as even though he was relatively plain looking he was a great fucker. When Kayden had recovered from his orgasmic high he pulled his cock from my arse. The cum splattered walls of my arse tingled as the ridge of his knob scraped down them and I gasped at the pleasant tingle when his swollen knob popped out of my arse. “Thanks that was one hot fuck.” I panted with my sore arse burning with pleasure. “It was worth every penny but I’m sure we can squeeze in a few more.” He breathless said content at having fucked a schoolboy for the first time in his life. No sooner had Kayden moved out of the way than my next eager punter was getting into position. It was Foster who was a big beefy man. Although he didn’t play rugby he had the perfect body for being a scrum prop. There wasn’t much muscle definition bur nor was there any fat, it was just a big beefy body that made me feel even more of a submissive slut. Foster was 25 but looked a couple of years older. He had a round face that wasn’t classically sexy but there was a rough ruggedness to it that caught my eye. He had short, really dark Hatay Escort Bayan brown hair and thick eyelashes. His bluish grey eyes were burning with sexual hunger as he admired the sweet innocent looking but slutty 16 year old schoolboy he was about to fuck. He had a short squat nose and lush pinkish red lips. There was an Italian look to his face that was sexy in a rough rugged way. His natural all over body Mediterranean tan and Italian features hinted his family was from that region even though he had been born in the UK. His broad shoulders led to big beefy arms as thick as some men’s thighs. His big barrel chest was naturally hairless and defined. His barrel stomach had a subtle six pack with no treasure trail. He had a broad dense bush of naturally short dark brown pubes. Jutting straight out from those pubes was a big eye watering cock that had my arse quivering in hunger and apprehension in equal measure. It was a meaty 6.5 inches in circumference and 8.5 inches long. The fat tanned shaft was heavily veined and he was circumcised. His cock was a slightly deeper tan than the rest of him with a faint pink tinge to his bulbous knob. It was a sexy cock as beefy as the rest of him. Hanging below were a big pair of heavy balls in a tight tanned sack. He had hunky tree trunk legs that were covered in short brown hairs. He wasn’t model material but he was a sexy guy in a beefy rugged way and I was more than happy to be fucked by him. Foster was a one way bi-sexual with a live in girlfriend who had no idea of his back door Bertie tendencies. Although Foster was more straight he did love fucking guys and getting blow jobs off them but his arse was virgin and he didn’t return blow jobs, he just saw gay guys as orifices to fuck and pump full of cum. However I didn’t find this out until afterwards. When Foster got into the push up position above me my hands clamped onto his smooth barrel chest like limpet mines. His rough rugged, yet kind of sexy face had a determined domineering leer that forewarned me that I was in for a long, seriously hard fuck that he wouldn’t stop under any circumstance until he’d bred my bitch boy arse. The fuck Foster gave me far exceeded the warning his face had given me. He launched into a brutally harsh full dick fuck that had me screaming in pain and pleasure with equal measure. All you bottoms out there know what I mean. It is like being spanked as yes there is pain but it feels pleasurable at the same time. Having Foster’s bulbous knob battering my sex swollen sphincter had it stinging like mad yet also burning with pleasurable friction. His fat cock had my arsehole stretched to the max and when he bottomed out on my arse I felt full to bursting point. His rapidly pounding cock was liquidising my insides and whipping the four loads of cum up there into a creamy froth. The entrance to my colon ached from the brutal battering it was taking and my prostate pulsed from the punches it was receiving, but that just increased the production of more sperm in my overly virile teen boy balls. On top of the burning pleasurable pain in my hard fucked arse there was feeling his smooth abs rippling against my hard throbbing cock. My hands explored his smooth barrel chest or caressed his big beefy biceps. He had a wonderful pungent and erotic sweat stink to him. His rough rugged face with its domineering leer made me feel so slutty and submissive. Foster was a very vocal fuck. Maybe it was to make up for the fact he was fucking a boy and not a woman but he talked dirty