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Best Wishes, Kenneth Kirk Chapter 20 David After our late night at the exciting leather party held at the Downtown Health Club, Darrel and I were both a bit tired as we drove south through Georgia and northern Florida. We talked some about the party and the guys we’d met there. We seemed to have developed a connection with the guys from the gym that would lead to invitations to future parties, although with my move to Asheville I might not be available most of the time. Darrel smirked and said I’d have an even bigger party every weekend with the club. My mind has some trouble imagining that, but my cock always throbs when I think about it. Seeing Art and Charlie a second time was a big treat, too. I have the feeling there will be a lot of future get-togethers with them and their ass-stretchers. And the icing on the cake for me was meeting the other members of the club I hadn’t met at the Fourth of July: Ivan, Patrick, Josh, and Javier. I’d already met John, Zack, Alvin, Mark, and Clint at the sexy party at the beach house, so I had now fucked with nine of the members. I wasn’t sure exactly how many members there were, but I thought it was no more than a couple of dozen. As far as I could tell, the nine I’d met all liked me, so I was actually getting confident that I would be invited to join. For half our drive, either Darrel or I slept while the other drove. We stopped in Valdosta, Georgia, for a quick dinner, but otherwise kept the pedal to the metal as much as we could. We pulled into Grandfather and Grandmother’s driveway a couple of minutes before midnight. Grandfather was in bed since he had to open the store at 6 a.m. Grandmother hugged us and gave us some chocolate cake and milk before sending us to bed in Darrel’s old room. We quickly stripped, kissed, cuddled, and went to sleep. The next morning was Monday and we slept in, but Grandmother made us a big breakfast when we got up. After breakfast, Darrel and I cleaned up (including a colon cleansing for me) before we took Grandmother to the store at 2 p.m. and brought Grandfather home. We’d barely gotten in the house when Grandfather ushered us outside to the old pool house beside the swimming pool in the backyard. The pool house was a large room, about 25 feet by 10 feet, with a king-size bed covered in a vinyl sheet, a platform standing about 4 feet high and measuring about 5 feet long and 3 feet wide, also covered in vinyl, and a couple of grab-bars along the walls. At one end was a half bath and an open shower containing four shower heads. An open shelving unit stood in the middle of one of the long walls. It was stocked with what looked like 100 bath towels, but also featured a shelf holding several dildoes, vats of Crisco, a pair of cuffs similar to ours, some lengths of leather straps, and at least one whip. An empty clothing rack held an assortment of clothes hangers and a sort of crude locker-room bench sat nearby. The windows were covered on the inside with plywood and the walls and ceiling were completely covered with that sound-proofing they use in radio studios. Even as na�ve as I was, I could easily see this room was set up for only one purpose: orgies. Grandfather flipped the lights on and closed the door behind us, locking it with a heavy bolt. “Strip!” he ordered with unquestioned authority. The three of us spent a couple of minutes stripping and hanging our clothes. Darrel handed me a canvas bag for everything that couldn’t be hung and we put the handles over the clothes hangers so they were suspended from the rack as well. When we were naked, Grandfather put his hands on my shoulders and looked me squarely in the eyes. “I’m happy you’ve finally been trained, David. I’ve been looking forward to seeing for myself how much you’ve learned.” I could tell from his stiffening cock what he had planned. My cock also began to swell in anticipation. “You should call me Durland when we’re in here.” “Yes, Sir!” I said. “Let’s rinse off first,” he said, nodding toward the shower. Darrel and I soaped up Grandfather, I mean, Durland, who surprised me with his virility, even pushing 60. He was completely hard by the time we began rubbing his body. Within minutes, he was moaning while his more than 7″ throbbed and dripped like a 20-year-old. I’d never before really thought about how Grandfather looked, but his thick, silver hair and mustache were really striking with his piercing blue eyes. His body was strong and heavily muscled with firm skin and a light covering of hair. He was a couple of inches shorter than me but several inches thicker in the mid-section. His mid-section was not soft, but was firm from lifting all his life, just as his pecs, biceps, forearms, and legs carried larger muscles than most. When it was my turn to get soaped