The Things Money Can’t Buy Ch. 03


After our last rendezvous, Karen and I had had a long talk about what we were doing, what we each wanted from what we were doing, and how we were going to continue going about it.

We resolved that there were to be just two conditions. The first was that I was to keep Karen safe and free from lasting pain; the second was that there were to be no marks left on her body after any of our sessions. Other than that, Karen gave me carte blanche to treat as I wished.

Rather than deciding what was going to happen, I assured her what wasn’t going to happen to her: I’m not into humiliation, degradation, torture, suffocation, watersports, scat or rape. Karen said she didn’t want to know in advance what I had planned each time I turned up – she’d enjoyed the first two sessions and had especially enjoyed that she had no idea of what was going to happen beforehand. I told her that I had plenty more ideas and that they would up the ante on each consequent occasion. I insisted on a safe word so that I could stop whatever I was doing the instant Karen uttered it; she smiled coquettishly and told me that she wouldn’t have a safe word as she wanted to be mine, that she was happy with whatever I would ever be doing to her. I got her to agree to say no if she was ever in pain or unhappy with what was happening. “But I’ll never say it, Ken,” she said.

We smiled at each other as I left.

“I really enjoyed that, Karen,” I said.

“It was,” she agreed. “It was great fun.”

She leaned in to embrace and kiss me; I leaned back.

“Karen, remember – please,” I said kindly. She looked crestfallen.

“Oh – sorry, Ken, I forgot,” she said looking down. “Can’t I just gi…”

“No, Karen,” I said, smiling sympathetically. “Remember: we don’t want to cheat on Gareth, we don’t want to just have sex – and it can only work if we keep our hands off each other, not feel each other’s touch…”

“You’re not helping,” Karen pouted.

I laughed gently. “No, I suppose I’m not. Please, Karen – let’s carry this on as we started it; let’s keep this special. I can only get this from you, and you can only get this from me. You get affection from Gareth, not me – let’s not confuse matters.”

“You’re right, Ken: lust not love.” She smiled shyly and looked up at me. “I just wanted to… we’re friends aren’t we, Ken?”

“Of course we are,” I smiled, “friends with a bag full of rope and minds full of immoral ideas of what to do with your body.”

Karen laughed. “Good friends then.”

“The best – the sort that understand each other perfectly without having to get all touch-feely about it. Good night, gorgeous,” I said, winking. “I’ll be in touch.”

“Good night, Ken; see you soon.”

She did see me, but not soon enough, and not before Jade, my other new acquaintance saw me. She relieved me of another £200 and a completed order form for some custom-made items.

I couldn’t get the images of Karen’s face slathered in my cum out of my mind; as far as my sexual experiences went, that was in my Top One. Karen was gorgeous, and if I couldn’t penetrate her delectable form with my member, then I’d express my lust by climaxing on the most attractive part of her.

Gareth had an uncharacteristic extended period at home for the next three weeks, so – apart from a few brief text messages assuring me that Karen was OK and looking forward to our next ‘date’ – I’d had no contact with Karen until this came through:

G away for 10 days from 18th

see you on 19th I replied.


Thursday 18 September

G went away today – an extended trip to Boston and then Dallas. K coming round tomorrow J

Oh. My. God. That was incredible! I can barely write and I don’t think I could stand. My legs are like jelly and my stomach really, really hurts; I lost count of how many times I came then! J

K had a really naughty look in his eye when he arrived, but his face lit up when he saw me: maybe he did miss me J Straight away he told me to get upstairs, and when I paused – I mean literally for one second – he grabbed my hair and pulled my head down towards the floor! I screeched but it turned me on straight away; I needn’t have worried about him losing interest! He dragged me up the stairs by the hair and it was all I could do to stay on my feet. Think I may have broken a heel on my purple shoes

***take to Timpsons on Monday***

He barged into the bedroom and threw me on the bed. I was panting and wet already. By the time I’d rolled over he’d emptied his bag on the bed beside me: not that bag – lots of rope J

I tried to say ‘hi’, and he grabbed my hair again, yanking me into a sitting position. I think I probably squealed again, but K ignored it. He thrust a ball gag towards me as he held my hair taut and told me (quite Şişli travesti severely!) to put it on. I was looking up at him through my slightly wettened (is that a word? lol) eyes and didn’t realise how big it was until I tried to put it in my mouth. It was huge! I couldn’t get it in the first time, but after K encouraged me (he pulled my hair even harder), I managed to get it in there. I was little panicky at first as my jaw was really stretched as far as it would go and I was worried I might choke if the thing slipped towards my throat, but K made sure that I tightened the buckle really tightly, and I realised I wouldn’t choke. I think that’s the widest my jaw has been since I met that band at college lol!