and derogatory to me throughout. As he pounded my pussy boy arse he called me things like faggot, bitch boy, pussy boy, cock whore and the like. His big beefy body alone was enough to make me feel in domineered submissiveness but his derogatory talk heightened it. There was no doubt that I was naught but a vessel to fuck and pump full of cum with him not caring if I enjoyed it or not. His tough demeanour said “don’t you try any gay shit” so although his lush red lips looked perfect for kissing I didn’t. Although I was totally at Foster’s mercy I wasn’t being a passive bitch boy. No my aching arse muscles were working overtime on flexing and squeezing his big fat, brutally pounding cock. My thumbs and forefingers pinched and tweaked his big pointy nipples. His derogatory dirty talk was met by me begging to have my pussy boy arse raped by his big thick cock, telling him how pleasurably painful he was making my arse feel and what a good and sexy fucker he was. On the one hand my arse really wanted Foster to stop fucking me, or at least ease up but there was also an insatiable hunger that wanted it harder. After 10 minutes of brutal full dick fucking that pleasure pain balance evaporated leaving only intense hard fucked pleasure that was too much to bear. Foster brutally full dick fucked me with his aerosol can thick 8.5 inch cock for a good 30 minutes. The first ten minute had been pleasure tinged with pain and discomfort, but the last twenty minutes were nothing but pure hard fucked pleasure that was so intense I knew I had a fifth load of cum brewing that if Foster didn’t fuck out of me Jay would. The fuck Foster was giving me had me on sexual cloud nine. His prominent ridged bulbous knob repeatedly plop- plopping past my sex swollen sphincter as his fat veiny cock shaft rapidly sawing against it made it burn with intense pleasurable friction. The walls of my battered boy cunt and entrance to my colon throbbed with hard fucked pleasure. My prostate pulsed from the pummelling it was taking giving a direct line of pleasure to my virile teenage balls which were churning cum despite my four previous orgasms. However the pleasure of fucking the steamy hot tight, cum laden arse of a 16 year old school boy got to Foster before the pleasure of the fuck he was giving me got to my balls. “Take my cum bitch!” Foster hollered as he brutally slammed his cock back into me ball deep. It was like a slow motion replay. First there was the toe curling pleasure of his prominent ridged knob popping past my sex swollen sphincter. His knob then punched open the cum splattered walls of my throbbing arse as his fat veiny cock sawed against my sphincter. His bulbous knob lodged in the entrance to my colon. Foster’s rough rugged, but sexy face then scrunched up as my sphincter felt the base of his fat cock swell as the first bolt of cum passed. Then as Foster let out an animalistic cry of sexual ecstasy and release I felt the first jet of his man spunk squirt deep into my battered boy cunt. Foster kept his cock buried in my sore but satisfied arse as it wildly throbbed pumping out jet after jet of cum adding to the four loads already up there. My arse felt him squirt nine jets which tallied with his cries of ecstasy. The moment Foster’s orgasm ended he pulled his cock from my arse, got up and left the room. Maybe it was post orgasm guilt at fucking not only another guy but an underage schoolboy at that, or maybe he was the kind of guy who needs to take a piss straight after orgasm. Whichever one it seemed a shame he couldn’t enjoy his orgasmic high or maybe it was just me selflessly missing having his big fat cock in my arse. However it wouldn’t remain empty for long. Jay started walking towards me with an eager grin on his face. He was a 34 year old black guy of amateur body builder proportions. He had jet black, short tight curled hair with a high forehead. He also had a short black goatee beard and matching moustache. His dark brown face was round and although not very sexy it just about met my standards in a rugged manly way. His broad shoulders led to deltoids the size of melons and then big bulging muscular biceps and thick forearms. His naturally hairless chest was two bulging mounds of rock hard muscle bigger than the globes of most peoples’ arse. He had a hairless eight pack stomach, with not only the horizontal ridges from the central cleft but the hip V and diagonal ridges radiating out from his upper abs to his chest. He had a small but dense bush of short, tightly curled black pubes. Jutting out from his pubes