up, they quickly had me facing the wall as their manly fingers entered my quivering ass. Unable to wait any longer, Durland soaped his cock and entered me for an initial hello-fuck that went from gentle and tender to strong and powerful very quickly. He pounded me for several minutes before pulling out. We dried each other and moved to the vinyl-covered platform, where I was draped across it so that my head hung off one side and my ass hung off the other Erzurum Escort side. Durland slid his cock down my throat and pushed in to the hilt, opening my throat and causing my muscles to spasm on his cockhead. He moaned while Darrel began to rim my already open sphincter. Durland pounded my throat for several minutes, but pulled out before he came, depriving me of a first taste of his essence. He lifted my head so he could kiss me. “You’re a first-rate cocksucker, boy,” he said. “I’ll feed you my cum another time.” He kissed me again, then let my head fall back as he went to my ass-end. Soon he was tonguing my hole, his mustache scouring my pubes as his tongue darted around my anus. Darrel thrust into my mouth and held still for a few seconds while I squeezed his dick with my throat a few times. Then, he pulled back and waited a few seconds while I refilled my lungs before he repeated the cycle. After a few minutes, Durland began lubing my ass with a vigorous finger-fuck. He didn’t spend too much time fingering my hole, but instead pushed his dick into me and moved back into a pounding fuck quickly. When Durland began quickening his pace, Darrel leaned over me and took my cock into his mouth. Because this position restricted his movements, he pulled his cock back until the head was safely out of my throat, allowing me to breathe easily. With all the stimulation, I rapidly approached an orgasm which Darrel carefully avoided for a couple of minutes by regulating the suction and friction. When Durland entered the final stage of fucking my ass, Darrel increased his sucking significantly, pushing me across the threshold very quickly. My scream was muffled by 8″ of Darrel, but my ass-clench was not muffled and Durland screamed with the power of the squeeze my ass gave his dick. Seconds later, while Darrel was swallowing my first couple of salvos and blasting my mouth with his first shot, Durland’s cock responded to my ass-squeezes with his first shot, also. For half a minute, we were cumming so hard and fast, no one could think or take any conscious action. When our cocks had ceased spitting semen, Darrel left me and Durland left me. They came together beside me, where Darrel fed my load to Durland, who eagerly drank it from him. I sat up, savoring the cum I held in my mouth until they broke their kiss and looked at me. I opened my mouth so they could see the big load I was holding. Instantly Durland glommed onto my tongue, sweeping his tongue across mine to scoop up the glob of Darrel’s juices waiting there for him. When he had most of Darrel’s gift, Durland released me and stepped back slightly. Darrel leaned in for a kiss and a swap of the little bit of our cum Durland hadn’t already eaten. From the platform, we moved to the bed, where we lay down, me in the middle, and cuddled as we all recovered from our exertions. After a while, Durland kissed me gently and said, “You’re the first of my grandsons and the first to pleasure me. You’ve obviously done well with your training and I’m proud to see our Cooper Sexual Agility is carrying into a new generation.” “He’s done incredibly well,” Darrel added. “Yes,” Durland said. “I’m proud of the good job you and Denny have done, Darrel.” “Thanks, Durland! It was a challenge since neither of us had trained before and, well, David was so old when we started.” “I was concerned, but I’m not now.” We lay quietly for a few minutes and then Durland told us he would be taking Wednesday and Thursday off from the store so we could take out the yacht. “Dalton will be joining us. I think Delroy’s son Dell and his grandsons Drew and Dillard will also be joining us.” [Dalton was Dad and Darrel’s brother and Delroy was Grandfather’s brother, who had died several years before.] “I’ve also invited Dell’s brother Darwin and his sons Darren and Darold, but I haven’t heard back from them.” An overnight cruise on the family yacht with six to nine other horny Coopers from three generations would be sexy, no doubt. I suppose the talk about the cruise got Durland’s juices flowing because the next thing I knew he got up and walked over to the cabinet where the toys and towels were kept. He tossed a cuff to Darrel and brought the other one back. Within seconds I was flipped onto my stomach and my wrists were tied to a bar above the bed. They lifted me onto my knees and Durland began fingering me while Darrel went down on him. Durland’s fingers found my