Then K told me to put my hair in a ponytail and to strip naked. I didn’t hesitate now: I was horny as hell already and just wanted to know what K had in mind. He was clearly in a fairly intense mood and I thought I might cum just looking at him and trying to guess what depraved plans he had for me. Jesus – I am totally his; I’ve just realised that I was quite happy to let him do anything to me at that point, in fact I was willing him to do his worst, just to see what the knowledge of his power over me could drive him to. It seemed like there was an almost demonic look in his eye as I looked at him – so hot!

Then he said he had a present for me, but it was black and small – I’ve had better presents lol! He gave it to me and it felt odd, matt but slippery, and I couldn’t work out why it was U-shaped. But then it started to buzz! K was fiddling with his phone and looking at me smugly as he tapped his phone – and the buzzing changed. Not what I thought a vibrator would look like, but I knew what the U-shape was for now! I tried to smile (but couldn’t), but K worked out what I was trying to do and smiled back – and told me to put it in.

I did – and felt it buzzing inside me and against my clit immediately – I was absolutely soaking and thought it would only be a matter of seconds before I came. The thing slipped out once as I adjusted myself.

Then he ordered me to stand (ordered me! I love it!), turn around and lie face down on the bed with my thighs over a red rope. When I was in the right place, I felt K pull the rope around my legs, the red cords soft on my thighs. I was looking into the full length mirror on my wardrobe – amazed by just how big the ball-gag was – as K tied a loose knot in the rope. Then he told me to lift my feet up, and he tied another rope around my ankles. He tied them together, really tightly, and then pulled my feet back on to the bed.

He told me to put my wrists together behind my back and to lift them above It, and I felt him loop another rope around my wrists. I watched him pull this tight and then felt him starting to loop the loose ends around my left arm above the elbow. He draped it across my right arm and I felt the mattress shift slightly under me as K braced himself: when he pulled, I felt my shoulders pulled back, up off the bed, as my elbows were drawn together! It hurt – not badly, but enough to make me groan – and I saw my eyes widen in the mirror. I saw K tie the knot, and felt that my arms were tightly bound together – there was no give at all! I couldn’t get my shoulders back down onto the bed, and the vibrator was still throbbing away in my pussy J

K left me like that for a few seconds. I couldn’t see him in the mirror so I just looked at myself.

Then the throbbing changed: the buzzing on my clitoris increased and I know I moaned really loudly – oops! It was so intense! I couldn’t get away from it, and it was going way faster than my Rabbit goes – I was going to cum any second! Part of me was disappointed: I’d planned to resist, to hold out as long as possible to taunt K, to see what my defiance drove him to – the other part didn’t care: there was nothing I could do about the powerful stimulation on my clitoris, and I craved the release of orgasm.

But K told me not to; what did he say? ‘Don’t you dare cum Karen!’ Whatever it was, he meant it – and that was what I needed to save myself: I couldn’t let K down so I focussed, put all my energy into concentrating on my willpower, and I managed it! I managed to bring myself away from what I’d thought was inevitable just through trying to control myself. Go me! J

(I’ll have to apply this trick of managing to deny myself what I crave to red wine and Galaxy now lol!)

Pleased with myself, I tried looking round to see if K had noticed, but I couldn’t see him in the mirror, and I couldn’t really move much with all this rope tied around me. I couldn’t even hear him.

