Subject: Rory and Sebastian Ch. 04: Authoritarian, Highschool — As with all installments in the ‘Rory and Sebastian’ series, the characters are above the age of 18 at the time of the story — * I pulled off my wet t-shirt and jeans, stripped off my boxers and changed into some sleeping shorts. I thought about getting a shower to warm up, but I was too tired. I dried myself off, turned off my bedroom light and climbed in under the covers. It felt nice and warm and I stretched a bit. I hadn’t put on a t-shirt to sleep in, but I figured I’d be okay. I still had my phone clutched in my hand and I sent a text to Rory. TONIGHT WAS REALLY NICE 🙂 x My eyes were starting to close from their tiredness, but I waited a few minutes until he wrote back. YEAH. IT WAS. SORRY I FREAKED OUT :-/ xx He put two x’s and I’d spent enough time in Europe to know how complex the text-x’s-grading system was. I texted back. THAT’S FINE. IT WAS JUST THE TWO OF US. IT’S FINE! SEE YOU MONDAY IN SCHOOL AND THEN MONDAY EVENING FOR DINNER. TEXT TOMORROW xxx My eyes closed slowly and I smiled as I went off to sleep. I was acting like a love-sick dope, but I didn’t care. I really liked him. * School on Monday was surreal. Physics class flew by pretty quickly and I felt distracted in it, even though I really liked our teacher and I could tell she was getting annoyed at me. Even rugby practise didn’t seem to be real. My whole mind kept turning on Rory. I hadn’t seen him all day, except once from a distance when he passed by the window of my classroom with Virginia. I don’t think he saw me. He didn’t look any different. But then, why should he? I guess I didn’t. On the outside. In the cafeteria at lunch, Josh kept giving me filthy stares and he kept whispering to his two buddies, Natalie and Suzanne. To be completely honest, I had trouble telling the two of them apart, but since we’d all been to school together for, like, five years, it was now far too awkward to ask which one was actually Natalie and which one was Suzanne. Such a question would also necessitate going anywhere near Josh again, which I had absolutely no intention of doing unless an unexpected nuclear holocaust compelled me to. And even then, I might be tempted to take my chance with the radiation. Josh’s dirty looks suited me perfectly — because it meant he was being angry this week, rather than clingy. I know the way I’m talking about Eskişehir Escort him makes me sound like an asshole, but I didn’t like him. I still don’t. And I don’t trust him. I was mad about what he’d said about Rory on Saturday and I couldn’t be bothered with his drama anymore. Rory wasn’t in the cafeteria, but he never was. He usually ate on the steps with Virginia, Caroline, Judith and Claudia. I sat with a few guys off the rugby team and Robbie kept giving me cheeky looks and smiling. He knew about tonight — Rory must have told him. I liked that. It meant he was talking about me. ARE WE STILL ON FOR TONIGHT? I texted at lunch. I CAN PICK YOU UP AT 7, IF YOU LIKE? Xx Rory: YEAH, SURE. 🙂 I CAN GET A LIFT THOUGH — IF THAT’S EASIER FOR YOU? Xx YEAH, IT WOULD BE EASIER. BUT IT WOULDN’T BE BETTER. BCUZ I WANT TO PICK YOU UP. AT 7? Xx Rory: COOL! YES. WHAT SHOULD I WEAR? Xx I COULD ANSWER SOMETHING REALLY DIRTY RIGHT NOW, RORY. BUT I’M RESTRAINING MYSELF. JUST SO YOU KNOW. Rory: I MEAN, WHAT RESTAURANT ARE WE GOING TO, DICKHEAD? IS IT REALLY FANCY? X NO, PRINCESS. WE’RE JUST GOING TO GET PIZZA. SO JEANS AND SWEATER’S COOL. I THOUGHT IT’D BE COOL TO BE RELAXED. DID YOU WANT TO GO SOMEWHERE REALLY NICE? UP TO YOU!! Xx I panicked slightly that I hadn’t thought of that. I should be taking him out somewhere really nice. Shouldn’t I? Had I fucked up? He texted back almost instantly, though, and I breathed a sigh of relief when he said that pizza sounded great and he was excited about tonight. I grinned so hard and wide that I practically split my fucking face open. When I looked up from my phone, Robbie was looking at me and smiling a smug, knowing smile. He winked and laughed to himself. I flipped him off affectionately and texted Rory back the words, ME TOO xx. * Dinner with Rory that night was wonderful. What made it that way was how relaxed it was. He was wearing a fitted black cashmere sweater and his hair was freshly washed. He looked like a cross between pretty and handsome. And he made me laugh. A lot. I teased him about his friends; he teased me about mine. It was funny. So fucking funny. There was a point where he did an impression of Dominic Kirchner, a team mate of mine from the rugby squad, who basically lumbers around the school like he’s too big for his own body. He’s a machine on the pitch, but not exactly the brightest guy Eskişehir Escort Bayan off it. And Rory had tears streaming down my face with laughter when he started impersonating him. Like