prostate and massaged it sensuously as my cock drooled a continuous flow of precum. Soon I was moaning and pressing back against his hand, eager to have more than a few fingers pressing into me. “I think he’s ready,” Durland chuckled. “I’m sure he is,” Darrel responded. Durland’s fingers departed and were replaced by his nice cock. I loved this position because I could very effectively press back onto the cock driving into me, which I began doing, much to Durland’s delight. “Shit, Darrel,” Durland cried, “you’ve trained this boy to be a great bottom!” “He does love to get fucked,” Darrel chuckled. “Don’t you, Davey?” “Yes,” I moaned. “Fuck me, please!” I begged. Durland plunged his cock to the hilt with every thrust. I met each thrust with a backward push and a strong squeeze and was rewarded with an echoing throb and a guttural grunt. We kept an energetic rhythm until all the stimulation I had received finished me off. I shot while my ass squeezed the load out of Durland. He stayed inside for a couple of minutes after we’d both stopped cumming. Darrel scooped up some of my load from the vinyl beneath me. He sucked some off his fingers and held some up to Durland, who licked off a couple of fingers. Then Darrel held his hand in front of my face and let me lick until his hand was spotless. I felt empty when Durland pulled out, but Darrel had another good fuck for me before we were done. After another shower, we tidied up and dressed. Durland went to bed shortly after dinner and Darrel and I sat at the kitchen table and talked for a while with Grandmother before we all turned in, too. Grandmother wanted to know how Dad was doing and was very happy with our report. “I’ve been so worried about him,” she said with a slow shaking of her head. “I wasn’t sure he was going to pull out of it.” “We weren’t sure either,” I agreed. “And I was so worried about you boys stuck out on that farm with no adult to take care of you.” I nodded, remembering how frightened I had been. Hell, what did I know about raising kids? And I found myself with four of them. “Thank God Uncle Darrel came to live with us.” She smiled at Darrel. “We were quite worried about him, too.” “You worry too much, Mother,” Darrel chided her. “Maybe I do, but when one of my boys is hurting and depressed, of course I’m going to worry.” She gave us what I can only describe as a relieved smile. Addressing me, she continued, “Your Grandfather and I thought if we put Darrel with Denton, they’d somehow help each other. We know how much they love each other. I thought if anyone could bring Denton back it would be Darrel. And if anyone could bring Darrel back to himself it would be Denton.” “You were quite right, I think, Mother,” Darrel said. “We were complete strangers when I arrived. I mean, both of us were not ourselves, so how could we even relate? But the moment we saw each other, something seemed to snap inside to make us both want to change things. For me, Denton and the boys gave me six really good reasons for getting my own act together.” “If I do say so myself,” Grandmother said, “I believe Durland and I made a very good decision when we took you to Greenville, Darrel.” “You did, Grandmother,” I assured her. “Dad is almost his old self again. He just glows when Darrel is there. And all of us boys are doing so much better. We all still miss Mom so much it just hurts all the way down inside.” Erzurum Escort Bayan Grandmother smiled with understanding as she reached for my hand. “I know,” she said in the tenderest voice imaginable. “But,” I went on, “I’m convinced we’re all going to be okay. We get more, uh, peaceful and calm every week.” Grandmother squeezed my hand. “When you go away to college in a few weeks, try to focus your mind and your heart on all the new opportunities you will have. Going off to college should be the most exciting thing that ever happens to you. Please don’t miss out on the profound experience of taking your great classes and getting to know a whole new life’s worth of exciting and diverse people.” For a moment my thoughts went to the Deputy Boys I knew. Talk about diverse and exciting new friends! I chuckled slightly and nodded vigorously. “I’m excited about all the new people I’ll get to know and all the new things I’ll learn.” Out of the corner of my eye I detected a smirk on Darrel’s face. “It’s going to be hard to go away from Dad and the other boys and Darrel, too. But I know, in the end, it will be the best thing for me. And next year Donald will be there, too.” “You are a wise young man, David.” She stifled a yawn. “I think I need to get some sleep. I got up very early this morning. She excused herself, stood, and gave each of us a lingering kiss on the foreheads. “Goodnight, boys,” she said. We called out goodnight to her as she left the room. When I heard her