Where had he gone? Had he left me here? Was this all a trick, a joke that would end up with Gareth walking in on me like this? Or worse: had he gone to get his mates? I could feel myself Taksim travesti starting to panic, and I heard (and felt!) the breath rushing in and out of my flared nostrils. Without meaning to, though, I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror – and it distracted me. Who was that sexy blonde tied up tight and squirming helplessly on the bed as she worried about what her ne’er-do-well captor had in store for her? With her shoulders back, her soft throat was exposed and the tops of her boobs bulged against the bed’s surface, and that gag was enormous, it really filled her mouth and stretched her jaw; she looked genuinely worried – and it was hot. Oh yeah – it’s me! J

That calmed me right down – I felt like a sex goddess, like I was here only for someone else’s pleasure, and that I was doing it really fucking well. And then the buzzing in my pussy changed again – really intense now! I definitely grunted, and kept on moaning for a while then.

Still no sign of K though, but I knew he must still be around. Now I was wondering if he was watching from the doorway, or outside it on the landing, or whether he’d gone downstairs and was reading the paper or ordering some stock while he occasionally altered the cause of my internal distress. That was hot to think about to – that K was getting me off without even being in the same room, and without even seeing it.

But then he spoke just behind me. He said ‘count down silently from a hundred Karen, like this’ and he counted ‘100, 99, 98…’ fairly slowly – maybe a second for each number. I got the rhythm in my head, and then K said I could cum when I got to zero! ‘And loudly’ he said; but before I’d got to 90 I heard him go down the stairs.

It was incredible! I knew my orgasm would cum, with the rhythm of the counting I could even gauge when it might be, but then I got worried: what if I couldn’t last that long? What if I got to 46 and exploded? What if I got to 2 and just couldn’t control myself any longer? Worse: what if I couldn’t cum? What if I got to zero and was nowhere near?

Calm down, I’d told myself. I’d denied myself once, I could deny myself again until the appointed time. And as I thought that, I realised that if I managed it, my orgasm would be way better than if I came at T minus 12 seconds or T plus 23 seconds: the point was to get it right on the money, to do exactlywhat K expected of me.

As I got to about 55, I knew I was going to cum, and I just prayed I actually had the self-control to hold out. I knew I was writhing a bit, and when I saw myself in the mirror it nearly flipped me over the edge, but I inched back again.

At 40, K – the bastard – turned the vibrator onto such a fast setting I thought my clit was going to melt; it must have been the maximum. I dread to think how loud I was being, but I was just trying to get through each second to the next one, nearer to zero. It was like when you’re holding something hot and you make silly noises to try and distract yourself (and this was really fucking hot lol!)

At 25 I almost rolled myself over, I was squirming so much, and all I wanted to do was to bury my face into the duvet and scream – I couldn’t stand it! But the hogtie wouldn’t let my shoulders forward enough to get me down there – I still screamed though, loud and long, cursing K for being the cruel prick that he was.

At 15 I was desperate. I was panting, I was almost crying with frustration: I knew all I had to do was cum to make everything better – but I also knew I had to wait, I had to do what K had asked to get the reward I’d earned.

At some point around 7, that fucking cocksucker let me know that the vibrator pounding my bud into oblivion still had at least one speed setting to go, and I managed an even louder scream as my mind started to disintegrate. Somehow, I managed to keep counting (at least I think I did – who knows: I could have stopped counting for ages til I pulled myself together again J), but I kept counting down.

6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…






I have vague recollections of my bound body thrashing on the bed, the ropes constraining my limbs and digging into the skin over my spasmodic muscles. I have visions of my eyes rolling back above my flushed cheeks and memories of a deep, guttural moan that went on for an age. I’ve no idea if I saw these things in the mirror, or whether I have just imagined what I must have looked like as it happened, or whether I was having an ‘out of body experience’ lol! Whatever – I can’t get those images out of my mind and I’ll never forget that feeling. Intense doesn’t even cum close J

I knew I’d been a good girl for K, and that this feeling was my just reward, and I knew that it was so good because I’d done what I’d been supposed to do, that I’d done exactlywhat he’d Gümüşsuyu travesti requested. Let’s just say, it’s a good job I was tied up as securely as I was otherwise I might have burst J I was a bit chuffed with myself!