with an averagely thick but 9 inch cock of an even darker brown than the rest of him. The shaft was pretty vein and was circumcised. He had a perfect formed mushroom knob with a prominent ridge. His knob and scar were a lighter dark brown than the shaft with a pink tinge. He had average balls in a tight hairless sack. To finish off he had muscular tree trunk legs that were naturally Escort Hatay hairless. From the eager look on Jay’s face he was itching to fuck my cum laden boy cunt, but I was close to popping my fifth fuck induced orgasm and wondered if he’d like to sample the forbidden nectar of schoolboy spunk first. “I’m fucking close to cumming if your want to drink my cum.” I panted as my body was on a knife edge that could have my cock spewing spunk at any second. My suggestion made Jay’s grin grow even wider. He might be a domineering top who loved fucking and having his cock sucked but he also derived pleasure from sucking cock. Jay manoeuvred his hulky body into the 69 position above mine. My mouth opened up to accept his mushroom knob with my lips tightly clamp around his circumcision scar. As I savoured the salty taste of his pre-cum a shiver ran through me when I felt the hot wetness of Jay’s mouth soak into my swollen knob. Jay then started doing mini push ups which caused his cock to fuck my mouth and his mouth to bounce on my cock. My balls were already at boiling point so I knew I wouldn’t be able to hold out for long. There was the pleasure of getting an expert blow job off a black guy 14 years my senior. There was the delicious taste of his pre-cum, the pleasure of swirling my tongue around his perfectly formed mushroom knob as the veiny shaft of his cock rubbed against my lips. On top of that there was the highly erotic, musky manly, sweaty aroused stink of his groin. All that pleasure was too much to bear so close to orgasm and I lasted barely two minutes. An intense orgasm hit me but my mouth was full of tasty black cock to warn Jay, but I’m sure he’d sucked enough cock to know when someone was going to cum. My lithe young body shuddered as if having a fit as my fat 9 inch cock powerfully spewed nine large jets of schoolboy spunk into Jay’s mouth. We both muffled moans of pleasure as our mouths were full with each other’s cock. For me it was from the triple pleasure sucking his cock whilst having mine sucked as I orgasmed. For Jay it was from the pleasure of having his cock sucked as he sucked his first teen boy cock, which rewarded him with his first taste of schoolboy spunk. As I would find out Jay was bi-sexual leaning slightly more to women. He first fucked a girl when they were both 15 but he didn’t bed his first guy until he was 21 and the other guy was 23. Because he’d come to the gay table late he’d never before had the chance to savour the sweetness of a randy teenage boy, but I was giving him a good gob-full of it to make up for lost time. His muffled moans of appreciative pleasure reverberated down my cock fuelling my orgasm and he was sucking my knob so hard he risked turning me inside out. When my orgasm ended my body went limp as I drifted off on sexual cloud nine. Jay pulled his mouth off my cock and savoured the taste of his first ever load of schoolboy spunk before he swallowed it. His big black throbbed in my lifeless mouth with a constant trickle of pre-cum leaking out of it to slide down my motionless tongue. Jay’s cock then gave a really big throb as if to say to Jay “you’ve had your fun now let me fuck his tight little, white bitch boy arse.” As if in a coma, only vaguely aware of stuff, I saw Jay get off me and spin around. My lithe young body, stunned by orgasm, was like putty in Jay’s hand as he practically bent me double with my ankles by his ears and him in the push up position above me. His cock was like a laser guided bomb and hit my sex swollen bull’s eye first time. Although my body was stunned from orgasm my arse felt like it was on acid, being aware of sensations not normally attuned to. With a powerful thrust Jay rammed his big black cock ball deep into my slutty white boy arse like a hot knife through butter. My sex swollen sphincter felt it slide down the increasing tapper of Jay’s swollen mushroom knob and tingled with pleasure when it slipped over the prominent crown. Then there was the dual pleasure of feeling his knob punching open the aching, yet hungry walls of my cum laden and throbbing arse as my sore arsehole burned with the pleasure of feeling his long veiny cock shaft saw against. When his knob bumped my pulsing prostate my