footsteps on the stairs, I whispered quietly to Darrel, “She still calls you a boy?” “I’m her youngest. I expect to always be a boy to her.” He yawned. “We had a long drive yesterday and a busy day today. Let’s hit the sack, too.” “Okay,” I said, laughing at his colloquialism. In his old room, Darrel and I stripped and climbed into the double bed. Immediately we rolled together in the center and he put his arms around me, cupping one butt cheek with his palm while his other hand gently rubbed my back. Darrel held me for a while, cuddling me and kissing me gently until finally his passion rose; then he made long, slow, passionate love to me for nearly an hour before giving me a load to hold in my ass all night. Tuesday, Darrel and I spent several hours at the store helping Grandfather with a couple of repair projects. Uncle Dalton came over that evening for dinner and to stay over with us as we would be heading to Dell’s marina early the next morning for our cruise. Uncle Dalton was a typical handsome Cooper male with the usual blue eyes, black hair, and pale skin. He looked a little different because he had a full beard, kept neatly cut in quarter-inch whiskers. For an instant, I imagined how those whiskers would feel against my bare anus. He was Dad’s height, but a little thinner, mostly because Dad had lifted so many weights all his life. Dalton was the manager of a beach-side hotel in Clearwater, so he didn’t have such a physical existence as most of the men in the family. He was said to be halfway between Dad and Darrel in age, which put him at about 32. He was a very sexy guy! After dinner, we all sat by the pool for a while, having a couple of beers. Darwin called to tell Grandfather he would be coming for the cruise and bringing Darren and Darold. So, it would be a full complement of Cooper men. While Grandmother, Durland, Dalton, and Darrel talked about the provisions for the cruise, I thought about the guest list. At some point in the past, I had met everyone, although it had been quite a few years since I’d seen any of Delroy’s family. I’d been about 12 when he died and I figured I hadn’t seen any of them since the funeral. In descending order by age, we were: Durland, Darwin, Dell, Dalton, Darrel, Darren, Drew, Darold, Dillard, and me. Perhaps the most important statistic from my analysis, for me anyhow, was that all nine of the others were older than me. That meant, I would be expected to take their cocks either orally or anally whenever they wanted. And I would have no bottom for my pleasure. This wasn’t that different from the other situations I’d been in over the past couple of months. I just put in my mind that I would be bottoming for everyone and left it at that. I knew I would have a great time and wouldn’t be disappointed in that limitation as long as I didn’t think topping was a possibility for me. When Grandmother said goodnight to turn in, we guys stripped off and climbed into the pool for a bit of swimming. Maybe because they were from a different generation than my brothers, I noticed there was no horseplay. For a while Dalton and Darrel embraced, rubbing each other a bit. Then, Dalton floated over to me and put his arm around my shoulder. “What do you say we get acquainted as men, David?” “Sure, Dalton.” “The pool house is unlocked, boys,” Grandfather said. “Darrel and I will join you in a while.” Five minutes later, we were inside with several candles giving off a soft, romantic glow and me on my knees with Dalton’s dick taking aim at my throat. He was hung just a bit larger than Denny and a bit smaller than Darrel, but carrying a good 8″, I was sure. I relaxed my throat and took him all the way. Gently he probed my tonsils for a few minutes before he pulled out and lifted me to my feet. Pointing at the vinyl-covered bed, he said, “Lie down on your back.” I loved the unassuming way the older Cooper men just took charge, deciding who they wanted, when they wanted them, and how they wanted them. That unquestioned authority was very hot to me! So, I obeyed while he picked up a towel and a can of Crisco from the shelf. As I had imagined, his beard was a bit rough on my ass cheeks, crack, and balls, but only occasionally actually touched my rosebud as he kissed and tongued my hole. With my eyes closed, I really couldn’t distinguish his fingering from Darrel’s or Denny’s. That is to say, it was wonderful, teasing my prostate so that my cock dribbled precum onto my belly in anticipation of what was surely to follow. In due time, the pressure of his cockhead on my rosebud appeared. I relaxed and he slid several inches of prime Cooper cock into me. After a brief pause, he gently pushed all the way, letting his pubic hairs kiss my balls as his balls tenderly nudged my buttocks. When he was all the way inside me, he leaned down across my