pretty much all of Rory’s sense of humour, it was mean but not too mean. It was hilarious. He’s still the funniest guy I’ve ever met, when he wants to be. We split a pizza, but I ate most of it. When I’d finished my half, he looked at me and smiled. “Have a bit of my half, Sebastian. You look like you’re about to eat your own fist.” “No, no,” I demurred, politely. It was a date, for God’s sake, I couldn’t eat my date’s food. Could I? “No, it’s cool.” “You’re so hungry! I’m not.” I hesitated and then took a slice. “Yeah, okay. If you’re sure?” “No, I changed my mind,” he said severely. “That’s so fucking rude of you, Sebastian. That’s my half of the pizza.” I froze in momentary horror, before he laughed: “I’m kidding! Haha. Eat up!” “Asshole,” I grinned. He was sexy when he was like this. Cocky and sexy. He took a sip of his water and I cleared my throat. “Look, Rory, before this goes any further, I just want to say, again, that I really, really am sorry about what happened on Saturday night. With Josh.” Instantly, Rory’s guard was back up and his posture straightened slightly. He’d been jolted out of his relaxed state. That annoyed me, but I wanted to apologize to him, properly. Soberly. I needed to. He deserved that, even if he didn’t want it. “It was not meant the way it sounded…” “I know that,” he interjected, coldly and tersely. “I don’t think you do,” I said, firmly. “You were pretty upset. Which is completely understandable and natural. But, I did not say that I thought you were ugly, unattractive or anything even remotely like that. I think you are really, really cute and I do really, really like you. I know I said all this on Saturday, but I was a little tipsy and I just wanted to reiterate it for you, sober. Because I want you to know that and I don’t want to play any games with you. I like you, Rory, and I think you like me, too.” He looked at me and bit his lip, lightly. He was nervous, but touched. I could tell. “I do,” he said, with a shy smile. “I do like you, Sebastian.” “Like-like?” I asked. I needed clarification. He nodded and smiled. He was so fucking cute. I just wanted to hug him. Then fuck him. I’d never felt this way about Escort Eskişehir anyone before. I reached out across the table and stroked his hand. “You’re fucking beautiful, Rory,” I whispered. He blushed and looked down at the remains of the pizza. “So are you,” he said after a moment. * That night I kissed Rory Masterton for the second time in my life. As I dropped him off, I leant in and kissed him on the lips. It was dark out and no one could see us. Our tongues met and at first it was so, I dunno – tender, I guess. It was like we were sealing how close we’d become just in the course of our conversations over dinner; how much better we’d gotten to know one another. Then, it all got hot and heavy. I felt my cock start to twitch and swell inside my pants and Rory’s grip tightened around my neck. Our seatbelts and the gearstick got in the way and I started to think that if I took things too fast he’d always think of me as the guy who was looking for an easy lay. Isn’t that what he’d accused me of on Saturday? But if I pulled away, would he think I was doing it because I thought he wasn’t as attractive as Joshua? My boner was pressing through the thin fabric of my boxers and against the denim of my jeans. Thoughts were bouncing through my head — most of them contradictory — when Rory solved the problem by pulling away. There was a little pop noise as we separated and he looked flushed and reluctant to stop. “I should go,” he said — slightly out of breath. “Yeah,” I agreed. “Just so you know, if I didn’t want this to become something serious, I’d be trying to get inside your pants right now.” He giggled. “Thanks.” “You’d let me,” I teased. “Of course I would. I’d love to see what that ankle of yours was capable of.” I laughed. He had an answer for everything. “It’s a machine, Rory — let me tell ya.” “So I hear,” he smiled, un-clicking his seatbelt. “And I’d like this to go further, too, Sebastian. I really would.” “Good,” I said, leaning him to peck him on the lips once more. “Now, get out of here before I change my mind.” He kissed me back. It was nice. “Thanks for tonight. See you tomorrow?” “I’ll be texting you as soon as I get in, dumbass.” He climbed out of the car and I perved it his ass as he went. I waited until he’d disappeared behind his gates before I drove off. I beat off about him again that night and fell asleep smiling for the second time in a week. ———————————— I love hearing from my readers. Sebastiandorory@ If you like this story and you want to support me writing it, here is my Patreon eon/Sebastiando My patrons receive early access to chapters, cool perks for finished series, and other nice extras

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