orgasm stunned body jolted as if hit by a defibrillator bolt. Then his knob slammed into the entrance to my colon. “Shit boy you have one hot tight, cum laden arse. It feels like I have my dick in a bowl of porridge.” Jay moaned as he savoured the pleasure of having his dick in a schoolboy’s arse for the first time. Jay held his big black cock in my arse for about 30 seconds to savour its hot wet, cum filled tightness. He’d seen five guys fuck the hell out of me so he knew he had no need to hold back and he gave it to me all guns blazing from the off. Besides I’d already dealt with the biggest cock in the group. Foster won the cock contest with it being long and really fat. Samuel and Jack were close behind with Samuel just about edging into second by being a whisker thicker than Jack. Kayden came in fourth with Jay a close fifth. Although that meant Scott got the wooden spoon his thickish 7.5 inch cock would beat a fair few men it was just he was up against some monster competition. Jay began fucking my arse fast and furiously, rough and relentlessly and without mercy. For the first five minutes I was so out if it from my orgasm it must have felt like he was fucking a warm corpse to Jay. However after five minutes I started coming around and began to become the cock loving power bottom I naturally am. Once I’d recovered from my orgasm I began flexing and squeezing my well trained arse muscles on Jay’s brutally pounding big black cock. At the same time I gave him a cocky grin to let him know I was no submissive pussy boy. “Shit kid you’ve got a talented arse.” Jay groaned as he felt my arse rippling on his powerfully thrusting manhood. “And it’s loving being raped by your big black cock.” I purred back as he really was making my arse feel very good. My sex swollen sphincter was burning with pleasurable friction as his long, averagely thick cock rapidly sawed against it and it felt the dump of every vein in his manhood. His swollen knob would punch open the walls of my throbbing arse and then scrape down them on the out thrust. My pulsing prostate was being pummelled mercilessly and although I doubt he’d fuck a sixth load of cum out of me he’d certain have another load brewing in my presently drained teen boy balls. The entrance to my colon felt like the besieged walls of a fortified town. My pert buttocks were tingling from the spanking his groin was giving them. My hands were groping the massive mounds of his muscular chest, tweaking his nipples or caressing his big bulging biceps. There was the kinky thrill this was an interracial and cross generational fuck with him being black to my white and him 34 to my almost 17. Finally there was the erotic stink of a six men on one schoolboy gay gang bang. Jay fucked me for a good half hour before his orgasm hit. His just about attractive, round dark brown face scrunched up as he slammed his cock ball deep into my battered boy cunt. His knob lodged into the entrance to my colon where it swelled as it powerfully blasted the first bolt of cum deep into my arse. He then carried on fucking me with long deep hard thrusts painting the length of my shit chute with his cum, which mingled with the five loads already up there. Load animalistic grunts were escaping Jay’s mouth as he powerfully squirted 11 jets of cum into my arse which I was flexing and squeezing like mad to milk him dry. When his orgasm ended he pushed himself up and sat on his haunches as the vigour of the fuck he’d given me and the intensity of his orgasm had totally drained him of energy and his arms were about to give out, which if they had would have snapped me in two. Jay sat there savouring his orgasmic high, his dark brown face flushed red and his deep brown eyes glazed. His 9 inch dark brown cock twitched as if trying to squirt out cum his balls no longer had. It glistened with the sex slime of a schoolboy’s arse juice and the cum of six men. There was no way I was going to let a delicious treat go to waste. After get onto my hands and knees I began greedily lick and sucking Jay’s cock clean of the tasty salty earthy mix. I hope this one got you off and you’re sat there splattered in cum. If you did please let me know at [email protected] as although I enjoy reliving it and writing it up it is nice knowing people read it. Check out my other true encounters in the Sexual Experience folders on the Gay Adult/Youth, Bi-sexual Adult/Youth, Gay High School and Bi-sexual High School archives or search for John Mcquilliam under prolific authors

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