body, holding my legs with his shoulders. He gave me our first full kiss and softly licked my lips. Reflexively, my lips parted and his tongue oozed into my mouth, where he began a quiet exploration. This kiss was different than any I had experienced before as it wasn’t passionate and powerful, but more like a sweet introduction of our beings. Just as his penetration of me had not been powerful, but exploratory, his kiss was of the same ilk. Whatever Dalton’s kiss lacked in forcefulness, it more than made up for in sheer sexiness. Under his gentle kisses, his big cock still deep in my ass, I could feel it throb and answered it with a throb in my own dick coupled with a slow squeeze of my ass walls. We lay in this position for a long time, him pushed to the hilt in my ass, his kisses possessing not only my mouth but also my, uh, soul. My cock-throbs and ass-constrictions were intensifying without any movement by Dalton. We groaned into each other’s mouth and our breathing became rapid and shallow. For a moment, Dalton pulled his loving mouth away from me. Looking lovingly into my eyes, he cooed, “Milk me, baby. You want my cum, but you have to take it. I know you can do it. Make me cum inside you, baby.” He began kissing me again in that easy, but intense way. My ass had been squeezing his cock because it loved the presence of the rigid piece. I began consciously squeezing his wonderful love-pole rhythmically with powerful grips and releases. This only served to intensify my own feelings as I concentrated on making him cum Escort Erzurum within me. Soon I knew we were both close to release, but the build-up was slower than a typical power-fuck would bring. For many minutes I felt poised at the very edge of orgasm, but with this subtle, non-moving fuck I hung there, groaning into my new lover’s mouth as his tongue moved sensuously inside me. He had me dripping onto our abdomens, squeezing and releasing his love-rod, my heart racing and my breathing labored. Squeeze, release, groan, dribble. More minutes passed in this gorgeous agony of delayed gratification. Squeeze, release, groan, dribble. Our hearts beat solidly against each other’s pecs. Squeeze, release, groan, dribble. Hanging on the edge. Squeeze, release, groan, dribble. Hanging. And then, finally, blissfully, agonizingly, falling over the edge. Whatever air was in my lungs raced into Dalton’s mouth, expanding his lungs, stealing his own breath. I screamed with unimagined surprise, with the strength of the forces pushing my ejaculation, with unexpected love. Huge wads blasted out of my cockhead, unseen as it was crushed between our bodies, but intense beyond my previous experience, flooding our hairy torsos, eventually to drip off both sides of my body onto the vinyl. I think it took two of my nuclear internal spasms to complete the milking of Dalton’s stationary throbber. With a short pause, he threw my exhaled air back down my own windpipe with the force of a gale as he shouted out a garbled sound. I was too caught up in my own orgasm to actually feel his, but I could tell from his vocals and his twitches that he had joined me in the nirvana of orgasmic delight. To preserve our lives, we broke our kiss and our screams filled the room in spite of all the sound-proofing on the walls. I couldn’t think at that moment, so I couldn’t count the unbelievable blasts my cock was releasing, but there seemed to be twice as many as normal with each one being twice the volume and ten times the intensity of normal. When at last it ended, we lay awash in cum, gasping for breath. After several minutes, I started laughing. Dalton picked up my humor and laughed along with me for a couple of minutes. The jiggling of our bodies caused his cock to bounce around inside my well-lubed hole and I laughed at that. Finally, we calmed. “You want to tell me what’s so funny?” he asked quietly. “You,” I gasped. “Me?” “Uh-huh. You are like the Superman of Sex.” He chuckled. “Me?” “God, yes!” I took a deep breath. “You just gave me the biggest, longest, most intense orgasm I have ever had. And you didn’t even move!” He chuckled. “You did all the work, baby. You gave yourself that awesome orgasm.” He kissed me gently, licking my lips, but not entering my mouth. “And you gave me the best fuck I’ve had in ages.” “How? How did you do that?” “All I did, David, was give you the opportunity and plant the idea that you could make us cum.” “Fuck! It was awesome. And I didn’t know that was possible.” “Obviously, it is!” For the first time, he pulled back a few inches. “Damn!” I said. He gently pushed back in all the way. I groaned. He withdrew a bit more, but came back inside again. He was still hard, after that incredible orgasm? “Are you going to fuck me again?” I asked. He thrust a bit stronger. “Thinking about it.” He thrust firmly. “Would