Eventually, my breathing slowed again and vision returned to my eyes – and I discovered that the vibrator was still on! Somehow, I still had feeling in my clit and it was picking up a gentle buzz – nothing like what it had been before, thankfully.

I wondered what K had thought while he’d been downstairs, knowing that I was counting down to my orgasm? Then I realised he could very possibly have come back up the stairs in the last few moments and witnessed my performance – I’d never have noticed!

I felt the vibrator increase in speed again. K really is an evil prick and I hate him. Honestly J

My mind was blank for a while; I think it was so exhausted with what it had been trying to manage so recently that it just sort of gave up! I knew the vibrator was going to make me cum again, and I didn’t think I had the mental or physical strength to deny it for long this time, so I just sort of lay there in a daze as I felt the thing go through its various gear changes on the way to Nirvana II.

My muscles ached, my clit was throbbing and my jaw hurt. I sort of whimpered rather than screamed as I got closer this time – it was all I could manage. As I got nearer the end, it was almost agony; I knew I’d cum again any second, I couldn’t stop it and didn’t want to stop it. I was willing myself to cum, but part of me prayed that it wouldn’t be as OTT as the first one.

I heard K coming up the stairs, and this raised my spirits: I knew I could please him again, I knew it would be OK. I felt myself relax, I felt the borderline agony in my pussy slowly flow away as building warmth replaced it. I wanted to see his face, to see if I’d pleased him, to see him smile a smile at me that said ‘this is hot, you turn me on – you’ve been a good girl Karen’. Something else crossed my mind that momentarily disturbed me: it was too soon for that; that was a whole can of soil-dwelling invertebrates that needed to stay firmly closed for now.

Fortunately, at that point I saw K in the mirror, the remote in one hand and his cock – purple, thick and swollen – in the other.

And he said it!

‘What a good girl you’ve been for me, Karen – you’ve done so well.’

He sat on the bed next to me – I couldn’t manoeuvre myself to look into his eyes, so I had to settle for clamping my eyes on his dick. Shucks! J

He asked me if I’d managed to get to zero, and I couldn’t believe how good it felt to tell him I had (I say tell him – I moaned my assent round the gag J). Letting him know that I’d done what had been expected of me felt almost as good as the result of my good behaviour. My pussy suddenly got slick and it clamped itself round the bit of the vibrator inside it: I was so close!

He asked me if my ‘reward’ had felt good (well, duh!) and then he told me I was about to get two more rewards. He stood up, threw the remote down onto the bed beside me and pulled purposefully at his cock. He said I was going to cum again any second – but only when I felt his cum on my face again!

Suddenly, I felt his other hand grab hold of my ponytail, and I felt him yank my head roughly backwards. I grunted again, as my gaze was abruptly shifted from his cock to his face. He was flushed, he was breathing hard, and the look in his eyes – wow!

We stared into each other’s eyes; I felt like he was staring right down into my heart, my soul – like all my layers and defences and inhibitions had been rudely pulled away to expose the core of myself, the core that wanted to be treated like his sex-toy, the naked centre that could admit to this… submissiveness (there – I’ve said it J). But as I looked into his eyes, I just saw darkness – inscrutable, unknowable mystery – and it was sexy as hell J

I remember he grunted a split second before I felt his hot spunk land on my top lip and the ball gag.

And then I remember him closing his eyes as he directed that thick stream onto me, a fraction of a second before I closed my eyes as the feel of his sticky ejaculate triggered my third reward.



“Here – put this on,” Ken said to Karen. He handed her something shiny and about a yard long.

“Wrists or ankles?” she asked, eyeing the cuffs attached to either end.


Dutifully, she began fastening the buckles around her smooth legs while Ken removed the other items from his rucksack.

Karen had arrived back from the gym to find Ken’s van on the drive. She’d given him a tiny wave as she walked past his windscreen on her way to opening the door. Ken allowed himself a smile as he watched his plaything walk past – her long legs encased in navy blue three-quarter length leggings, an inch of mid-riff visible between them and the pink vest that covered her top half. Ken had walked in right behind her, and before she’d had time to say ‘hi’ or offer him a drink he’d ordered her upstairs.

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