you like that?” “Oh, God, yes!” He thrust with some power. “Please, stud, fuck me!” He thrust with more power. Soon he was pounding me deep, hard, and rapidly. I wailed with joyous rapture as he fucked me in his own juices. My cock returned to full hardness as it lay crushed in my own juices between us. Shocking us, the outside door suddenly opened, admitting two naked figures into the room. Dalton missed one beat, but then pumped me a little harder on the next beat. Soon, I felt bodies on the bed. Dalton raised his body off mine, but didn’t change the anal attack except that the new angle increased the pressure of his dick on my prostate with each energetic thrust. Soon Durland’s cock tapped purposefully against my cheek, so I turned my head until I was facing the rigid throbber. I opened and he guided his dickhead into my mouth. As Durland started fucking my mouth, above me my elders seemed lost in kissing each other in ever-changing pairings. Soon Dalton unleashed his second load into my guts. He pulled out of my stretched hole while Durland pulled out of my mouth. There was a major shifting of bodies on the bed, which resulted in Darrel and me on our knees side-by-side with Dalton kissing Darrel’s pucker while Durland entered me. Everyone moaned and groaned as Dalton relaxed Darrel’s ass and Durland enjoyed the two loads Dalton had already put inside me. Darrel flipped onto his back beside me and I shifted a bit so my face was above his. We dropped into a major kiss as Darrel’s foot was lifted against my arm. I reached around the leg and captured it with my armpit, thus holding his leg back. He pulled his mouth away for a moment so he could release a long sigh as Dalton’s ever-ready cock breached his anal ring. I was certain Darrel had not bottomed much since he’d been with us, but he bore down on the 8 thick inches Dalton was feeding into his tight asshole and it slid in with little difficulty. For almost 20 minutes we co-existed in this tri-generational sexual quadrangle before my body finally released my orgasm. As I sprayed Darrel’s abdomen and the vinyl beside him, Durland gave my ass one final, deep poke and held tight while my asshole spasmed on his cock. He cried out and shot off a good load to mix with Dalton’s previous loads. By the time Durland’s cock stopped blasting, Dalton screamed out and started filling Darrel. For a few minutes we all lay in a gasping heap of spent man-flesh. Except for Darrel, who had not cum yet. When we’d mostly recovered, Darrel pushed Dalton and Durland out of the way and rolled onto me. He pushed my legs back and rammed his 8+” in to the hilt. For seven or eight minutes he drove into me with long, powerful plunges that ravaged my prostate and had me moaning again like a bitch hound in heat. Just before he came, Dalton took my cock into his mouth. His vacuuming jaws pulled me over the threshold in seconds. I screamed and flooded Dalton’s mouth, my ass clamping tight onto Darrel’s cock and triggering his explosion deep in me. Darrel lay quietly on me for a couple of minutes as we regained our energy. When Darrel withdrew, I began to lower my legs to the bed but was stopped by Durland’s hands against the backs of my thighs. He held my legs back and nodded to my uncles. They slithered around to my sides where each grabbed a leg. Durland dropped face down into my gaping asshole to eat me out gently and thoroughly. Even after all this activity, I found the energy needed to moan loudly with ecstasy as he massaged my swollen and cummy rosebud. When his mouth was full of a mix of all their loads, he rose and kissed Dalton in a sexy sharing of our love juices. Then he turned to Darrel, who eagerly received his share of love juice. Then, Durland retrieved another load of the family DNA, which he graciously fed to me while my uncles looked on. Oh, my God! The taste of the combined loads was amazing! My worn-out cock squirmed on my sticky belly in response to it. When he had finished giving me a share, Durland sat back and first Darrel and then Dalton gave me a lovely, tender kiss. Everyone fully satisfied at that point, we untangled our bodies and made our way to the shower, where we spent a few minutes rinsing cum out of my ass and Darrel’s, washing each other, and enjoying the group afterglow. Dalton shared the bed with Darrel and me, but we went right to sleep after exchanging only goodnight kisses. I lay between my uncles, cuddled lovingly by each of them. Just before I dropped off to sleep, I wondered what new sexual experiences I would have on the waters of the Gulf of Mexico. The evening with Durland, Dalton, and Darrel was but a foretaste of the two days I would spend cruising with them and Dell, Darwin, Dillard, Drew, Darren, and Darold. ne dicks to service!

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